1000 Years Of Joys And Sorrows

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1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows

Author : Ai Weiwei
Publisher : Bond Street Books
Page : 392 pages
File Size : 54,7 Mb
Release : 2021-11-02
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780385683203

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1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows by Ai Weiwei Pdf

In his widely anticipated memoir, Ai Weiwei--one of the world's most famous artists and activists--tells a century-long epic tale of China through the story of his own extraordinary life and the legacy of his father, Ai Qing, the nation's most celebrated poet. Hailed as "the most important artist working today" by the Financial Times and as "an eloquent and unsilenceable voice of freedom" by The New York Times, Ai Weiwei has written a sweeping memoir that presents a remarkable history of China over the last 100 years while illuminating his artistic process. Once an intimate of Mao Zedong, Ai Weiwei's father was branded a rightist during the Cultural Revolution, and he and his family were banished to a desolate place known as "Little Siberia," where Ai Qing was sentenced to hard labor cleaning public toilets. Ai Weiwei recounts his childhood in exile, and his difficult decision to leave his family to study art in America, where he befriended Allen Ginsberg and was inspired by Andy Warhol. With candor and wit, he details his return to China and his rise from artistic unknown to art world superstar and international human rights activist--and how his work has been shaped by living under a totalitarian regime. Ai Weiwei's sculptures and installations have been viewed by millions around the globe, and his architectural achievements include helping to design the iconic Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. His political activism has long made him a target of the Chinese authorities, which culminated in months of secret detention without charge in 2011. Here, for the first time, Ai Weiwei explores the origins of his exceptional creativity and passionate political beliefs through his own life story and that of his father, whose own creativity was stifled. At once ambitious and intimate, 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows offers a deep understanding of the myriad forces that have shaped modern China, and serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need to protect freedom of expression.

Selected Poems

Author : Ai Qing
Publisher : Crown
Page : 129 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2021-11-02
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9780593240731

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Selected Poems by Ai Qing Pdf

A timeless, visionary collection of poems from one of China’s most acclaimed poets—now available in English for the first time in a generation and featuring a foreword by his son, contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei One of the most influential poets in Chinese history, Ai Qing is mostly unknown to American readers, but his work has shaped the nature of poetry in China for decades. Born between the fall of imperial Manchurian rule and the establishment of the Communist People’s Republic, Ai Qing was at one time an intimate of Mao Zedong. He would eventually fall out with the leader and be sentenced to hard labor during the Cultural Revolution, when he was exiled to the remote part of the country known as “Little Siberia” with his family, including his son, Ai Weiwei. In his work, Ai Qing tells the story of a China convulsing with change, leaving behind a legacy of feudalism and imperialism but uncertain about what the future will hold. Breaking with traditional forms of Chinese poetry, Ai Qing innovatively adapted free verse, writing with a simple sincerity in clear lines that could be understood by everyday readers. Selected Poems is an extraordinary collection that traces the powerful inner life of this influential poet who crafted poems of protest, who longed for a newer, happier age, and who wrote with a profound lyricism that reaches deep into the heart of the reader.

And Home Was Kariakoo

Author : M.G. Vassanji
Publisher : Anchor Canada
Page : 402 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2016-01-26
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780385671453

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And Home Was Kariakoo by M.G. Vassanji Pdf

From M.G. Vassanji, two-time Scotiabank Giller Prize winner and a Governor General's Literary Award winner for Non-fiction, comes a poignant love letter to his birthplace and homeland, East Africa—a powerful and surprising portrait that only an insider could write. Part travelogue, part memoir, and part history-rarely-told, here is a powerful and timely portrait of a constantly evolving land. From a description of Zanzibar and its evolution to a visit to a slave-market town at Lake Tanganyika; from an encounter with a witchdoctor in an old coastal village to memories of his own childhood in the streets of Dar es Salaam and the suburbs of Nairobi, Vassanji combines brilliant prose, thoughtful and candid observation, and a lifetime of revisiting and reassessing the continent that molded him—and, as we discover when we follow the journeys that became this book, shapes him still.


Author : Brian Kennedy,Elizabeth Guo
Publisher : Blue Snake Books
Page : 169 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2010-06-15
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 9781583942420

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Jingwu by Brian Kennedy,Elizabeth Guo Pdf

In 1909, because of their ties with the failed Boxer Rebellion and the rise of modern weaponry, Chinese martial arts were in serious danger of extinction. The Jingwu Association was formed to keep these ancient arts alive. Jingwu: The School That Transformed Kung Fu tells the story of this seminal institution. Extensively researched, the book shows Jingwu as the first public martial arts training school and the first to teach kung fu as recreation, not simply as a form of combat. It was also the first to incorporate women’s programs with men’s, and the first to use popular media to promote Chinese martial arts as both sport and entertainment. Through these efforts, the Jingwu Association helped guarantee Chinese martial arts would survive the transition from traditional to modern China. This lively history covers the school’s tumultuous beginnings; the four historical phases of Chinese martial arts that inform it; profiles of important practitioners like Huo Yuanjia; those elements, such as the integration of women, that have made Jingwu distinctive and enduring; individual branches and practices within the larger system; and more. Rare historical documents and vintage photographs take the reader directly into one of the most fascinating and important stories in martial arts.

Matters of Discretion

Author : I.K. Gujral
Publisher : Hay House, Inc
Page : 520 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 2011-02-01
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9789381398128

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Matters of Discretion by I.K. Gujral Pdf

The first-ever autobiography written by an Indian prime minister. Only once in a lifetime comes a book that simply must be read! An absorbing, authentic and definitive account, by a former prime minister, of crucial events that had a significant impact on the nation’s destiny after independence. I K Gujral has penned his life story in a forthright and candid manner. He entered the political fray as a freedom fighter in the British era, and after the tumultuous events that rocked the Indian subcontinent in the wake of the partition in August 1947, crossed over from Pakistan to India, where he had to begin life from scratch. Despite facing tremendous odds, on the basis of his perseverance, resilience and never-say-die attitude, Gujral’s achievements allowed him to witness and shape India’s contemporary history. Gujral joined Congress Party and was first elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1964. He was the Information and Broadcasting Minister when emergency was imposed, which entailed arbitrary press censorship. Since he refused to bow down to the de facto powers, he was unceremoniously replaced and later sent by Indira Gandhi as India’s ambassador to the USSR, a post he handled with commendable tact and finesse. After his stint in Moscow, he returned to India and re-entered the ‘political whirlpool’ by joining the Janata Dal. He became minister for external affairs under V P Singh (1989) and Deve Gowda (1996). Gujral reached the pinnacle of his career when he became the prime minister on 1997. During his priministership, despite the exigencies and pressures of running a coalition government, he endeavoured to achieve progress in many spheres. The Gujral Doctrine (a set of five principles to guide the conduct of foreign relations with India’s immediate neighbours) was widely acclaimed in both India and the West. This volume, a valuable addition to the literature on contemporary history, provides a deep insight into the political scene as it unfolded after independence and delineates the roles played by a wide spectrum of politicians, bureaucrats, and many others.

Ex Libris

Author : Michiko Kakutani
Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Page : 306 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 2020-10-20
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780525574989

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Ex Libris by Michiko Kakutani Pdf

Pulitzer Prize–winning literary critic Michiko Kakutani shares 100 personal, thought-provoking essays about books that have mattered to her and that help illuminate the world we live in today—with beautiful illustrations throughout. “A book tailormade for bibliophiles.”—Oprah Winfrey “An ebullient celebration of books and reading.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) In the introduction to her new collection of essays, Ex Libris: 100+ Books to Read and Reread, Michiko Kakutani writes: “In a world riven by political and social divisions, literature can connect people across time zones and zip codes, across cultures and religions, national boundaries and historical eras. It can give us an understanding of lives very different from our own, and a sense of the shared joys and losses of human experience.” Readers will discover novels and memoirs by some of the most gifted writers working today; favorite classics worth reading or rereading; and nonfiction works, both old and new, that illuminate our social and political landscape and some of today’s most pressing issues, from climate change to medicine to the consequences of digital innovation. There are essential works in American history (The Federalist Papers, The Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.); books that address timely cultural dynamics (Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction, Daniel J. Boorstin’s The Image, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale); classics of children’s literature (the Harry Potter novels, Where the Wild Things Are); and novels by acclaimed contemporary writers like Don DeLillo, William Gibson, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Ian McEwan. With richly detailed illustrations by lettering artist Dana Tanamachi that evoke vintage bookplates, Ex Libris is an impassioned reminder of why reading matters more than ever.

Ai Weiwei: Spatial Matters

Author : Ai Weiwei
Publisher : MIT Press
Page : 513 pages
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Release : 2014-04-04
Category : Art
ISBN : 9780262525749

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Ai Weiwei: Spatial Matters by Ai Weiwei Pdf

A richly illustrated exploration of Ai Weiwei's installation and architecture projects, focusing on the artist's use of space. Outspoken, provocative, and prolific, the artist Ai Weiwei is an international phenomenon. In recent years, he has produced an astonishingly varied body of work while continuing his role as activist, provocateur, and conscience of a nation. Ai Weiwei is under “city arrest” in Beijing after an 81-day imprisonment; he is accused of tax evasion, but many suspect he is being punished for his political activism, including his exposure of shoddy school building practices that led to the deaths of thousands of children in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. In 2009, he was badly beaten by the police during his earthquake investigations. Ai Weiwei's work reflects his multiple artistic identities as conceptual artist, architect, filmmaker, designer, curator, writer, and publisher. This monumental volume, developed in association with the artist, draws on the full breadth of Ai Weiwei's architectural, installation, and activist work, with a focus on his use of space. It documents a huge range of international projects with drawings, plans, and photographs of finished work. It also includes excerpts from Ai Weiwei's famous blog (shut down by Chinese authorities in 2009), in which he offers pithy and scathing commentary on the world around him. Essays by leading critics and art historians and interviews with the artist, drawing out his central concerns, accompany the 450 beautifully reproduced color illustrations of his work.

Uncertain Manifesto

Author : Frédéric Pajak
Publisher : New York Review of Books
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Release : 2019-01-22
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781681372877

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Uncertain Manifesto by Frédéric Pajak Pdf

The writer and artist Frédéric Pajak was ten when he began to dream of “a book mixing words and pictures: snippets of adventure, random memories, maxims, ghosts, forgotten heroes, trees, the raging sea,” but it was not until he was in his forties that this dream took form as Uncertain Manifesto. The utterly original book that he produced is a memoir born of reading and a meditation on the lives and ideas, the motivations, feelings, and fates of some of Pajak’s heroes: Samuel Beckett and the artist Bram van Velde, and, especially, Walter Benjamin, whose travels to Moscow, Naples, and Ibiza, whose experiences with hashish, whose faltering marriage and love affairs and critique of modern experience Pajak re-creates and reflects on in word and image. Pajak’s moody black-and white drawings accompany the text throughout, though their bearing on it is often indirect and all the more absorbing for that. Between word and image, the reader is drawn into a mysterious space that is all Pajak’s as he seeks to evoke vanished histories and to resist a modern world more and more given over to a present without a past. With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2018-09-11
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781452159300

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Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly by Anonim Pdf

Renowned artist Ai Weiwei engaged nearly 900,000 visitors in a conversation about human rights with his art installation @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz. In one participatory piece, Yours Truly, visitors sent 92,829 postcards to prisoners of conscience around the world. This book delves into those postcards' lasting impact. Five former prisoners and their loved ones reflect on the experience of receiving hundreds of postcards while imprisoned. Essays and a statement by Ai Weiwei contextualize this extraordinary project. And photographs taken during the exhibition show visitors and the messages they wrote.

The Age of Kali

Author : William Dalrymple
Publisher : Penguin Books India
Page : 412 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2004
Category : India
ISBN : 0143031090

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The Age of Kali by William Dalrymple Pdf

The Age of Kali is a panorama of the Indian subcontinent, poised between chaos, westernization and immemorial tradition& It is like Dalrymple s previous books, erudite, engaging and entertaining Martin Gayford, Spectator Books of the Year

Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows

Author : Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 354 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2010-09-30
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781101443668

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Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows by Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle Pdf

"Ten Thousand Sorrows & Ten Thousand Joys offers a vision of lives well-led, and of love in the thick of crisis and loss. Beyond inspiring."-Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence "This beautiful book is unlike any other personal account of living with Alzheimer's disease that I have ever read . . . it offers patients and families practical insights into how they can live their lives more fully amidst the heartbreak of a mind-robbing illness."- Paul Raia, Director of Patient Care and Family Support, Alzheimer's Association, Massachusetts Chapter "A story of courage, love, and growing wisdom in the face of Alzheimer's."-Joseph Goldstein, author of One Dharma, Founder / Director of Insight Meditation Society In this profound and courageous memoir, Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle describes how her husband's Alzheimer's diagnosis at the age of seventy-two challenged them to live the spiritual teachings they had embraced during the course of their life together. Following a midlife career shift, Harrison Hobliztelle, or Hob as he was called, a former professor of comparative literature at Barnard, Columbia, and Brandeis University, became a family therapist and was ordained a Dharmacharya (senior teacher) by Thich Nhat Hanh. Hob comes to life in these pages as an incredibly funny and brilliant man who never stopped enjoying a good philosophical conversation-even as his mind, quite literally, slipped away from him. And yet when they first heard the diagnosis, Olivia and Hob's initial reaction was to cling desperately to the life they had had. But everything had changed, and they knew that the only answer was to greet this last phase of Hob's life consciously and lovingly. Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows provides a wise and compassionate vision for maintaining hope and grace in the face of life's greatest challenges. (This memoir was originally self-published as The Majesty of Your Loving.)

China in Ten Words

Author : Yu Hua
Publisher : Anchor
Page : 242 pages
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Release : 2012-08-21
Category : History
ISBN : 9780307739797

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China in Ten Words by Yu Hua Pdf

From one of China’s most acclaimed writers: a unique, intimate look at the Chinese experience over the last several decades. Framed by ten phrases common in the Chinese vernacular, China in Ten Words uses personal stories and astute analysis to reveal as never before the world’s most populous yet oft-misunderstood nation. In "Disparity," for example, Yu Hua illustrates the expanding gaps that separate citizens of the country. In "Copycat," he depicts the escalating trend of piracy and imitation as a creative new form of revolutionary action. And in "Bamboozle," he describes the increasingly brazen practices of trickery, fraud, and chicanery that are, he suggests, becoming a way of life at every level of society. Witty, insightful, and courageous, this is a refreshingly candid vision of the "Chinese miracle" and all of its consequences.

An Anatomy of Chinese

Author : Perry Link
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Page : 375 pages
File Size : 50,5 Mb
Release : 2013-02-15
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9780674071155

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An Anatomy of Chinese by Perry Link Pdf

Rhythms, conceptual metaphors, and political language convey meanings of which Chinese speakers themselves may not be aware. Link’s Anatomy of Chinese contributes to the debate over whether language shapes thought or vice versa, and its comparison of English with Chinese lends support to theories that locate the origins of language in the brain.

Ai Weiwei

Author : Tim Marlow
Publisher : Royal Academy Books
Page : 240 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2015-11-10
Category : Art
ISBN : 1910350168

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Ai Weiwei by Tim Marlow Pdf

Despite being one of the most significant cultural figures to have emerged from China in recent decades, Ai Weiwei Hon RA is so controversial within his native country that until recently his name was removed from Chinese editions of art books. Eloquently fusing art and activism with a dark and rebellious wit, he has galvanised a generation of artists with his strong convictions and his willingness to risk personal liberties in pursuit of freedom of speech. Published to accompany his first major UK exhibition, this handsome book's texts include a new interview with Ai, an insightful exploration of his position within the Chinese and international contemporary art worlds, an incisive account of his architectural practice, and a chronology containing reflections from key figures who have worked with him. Sumptuous illustrations demonstrate the virtuosity of the traditional Chinese craftsmanship that Ai employs to produce his works and reveal the unflinching determination that lies behind his art. AUTHOR: Tim Marlow is Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts. John Tancock received his PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and is currently active as a curator and specialist in contemporary Chinese art. Daniel Rosbottom is a Director of DRDH Architects, London, and Professor of Architecture and the Interior at the Technical University, Delft. Adrian Locke is Senior Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts. SELLING POINTS: * An in-depth exploration of the work of one of China's most significant artists * Illustrated with stunning examples of Ai Weiwei's work, demonstrating his dark and rebellious wit * Featuring a new and exclusive interview with Ai Weiwei himself 280 colour

Dark Wine Waters

Author : Frances Simone
Publisher : Central Recovery Press, LLC
Page : 225 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2014-07-15
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781937612641

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Dark Wine Waters by Frances Simone Pdf

One woman’s struggle with her husband’s addiction and her path of recovery as a result of the tragic outcome.