Atlas Adjusted

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The Well Adjusted Cat

Author : Daniel Kamen
Publisher : CCB Publishing
Page : 214 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2013-08-23
Category : Pets
ISBN : 9781771430661

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The Well Adjusted Cat by Daniel Kamen Pdf

This handsome little book is better for your cat and longer lasting than any canned treat. Dr. Daniel Kamen, a practicing chiropractor, explains how you can use these simple techniques to help settle your cat's aching bones. By following these simple step-by-step instructions with over 110 clear illustrations in this book, any cat owner can incorporate these alternative methods of healing as a supplement to regular veterinary visits. While this is a serious how-to book for cat lovers everywhere, it is written with the flair and humor that helped Dr. Kamen win over television and radio audiences nationwide with his first book, "The Well Adjusted Dog." And while we can't make any promises, rest assured that after a few of Dr. Kamen's simple lumbar adjustments, your cat will be feeling more relaxed. This is an essential reference for cat lovers everywhere who want nothing but the best for their pet. About the Author Dr. Daniel Kamen was born in Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing chiropractic since 1981. His father is a highly respected anesthesiologist; his mother, a gifted artist. Dr. Kamen's original animal chiropractic organization, "Animal Crackers," produced animal chiropractic educational materials, which taught others how to adjust dogs and horses. Dr. Kamen lives with his wife, Sharon, of thirty-four years. Together they have three sons, Jeffrey, Gary and Kevin. He makes his home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Dr. Kamen has been featured in many TV, radio, and newspaper stories concerning his work with animal chiropractic. He currently is on tour, teaching a professional as well as a lay lecture seminar on animal chiropractic (horse and dog adjusting). His hobbies include playing the piano and chess (master level). Books by Daniel Kamen include: "The Well Adjusted Dog, The Well Adjusted Horse, The Well Adjusted Cat" and a novel entitled "Stagecoach Road: The Bullies Must Die."

Atlas Adjusted

Author : Steve Judson
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 167 pages
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Release : 2018
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 099669028X

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Atlas Adjusted by Steve Judson Pdf

Imitate the Dawn

Author : M.A. Grant
Publisher : Carina Press
Page : 270 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 2022-09-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780369701862

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Imitate the Dawn by M.A. Grant Pdf

There's a thin line between love, hate, life and death in this vampire bodyguard paranormal romance from M.A. Grant, author of The Prince of Air and Darkness. Cristian Slava and Atlas Kincaid despise each other. At least, that’s what they need everyone to believe. In truth, the charismatic vampire and his fierce bodyguard are more in love than ever. But when a powerful political faction emerges and threatens Cristian’s family, the only way into their enemy’s inner circle is without each other by their side. From Romania to New York and beyond, though apart, their blood-bond cannot be severed—but it can be used against them. When Cristian sacrifices his life to save his family and save Atlas from having his darkest secrets revealed, only faith in that bond will keep Atlas from utter despair. And only by facing his past will Atlas be able to accept who he is and finally defeat their most powerful enemy yet… Death itself. Whitethorn Agency Book 1: Rare Vigilance Book 2: Crooked Shadows Book 3: Imitate the Dawn The Darkest Court Book 1: Prince of Air and Darkness Book 2: The Marked Prince Book 3: The Iron Crown

Cyto- and Myeloarchitectural Brain Atlas of the Ferret (Mustela putorius) in MRI Aided Stereotaxic Coordinates

Author : Susanne Radtke-Schuller
Publisher : Springer
Page : 374 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2018-11-04
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9783319766263

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Cyto- and Myeloarchitectural Brain Atlas of the Ferret (Mustela putorius) in MRI Aided Stereotaxic Coordinates by Susanne Radtke-Schuller Pdf

Description This stereotaxic atlas of the ferret brain provides detailed architectonic subdivisions of the cortical and subcortical areas in the ferret brain using high-quality histological material stained for cells and myelin together with in vivo magnetic resonance (MR) images of the same animal. The skull-related position of the ferret brain was established according to in vivo MRI and additional CT measurements of the skull. Functional denotations from published physiology and connectivity studies are mapped onto the atlas sections and onto the brain surface, together with the architectonic subdivisions. High-resolution MR images are provided at levels of the corresponding histology atlas plates with labels of the respective brain structures. The book is the first atlas of the ferret brain and the most detailed brain atlas of a carnivore available to date. It provides a common reference base to collect and compare data from any kind of research in the ferret brain. Key Features Provides the first ferret brain atlas with detailed delineations of cortical and subcortical areas in frontal plane. Provides the most detailed brain atlas of a carnivore to date. Presents a stereotaxic atlas coordinate system derived from high-quality histological material and in vivo magnetic resonance (MR) images of the same animal. Covers the ferret brain from forebrain to spinal cord at intervals of 0.6 mm on 58 anterior-posterior levels with 5 plates each. Presents cell (Nissl) stained frontal sections (plate 1) and myelin stained sections (plate 2) in a stereotaxic frame. Provides detailed delineations of brain structures and their denomination on a Nissl stained background on a separate plate (3). Compiles abbreviations on plate 4, a plate that also displays the low resolution MRI of the atlas brain with the outlines of the Nissl sections in overlay. Displays high-resolution MR images at intervals of 0.15 mm from another animal with labeled brain structures as plate 5 corresponding to the anterior-posterior level of each atlas plate. Provides detailed references used for delineation of brain areas. Target audience of the book: The book addresses researchers and students in neurosciences who are interested in brain anatomy in general (e.g., for translational purposes/comparative aspects), particularly those who study the ferret as important animal model of growing interest in neurosciences.

Cataract Surgery

Author : Jorge L. Alió,H. Burkhard Dick,Robert H. Osher
Publisher : Springer Nature
Page : 517 pages
File Size : 52,8 Mb
Release : 2022-07-27
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9783030945305

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Cataract Surgery by Jorge L. Alió,H. Burkhard Dick,Robert H. Osher Pdf

This book provides a comprehensive approach to the specialty of cataract surgery. Chapters are authored by an international group of experts who evaluate technology, recommend surgical technique, and review the management of both anticipated and unexpected complications. With more than 30 chapters, everyday challenges such as the white, mature, and uveitic cataract are included while the most difficult cases like the loose lens, posterior polar, aniridic, and the traumatic cataract are covered in detail. The editors have also included topics like IOL repositioning and exchange. Cataract Surgery: Advanced Techniques for Complex and Complicated Cases offers the reader an encyclopedic collection of invaluable lessons that will help both the surgeon who is early in his career as well as the veteran cataract surgeon.

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2006

Author : Heinz Handels,Jan Ehrhardt,Alexander Horsch,Hans-Peter Meinzer,Thomas Tolxdoff
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Page : 486 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2006-03-06
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9783540321361

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Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2006 by Heinz Handels,Jan Ehrhardt,Alexander Horsch,Hans-Peter Meinzer,Thomas Tolxdoff Pdf

In den letzten Jahren hat sich der Workshop "Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin" durch erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen etabliert. Ziel ist auch 2006 wieder die Darstellung aktueller Forschungsergebnisse und die Vertiefung der Gespräche zwischen Wissenschaftlern, Industrie und Anwendern. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes - einige in englischer Sprache - behandeln alle Bereiche der medizinischen Bildverarbeitung sowie deren klinische Anwendungen.

The Wellness Approach

Author : Jonathan B. Spages
Publisher : Morgan James Publishing
Page : 134 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2011-04-01
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781600379048

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The Wellness Approach by Jonathan B. Spages Pdf

“A fascinating overview of how the body works and how chiropractic can help achieve wellness naturally” (Terry A. Rondberg, DC, president, The Chiropractic Journal). The Wellness Approach: *uncover the common myths of medication and your health *defines once and for all true health and how to attain it *reveals the main reason sick people continue to get sick *teaches parents how to ensure that their children grow up healthy and strong *explains the secrets doctors don’t tell you about

Chiropractic Care of Special Populations

Author : Robert D. Mootz,Linda J. Bowers
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning
Page : 262 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 1999
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 0834213745

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Chiropractic Care of Special Populations by Robert D. Mootz,Linda J. Bowers Pdf

Chiropractic clinical strategies that fall outside the accepted standards. Reprints of five years of Topics in Clinical Chiropractic updated with recent information. Algorithms and care pathways to help you identify and manage age- and gender-spe

Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery

Author : Priya Narang,William B. Trattler
Publisher : Thieme
Page : 355 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2018-10-22
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781626238961

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Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery by Priya Narang,William B. Trattler Pdf

A concise review and comprehensive guide to improving cataract surgery outcomes Significant advances have been made in refractive surgery in the last decade. Eye surgeons today can leverage many cutting-edge intraocular lens (IOL) technologies such as multifocal, extended depth of field, toric, accommodating, and aspheric. Concurrent innovations including optics, phacoemulsification, superior keratometry and biometry, and posterior cornea evaluation have resulted in improved cataract surgery outcomes. Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts have dramatically improved patient satisfaction following cataract surgery, yet common and rare complications still occur such as dry eye, endophthalmitis, and retinal detachment. Furthermore, only 80% of cataract surgery procedures bring patients to within 0.5 diopters of their needed refraction. Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery: Refractive and Non-Refractive Management presents the latest techniques for achieving optimal results and overcoming complications in cataract surgery. Internationally renowned ophthalmic surgery pioneers Priya Narang and William Trattler have created an unparalleled guide to overcoming complex cases and residual refractive errors. The book starts with six chapters on suboptimal causes and considerations, followed by dedicated sections covering refractive and non-refractive enhancements. The fourth section features chapters on keratoconus, cystoid macular edema, endophthalmitis, toxic anterior segment syndrome, and vitritis, as well as intraoperative aberrometry, futuristic approaches and advancements, and telescopic IOLs. Key Highlights Refractive enhancement procedures including corneal-based procedures such as astigmatic keratotomy, LASIK, PRK, and SMILE; IOL exchange; piggyback IOL; toric IOL; and premium IOLs and associated problems Nonrefractive enhancement procedures including dysphotopsias and surgical management, bullous keratopathy and endothelial keratoplasty, complex IOL issues such as malpositioned IOL and capsular bag, and posterior capsular rupture and IOL lens implantation Practical tips and steps to prevent and manage undesired outcomes 30 surgical videos posted online highlight a diverse array of complex cases and technical advances to help prevent suboptimal results Ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents, fellows, and subspecialists will greatly benefit from the significant pearls and knowledge presented in this indispensable cataract surgery resource. This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

The Education Atlas of South Africa 2000

Author : Monica Bot
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 146 pages
File Size : 53,6 Mb
Release : 2000
Category : Education
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112336032

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The Education Atlas of South Africa 2000 by Monica Bot Pdf

The 3D Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Degu

Author : Noriko Kumazawa-Manita,Tsutomu Hashikawa,Atsushi Iriki
Publisher : Springer
Page : 144 pages
File Size : 49,6 Mb
Release : 2018-10-08
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9784431566151

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The 3D Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Degu by Noriko Kumazawa-Manita,Tsutomu Hashikawa,Atsushi Iriki Pdf

This book is the first digital atlas of the degu brain with microscopic features simultaneously in Nissl sections and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). As an experimental animal model, the degu contributes to a variety of medical research fields in diabetes, hyperglycemia, pancreatic function, and adaptation to high altitude, among others. Recently the degu has gained increasing importance in the field of neuroscience, particularly in studies evaluating the relationship between sociality and cognitive brain functions, and in studies pertaining to the evolutional aspects of the acquisition of tool-use abilities. Furthermore, aging-related brain dysfunction in humans can be studied using this animal model in addition to mammals with much longer lifespans. This brain atlas is constructed to provide histological and volume-rendered information simultaneously, fitting with any spatial coordination in brain positioning. It can be a useful guide to degus as well as to other rodents for studies of brain structures conducted using MRI or other contemporary examination methods with volume-rendering functions.

The Well Adjusted Horse

Author : Daniel R. Kamen
Publisher : Lumen Editions
Page : 324 pages
File Size : 48,8 Mb
Release : 1999
Category : Pets
ISBN : CORNELL:31924084930522

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The Well Adjusted Horse by Daniel R. Kamen Pdf

Horse riders, horse lovers, and equestrians everywhere will enjoy this new book from our favorite unorthodox chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Kamen. Dr. Dan explains how any horse owner or stable keeper can take proper care of their animal. These animals are the equine version of highly trained athletes, he says, and like any athlete they are susceptible to strain or injury. Whether the patient is human or animal, the basic chiropractic technique-manipulating the spine to return misaligned bones to their correct position-is the same. Kamen says, "if it has a spine, I can work on it". With the aid of a few bales of hay for height, and a few of these easy-to-follow techniques, you can give your animal the proper care he needs to keep him on track.