Memberships - Transfers and CoAs

Please note that as the convention is imminent, we can no longer process Membership Transfers or Changes of Addresses by post or email. All remaining transfers and changes must be dealt with in person at the convention. If you are receiving a transferred membership, and have not already had it processed by our team, please bring a signed letter from the person who is transferring it to you, with the information specified below.

Membership Transfers

Renovation regrets that we are not able to refund membership fees. However, members are free to sell or transfer their memberships to others so long as we are properly notified and the following rules are adhered to.

Who Can Transfer a Membership?

Supporting memberships and attending memberships, including child and family memberships, may be transferred either prior to the convention or, in the case of attending memberships, at the time the member registers at the convention.

Memberships and admissions that entitle a person to attend the convention (attending, child, day admission) may not normally be transferred after the member has registered in person at the convention.

Memberships may not be transferred after the convention, even though some rights - such as the right to nominate for the 2012 Hugo Awards - will still exist at that point.

I Can't Attend - How Can I Find a Buyer for my Membership?

There are many ways to sell a membership, especially via the Internet, and it is usually possible to recover most or all of your original membership fee, especially if you buy your membership early on when the rates are at their lowest.

The best place to start is our Facebook page which has over 2200 followers. Other places to consider include SF-related newsgroups and mailing lists, and even auction sites such as Ebay.

If you would like to advertise a membership for sale on Facebook, but do not have a Facebook account, please send the details (number of memberships for sale, prices, and how to get in touch with you) to and we will make a post on your behalf.

What About my Voting Rights?

Full adult supporting and attending memberships include the following voting rights:

  • The right to vote in the Nominating and Final Ballots for the 2011 Hugo Awards.
  • The right to vote in the Nominating Ballot for the 2012 Hugo Awards.
  • The right to vote in the Site Selection for the 2013 Worldcon.

Important: our policy on transfers is that any unused voting rights associated with a membership are automatically transferred with that membership.

This means that you cannot choose to retain any unused rights when transferring your membership, although you can, where appropriate, use them before the transfer takes place. If you do use some of your rights in this way, the person taking over your membership cannot then take them over, i.e. used rights do not transfer and any vote you make will automatically continued to stand.

So How Do I Transfer My Membership?

To transfer a membership, Renovation must receive an authenticated request to transfer the membership, giving the name and contact information for both the transferor (seller) and transferee (buyer). It is up to the purchasers to find out if voting rights on a membership have been exercised.

Irrespective of the way in which the transfer is reported, we need the following information, which must be provided by the transferor.

  • Names, addresses (including email if available) and membership number(s) of seller(s)
  • Names, badge names (if required) and addresses (including email and phone details if available) of buyer(s)

To help us check that transfer requests are genuine, sellers should where possible contact us from the email address they used to register, and provide full contact information that we can validate against our records.

As of August 10, 2011, our membership team will be travelling to Reno, and any remaining transfers will need to be dealt with in person when you arrive at the convention.

Changes of Address

Changes of Address (CoAs) should be notified to us promptly so that we can ensure you continue to receive your publications and other convention information.

CoAs should be mailed to our regular office address, or emailed to our memberships team at The same email address should be used for any questions.

When providing a CoA, please include the following information:

  • Names, existing address and contact information (including phone and email if available) and membership number(s) of all the people who are moving, including children.
  • New address information, including full postal address and phone number.

Including the full contact information will help us to validate that the request is genuine. The person submitting the request should if possible contact us from the same email address that they used to register, for the same reason.

As of August 10, 2011, our membership team will be travelling to Reno, and any remaining CoAs will need to be dealt with in person when you arrive at the convention.