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Author : Akiane,Foreli Kramarik
Publisher : HarperChristian + ORM
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Release : 2017-09-12
Category : Art
ISBN : 9780718075989

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Akiane by Akiane,Foreli Kramarik Pdf

Experience the wonder of child prodigy Akaine Kramarik’s divinely inspired artwork firsthand. Akiane’s nonreligious parents were bewildered when their four-year-old daughter started sharing her dreams of angels, heaven, and Jesus. Her spiritual insight quickly expressed itself through impressive sketches, drawings with oil crayons, paintings, and eventually poetry, and her artwork began a conversation that brought her whole family to Christianity and to the attention of national media. Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry shares the young artist’s story in rich detail, including her mother’s firsthand account of Akiane’s emerging faith and artistic talent; a collection of full-color paintings created by Akiane from ages 4 to 10, along with the amazing stories that surround each piece of art; and selected poems of profound beauty and insight, authored by Akiane in her childhood. This book will encourage any who believe in the spiritual nature of art and reinvigorate the faith of those who call Jesus their savior.

Akiane-My Dream Is Bigger Than I

Author : Akiane Kramarik,Art Akiane LLC
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 329 pages
File Size : 49,8 Mb
Release : 2006-01-01
Category : Children's poetry, American
ISBN : 0977869709

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Akiane-My Dream Is Bigger Than I by Akiane Kramarik,Art Akiane LLC Pdf

A binary child genius, Akiane was never exposed to spiritual matters. However, Akiane began sharing her visions about God and events on earth at the age of four; soon she began describing them through art and poetry. This is a collection of Akiane's dreams, visions, poetry, aphorisms, and philosophical reflections written between the ages of 7 and 11.

a Heaven is for Real Deluxe Edition

Author : Todd Burpo
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Page : 206 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2011-10-31
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780849949203

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a Heaven is for Real Deluxe Edition by Todd Burpo Pdf

#1 New York Times bestseller with more than 11 million copies sold! When 4-year-old Colton Burpo emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven, his family doesn’t know what to believe. Heaven is For Real details what Colton saw and his family’s journey towards accepting their young son had visited the afterlife. “Do you remember the hospital, Colton?” Sonja said. “Yes, mommy, I remember,” he said. “That’s where the angels sang to me.” Colton told his parents he left his body during an emergency surgery–and proved that claim by describing exactly what his parents were doing in another part of the hospital during his operation. He talked of visiting heaven and described events that happened before he was born and how he spoke with family members he’d never met. Colton also astonished his parents with descriptions and obscure details about heaven that matched the Bible exactly, even though he had not yet learned to read. With disarming innocence and the plainspoken boldness of a child, Colton recounts his visit to heaven, describing: Meeting long-departed family members Jesus, the angels, how “really, really big” God is, and how much God loves us How Jesus called Todd, Colton’s father, to be a pastor The Battle of Armageddon Retold by his father, but using Colton’s uniquely simple words, Heaven Is for Real offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us, where as Colton says, “Nobody is old and nobody wears glasses.” Heaven Is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity, offering the chance to see, and believe, like a child. Praise for Heaven is for Real: “A beautifully written glimpse into heaven that will encourage those who doubt and thrill those who believe.” —Ron Hall, coauthor of Same Kind of Different as Me

Heaven Is for Real

Author : Todd Burpo,Lynn Vincent
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Page : 150 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2016-07-11
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1535195681

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Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo,Lynn Vincent Pdf

A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn't know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear. Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born, then shared impossible-to-know details about each. He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how "reaaally big" God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit "shoots down power" from heaven to help us. Told by the father, but often in Colton's own words, the disarmingly simple message is heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children, and be ready, there is a coming last battle.

Paintings & Films

Author : Wilhelm Sasnal,Charles Esche,Sebastian Cichocki,Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum
Publisher : Veenman Publishers
Page : 60 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2006
Category : Art
ISBN : UOM:39015066777882

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Paintings & Films by Wilhelm Sasnal,Charles Esche,Sebastian Cichocki,Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum Pdf

Is Wilhelm Sasnal (born in 1972 in Poland) the best painter to emerge in the twenty-first century? This small volume presents highlights from his early career along with several extraordinary new canvases and a series of 16mm films and video work from the artist's recent travels in the U.S. and Brazil.

My Armor's Kinda Rusty ... Encouragement for Weary Warriors

Author : Paula Meiners Yingst
Publisher : WestBow Press
Page : 245 pages
File Size : 52,9 Mb
Release : 2012-11-17
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781449772406

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My Armor's Kinda Rusty ... Encouragement for Weary Warriors by Paula Meiners Yingst Pdf

How have I come to this place in my life and ministry where hindsight is not simply a self-pitying review of all the things that have gone wrong over the years? A cleft in the rock, where Im finally ableat least some of the timeto recognize that whenever I allow myself to honestly reconsider the awesome, the awful, and the decidedly ugly moments scattered along the pathway of my life experience, I can see that Gods hand has been guiding my journey. This is an exploration of accounts that have inspired me over the years, a search for answers to questions that have challenged me, and information that Ive gleaned from various sources. They are told from my personal point of view. But also included are amazing stories that Ive collected from other imperfect peoplethe humorous and the heartbreakingwhich have stuck with me over the years and insist that I still have much more to learn. They remind me that especially when it comes to spiritual armor, mine is rusty even on a good day. But then, so is yours, and therefore ours. So lets continue the journey together. Caution: Stay alert for falling rocks and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Lose Your Cool, Revised and Expanded Edition

Author : Zach Hunter
Publisher : Zondervan
Page : 174 pages
File Size : 52,9 Mb
Release : 2011-09-13
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9780310728948

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Lose Your Cool, Revised and Expanded Edition by Zach Hunter Pdf

You don’t love a mocha the same way that you love Jesus. As a teen today, you probably have plenty of interests and plenty to plug into. In the midst of the constant stimulus—activities, media, text messages, and social networking—activist and fellow teenager Zach Hunter asks: What consumes the bulk of your time? How do you zero in on what really matters? Zach wrote this book to share powerful inspiration from the lives of others and to promote his steadfast belief that his generation is capable of great things—actions that may require shedding conventional notions of what is cool and important—and of choices that can heat up, ignite, and stoke the flames of a deeper passion, the kind of passion that changes the world. Are you ready to lose your cool?

Killing Atheism

Author : Kenneth L. Fredrickson
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 304 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 2021-01-28
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781725286986

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Killing Atheism by Kenneth L. Fredrickson Pdf

Are you struggling with your faith or trying to help others but cannot get around the problem of “If there is a God, why is he hidden?” Killing Atheism bypasses traditional apologetics and powerfully shows that God is not hidden. It describes irrefutable secular evidence showing that the story of Christ must be true. This is not an academic endeavor, but a spiritual and evidentiary journey written for the layman, with only a few digressions into the world of traditional apologetics. We have been given free will to ignore, reject, or accept Jesus. If your inclination is to ignore or reject, you must deal with the points made in this book.

Sylvia & Aki

Author : Winifred Conkling
Publisher : Yearling
Page : 162 pages
File Size : 49,8 Mb
Release : 2013-07-09
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781582463452

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Sylvia & Aki by Winifred Conkling Pdf

Young Sylvia Mendez never expected to be at the center of a landmark legal battle. Young Aki Munemitsu never expected to be sent away from her home and her life as she knew it. The two girls definitely never expected to know each other, until their lives intersected on a Southern California farm in a way that changed the country forever. Who are Sylvia and Aki? And why did their family stories matter then and still matter today? This book reveals the remarkable, never-before-told story—based on true events—of Mendez vs. Westminster School District, the California court case that desegregated schools for Latino children and set the stage for Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education at the national level.

Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 2 - Our Reality

Author : Trinda Latherow
Publisher : Lulu.com
Page : 292 pages
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Release : 2005
Category : Future life
ISBN : 9780978789824

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Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 2 - Our Reality by Trinda Latherow Pdf

Sure to be the most advantageous volume to Pieces of the Puzzle, Volume 2 ¿ Our Reality is a spiritual quest for the truths to our existence. From validations of an unseen world to manifestations on multiple levels, Our Reality leads us all to a higher awareness and a destiny by design. Learn how others are consciously creating a reality of choice and opening up to the unlimited potential within. Turning dreams into reality is now much more than a wishful concept. Guided by Spirit and inspirational souls worldwide, we are reminded of our perfection and divine creativity. Join Trinda and those she meets along the way as they take the next step in a journey together and discover how both singularly and collectively, we are creating our reality.

Perspectives on Synchronicity, Inspiration, and the Soul

Author : Rico Sneller
Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Page : 389 pages
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Release : 2020-07-07
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9781527555808

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Perspectives on Synchronicity, Inspiration, and the Soul by Rico Sneller Pdf

This book explores the notion of the human psyche (‘soul’) and its continuing usefulness in the background of the ongoing and always accelerating techno-scientific revolution. The main argument here follows the assumption that this revolution, while not necessarily being a threat to humankind, is often blind or ignorant as to its subject, the ‘human being’. In the first chapters, the reader is invited to reflect on the notion of ‘thinking’ as a phenomenon of consciousness that transcends merely ‘having thoughts’. Relating thinking to consciousness requires reconsidering the phenomena of ‘inspiration’ and ‘ecstasy’. Provided that such a thing as ‘inspiration’ exists, it makes sense to revise the solipsist or substantialist account often given of the human mind. The book defines inspiration as a ‘clairvoyance of one’s psyche’, and ecstasy as the experience of this clairvoyance. Next, a case is made for synchronicity experiences as a key to a better understanding of the human psyche. While being enigmatic all throughout, synchronicity experiences, both on the individual and on the collective level, help overcome both subject/object and body/mind dualisms. It is not likely, though, that the solution they could offer will be readily accepted by (what is called) ‘science’ today, since it challenges one of the latter’s basic premises, ‘causality’. As a more concrete example of a condensed synchronicity experience, the author dwells on ‘physiognomy’. In the final chapter, death and suffering are discussed as extreme, and therefore relevant, experiences of consciousness. The book interprets death in terms of ‘enhanced subliminality’, and ‘suffering’ as unconscious resistance against maturing. Generally, this book explores a psycho-philosophical tradition, rooted in Romantic thinking (from Schelling and Schopenhauer until Klages and Jung), which has hitherto been unjustly neglected, if not repressed, by mainstream materialism and positivism. It makes a strong case for an intellectual account of the soul.

Mirror of the Soul

Author : Tania M. DeVizia
Publisher : Balboa Press
Page : 256 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2015-07-08
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781504335348

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Mirror of the Soul by Tania M. DeVizia Pdf

Mirror of the Soul is a reference to the precious metal silver and its superior reflective abilities. Silver jewelry reflects ones personality and silver instruments, which render the purest tones, have the ability to reflect ones soul. Classical flutist Tania M. DeVizia uses her silver flute as a tool to connect with the divine and thus mirror her soul. In this book, she merges theology and science, time and eternity and hands-on healing with sound healing. She analyzes and reflects upon the five roles of Jesus when he walked this earth and describes the manner in which music and art mirror His roles of Good Shepherd, Healer and Miracle Worker, Carpenter and Stone Mason, Fisher of Men and Son of God. Her text reflects her quest for truth. She believes we have an innate desire to reflect the highest ideals of the Creator in all our works of art. The words on these pages mirror the soul of a flutist who enjoys listening, observing, analyzing, hearing, and sharing her insights with others.

Preaching Wheels

Author : Heloisa Loures de Freitas
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Page : 84 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2022-12-07
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781685374945

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Preaching Wheels by Heloisa Loures de Freitas Pdf

Preaching Wheels By: Heloisa Loures de Freitas

Heaven is for Real for Kids

Author : Todd Burpo,Sonja Burpo
Publisher : Thomas Nelson Inc
Page : 34 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2011-11-08
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781400318704

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Heaven is for Real for Kids by Todd Burpo,Sonja Burpo Pdf

Heaven is for real, and you are going to like it! Colton Burpo came back from his trip to heaven with a very important message: Jesus really, really loves children. In an effort to reach even more families with this eternally significant story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton-kid to kids! Children will receive the same comfort and assurance that so many adults have received from the trade book. Beautifully illustrated under Colton's direction, he shares his experiences in first person and comments on things that will be important to kids. A letter to parents is included to guide them as they talk to their children about heaven. Scripture along with a Q&A section with answers from the Bible are also included in the book.

Heaven Changes Everything

Author : Todd Burpo,Sonja Burpo
Publisher : HarperChristian + ORM
Page : 256 pages
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Release : 2015-01-13
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780718036775

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Heaven Changes Everything by Todd Burpo,Sonja Burpo Pdf

There's so much more to the story. Todd and Sonja BurpoÆs almost-four-year-old son Colton made an unforgettable trip to heaven and back during the darkest, most-stressed-out days of their lives. Times were tough, money was scarce and the bills, frustrations, and fears were piled high. The story of ColtonÆs visit to heaven changed their livesùand the book they wrote about it, Heaven Is for Real, gave new hope to millions of readers. In Heaven Changes Everything, the Burpos share details about their experience and about Colton's visit to heaven that they weren't able to include in the original story or in the Sony Pictures release of the Heaven Is for Real movie. Practical and inspiring, the short essays shed light on living with a miracle and the afterlife, each ending with a relevant scripture. Listen in as Todd, and for the first time ever Sonja, from her perspective as a mom, show you how believing heaven is for real helps us survive hardships here on earth, including the death of a loved one or the loss of a child through tragedy, miscarriage, or even abortion. This newly revised edition offers bonus material including: New foreword Never-before-seen family photos Favorite scenes from the movie Q&A section Come see how heaven can indeed touch earth and change everything.