Contact High

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Contact High

Author : Vikki Tobak
Publisher : National Geographic Books
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2018-10-16
Category : Music
ISBN : 9780525573883

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Contact High by Vikki Tobak Pdf

ONE OF AMAZON'S BEST ART & PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS 0F 2018 AN NPR AND PITCHFORK BEST MUSIC BOOK OF 2018 PICK ONE OF TIME'S 25 BEST PHOTOBOOKS OF 2018 NEW YORK TIMES, ASSOCIATED PRESS, WALLSTREET JOURNAL, ROLLING STONE, AND CHICAGO SUN HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PICK The perfect gift for music and photography fans, an inside look at the work of hip-hop photographers told through their most intimate diaries—their contact sheets. Featuring rare outtakes from over 100 photoshoots alongside interviews and essays from industry legends, Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop takes readers on a chronological journey from old-school to alternative hip-hop and from analog to digital photography. The ultimate companion for music and photography enthusiasts, Contact High is the definitive history of hip-hop’s early days, celebrating the artists that shaped the iconic album covers, t-shirts and posters beloved by hip-hop fans today. With essays from BILL ADLER, RHEA L. COMBS, FAB 5 FREDDY, MICHAEL GONZALES, YOUNG GURU, DJ PREMIER, and RZA

Contact High

Author : Jessie Pearson
Publisher : Picturebox, Incorporated
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 54,8 Mb
Release : 2013
Category : Marijuana abuse
ISBN : 193979904X

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Contact High by Jessie Pearson Pdf

Contact High harkens back to the halcyon days of photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern's youth. It couldn't have a simpler premise, as the subtitle puts it, it's all about 'naked girls smoking weed.' This cheeky and playful collection of portraits recalls a time in Kern's life when, he says, 'Back then, when I was around a naked girl, weed was either about to be smoked or had been smoked.' Readers will undoubtedly get a real buzz from the beauty and sensuality of the images, perhaps tinged with a bittersweet hint of nostalgia for the sexy abandon of their youth.


Author : Alexander Theodore Shulgin,Ann Shulgin
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 1012 pages
File Size : 48,6 Mb
Release : 1991
Category : Biochemistry
ISBN : 0963009605

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Pihkal by Alexander Theodore Shulgin,Ann Shulgin Pdf

PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved) is a unique book written by renowned psychopharmacologist Alexander Shulgin and his wife Ann Shulgin. This book gives details of their research and investigations into the use of psychedelic drugs for the study of the human mind, and is also a love story. The second half of the book describes in detail a wealth of phenethlyamines, their physical properties, dosages used, duration of effects observed, and commentary on effects.


Author : Carl Sagan
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 432 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2016-12-20
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781501172311

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Contact by Carl Sagan Pdf

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and astronomer Carl Sagan imagines the greatest adventure of all—the discovery of an advanced civilization in the depths of space. In December of 1999, a multinational team journeys out to the stars, to the most awesome encounter in human history. Who—or what—is out there? In Cosmos, Carl Sagan explained the universe. In Contact, he predicts its future—and our own.

Marijuana As Medicine?

Author : Institute of Medicine,Janet Joy,Alison Mack
Publisher : National Academies Press
Page : 216 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2000-12-30
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780309065313

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Marijuana As Medicine? by Institute of Medicine,Janet Joy,Alison Mack Pdf

Some people suffer from chronic, debilitating disorders for which no conventional treatment brings relief. Can marijuana ease their symptoms? Would it be breaking the law to turn to marijuana as a medication? There are few sources of objective, scientifically sound advice for people in this situation. Most books about marijuana and medicine attempt to promote the views of advocates or opponents. To fill the gap between these extremes, authors Alison Mack and Janet Joy have extracted critical findings from a recent Institute of Medicine study on this important issue, interpreting them for a general audience. Marijuana As Medicine? provides patientsâ€"as well as the people who care for themâ€"with a foundation for making decisions about their own health care. This empowering volume examines several key points, including: Whether marijuana can relieve a variety of symptoms, including pain, muscle spasticity, nausea, and appetite loss. The dangers of smoking marijuana, as well as the effects of its active chemical components on the immune system and on psychological health. The potential use of marijuana-based medications on symptoms of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and several other specific disorders, in comparison with existing treatments. Marijuana As Medicine? introduces readers to the active compounds in marijuana. These include the principal ingredient in Marinol, a legal medication. The authors also discuss the prospects for developing other drugs derived from marijuana's active ingredients. In addition to providing an up-to-date review of the science behind the medical marijuana debate, Mack and Joy also answer common questions about the legal status of marijuana, explaining the conflict between state and federal law regarding its medical use. Intended primarily as an aid to patients and caregivers, this book objectively presents critical information so that it can be used to make responsible health care decisions. Marijuana As Medicine? will also be a valuable resource for policymakers, health care providers, patient counselors, medical faculty and studentsâ€"in short, anyone who wants to learn more about this important issue.

Pfeiffer and Mangus's Concepts of Athletic Training

Author : Cynthia Trowbridge,Cheryl M. Ferris
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning
Page : 577 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2022-06-15
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 9781284127300

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Pfeiffer and Mangus's Concepts of Athletic Training by Cynthia Trowbridge,Cheryl M. Ferris Pdf

Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools. Written for the introductory course, the Eighth Edition of Concepts of Athletic Training focuses on the care and management of sport and activity related injuries while presenting key concepts in a comprehensive, logically sequential manner that will assist future professionals in making the correct decisions when confronted with an activity-related injury or illness in their scope of practice. Key Features Include: - Time Out boxes provide additional information related to the text, such as NATA Athletic Helmet Removal Guidelines, how to recognize the signs of concusion, and first aid for epilepsy - Athletic Trainers Speak Out boxes feature a different athletic trainer in every chapter who discusses an element of athlete care and injury prevention - Anatomy Reviews introduce body parts to students unfamiliar with human anatomy and acts as a refresher for those students with some anatomy background

Translating Jazz Into Poetry

Author : Erik Redling
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Page : 305 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2017-02-20
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9783110395280

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Translating Jazz Into Poetry by Erik Redling Pdf

The study develops a new theoretical approach to the relationship between two media (jazz music and writing) and demonstrates its explanatory power with the help of a rich sampling of jazz poems. Currently, the mimetic approach to intermediality (e.g., the notion that jazz poetry imitates jazz music) still dominates the field of criticism. This book challenges that interpretive approach. It demonstrates that a mimetic view of jazz poetry hinders readers from perceiving the metaphoric ways poets rendered music in writing. Drawing on and extending recent cognitive metaphor theories (Lakoff, Johnson, Turner, Fauconnier), it promotes a conceptual metaphor model that allows readers to discover the innovative ways poets translate “melody,” “dynamics,” “tempo,” “mood,” and other musical elements into literal and figurative expressions that invite readers to imagine the music in their mind’s eye (i.e., their mind’s ear).

Assessing Student Learning in the Community and Two-Year College

Author : Megan Moore Gardner,Kimberly A. Kline,Marilee J. Bresciani Ludvik
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Page : 146 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2023-07-03
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781000977066

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Assessing Student Learning in the Community and Two-Year College by Megan Moore Gardner,Kimberly A. Kline,Marilee J. Bresciani Ludvik Pdf

This is a practical resource for community and two year college professionals engaged at all levels of learning outcomes assessment, in both academic and co-curricular environments. It is designed as a guide both to inform the creation of new assessment efforts and to enhance and strengthen assessment programs already established, or in development. Each chapter addresses a key component of the assessment process, beginning with the creation of a learning-centered culture and the development and articulation of shared outcomes goals and priorities. Subsequent chapters lead the reader through the development of a plan, the selection of assessment methods, and the analysis of results. The book concludes by discussing the communication of results and their use in decision making; integrating the conclusions in program review as well as to inform budgeting; and, finally, evaluating the process for continuous improvement, as well as engaging in reflection.The book is illustrated by examples developed by faculty and student affairs/services professionals at community and two year colleges from across the country. Furthermore, to ensure its relevance and applicability for its targeted readership, each chapter has at least one author who is a community college or two-year college professional.Contributors are drawn from the following colleges:Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeDavid PhillipsBuffalo State CollegeJoy BattisonKimberly KlineBooker PiperButler County Community CollegeSunday Faseyitan California State University, FullertonJohn HoffmanGenesee Community CollegeThomas PriesterVirginia TaylorHeald CollegeMegan LawrenceStephanie Romano (now with Education Affiliates)Hobart and William Smith CollegesStacey PierceMiami Dade CollegeJohn FrederickBarbara RodriguezNorthern Illinois UniversityVictoria LivingstonParadise Valley Community CollegePaul DaleSan Diego Mesa CollegeJill BakerJulianna BarnesSan Diego State UniversityMarilee BrescianiSan Juan CollegeDavid EppichStark State CollegeBarbara MillikenUniversity of AkronSandra CoynerMegan Moore Gardner

CDC Yellow Book 2018: Health Information for International Travel

Author : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Page : 672 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2017-04-17
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780190628635

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CDC Yellow Book 2018: Health Information for International Travel by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Pdf

THE ESSENTIAL WORK IN TRAVEL MEDICINE -- NOW COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2018 As unprecedented numbers of travelers cross international borders each day, the need for up-to-date, practical information about the health challenges posed by travel has never been greater. For both international travelers and the health professionals who care for them, the CDC Yellow Book 2018: Health Information for International Travel is the definitive guide to staying safe and healthy anywhere in the world. The fully revised and updated 2018 edition codifies the U.S. government's most current health guidelines and information for international travelers, including pretravel vaccine recommendations, destination-specific health advice, and easy-to-reference maps, tables, and charts. The 2018 Yellow Book also addresses the needs of specific types of travelers, with dedicated sections on: · Precautions for pregnant travelers, immunocompromised travelers, and travelers with disabilities · Special considerations for newly arrived adoptees, immigrants, and refugees · Practical tips for last-minute or resource-limited travelers · Advice for air crews, humanitarian workers, missionaries, and others who provide care and support overseas Authored by a team of the world's most esteemed travel medicine experts, the Yellow Book is an essential resource for travelers -- and the clinicians overseeing their care -- at home and abroad.

Motivation, Language Attitudes and Globalisation

Author : Zoltan Dornyei,Kata Csizer,Na3ra Na(c)Meth
Publisher : Multilingual Matters
Page : 219 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2006-04-12
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781853598869

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Motivation, Language Attitudes and Globalisation by Zoltan Dornyei,Kata Csizer,Na3ra Na(c)Meth Pdf

This volume presents the results of the largest ever language attitude/motivation survey in second language studies. The research team gathered data from over 13,000 Hungarian language learners on three successive occasions: in 1993, 1999 and 2004. The examined period covers a particularly prominent time in Hungary’s history, the transition from a closed, Communist society to a western-style democracy that became a member of the European Union in 2004. Thus, the book provides an ‘attitudinal/motivational flow-chart’ describing how significant sociopolitical changes affect the language disposition of a nation.

High Permittivity Gate Dielectric Materials

Author : Samares Kar
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Page : 515 pages
File Size : 45,5 Mb
Release : 2013-06-25
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9783642365355

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High Permittivity Gate Dielectric Materials by Samares Kar Pdf

"The book comprehensively covers all the current and the emerging areas of the physics and the technology of high permittivity gate dielectric materials, including, topics such as MOSFET basics and characteristics, hafnium-based gate dielectric materials, Hf-based gate dielectric processing, metal gate electrodes, flat-band and threshold voltage tuning, channel mobility, high-k gate stack degradation and reliability, lanthanide-based high-k gate stack materials, ternary hafnia and lanthania based high-k gate stack films, crystalline high-k oxides, high mobility substrates, and parameter extraction. Each chapter begins with the basics necessary for understanding the topic, followed by a comprehensive review of the literature, and ultimately graduating to the current status of the technology and our scientific understanding and the future prospects." .

Services Marketing: Text And Cases

Author : Verma
Publisher : Pearson Education India
Page : 488 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2007-09
Category : Service industries
ISBN : 8177586734

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Services Marketing: Text And Cases by Verma Pdf

10 MWe Sodium Deuterium Reactor Design Report

Author : Peter J. Davis
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 362 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 1959
Category : Sodium cooled reactors
ISBN : MINN:31951D03913406R

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10 MWe Sodium Deuterium Reactor Design Report by Peter J. Davis Pdf


Author : Anonim
Publisher : Mack
Page : 157 pages
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Release : 2016
Category : Los Angeles (Calif.)
ISBN : 1910164658

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ZZYZX by Anonim Pdf

"The early settlers dubbed California The Golden State, and The Land of Milk and Honey. Today there are the obvious ironies -- sprawl, spaghetti junctions and skid row--but the place is not so easily distilled or visualized, either as a clichéd paradise or as its demise. There's a strange kind of harmony when it's all seen together--the sublime, the psychedelic, the self-destructive. Like all places, it's unpredictable and contradictory, but to greater extremes. Cultures and histories coexist, the beautiful sits next to the ugly, the redemptive next to the despairing, and all under a strange and singular light, as transcendent as it is harsh. The pictures in this book begin in the desert east of Los Angeles and move west through the city, ending at the Pacific. This general westward movement alludes to a thirst for water, as well as the original expansion of America, which was born in the East and which hungrily drove itself West until reaching the Pacific, thereby fulfilling its "manifest" destiny." -- Publisher's description

contact lens use under adverse conditions

Author : Working Group on Contact Lens Use Under Adverse Conditions
Publisher : National Academies Press
Page : 52 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 1990-01-01
Category : Medical
ISBN : 8210379456XXX

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contact lens use under adverse conditions by Working Group on Contact Lens Use Under Adverse Conditions Pdf