What Happens Where

Most convention activities (Program, Exhibits, Services, Events) are located in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center (RSCC), with the following exceptions:

  • Hugo Awards Ceremony and Masquerade take place in the Tuscany Ballroom of the Peppermill
  • Regency Ball and several other dances are in the Capri Ballroom in the Peppermill
  • Writers Workshops and Friday Costuming program items take place in the Naples area of the Peppermill
  • Evening and overnight Video, Filking, and Gaming items take place in the Naples area of the Peppermill
  • Post-Masquerade and post-Hugo Awards Ceremony activities take place in the Peppermill
  • Con Suite, Parties, and the Chesley Awards Ceremony are in the Atlantis
  • Stroll with the Stars departs from the Walgreens parking lot

Rooms and Functions in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center

All functions in the RSCC are on the first floor. From the Atlantis, take the sky bridge on the second floor over the parking lot to the second floor of the RSCC. Take the stairs down to the first floor and follow the signs.

Room Name Usage
Hall 2 Art Show
Dealers Room
Ken Moore Art Exhibit
Site Selection
Quilt Workspace
Fan Lounge
Literary Beer
Art/Music Night
Art Demo Areas
Fan Tables
Friday Vallejo Demo
   Fan History
   Hugo Base Design
   Guest of Honor Displays
   Steampunk Costumes
   Fan Photo Gallery
   Pro Photo Gallery
   Shake Table
   Tiki Dalek
Registration Lobby Registration
Handicapped Access
Sales to Members
Program Participant Check-in
Masquerade Participant Check-in
Fan Tables
Discussion Groups
Small Special Interest Groups
Crafter Table
A1&A6 Program
Music Night Filk Circle
GoH & Major Presentations
A2 Program
WSFS/SFWA Meetings
A3, A4, A5 Program
A7 Program Ops/Events Ops/Tech Ops
A8 Green Room
A9, A10, A11 Program
A12 Costume Workshops
Art Workshops
Crafter Area
A13 Program
A14, A15 Readings
A16 Program
A17 Academic Program
A18 Teaching SF Workshop
Artist Portfolio Reviews
A20 Office (day)
C1 Program
C2 Rehearsals
C3 Dances
C4 Events
D1 Concerts
D3, D4, D5 Program
D6 Film Festival
D7 Anime
D8 Cartoons/Hugo Video
D9&D10 Childcare
E1 Kids' Program
Dragongirls, Cowboys and Pirates
E2&E3 Kids' Activities

Rooms and Functions in the Atlantis

All functions in the Atlantis, except for parties and lounges, are on the second floor.

Room Name Usage
Grand Ballroom 4 Chesley Awards Ceremony
Grand Ballroom 5-7 Con Suite
Treasures C Newsletter Office
Treasures D Office (night)

Rooms and Functions in the Peppermill

Functions in the Peppermill are in the Tuscany complex (first floor), the Naples complex (second floor), and the Capri Ballroom (third floor). From the RSCC, take a convention shuttle to the Peppermill or walk about seven blocks north of the RSCC (towards downtown Reno) on S. Virginia. The Peppermill is across S. Virginia from the Atlantis and the RSCC.

Room Name Usage
Tuscany Ballroom Masquerade (Fri)
Hugo Awards Ceremony (Sat)
Naples 1 Writers Workshop (day)
Gaming (night)
Naples 2 Writers Workshop (day)
Gaming (night)
Naples 3 Program (night)
Informal Masquerade Rehearsal Space (Fri - day)
Naples 4 Filk - Bardic Circle (night)
Naples 5 Writers Workshops (day)
Discussion Groups (night)
Crafters (night)
Naples 6 Filk - Chaos (night)
Naples 7 Program (night)
Costume Program (Fri - day)
Roma 1 Video (night)
Roma 2 Writers Workshop (day)
Office (night)
Sorrento 1 Filk Concerts (Sat - night)
Sorrento 2 - 4 Match Game (Sat - night)
Capri Ballroom Regency Dance (Fri - night)
Club Dance (Fri - night)