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Concepts of Biology

Author : Samantha Fowler,Rebecca Roush,James Wise
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 618 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2018-01-07
Category : Science
ISBN : 9888407457

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Concepts of Biology by Samantha Fowler,Rebecca Roush,James Wise Pdf

Concepts of Biology is designed for the single-semester introduction to biology course for non-science majors, which for many students is their only college-level science course. As such, this course represents an important opportunity for students to develop the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to make informed decisions as they continue with their lives. Rather than being mired down with facts and vocabulary, the typical non-science major student needs information presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. Even more importantly, the content should be meaningful. Students do much better when they understand why biology is relevant to their everyday lives. For these reasons, Concepts of Biology is grounded on an evolutionary basis and includes exciting features that highlight careers in the biological sciences and everyday applications of the concepts at hand.We also strive to show the interconnectedness of topics within this extremely broad discipline. In order to meet the needs of today's instructors and students, we maintain the overall organization and coverage found in most syllabi for this course. A strength of Concepts of Biology is that instructors can customize the book, adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. Concepts of Biology also includes an innovative art program that incorporates critical thinking and clicker questions to help students understand--and apply--key concepts.

Biology 2e

Author : Mary Ann Clark,Jung Ho Choi,Matthew M. Douglas
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2018-03-28
Category : Biology
ISBN : 1947172956

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Biology 2e by Mary Ann Clark,Jung Ho Choi,Matthew M. Douglas Pdf

Biology 2e is designed to cover the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester biology course for science majors. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology includes rich features that engage students in scientific inquiry, highlight careers in the biological sciences, and offer everyday applications. The book also includes various types of practice and homework questions that help students understand-and apply-key concepts.

Biology for AP ® Courses

Author : Julianne Zedalis,John Eggebrecht
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 1923 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 2017-10-16
Category : Biology
ISBN : 1947172409

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Biology for AP ® Courses by Julianne Zedalis,John Eggebrecht Pdf

Biology for AP® courses covers the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester Advanced Placement® biology course. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology for AP® Courses was designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the College Board’s AP® Biology framework while allowing significant flexibility for instructors. Each section of the book includes an introduction based on the AP® curriculum and includes rich features that engage students in scientific practice and AP® test preparation; it also highlights careers and research opportunities in biological sciences.

The Biology Book

Author : DK
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 714 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2021-06-29
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780744050769

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The Biology Book by DK Pdf

Learn about the most important discoveries and theories of this science in The Biology Book. Part of the fascinating Big Ideas series, this book tackles tricky topics and themes in a simple and easy to follow format. Learn about Biology in this overview guide to the subject, great for novices looking to find out more and experts wishing to refresh their knowledge alike! The Biology Book brings a fresh and vibrant take on the topic through eye-catching graphics and diagrams to immerse yourself in. This captivating book will broaden your understanding of Biology, with: - More than 95 ideas and events key to the development of biology and the life sciences - Packed with facts, charts, timelines and graphs to help explain core concepts - A visual approach to big subjects with striking illustrations and graphics throughout - Easy to follow text makes topics accessible for people at any level of understanding The Biology Book is a captivating introduction to understanding the living world and explaining how its organisms work and interact – whether microbes, mushrooms, or mammals. Here you’ll discover key areas of the life sciences, including ecology, zoology, and biotechnology, through exciting text and bold graphics. Your Biology Questions, Simply Explained This book will outline big biological ideas, like the mysteries of DNA and genetic inheritance; and how we learned to develop vaccines that control diseases. If you thought it was difficult to learn about the living world, The Biology Book presents key information in an easy to follow layout. Here you’ll learn about cloning, neuroscience, human evolution, and gene editing, and be introduced to the scientists who shaped these subjects, such as Carl Linnaeus, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Charles Darwin, and Gregor Mendel. The Big Ideas Series With millions of copies sold worldwide, The Biology Book is part of the award-winning Big Ideas series from DK. The series uses striking graphics along with engaging writing, making big topics easy to understand.

Quantitative Biology

Author : Brian Munsky,William S. Hlavacek,Lev S. Tsimring
Publisher : MIT Press
Page : 729 pages
File Size : 52,7 Mb
Release : 2018-08-21
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780262038089

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Quantitative Biology by Brian Munsky,William S. Hlavacek,Lev S. Tsimring Pdf

An introduction to the quantitative modeling of biological processes, presenting modeling approaches, methodology, practical algorithms, software tools, and examples of current research. The quantitative modeling of biological processes promises to expand biological research from a science of observation and discovery to one of rigorous prediction and quantitative analysis. The rapidly growing field of quantitative biology seeks to use biology's emerging technological and computational capabilities to model biological processes. This textbook offers an introduction to the theory, methods, and tools of quantitative biology. The book first introduces the foundations of biological modeling, focusing on some of the most widely used formalisms. It then presents essential methodology for model-guided analyses of biological data, covering such methods as network reconstruction, uncertainty quantification, and experimental design; practical algorithms and software packages for modeling biological systems; and specific examples of current quantitative biology research and related specialized methods. Most chapters offer problems, progressing from simple to complex, that test the reader's mastery of such key techniques as deterministic and stochastic simulations and data analysis. Many chapters include snippets of code that can be used to recreate analyses and generate figures related to the text. Examples are presented in the three popular computing languages: Matlab, R, and Python. A variety of online resources supplement the the text. The editors are long-time organizers of the Annual q-bio Summer School, which was founded in 2007. Through the school, the editors have helped to train more than 400 visiting students in Los Alamos, NM, Santa Fe, NM, San Diego, CA, Albuquerque, NM, and Fort Collins, CO. This book is inspired by the school's curricula, and most of the contributors have participated in the school as students, lecturers, or both. Contributors John H. Abel, Roberto Bertolusso, Daniela Besozzi, Michael L. Blinov, Clive G. Bowsher, Fiona A. Chandra, Paolo Cazzaniga, Bryan C. Daniels, Bernie J. Daigle, Jr., Maciej Dobrzynski, Jonathan P. Doye, Brian Drawert, Sean Fancer, Gareth W. Fearnley, Dirk Fey, Zachary Fox, Ramon Grima, Andreas Hellander, Stefan Hellander, David Hofmann, Damian Hernandez, William S. Hlavacek, Jianjun Huang, Tomasz Jetka, Dongya Jia, Mohit Kumar Jolly, Boris N. Kholodenko, Markek Kimmel, Michał Komorowski, Ganhui Lan, Heeseob Lee, Herbert Levine, Leslie M Loew, Jason G. Lomnitz, Ard A. Louis, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-París, Ion I. Moraru, Andrew Mugler, Brian Munsky, Joe Natale, Ilya Nemenman, Karol Nienałtowski, Marco S. Nobile, Maria Nowicka, Sarah Olson, Alan S. Perelson, Linda R. Petzold, Sreenivasan Ponnambalam, Arya Pourzanjani, Ruy M. Ribeiro, William Raymond, William Raymond, Herbert M. Sauro, Michael A. Savageau, Abhyudai Singh, James C. Schaff, Boris M. Slepchenko, Thomas R. Sokolowski, Petr Šulc, Andrea Tangherloni, Pieter Rein ten Wolde, Philipp Thomas, Karen Tkach Tuzman, Lev S. Tsimring, Dan Vasilescu, Margaritis Voliotis, Lisa Weber

ABCs of Biology

Author : Chris Ferrie,Cara Florance
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Page : 28 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2018-06-05
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781492673767

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ABCs of Biology by Chris Ferrie,Cara Florance Pdf

Fans of Chris Ferrie's ABCs of Science, ABCs of Space, and Rocket Science for Babies will love this introduction to biology for babies and toddlers! This alphabetical installment of the Baby University baby board book series is the perfect introduction to science for infants and toddlers. It makes a wonderful science baby gift for even the youngest biologist. Give the gift of learning to your little one at birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and beyond! A is for Anatomy B is for Bacteria C is for Cell From anatomy to zoology, the ABCs of Biology is a colorfully simple introduction to STEM for babies and toddlers to a new biology concept for every letter of the alphabet. Written by two experts, each page in this biology primer features multiple levels of text so the book grows along with your little biologist. If you're looking for the perfect science toys for babies, STEAM books for teachers, or a wonderful baby board book to add to a special baby gift basket, look no further! ABCs of Biology offers fun early learning for your little scientist!

The Biology Book

Author : Michael C. Gerald,Gloria E. Gerald
Publisher : Union Square + ORM
Page : 1050 pages
File Size : 48,8 Mb
Release : 2015-01-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781454915331

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The Biology Book by Michael C. Gerald,Gloria E. Gerald Pdf

“This beautifully illustrated book covers four billion years of biology history . . . appealing for readers with little to no background in science.” —Library Journal From the emergence of life, to Leewenhoeks microscopic world, to GMO crops, The Biology Book presents 250 landmarks in the most widely studied scientific field. Brief, engaging, and colorfully illustrated synopses introduce readers to every major subdiscipline, including cell theory, genetics, evolution, physiology, thermodynamics, molecular biology, and ecology. With information on such varied topics as paleontology, pheromones, nature vs. nurture, DNA fingerprinting, bioenergetics, and so much more, this lively collection will engage everyone who studies and appreciates the life sciences.

SuperSimple Biology

Author : DK
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 288 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2020-06-09
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9780744027938

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SuperSimple Biology by DK Pdf

A fantastic aid for coursework, homework, and test revision, this is the ultimate study guide to biology. From reproduction to respiration and from enzymes to ecosystems, every topic is fully illustrated to support the information, make the facts clear, and bring biology to life. For key ideas, “How it works” and “Look closer” boxes explain the theory with the help of simple graphics. And for revision, a handy “Key facts” box provides a summary you can check back on later. With clear, concise coverage of all the core biology topics, SuperSimple Biology is the perfect accessible guide for students, supporting classwork, and making studying for exams the easiest it’s ever been.

Everything You Need to Ace Biology in One Big Fat Notebook

Author : Workman Publishing,Matthew Brown
Publisher : Workman Publishing Company
Page : 528 pages
File Size : 40,6 Mb
Release : 2021-04-27
Category : Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781523513970

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Everything You Need to Ace Biology in One Big Fat Notebook by Workman Publishing,Matthew Brown Pdf

The Big Fat Notebooks go to high school! This study guide for high school Biology introduces students to all the big ideas in the course, with clear diagrams, fun doodles, clever mnemonics, and other ways to understand and remember what you need to ace this challenging course.

Vascular Biology of the Placenta

Author : Yuping Wang
Publisher : Biota Publishing
Page : 126 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2017-06-23
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781615047512

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Vascular Biology of the Placenta by Yuping Wang Pdf

The placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall, thereby allowing nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply. Proper vascular development in the placenta is fundamental to ensuring a healthy fetus and successful pregnancy. This book provides an up-to-date summary and synthesis of knowledge regarding placental vascular biology and discusses the relevance of this vascular bed to the functions of the human placenta.

The Biology Coloring Book

Author : Robert D. Griffin
Publisher : Harper Collins
Page : 254 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 1986-09-10
Category : Study Aids
ISBN : 9780064603072

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The Biology Coloring Book by Robert D. Griffin Pdf

Readers experience for themselves how the coloring of a carefully designed picture almost magically creates understanding. Indispensable for every biology student.

Modern Statistics for Modern Biology

Author : SUSAN. HUBER HOLMES (WOLFGANG.),Wolfgang Huber
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Page : 407 pages
File Size : 47,9 Mb
Release : 2018
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9781108427029

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Modern Statistics for Modern Biology by SUSAN. HUBER HOLMES (WOLFGANG.),Wolfgang Huber Pdf

Basic and Applied Bone Biology

Author : David B. Burr,Matthew R. Allen
Publisher : Academic Press
Page : 390 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2013-06-11
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780123914590

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Basic and Applied Bone Biology by David B. Burr,Matthew R. Allen Pdf

This book provides an overview of skeletal biology from the molecular level to the organ level, including cellular control, interaction and response; adaptive responses to various external stimuli; the interaction of the skeletal system with other metabolic processes in the body; and the effect of various disease processes on the skeleton. The book also includes chapters that address how the skeleton can be evaluated through the use of various imaging technologies, biomechanical testing, histomorphometric analysis, and the use of genetically modified animal models. Presents an in-depth overview of skeletal biology from the molecular to the organ level Offers "refresher" level content for clinicians or researchers outside their areas of expertise Boasts editors and many chapter authors from Indiana and Purdue Universities, two of the broadest and deepest programs in skeletal biology in the US; other chapter authors include clinician scientists from pharmaceutical companies that apply the basics of bone biology

An Introduction to Systems Biology

Author : Uri Alon
Publisher : CRC Press
Page : 324 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2006-07-07
Category : Mathematics
ISBN : 9781584886426

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An Introduction to Systems Biology by Uri Alon Pdf

Thorough and accessible, this book presents the design principles of biological systems, and highlights the recurring circuit elements that make up biological networks. It provides a simple mathematical framework which can be used to understand and even design biological circuits. The textavoids specialist terms, focusing instead on several well-studied biological systems that concisely demonstrate key principles. An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits builds a solid foundation for the intuitive understanding of general principles. It encourages the reader to ask why a system is designed in a particular way and then proceeds to answer with simplified models.

Handbook of Systems Biology

Author : Marian Walhout,Marc Vidal,Job Dekker
Publisher : Academic Press
Page : 552 pages
File Size : 48,8 Mb
Release : 2012-12-31
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780123859457

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Handbook of Systems Biology by Marian Walhout,Marc Vidal,Job Dekker Pdf

This book provides an entry point into Systems Biology for researchers in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and biomedical science to understand the key concepts to expanding their work. Chapters organized around broader themes of Organelles and Organisms, Systems Properties of Biological Processes, Cellular Networks, and Systems Biology and Disease discuss the development of concepts, the current applications, and the future prospects. Emphasis is placed on concepts and insights into the multi-disciplinary nature of the field as well as the importance of systems biology in human biological research. Technology, being an extremely important aspect of scientific progress overall, and in the creation of new fields in particular, is discussed in 'boxes' within each chapter to relate to appropriate topics. 2013 Honorable Mention for Single Volume Reference in Science from the Association of American Publishers' PROSE Awards Emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of systems biology with contributions from leaders in a variety of disciplines Includes the latest research developments in human and animal models to assist with translational research Presents biological and computational aspects of the science side-by-side to facilitate collaboration between computational and biological researchers