Special Guest - Tricky Pixie

Tricky Pixie

Tricky Pixie is a fey fusion of three well-loved, whimsical talents who fearlessly tread the boards and the twilight roads alike, using a wealth of instruments to guide themselves and their listeners along, including all manner of strings, voices, and drums.

S.J. Tucker, Alexander James Adams, and Betsy Tinney are animated entertainers, capable of taking the listener on a musical journey ranging from Celtic rock, to haunting and bluesy a cappella numbers, to sweetly sung circus lullabies and even to roaring tribal folk songs. Accomplished performers individually, SJ, Alec, and Betsy weave even more powerful faery magic when in concert together, and you're bound to be caught in their spell when you attend a Tricky Pixie concert. In any given performance, they may call forth shipfuls of pirates, dancing satyrs, gypsies in the wood, and all the benefits of a good Beltane fire, rounding out the night with a spicy alligator tango, but you never know quite what you'll get.

All three members of Tricky Pixie are prolific songwriters, and together they have a vast musical catalog of original tunes - a collective discography of 17 currently available albums. Since their first official show in July 2007, they have released two albums together, and a performance DVD is on the way.

The fame and glamour of Tricky Pixie is spreading quickly through word of mouth and across the internet, and thousands of pre-existing fans of these experienced and well-travelled musicians are eagerly awaiting shows around the world. SJ Tucker has continuously toured the United States since 2004, AJ Adams has extensively toured both North America and Europe, and Tricky Pixie has been performing to regular sold-out and standing-room only shows in the Pacific Northwest since its inception. Renovation will be treated to one of these unique events during an evening saluting the variety of musical talents of fandom.

You can find more information about the magic of Tricky Pixie at www.trickypixie.com. S. J. Tucker and Alexander James Adams also have their own websites, at www.sjtucker.com and www.faerietaleminstrel.com respectively. The group's current album is Mythcreants, which can be bought from their website.

For those less familiar with Tricky Pixie's work, the video below comprises an interview with the group from Orycon 2008, courtesy of Pacific Fen Spotlight - or why not listen to Chickies in the House, from Mythcreants?

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<a href="http://music.trickypixie.com/album/mythcreants">Chickies in the House by Tricky Pixie</a>