Biomedicine And Beatitude

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Biomedicen and Beatitude

Author : Austriaco Op Nicanor Pier Giorgio,Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco
Publisher : CUA Press
Page : 497 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2021-06-25
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780813233901

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Biomedicen and Beatitude by Austriaco Op Nicanor Pier Giorgio,Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco Pdf

This timely and up to date new edition of Biomedicine and Beatitude features an entirely new chapter on the ethics of bodily modification. It is also updated throughout to reflect the pontificate of Pope Francis, recent concerns including ethical issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, and feedback from the many instructors who used the first edition in the classroom.

Bound for Beatitude A Thomistic Study in Eschatology and Ethics

Author : Reinhard Hütter
Publisher : Catholic University of America Press
Page : 513 pages
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Release : 2019
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780813231815

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Bound for Beatitude A Thomistic Study in Eschatology and Ethics by Reinhard Hütter Pdf

Bound for Beatitude is about St. Thomas Aquinas’s theology of beatitude and the journey thereto. Consequently, the work’s topic is the meaning and purpose of human life embedded in that of the whole cosmos. This study is not an antiquarian exercise in the thought of some sundry medieval thinker, but an exercise of ressourcement in the philosophical and theological wisdom of one of the most profound theologians of the Catholic Church, one whom the Church has canonized, granted the title “Doctor of the Church,” and for a long time regarded as the common doctor. This exercise of ressourcement takes its methodological cues from the common doctor; hence, it is an integrated exercise of philosophical, dogmatic, and moral theology. Its specific theological topic, the ultimate human end, perfect happiness, beatitude, and the journey thereto—stands at the very heart of St. Thomas’s theology. Far from being passé, his theology of beatitude is of urgent pertinence as the crisis of humanity and of creation and the exile of God seems to approach its apogee. By way of a presentation, interpretation, and defense of Thomas Aquinas’s doctrine of beatitude and the journey thereto, Bound for Beatitude advances an argument based on four theses: (1) The loss of a theology of beatitude has greatly impoverished contemporary theology. In order to succeed and flourish, theology must recover a sound teleological orientation. (2) In order to recover a sound teleological orientation, theology must recover metaphysics as its privileged instrument. (3) Thomas Aquinas provides a still pertinent model for how theology might achieve these goals in a metaphysically profound theology of beatitude and the beatific vision. Finally, (4) Aquinas’s rich and sophisticated account of the virtues charts the journey to beatitude in a way that still has analytic force and striking relevance in the early twenty-first century.

Islam and Biomedicine

Author : Afifi al-Akiti,Aasim I. Padela
Publisher : Springer Nature
Page : 329 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2022-08-27
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9783030538019

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Islam and Biomedicine by Afifi al-Akiti,Aasim I. Padela Pdf

This book showcases multidisciplinary research at the intersection of the Islamic tradition and biomedicine. Within this broad area of scholarship, this book considers how Islamic theological constructs align with the science and practice of medicine, and in so doing offer resources for bridging the challenges of competing ontological visions, varied epistemic frameworks, and different theologies of life and living among the bodies of knowledge. By bringing together theologians, medical practitioners and intellectual historians, the book spurs deeper conversations at the intersection of these fields and provides fundamental resources for further dedicated research.

Treating the Body in Medicine and Religion

Author : John J. Fitzgerald,Ashley John Moyse
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 248 pages
File Size : 53,6 Mb
Release : 2019-05-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781351050852

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Treating the Body in Medicine and Religion by John J. Fitzgerald,Ashley John Moyse Pdf

Modern medicine has produced many wonderful technological breakthroughs that have extended the limits of the frail human body. However, much of the focus of this medical research has been on the physical, often reducing the human being to a biological machine to be examined, understood, and controlled. This book begins by asking whether the modern medical milieu has overly objectified the body, unwittingly or not, and whether current studies in bioethics are up to the task of restoring a fuller understanding of the human person. In response, various authors here suggest that a more theological/religious approach would be helpful, or perhaps even necessary. Presenting specific perspectives from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the book is divided into three parts: "Understanding the Body," "Respecting the Body," and "The Body at the End of Life." A panel of expert contributors—including philosophers, physicians, and theologians and scholars of religion— answer key questions such as: What is the relationship between body and soul? What are our obligations toward human bodies? How should medicine respond to suffering and death? The resulting text is an interdisciplinary treatise on how medicine can best function in our societies. Offering a new way to approach the medical humanities, this book will be of keen interest to any scholars with an interest in contemporary religious perspectives on medicine and the body.

Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium

Author : Anthony Fisher
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Release : 2011-11-17
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781139504881

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Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium by Anthony Fisher Pdf

Can the Hippocratic and Judeo-Christian traditions be synthesized with contemporary thought about practical reason, virtue and community to provide real-life answers to the dilemmas of healthcare today? Bishop Anthony Fisher discusses conscience, relationships and law in relation to the modern-day controversies surrounding stem cell research, abortion, transplants, artificial feeding and euthanasia, using case studies to offer insight and illumination. What emerges is a reason-based bioethics for the twenty-first century; a bioethics that treats faith and reason with equal seriousness, that shows the relevance of ancient wisdom to the complexities of modern healthcare scenarios and that offers new suggestions for social policy and regulation. Philosophical argument is complemented by Catholic theology and analysis of social and biomedical trends, to make this an auspicious example of a new generation of Catholic bioethical writing which has relevance for people of all faiths and none.

Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 7, Number 2

Author : Jason King
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 116 pages
File Size : 48,6 Mb
Release : 2018-06-28
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781532661167

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Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 7, Number 2 by Jason King Pdf

Catholic Peacemaking Edited by Jason King Military Sexual Assault as Political Violence and Challenge to Christian Ethics Meghan J. Clark Domestic Violence in the Domestic Church: An Argument for Greater Attention to Intimate Partner Abuse in Catholic Health Care Lauren L. Baker Studies in Scripture for Moral Theologians Jeffrey L. Morrow From Strangers to Neighbors: Toward an Ethics of Sanctuary Cities Gary Slater Round Table Discussion: Just Peacemaking A “Manual” for Escaping Our Vicious Cycles Gerald W. Schlabach A Virtue-Based Just Peace Ethic Eli S. McCarthy The Changing Vision of “Just Peace” in Catholic Social Tradition Lisa Sowle Cahill

Enhancement Fit for Humanity

Author : Michael Baggot,Alberto García Gómez,Alberto Carrara,Joseph Tham
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 208 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2021-11-29
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781000486995

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Enhancement Fit for Humanity by Michael Baggot,Alberto García Gómez,Alberto Carrara,Joseph Tham Pdf

This book explores what constitutes an enhancement fit for humanity in the age of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information technologies, and technologies related to the cognitive sciences. It considers the influence of emergent technology upon our understanding of human nature and the impact on future generations. Drawing on the Catholic tradition, in particular, the book gathers international contributions from scientific, philosophical, legal, and religious perspectives. Together they offer a positive step in an ongoing dialogue regarding the promises and perils of emergent technology for man’s integral human development.

Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 3, Number 2

Author : John Berkman,Charles Camosy,Celia E. Deane-Drummond
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 136 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 2014-12-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781725249790

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Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 3, Number 2 by John Berkman,Charles Camosy,Celia E. Deane-Drummond Pdf

NON-HUMAN ANIMALS Volume 3, Number 2, June 2014 Edited by John Berkman, Charles C. Camosy, and Celia Deane-Drummond Introduction: Catholic Moral Theology and the Moral Status of Non-Human Animals John Berkman and Celia Deane-Drummond From Theological Speciesism to a Theological Ethology: Where Catholic Moral Theology Needs to Go John Berkman Animals, Evil, and Family Meals Julie Rubio The Use of Non-Human Animals in Biomedical Research: Can Moral Theology Fill the Gap? Charles C. Camosy and Susan Kopp Evolutionary Perspectives on Inter-Morality and Inter-Species Relationships Interrogated in the Light of the Rise and Fall of Homo sapiens sapiens Celia Deane-Drummond Moral Passions: A Thomistic Interpretation of Moral Emotions in Nonhuman and Human Animals Jean Porter Speaking Theologically of Animal Rights James E. Helmer

Befriending the North Wind

Author : Robyn Boeré
Publisher : Fortress Press
Page : 340 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2023-11-14
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781506481845

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Befriending the North Wind by Robyn Boeré Pdf

The death of a child horrifies. We recoil at its mention. Images of dead or dying children impose themselves on our attention in ways that challenge us to change. Yet the topic of dying children is studiously avoided. When we do take notice, we paint children as victims, innocent of both blame and agency, passive in the face of suffering. Children die secluded in homes and hospitals, allowing society to carry on as though it were not happening. Befriending the North Wind is about the moral lives of children and their agency in decisions about death. Our failure to be honest and open about the death of children hinders us from addressing their needs and confronting the sources of their suffering. This failure only adds to their suffering. Dying children often feel ignored, overlooked, and unable to exercise their agency to ameliorate their situation. Befriending the North Wind presents a reconstruction of our understanding of human nature in light of the dimensions of human meaning that children reveal and the new horizons they open to us. It asserts that children can die a good death and that they can and should have a voice in their end-of-life care. This agency is grounded in their ability to make meaning, to act, to imitate, to use language creatively, to grasp a plurality of meanings, to reach judgments, to contribute to the meanings of others and to shape their understanding. Children are moral agents. We grown-ups need to humble ourselves and listen.

Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice

Author : M. Therese Lysaught,Michael McCarthy
Publisher : Liturgical Press
Page : 464 pages
File Size : 54,7 Mb
Release : 2018-11-16
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780814684795

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Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice by M. Therese Lysaught,Michael McCarthy Pdf

Catholic health care is one of the key places where the church lives Catholic social teaching (CST). Yet the individualistic methodology of Catholic bioethics inherited from the manualist tradition has yet to incorporate this critical component of the Catholic moral tradition. Informed by the places where Catholic health care intersects with the diverse societal injustices embodied in the patients it encounters, this book brings the lens of CST to bear on Catholic health care, illuminating a new spectrum of ethical issues and practical recommendations from social determinants of health, immigration, diversity and disparities, behavioral health, gender-questioning patients, and environmental and global health issues.

The Structures of Virtue and Vice

Author : Daniel J. Daly
Publisher : Georgetown University Press
Page : 256 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2021-02-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781647120399

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The Structures of Virtue and Vice by Daniel J. Daly Pdf

A new ethics for understanding the social forces that shape moral character. It is easy to be vicious and difficult to be virtuous in today’s world, especially given that many of the social structures that connect and sustain us enable exploitation and disincentivize justice. There are others, though, that encourage virtue. In his book Daniel J. Daly uses the lens of virtue and vice to reimagine from the ground up a Catholic ethics that can better scrutinize the social forces that both affect our moral character and contribute to human well-being or human suffering. Daly’s approach uses both traditional and contemporary sources, drawing on the works of Thomas Aquinas as well as incorporating theories such as critical realist social theory, to illustrate the nature and function of social structures and the factors that transform them. Daly’s ethics focus on the relationship between structure and agency and the different structures that enable and constrain an individual’s pursuit of the virtuous life. His approach defines with unique clarity the virtuous structures that facilitate a love of God, self, neighbor, and creation, and the vicious structures that cultivate hatred, intemperance, and indifference to suffering. In doing so, Daly creates a Catholic ethical framework for responding virtuously to the problems caused by global social systems, from poverty to climate change.

Contemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics

Author : Jason T. Eberl
Publisher : Springer
Page : 622 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2017-07-24
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9783319557663

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Contemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics by Jason T. Eberl Pdf

This volume comprises various viewpoints representing a Catholic perspective on contemporary practices in medicine and biomedical research. The Roman Catholic Church has had a significant impact upon the formulation and application of moral values and principles to a wide range of controversial issues in bioethics. Catholic leaders, theologians, and bioethicists have elucidated and marshaled arguments to support the Church’s definitive positions on several bioethical issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, and reproductive cloning. Not all bioethical issues, however, have been definitively addressed by Catholic authorities, and some Church teachings allow for differing applications in diverse circumstances. Moreover, as new biomedical technologies emerge, Church authorities rely on experts in science, medicine, philosophy, theology, law, and other disciplines to advise them. Such experts continue to debate issues related to reproduction, genetics, end-of-life care, and health care policy. This volume will be a valuable resource for scholars in bioethics or Catholic studies, who will benefit from the nuanced arguments offered based on the latest research. This volume is also instructive for students entering the field to become aware of the founding philosophical and theological principles informing the Catholic bioethical worldview.

The Hope and Despair of Human Bioenhancement

Author : Paschal M. Corby
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 340 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2019-12-23
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781532653940

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The Hope and Despair of Human Bioenhancement by Paschal M. Corby Pdf

The Hope and Despair of Human Bioenhancement is a virtual dialogue between Transhumanists of the “Oxford School” and the thought of Joseph Ratzinger. Set in the key of hope and despair, it considers whether or not the transhumanist interpretation of human limitations is correct, and whether their confidence in the methods of human enhancement, especially through biotechnology, corresponds to genuine hope. To this end, it investigates the philosophical foundations of transhumanism in modernity’s rejection of metaphysics, the triumph of positivism, and the universalism of the theory of evolution, which when applied to anthropology becomes the materialist reduction of the human person. Ratzinger calls into question this absolutization of positive reason and its limitation of hope to what human beings can produce, naming it a pathology of reason, a mutilation of human dignity, and a façade of a world without hope. In its place, he offers a richer concept of hope that acknowledges our contingence and limitations.

Ethos, Bioethics, and Sexual Ethics in Work and Reception of the Anatomist Niels Stensen (1638-1686)

Author : Frank Sobiech
Publisher : Springer
Page : 257 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2016-06-25
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9783319329123

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Ethos, Bioethics, and Sexual Ethics in Work and Reception of the Anatomist Niels Stensen (1638-1686) by Frank Sobiech Pdf

This book offers a unique and comprehensive outline of the ethos, the bioethics and the sexual ethics of the renowned anatomist and founder of modern geology, Niels Stensen (1638-1686). It tells the story of a student who is forced to defend himself against his professor who tries to plagiarize his first discovery, the “Ductus Stenonis”: the first performance test for the young researcher. The focal points are questions of bioethics, especially with regard to human reproduction, sexual ethics, the beginning of life and the ensoulment of the embryo, together with frontiers of pastoral care. The book delineates Stensen’s ethos as well as its medico-ethical and theological implications and reception by researchers and physicians from the 17th century until today, and asks about his lasting significance. Despite dating back more than 300 years, Stensen’s character and his work offer up surprisingly topical answers to current questions on the nature of professional ethics in medical science and practice. Furthermore, “Ethos, Bioethics, and Sexual Ethics in Work and Reception of the Anatomist Niels Stensen (1638-1686): Circulation of Love” is the first academic book on bioethics and sexual ethics with a foreword by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. A fascinating book for bioethicists, physicians, members of health professions, scientists, and theologians.

An Introduction to Catholic Ethics since Vatican II

Author : Andrew Kim
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Page : 241 pages
File Size : 53,5 Mb
Release : 2015-04-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781107084650

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An Introduction to Catholic Ethics since Vatican II by Andrew Kim Pdf

This introduction provides a comprehensive overview of the development of Catholic ethics in the wake of the Second Vatican Council (1962-5), an event widely considered crucial to the reconciliation of the Catholic Church and the modern world. Andrew Kim investigates Catholic responses to questions of moral theology in all four principal areas: Catholic social teaching, natural law, virtue ethics, and bioethics. In addition to discussing contemporary controversies surrounding abortion, contraception, labor rights, exploitation of the poor, and just war theory, he explores the historical sources of the Catholic worldview. Beginning with the moral vision revealed through the person of Jesus Christ and continuing with elaborations on this vision from figures such as Augustine and Aquinas, this volume elucidates the continuity of the Catholic moral tradition. Its balance of complexity and accessibility makes it an ideal resource for both students of theology and general readers.