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Every Prophecy of the Bible

Author : John F. Walvoord
Publisher : David C Cook
Page : 672 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2011-09-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781434704689

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Every Prophecy of the Bible by John F. Walvoord Pdf

Unprecedented natural disasters, political uprisings, and economic uncertainty: The Bible predicted it all. Now you can understand it—and know what's coming next. As we watch world events unfold, biblical prophecy becomes a subject of intense interest. Every Prophecy of the Bible brings clear answers to more than 1,000 key prophecies, backed with solid Scriptural evidence. Noted biblical scholar Dr. John F. Walvoord covers each prophecy from Genesis to Revelation, giving detailed insight into the many prophecies that have been fulfilled, as well as those that are still to come. By placing each event into historical context, the author gives insight into how the past, present, and future fit together to form an amazing, divine design. An excellent reference guide for those seeking answers, this comprehensive book reassures readers that God's master plan is to be trusted and that the Bible is an accurate source of hope for all Christians.


Author : Elaine Pagels
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 278 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2012-03-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781101577073

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Revelations by Elaine Pagels Pdf

A startling exploration of the history of the most controversial book of the Bible, by the bestselling author of Beyond Belief. Through the bestselling books of Elaine Pagels, thousands of readers have come to know and treasure the suppressed biblical texts known as the Gnostic Gospels. As one of the world's foremost religion scholars, she has been a pioneer in interpreting these books and illuminating their place in the early history of Christianity. Her new book, however, tackles a text that is firmly, dramatically within the New Testament canon: The Book of Revelation, the surreal apocalyptic vision of the end of the world . . . or is it? In this startling and timely book, Pagels returns The Book of Revelation to its historical origin, written as its author John of Patmos took aim at the Roman Empire after what is now known as "the Jewish War," in 66 CE. Militant Jews in Jerusalem, fired with religious fervor, waged an all-out war against Rome's occupation of Judea and their defeat resulted in the desecration of Jerusalem and its Great Temple. Pagels persuasively interprets Revelation as a scathing attack on the decadence of Rome. Soon after, however, a new sect known as "Christians" seized on John's text as a weapon against heresy and infidels of all kinds-Jews, even Christians who dissented from their increasingly rigid doctrines and hierarchies. In a time when global religious violence surges, Revelations explores how often those in power throughout history have sought to force "God's enemies" to submit or be killed. It is sure to appeal to Pagels's committed readers and bring her a whole new audience who want to understand the roots of dissent, violence, and division in the world's religions, and to appreciate the lasting appeal of this extraordinary text.

Major Bible Prophecies

Author : John F. Walvoord
Publisher : Zondervan
Page : 463 pages
File Size : 40,8 Mb
Release : 2010-06-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310873112

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Major Bible Prophecies by John F. Walvoord Pdf

The major prophecies of the Bible, arranged in one volume, like the 52 major doctrines of Scripture that are arranged in Walvoord's long-time hardback seller 'Major Bible Themes.'

Basic Bible Prophecy

Author : Ron Rhodes
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 226 pages
File Size : 54,7 Mb
Release : 2021-02-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736980340

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Basic Bible Prophecy by Ron Rhodes Pdf

Get the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Bible Prophecy To the uninitiated, Bible prophecy can seem strange, puzzling, and even frightening—yet at the heart of this subject is an awesome revelation of God’s wonder and might. Basic Bible Prophecy is a straightforward, clutter-free breakdown of what the Bible makes known about the future. With seasoned prophecy author Ron Rhodes as your guide, you’ll get a big-picture overview of the essentials of Bible prophecy, complete with helpful charts and infographics. You’ll understand the primary players, places, and events relevant to Christ’s second coming timeline the Bible gives for when each event will take place sovereignty and trustworthiness of God, who has a perfect plan for your future Basic Bible Prophecy will help you view history past and still-to-come as a reason to live expectantly, righteously, and with a Christlike perspective. Most of all, you’ll discover how prophecy can fill you with confidence, peace, and a heart of praise, grateful that all of eternity rests under God’s control.

Bible Prophecy

Author : Tim Callahan
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 1997
Category : Bible
ISBN : 0965504700

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Bible Prophecy by Tim Callahan Pdf

A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND OF BOOK ABOUT BIBLICAL PROPHECY! Many bestsellers have been written about Bible prophecy & their influence is sure to increase as the millennium approaches. Their authors first claim that many accurate predictions were made by prophets of ancient times, & then insist they themselves have the same ability, using the Bible as a crystal ball to predict the unusually apocalyptic future. Rarely have their methods of interpretation, their logic, or their historical accuracy been questioned. Tim Callahan rises to the challenge with wit & clarity. By comparing the predictions to actual history, as well as to each other & by noting evidence of historical anachronisms & faulty scholarship on the part of fundamentalist apologists, Callahan subjects the prophecies of the Bible to rigorous analysis. Callahan also dissects end of the world prophecies & examines the connections between these & modern conspiracy theories. To order: Millennium Press, 2761 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001. 818-794-3119, FAX: 818-794-1301; e-mail: [email protected].


Author : Anonim
Publisher : Canongate Books
Page : 60 pages
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Release : 1999-01-01
Category : Bibles
ISBN : 9780857861016

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Revelation by Anonim Pdf

The final book of the Bible, Revelation prophesies the ultimate judgement of mankind in a series of allegorical visions, grisly images and numerological predictions. According to these, empires will fall, the "Beast" will be destroyed and Christ will rule a new Jerusalem. With an introduction by Will Self.

Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation

Author : Ed Hindson,Tim LaHaye
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 562 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 2011-12-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736948050

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Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation by Ed Hindson,Tim LaHaye Pdf

Here is an indispensable, all-in-one resource on the prophecies of the Bible! It's all here—clear and concise explanations for the key Bible prophecies from Genesis to Revelation. Written by Bible scholars but created for everyday readers and Bible students, this volume makes it possible for users to expand their knowledge of prophecy in ways unmatched by other books. Among the notable features are... more than 500 easy-to-read pages of explanatory comments about the prophecies in God's Word useful charts, diagrams, and time lines simple format for easy referencing helpful word definitions special attention to Bible passages that are particularly difficult or important Assembled by bestselling prophecy teachers Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson, along with a team of highly qualified contributors, this is a must-have for every Christian library. Rerelease of The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary.

The Coming Prince

Author : Robert Anderson
Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.
Page : 313 pages
File Size : 46,6 Mb
Release : 2007-04-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781602062306

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The Coming Prince by Robert Anderson Pdf

He was one of the most popular lay preachers and Christian apologists of his day: Sir Robert Anderson devoutly believed that the Bible was the inerrant word of God, and in this popular 1881 book-a companion to his Daniel in the Critics' Den-he mounts a defense of the prophetic Old Testament Book of Daniel, an early example of apocalyptic philosophy in Christianity. Students of the Bible will appreciate this historically valuable attempt to set straight the many controversies surrounding Daniel regarding its authorship and even the date of its writing. And anyone interested in the apocalyptic fervor of modern-day fundamentalist Christianity will find this an instructive and enlightening read. While at Scotland Yard, Irish police official and religious scholar SIR ROBERT ANDERSON (1841-1918) helped investigate the Jack the Ripper murders, but he is best remembered for his works of Bible study, including Forgotten Truths and The Silence of God.

The End Times

Author : Britt Gillette
Publisher : Britt Gillette
Page : 171 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2019-10-22
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780463882498

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The End Times by Britt Gillette Pdf

Terrorism. Mass shootings. Drug resistant superbugs. Everywhere you look, it seems as though the end is near. Is it? What does the Bible say? If you’ve ever wondered what will happen in the end times, this is the book for you. In simple language, you’ll learn what the Bible says about the last days and why it matters to your life. In The End Times, you’ll get answers to pressing questions, such as: • What is the Tribulation? And what will it bring? • Who is the Antichrist? And what will he be like? • What is the rapture? And when will it happen? • What is the mark of the beast? And who is the man behind it? • How will the world end? And much more… Once you finish reading this book, you’ll have a full grasp of the people, places, nations, and events pivotal to the end times. You’ll learn who the key figures and personalities are, what major events are set to take place, and God’s purpose in planning it all. Learn what the Bible says, and you’ll gain new insight into current events. Most of all, you’ll gain an inner peace that comes from knowing God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy

Author : J. Barton Payne
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 782 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2020-09-30
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781725286764

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Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy by J. Barton Payne Pdf

After twenty years of research, Dr. J. Barton Payne has compiled the one complete guide to Biblical prophecy. From the prediction of Adam's death in Genesis 2: 17 to the prophecy of mankind's perpetual worship of God in the new heaven and earth (Psalm 72:5), the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY discusses every verse of prophetic matter in Scripture. It identifies every probable point of fulfillment whether in the past, present, or still in the future. The first 144 pages of the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY set forth a systematic approach to the subject of Biblical prophecy and the legitimate place for prediction in it. The ENCYCLOPEDIA is arranged according to the 66 books of the Bible. In each book, all the verses on one prophetic theme are treated in one combined discussion. For example: The 12 verses of Genesis that foretell God's granting of the land of Canaan to the descendants of Abraham are discussed together. It is then shown how the promise was fulfilled in the days of Joshua. One of the ENCYCLOPEDIA'S concluding summaries lists all the 737 major subjects that appear in Biblical prediction, with the books and paragraphs in which each is found. This way, each prophecy can be traced from its first appearance in the Bible to its last. Among the many features is a complete list of all the Scriptural prophecies pertaining to Christ. No other book has ever examined Biblical prophecy so thoroughly or presented it in such a balanced perspective as the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY. •1,817 entries covering all the Biblical predictions in both the Old and New Testaments •A complete discussion of all 8,352 predictive verses in the Bible •14 tables, including three on the Book of Revelation •Bibliography •4 summaries •4 statistical appendixes •5 complete indexes An indispensable tool for students of the Bible, for students in theological seminaries and Bible colleges, for pastors as a reference guide, and for concerned lay people. The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY is certain to bring a fresh understanding and rewarding insights of the bible.

The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Prophecy

Author : Ed Hindson,Mark Hitchcock,Tim LaHaye
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 458 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2020-05-12
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736978453

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The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Prophecy by Ed Hindson,Mark Hitchcock,Tim LaHaye Pdf

Everything You Need to Know About the Last Days at Your Fingertips The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Prophecy is a reference resource that provides a comprehensive overview of everything the Bible says about the last days. Compiled by bestselling prophecy teachers Ed Hindson, Mark Hitchcock, and Tim LaHaye, this volume has 150+ topics on the most important subjects of prophetic study from 40+ of world’s foremost prophecy experts, including Armageddon, the Day of the Lord, eternal life, the glorious appearing, the messianic kingdom, the millennium, rewards, and the Tribulation. You will gain clear and useful insights about the future in this A-to-Z handbook, which is written to provide thousands of Bible-based facts about the end times and beyond a chronology of the last days from a pretribulational, premillennial view detailed definitions of all the major prophecy-related terms Both new and experienced students of prophecy will find this a tool they can use and understand. Ideal for browsing or serious research, you’ll find yourself reaching for this indispensable resource again and again.

Bible Prophecy Answer Book

Author : Ron Rhodes
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 258 pages
File Size : 44,6 Mb
Release : 2017-03-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736964296

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Bible Prophecy Answer Book by Ron Rhodes Pdf

Studying Prophecy Can Change Your Life Strengthen your faith and find real hope for the future in this extensive resource that provides concise answers to your most burning questions about Bible prophecy and the end times. Topics include everything from how to interpret prophecy to clarifying the perplexing specifics of the rapture, the antichrist, and the afterlife. Respected Bible scholar Ron Rhodes addresses questions many are asking, such as... Is it important that we be aware of the signs of the times? Do Christians agree about the role of America in Bible prophecy? Is there biblical evidence that the church will escape the tribulation period? Will only believers enter into Christ's millennial kingdom? In what way will the heavens and earth be made "new"? Whether you're looking for quick instruction or you're eager to go deeper, this accessible Q&A-style guide will help you navigate prophetic Scripture passages and better understand matters of eternal significance.

Bible Prophecy for Everyone

Author : Tim LaHaye
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 246 pages
File Size : 49,8 Mb
Release : 2016-03-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736965231

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Bible Prophecy for Everyone by Tim LaHaye Pdf

This book by bestselling author Tim LaHaye is a popular prophecy resource, with nearly 140,000 copies sold. It's a great starting point for anyone who wants to build a strong and foundational understanding of what Bible prophecy is all about. In this guide, originally titled Understanding Bible Prophecy for Yourself, you'll find all the essential building blocks for understanding prophecy and more: step-by-step examples of how to interpret Bible passages on the rapture, second coming, and millennial kingdom charts that present a clear outline of the future exercises to help you get a precise understanding of key Bible prophecies a comprehensive overview of God's plan for the future With world events guiding us ever closer to the Lord's return, this vital resource will help you navigate the exciting and challenging days to come.

The Non-Prophet's GuideTM to the End Times

Author : Todd Hampson
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Page : 226 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2018-10-02
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780736972802

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The Non-Prophet's GuideTM to the End Times by Todd Hampson Pdf

I Believe Jesus Will Return... What More Do I Need to Know? Do you tend to avoid studying books of the Bible like Revelation and Ezekiel? Does it feel like words such as rapture and apocalypse fly right over your head? It's common to dismiss these and other topics related to Bible prophecy as irrelevant and...well...too complicated. But God's Word says, "Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near" (Revelation 1:3). Prepare to be blessed in an entertaining and meaningful way! The Non-Prophet's Guide to the End Times combines engaging illustrations with down-to-earth explanations to help you navigate the ins and outs of Bible prophecy. There's no better time to grasp God's plans for the future—and for you—than this very moment.

Charts of Bible Prophecy

Author : H. Wayne House,J. Randall Price
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Page : 177 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 2019-01-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310100294

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Charts of Bible Prophecy by H. Wayne House,J. Randall Price Pdf

A quick and easy visual guide to biblical prophecies—from the basics of interpretation to the details and fulfillment of specific prophetic texts. Packed with teaching and learning tools, from charts and timelines, to maps and visual guides, Charts of Bible Prophecy will guide you through the prophecies found throughout the Bible and the doctrines and issues that surround them. The 120 visual aids are grouped into topics such as: An Introduction to Prophecy Fulfillment of Prophecy The Rapture and the Second Coming The Nation of Israel Teaching on the Millennium Daniel and Revelation Death and the Afterlife Regardless of your stance on Bible prophecy, you'll appreciate this volume's evenhanded approach in presenting and comparing different viewpoints. The accessible visual presentation is perfect for enhancing every type of teaching and learning situation and style, including classroom use, homeschooling curricula and tutoring, church classes and Sunday school. ZondervanCharts are ready references for those who need the essential information at their fingertips. Accessible and highly useful, the books in this library offer clear organization and thorough summaries of issues, subjects, and topics that are key for Christian students and learners. The visuals and captions will cater to any teaching methodology, style, or program.