Facilities - The Tuscany Ballroom

The Tuscany Ballroom at the Peppermill Hotel will be the venue for the two largest events of the Convention - the Hugo Award Ceremony and the Masquerade.

The Tuscany Ballroom will provide a fabulous backdrop for Renovation's largest events. Within the hall itself, plush seating and stylish decor is complemented by a state-of-the-art house sound system. The Peppermill also boasts an experienced in-house technical service team used to running events and concerts for up to 5,000 people.

Outside the ballroom, attendees will benefit from a large and elegant pre-function area. Biscotti's Restaurant is located just a few steps from the ballroom entrance, with the Gelateria and pastries offering just a touch of decadence to start the evening. Across the hall, the Poolside Terrace Lounge combines fine wines with a full height blown glass chandelier. The ballroom and pre-function facilities are located on the non-smoking second floor of the Peppermill.

Inside the Tuscany Ballroom

Gelateria at Biscotti's Cafe     Poolside Terrace Lounge

Tuscany Pre-function Area