Site Selection

Worldcon sites are selected two years in advance, by a secret ballot of WSFS members. All Adult and Young Adult Attending and Supporting members of Renovation are eligible to take part in the process. Ballots may be submitted by postal mail (in which case they must reach Renovation by July 31) or in person at the convention, up to the close of voting at 6 pm PDT on Friday, August 19, 2011. All ballots must be accompanied by an Advance Membership (Voting) fee of $60, which will automatically be converted to a Supporting membership in the 71st Worldcon.

Site Selection in the Constitution

The Site Selection process is governed by Article 4 of the WSFS Constitution. Section 4.6 defines the requirements for a bidder to be included on the Site Selection ballot. There are two key requirements:

  • The bidding committee must submit file certain documents with the administering committee no later than 180 days before the start of the administering convention (in this case Renovation). For 2011, this filing deadline was February 18, 2011.

  • The proposed site must be at least five hundred (500) miles or eight hundred (800) kilometres from the site at which selection occurs (in this case, Reno, Nevada).

2013 Worldcon Bidder

The only bid to have formally filed by the deadline of February 18, 2011, is Texas in 2013, headed by Bill Parker as Bid Chair. The bid proposes to host the 2013 Worldcon in San Antonio, TX, from August 29 to September 2, 2013.

The following documents are included in the filing and are published here for access by all eligible voters.

  1. A cover letter announcing the intention of Texas in 2013 to bid for the right to host the Worldcon in San Antonio, TX.
  2. Letters of intent showing that provisional agreements are in place with with the proposed facilities - specifically the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk Hotels.
  3. The ALAMO bylaws, which set the rules under the Texas Worldcon committee would operate.

The Voting Process

Site selection is undertaken by written ballot, on a one member, one vote basis. Votes can be submitted by post prior to the Convention, or by hand at Renovation itself. Postal ballots must reach us by July 31, 2011 - after this date, ballots must be submitted in person at Renovation.

The printed Site Selection ballot can be downloaded here and can also be found in Renovation's Progress Report 4.

  • All Adult and Young Adult Attending and Supporting members of Renovation are eligible to vote.

  • Corporations, associations, and other non-human or artificial entities may cast ballots, but only for "No Preference". "Guest of" memberships may also only cast "No Preference" ballots.

  • All voters must pay an Advance Supporting Membership in the 2013 Worldcon before voting - irrespective of how they vote. This costs $60, and payment must be submitted with your ballot. These fees provide initial funds to put the winning Convention on a sound financial footing.

  • As a result of paying this fee, all voters receive a regular Supporting Membership in the 2013 Worldcon. All voters are also entitled to upgrade to Attending Membership for a maximum of twice the voting fee, for at least 90 days after the Worldcon is selected. This usually gives a lower cost than buying a new membership directly. The winning bidder may decide to keep this offer open for more than the required minimum of 90 days, but this varies from year to year.

  • Please note that you cannot choose to retain your site selection voting right if transferring your membership, all rights automatically transfer with the membership as explained here.