Special Interest and Discussion Groups

Special Interest Groups cover a range of meetings/items that fans run themselves during a convention. These items can include:

  • Birds of a feather sessions and other small group discussions
  • Club/bid meetings
  • Craft circles
  • Religious or social group gatherings, such as Friends of Bill, Christian and Jewish gatherings
  • Charity auctions (groups like DUFF, TAFF and SFWA sometimes hold auctions at conventions).

Worldcons tend to get requests to schedule these items at the last minute. We encourage Renovation members who might want to have a meeting at the convention to sign up as soon as possible. While sign-up for space may be available at-the-con, if you plan these meetings and request space in advance, your meeting will be announced in convention publications and data streams.

Craft circles, birds of a feather sessions, discussion groups and other small, informal groups will have tables reserved in the Exhibit Hall. Renovation will reserve at least one table for crafters for the whole conference. Note that tables in the Exhibit Hall will seat 10 people.

Small groups (10 or less) can reserve a table in the Exhibit Hall during the day.

Larger groups (11 or more) will need to reserve a room for their meeting. Convention Center rooms will be available between 9:00 am and 9:50 am, or after 6:00 pm. If you want to have a larger group meeting during the day, some space may be available in the Peppermill (which is a few blocks down the street from the Convention Center).

Complete the form below to reserve space for a Special Interest Group. We can't guarantee a meeting day or time yet, but you're more likely to get your preferred day and time if you sign up early. We will confirm your meeting day and time with you in the spring of 2011.

Note: This form is not for reserving party suites. Information on renting a hotel room for a party will be publicized later.

Special Interest and Discussion Groups - Request Form

Group Name 
Discussion Title 
Organizer Name 
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Preferred Meeting Day   Preferred Meeting Time   Meeting Length
Approximate Group Size
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