Bostons Oldest Buildings And Where To Find Them

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Boston's Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them

Author : Joseph M. Bagley
Publisher : Brandeis University Press
Page : 248 pages
File Size : 49,8 Mb
Release : 2021-04
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 1684580390

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Boston's Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them by Joseph M. Bagley Pdf

As Boston approaches its four-hundredth anniversary, it is remarkable that it still maintains its historic character despite constant development. The fifty buildings featured in this book all pre-date 1800 and illustrate Boston?s early history. This is the first book to survey Boston?s fifty oldest buildings and does so through an approachable narrative which will appeal to nonarchitects and those new to historic preservation. Beginning with a map of the buildings? locations and an overview of the historic preservation movement in Boston, the book looks at the fifty buildings in order from oldest to most recent. Geographically, the majority of the buildings are located within the downtown area of Boston along the Freedom Trail and within easy walking distance from the core of the city. This makes the book an ideal guide for tourists, and residents of the city will also find it interesting as it includes numerous properties in the surrounding neighborhoods. The buildings span multiple uses from homes to churches and warehouses to restaurants. Each chapter features a building, a narrative focusing on its historical significance, and the efforts made to preserve it over time. Full color photos and historical drawings illustrate each building and area. Boston?s Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them presents the ideals of historic preservation in an approachable and easy-to-read manner appropriate for the broadest audience. Perfect for history lovers, architectural enthusiasts, and tourists alike.

Boston's Oldest Buildings and where to Find Them

Author : Joseph M. Bagley
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Release : 2021
Category : Boston (Mass.)
ISBN : 1684580404

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Boston's Oldest Buildings and where to Find Them by Joseph M. Bagley Pdf

"A guidebook for Boston's 50 oldest buildings. Written in a conversational manner that does not bog the reader down in technical jargon, but allows them to see the history of Boston through the lens of its oldest structures while appreciating decades of efforts to preserve its built environment"--

Building Boston

Author : Ted Clarke
Publisher : Schiffer Publishing
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2016
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 0764351125

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Building Boston by Ted Clarke Pdf

Take an expertly guided tour of Boston's historic landmarks and epic past. Follow the history of the Boston Marathon and the architectural gems that grace the Copley Square/Back Bay area where the race ends. Take a deep dive into the subway dig. Learn how fabled landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted figured out how to put a salt marsh inside the city to prevent flooding, paving the way for today's green ribbon of parks. Interwoven with anecdotes about landmarks such as the Boston Common, the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park, and the Esplanade are observations about the character of a city that took the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing in stride. Perfect for both armchair reading and for use as a unique visitors' guide.

A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts

Author : Joseph M. Bagley
Publisher : University Press of New England
Page : 226 pages
File Size : 55,8 Mb
Release : 2016-04-12
Category : History
ISBN : 9781611689648

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A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts by Joseph M. Bagley Pdf

A unique introduction to the history of Boston through archaeological objects

Buildings of Massachusetts

Author : Richard M. Candee
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 696 pages
File Size : 44,6 Mb
Release : 2009
Category : Architecture
ISBN : UOM:39015080720124

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Buildings of Massachusetts by Richard M. Candee Pdf

This volume has been designed to complement a second guidebook in the Buildings of the United States series that will focus on the buildings of Massachusetts from Cape Cod to the Berkshires.

Boston Sites & Insights

Author : Susan Wilson
Publisher : Beacon Press
Page : 372 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2004-05-15
Category : Travel
ISBN : 0807071358

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Boston Sites & Insights by Susan Wilson Pdf

Whether you're looking for a history of one of the city's world-class museums or for a fascinating story about Boston's popular North End, Susan Wilson covers it all in Boston Sites and Insights. Divided into six sections that reflect the diversity of people, activities, and landmarks within the city, this fascinating book leaves no stone unturned. With practical, up-to-date information in an "Essentials" section at the end of each chapter as well as fresh retellings of popular legends and lore, Wilson provides everything the modern visitor or current resident needs to know to enjoy the multicultural city of Boston, Massachusetts."

Gaining Ground

Author : Nancy S. Seasholes
Publisher : MIT Press
Page : 553 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 2018-04-13
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780262534833

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Gaining Ground by Nancy S. Seasholes Pdf

Why and how Boston was transformed by landmaking. Fully one-sixth of Boston is built on made land. Although other waterfront cities also have substantial areas that are built on fill, Boston probably has more than any city in North America. In Gaining Ground historian Nancy Seasholes has given us the first complete account of when, why, and how this land was created.The story of landmaking in Boston is presented geographically; each chapter traces landmaking in a different part of the city from its first permanent settlement to the present. Seasholes introduces findings from recent archaeological investigations in Boston, and relates landmaking to the major historical developments that shaped it. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, landmaking in Boston was spurred by the rapid growth that resulted from the burgeoning China trade. The influx of Irish immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century prompted several large projects to create residential land—not for the Irish, but to keep the taxpaying Yankees from fleeing to the suburbs. Many landmaking projects were undertaken to cover tidal flats that had been polluted by raw sewage discharged directly onto them, removing the "pestilential exhalations" thought to cause illness. Land was also added for port developments, public parks, and transportation facilities, including the largest landmaking project of all, the airport. A separate chapter discusses the technology of landmaking in Boston, explaining the basic method used to make land and the changes in its various components over time. The book is copiously illustrated with maps that show the original shoreline in relation to today's streets, details from historical maps that trace the progress of landmaking, and historical drawings and photographs.

The Historic Shops & Restaurants of Boston

Author : Phyllis Méras
Publisher : New York Review of Books
Page : 228 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2007
Category : Restaurants
ISBN : 1892145448

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The Historic Shops & Restaurants of Boston by Phyllis Méras Pdf

Weathervanes, clocks, paintings, cigars, candy, and nautical instruments are but a few of the goods still being provided by the city's historic shops. This guide takes visitors on a tour of these businesses that date back more than a century.

The Atlas of Boston History

Author : Nancy S. Seasholes
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Page : 208 pages
File Size : 54,8 Mb
Release : 2019-10-10
Category : History
ISBN : 9780226631295

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The Atlas of Boston History by Nancy S. Seasholes Pdf

Few American cities possess a history as long, rich, and fascinating as Boston’s. A site of momentous national political events from the Revolutionary War through the civil rights movement, Boston has also been an influential literary and cultural capital. From ancient glaciers to landmaking schemes and modern infrastructure projects, the city’s terrain has been transformed almost constantly over the centuries. The Atlas of Boston History traces the city’s history and geography from the last ice age to the present with beautifully rendered maps. Edited by historian Nancy S. Seasholes, this landmark volume captures all aspects of Boston’s past in a series of fifty-seven stunning full-color spreads. Each section features newly created thematic maps that focus on moments and topics in that history. These maps are accompanied by hundreds of historical and contemporary illustrations and explanatory text from historians and other expert contributors. They illuminate a wide range of topics including Boston’s physical and economic development, changing demography, and social and cultural life. In lavishly produced detail, The Atlas of Boston History offers a vivid, refreshing perspective on the development of this iconic American city. Contributors Robert J. Allison, Robert Charles Anderson, John Avault, Joseph Bagley, Charles Bahne, Laurie Baise, J. L. Bell, Rebekah Bryer, Aubrey Butts, Benjamin L. Carp, Amy D. Finstein, Gerald Gamm, Richard Garver, Katherine Grandjean, Michelle Granshaw, James Green, Dean Grodzins, Karl Haglund, Ruth-Ann M. Harris, Arthur Krim, Stephanie Kruel, Kerima M. Lewis, Noam Maggor, Dane A. Morrison, James C. O’Connell, Mark Peterson, Marshall Pontrelli, Gayle Sawtelle, Nancy S. Seasholes, Reed Ueda, Lawrence J. Vale, Jim Vrabel, Sam Bass Warner, Jay Wickersham, and Susan Wilson

Boston's Central Artery

Author : Yanni K. Tsipis
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Page : 132 pages
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Release : 2001-02-01
Category : Travel
ISBN : 0738505269

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Boston's Central Artery by Yanni K. Tsipis Pdf

Fifty years ago, the Central Artery snaked its way through Boston, destroying century-old neighborhoods and bustling commercial districts in the very heart of the city. Designed to open Boston's downtown to convenient car and truck access, the highway cut a two-mile-long gash through the nation's oldest and most historic city, destroying or casting a shadow over some of its most architecturally significant buildings. By the time the Central Artery was completed in 1959, many former supporters had already realized that it was a colossal mistake. Drawing on recently uncovered Massachusetts Department of Public Works archives and numerous other sources, Boston's Central Artery tells the story of the highway's construction and of the neighborhoods that it destroyed. The book is a vivid document of an era when roadways tore through the nation's downtown centers and displaced thousands of residents and businesses along the way. Written by an enginer-historian, Boston's Central Artery will appeal to not only those fascinated by the history of Boston but also those interested in urban history, architecture, and construction.

Chinese in Boston

Author : Wing-kai To
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Page : 132 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2008
Category : History
ISBN : 0738555290

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Chinese in Boston by Wing-kai To Pdf

Chinese Americans in Boston trace their historical origins to pioneering settlements of merchants, workers, and students in different parts of New England. After the 1880s, hundreds of Chinese arrived in Boston. Beginning as a bachelor male-dominated society, the Chinese in Boston gradually developed stronger bonds of family and community life. Spared natural disasters that characterized the Chinese immigrant experience in the West, Boston's Chinatown nonetheless faced challenges of urban renewal and environmental degradation. Through their participation in community organizations, merchant activities, educational opportunities, and civic protests, the Chinese in Boston persevered, simultaneously maintaining their Chinese identity and acculturating into America. They formed a close-knit community that distinguished Boston's Chinatown as one of the oldest and most enduring Chinese neighborhoods on the East Coast.

Boston's Red Line

Author : Frank Cheney
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Page : 132 pages
File Size : 54,6 Mb
Release : 2002
Category : History
ISBN : 0738510475

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Boston's Red Line by Frank Cheney Pdf

When the Boston Elevated Railway Company broke ground for the Cambridge Subway in May 1909, its intention was to provide the cities of Boston and Cambridge with the finest and most efficient rapid-transit system of the time. Other cities, such as New York and Philadelphia, paid close attention, adopting many of the Cambridge Subway's revolutionary design features. The subway became known as the Red Line and eventually extended from Cambridge across the Charles River through Boston, serving Dorchester, Braintree, and Mattapan. Boston's Red Line: Bridging the Charles from Alewife to Braintree details one of Boston's oldest and busiest subway lines. This nostalgic collection of vintage photographs documents the line's construction and its engineers and leaders, such as Maj. Gen. William A. Bancroft, mayor of Cambridge and president of the Boston Elevated Railway Company. In these pages, watch as crews break ground in Harvard and Andrew Squares and see the 1929 trolleys that replaced Mattapan's commuter train service. Through exciting, historic photographs, Boston's Red Line: Bridging the Charles from Alewife to Braintree tells the fascinating story of how the Crimson City's subway became the modern Red Line, taking passengers beneath the streets of Boston to landmarks such as Harvard Square, Massachusetts General Hospital, historic Park Street, and the Longfellow Bridge.

Boston's Notable Addresses

Author : James R. Holland
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2011
Category : Boston (Mass.)
ISBN : 0978863798

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Boston's Notable Addresses by James R. Holland Pdf

Overground Railroad

Author : Candacy A. Taylor
Publisher : Abrams
Page : 460 pages
File Size : 55,9 Mb
Release : 2020-01-07
Category : History
ISBN : 9781683356578

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Overground Railroad by Candacy A. Taylor Pdf

This historical exploration of the Green Book offers “a fascinating [and] sweeping story of black travel within Jim Crow America across four decades” (The New York Times Book Review). Published from 1936 to 1966, the Green Book was hailed as the “black travel guide to America.” At that time, it was very dangerous and difficult for African-Americans to travel because they couldn’t eat, sleep, or buy gas at most white-owned businesses. The Green Book listed hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses that were safe for black travelers. It was a resourceful and innovative solution to a horrific problem. It took courage to be listed in the Green Book, and Overground Railroad celebrates the stories of those who put their names in the book and stood up against segregation. Author Candacy A. Taylor shows the history of the Green Book, how we arrived at our present historical moment, and how far we still have to go when it comes to race relations in America. A New York Times Notable Book of 2020

The City-State of Boston

Author : Mark Peterson
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Page : 764 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2020-10-06
Category : History
ISBN : 9780691209173

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The City-State of Boston by Mark Peterson Pdf

In the vaunted annals of America's founding, Boston has long been held up as an exemplary "city upon a hill" and the "cradle of liberty" for an independent United States. Wresting this iconic urban center from these misleading, tired clich s, The City-State of Boston highlights Boston's overlooked past as an autonomous city-state, and in doing so, offers a pathbreaking and brilliant new history of early America. Following Boston's development over three centuries, Mark Peterson discusses how this self-governing Atlantic trading center began as a refuge from Britain's Stuart monarchs and how--through its bargain with slavery and ratification of the Constitution - it would tragically lose integrity and autonomy as it became incorporated into the greater United States. Drawing from vast archives, and featuring unfamiliar alongside well-known figures, such as John Winthrop, Cotton Mather, and John Adams, Peterson explores Boston's origins in sixteenth-century utopian ideals, its founding and expansion into the hinterland of New England, and the growth of its distinctive political economy, with ties to the West Indies and southern Europe. By the 1700s, Boston was at full strength, with wide Atlantic trading circuits and cultural ties, both within and beyond Britain's empire. After the cataclysmic Revolutionary War, "Bostoners" aimed to negotiate a relationship with the American confederation, but through the next century, the new United States unraveled Boston's regional reign. The fateful decision to ratify the Constitution undercut its power, as Southern planters and slave owners dominated national politics and corroded the city-state's vision of a common good for all. Peeling away the layers of myth surrounding a revered city, The City-State of Boston offers a startlingly fresh understanding of America's history.