Progress Reports

We have published five Progress Reports in the two year period running up to Renovation. All progress reports are available for download from this page in PDF format. Paper copies are mailed out to all full (adult) supporting and attending members, except those who have explicitly opted for electronic versions.

If you are not receiving paper progress reports, and think you should be, you can check the preference we have listed for you using our online membership listing. If you want to change your preference, or check that we have the right postal or email address for you, please contact us at

Please note that it can take up to four weeks for printed publications to reach members outside of North America, depending on the vagaries of international mail.

The following Progress Reports are currently available for download. Downloads are in PDF format. You can access the file directly (and view the pages directly in your browser if you have the right plug-in) or save it to your desktop for faster or offline viewing.

Progress Report 0

Publication Date - 9 August 2009

Download PDF file (400 KB)

Progress Report 1

Publication Date - 7 April 2010

Download PDF file (2.6 MB)

Progress Report 2

Publication Date - 8 September 2010

Download PDF file (4.0 MB)

Progress Report 3

Publication Date - 13 December 2010

Download PDF file (2.6 MB)

Progress Report 4

Publication Date - 29 April 2011

Download PDF file (3.6 MB)

Progress Report 5

Publication Date - 18 July 2011

Download PDF file (4.1 MB)