Everybody Behaves Badly

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Everybody Behaves Badly

Author : Lesley M. M. Blume
Publisher : Eamon Dolan Books
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2016
ISBN : 0544276000

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Everybody Behaves Badly by Lesley M. M. Blume Pdf

An account of the making of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, the larger-than-life people that inspired it, and the vast changes it wrought on the literary world

Everybody Behaves Badly

Author : Lesley M. M. Blume
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Page : 448 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 2016-06-07
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780544237179

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Everybody Behaves Badly by Lesley M. M. Blume Pdf

The New York Times bestseller. “Fiendishly readable . . . a deeply, almost obsessively researched biography of a book.”—The Washington Post In the summer of 1925, Ernest Hemingway and a clique of raucous companions traveled to Pamplona, Spain, for the town’s infamous running of the bulls. Then, over the next six weeks, he channeled that trip’s maelstrom of drunken brawls, sexual rivalry, midnight betrayals, and midday hangovers into his groundbreaking novel The Sun Also Rises. This revolutionary work redefined modern literature as much as it did his peers, who would forever after be called the Lost Generation. But the full story of Hemingway’s legendary rise has remained untold until now. Lesley Blume resurrects the explosive, restless landscape of 1920s Paris and Spain and reveals how Hemingway helped create his own legend. He made himself into a death-courting, bull-fighting aficionado; a hard-drinking, short-fused literary genius; and an expatriate bon vivant. Blume’s vivid account reveals the inner circle of the Lost Generation as we have never seen it before and shows how it still influences what we read and how we think about youth, sex, love, and excess. “Totally captivating, smartly written, and provocative.”—Glamour “[A] must-read . . . The boozy, rowdy nights in Paris, the absurdities at Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls and the hungover brunches of the true Lost Generation come to life in this intimate look at the lives of the author’s expatriate comrades.”—Harper’s Bazaar “A fascinating recreation of one of the most mythic periods in American literature—the one set in Paris in the ’20s.”—Jay McInerney


Author : Lesley M.M. Blume
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 288 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2020-08-04
Category : History
ISBN : 9781982128555

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Fallout by Lesley M.M. Blume Pdf

A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF 2020 New York Times bestselling author Lesley M.M. Blume reveals how one courageous American reporter uncovered one of the deadliest cover-ups of the 20th century—the true effects of the atom bomb—potentially saving millions of lives. Just days after the United States decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bombs, the Japanese surrendered unconditionally. But even before the surrender, the US government and military had begun a secret propaganda and information suppression campaign to hide the devastating nature of these experimental weapons. The cover-up intensified as Occupation forces closed the atomic cities to Allied reporters, preventing leaks about the horrific long-term effects of radiation which would kill thousands during the months after the blast. For nearly a year the cover-up worked—until New Yorker journalist John Hersey got into Hiroshima and managed to report the truth to the world. As Hersey and his editors prepared his article for publication, they kept the story secret—even from most of their New Yorker colleagues. When the magazine published “Hiroshima” in August 1946, it became an instant global sensation, and inspired pervasive horror about the hellish new threat that America had unleashed. Since 1945, no nuclear weapons have ever been deployed in war partly because Hersey alerted the world to their true, devastating impact. This knowledge has remained among the greatest deterrents to using them since the end of World War II. Released on the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, Fallout is an engrossing detective story, as well as an important piece of hidden history that shows how one heroic scoop saved—and can still save—the world.

Hemingway's Brain

Author : Andrew Farah
Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press
Page : 233 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 2017-04-18
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781611177435

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Hemingway's Brain by Andrew Farah Pdf

A forensic psychiatrist’s second opinion on the conditions that led to Ernest Hemingway’s suicide, “mixing biography, literature and medical analysis” (The Washington Post). Hemingway’s Brain is an innovative biography and the first forensic psychiatric examination of Nobel Prize–winning author Ernest Hemingway. After seventeen years researching Hemingway’s life and medical history, Andrew Farah, a forensic psychiatrist, has concluded that the writer’s diagnoses were incorrect. Contrary to the commonly accepted diagnoses of bipolar disorder and alcoholism, he provides a comprehensive explanation of the medical conditions that led to Hemingway’s suicide. Hemingway received state-of-the-art psychiatric treatment at one of the nation’s finest medical institutes, but according to Farah it was for the wrong illness, and his death was not the result of medical mismanagement but medical misunderstanding. Farah argues that despite popular mythology Hemingway was not manic-depressive and his alcohol abuse and characteristic narcissism were simply pieces of a much larger puzzle. Through a thorough examination of biographies, letters, memoirs of friends and family, and even Hemingway’s FBI file, combined with recent insights on the effects of trauma on the brain, Farah pieces together this compelling alternative narrative of Hemingway’s illness, one missing from the scholarship for too long. Though Hemingway’s life has been researched extensively and many biographies written, those authors relied on the original diagnoses and turned to psychoanalysis and conjecture regarding Hemingway’s mental state. Farah has sought to understand why Hemingway’s decline accelerated after two courses of electroconvulsive therapy, and in this volume explains which current options might benefit a similar patient today. Hemingway’s Brain provides a full and accurate accounting of this psychiatric diagnosis by exploring the genetic influences, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological and psychological forces that resulted in what many have described as his tortured final years. It aims to eliminate the confusion and define for all future scholarship the specifics of the mental illnesses that shaped legendary literary works and destroyed the life of a master.

The Sun Also Rises

Author : Ernest Hemingway
Publisher : E-Kitap Projesi & Cheapest Books
Page : 288 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2023-12-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9786257287784

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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Pdf

The illustrated edition of Ernest Hemingway's first novel. The Sun Also Rises is a 1926 novel by American writer Ernest Hemingway, his first, that portrays American and British expatriates who travel from Paris to the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona to watch the running of the bulls and the bullfights. An early and enduring modernist novel, it received mixed reviews upon publication. However, Hemingway biographer Jeffrey Meyers writes that it is now "recognized as Hemingway's greatest work", and Hemingway scholar Linda Wagner-Martin calls it his most important novel. The novel was published in the United States in October 1926 by Scribner's. A year later, Jonathan Cape published the novel in London under the title Fiesta. It remains in print. The novel is a roman à clef: the characters are based on real people in Hemingway's circle, and the action is based on real events, particularly Hemingway's life in Paris in the 1920s and a trip to Spain in 1925 for the Pamplona festival and fishing in the Pyrenees. Hemingway presents his notion that the "Lost Generation"-considered to have been decadent, dissolute, and irretrievably damaged by World War I-was in fact resilient and strong. Hemingway investigates the themes of love and death, the revivifying power of nature, and the concept of masculinity. His spare writing style, combined with his restrained use of description to convey characterizations and action, demonstrates his "Iceberg Theory" of writing. Plot summary On the surface, the novel is a love story between the protagonist Jake Barnes-a man whose war wound has made him unable to have sex-and the promiscuous divorcée Lady Brett Ashley. Jake is an expatriate American journalist living in Paris, while Brett is a twice-divorced Englishwoman with bobbed hair and numerous love affairs, and embodies the new sexual freedom of the 1920s. Brett's affair with Jake's college friend Robert Cohn causes Jake to be upset and break off his friendship with Robert; her seduction of the 19-year-old matador Romero causes Jake to lose his good reputation among the Spaniards in Pamplona. Book One is set in the café society of young American expatriates in Paris. In the opening scenes, Jake plays tennis with Robert, picks up a prostitute (Georgette), and runs into Brett and Count Mippipopolous in a nightclub. Later, Brett tells Jake she loves him, but they both know that they have no chance at a stable relationship. In Book Two, Jake is joined by Bill Gorton, recently arrived from New York, and Brett's fiancé Mike Campbell, who arrives from Scotland. Jake and Bill travel south and meet Robert at Bayonne for a fishing trip in the hills northeast of Pamplona. Instead of fishing, Robert stays in Pamplona to wait for the overdue Brett and Mike. Robert had an affair with Brett a few weeks earlier and still feels possessive of her despite her engagement to Mike. After Jake and Bill enjoy five days of fishing the streams near Burguete, they rejoin the group in Pamplona. All begin to drink heavily. Robert is resented by the others, who taunt him with antisemitic remarks. During the fiesta the characters drink, eat, watch the running of the bulls, attend bullfights, and bicker with each other. Jake introduces Brett to the 19-year-old matador Romero at the Hotel Montoya; she is smitten with him and seduces him.

Paris Without End

Author : Gioia Diliberto
Publisher : Harper Collins
Page : 402 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 2011-07-05
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780062108838

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Paris Without End by Gioia Diliberto Pdf

“A bittersweet modern love story [that] reads as easily as a novel.” —Vogue “Fascinating. . . . A detailed, grittier portrait of the woman Hemingway loved and left.” —Newsday Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway were the golden couple of Paris in the twenties, the center of an expatriate community boasting the likes of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, and James and Nora Joyce. In this haunting account of the young Hemingways, Gioia Diliberto explores their passionate courtship, their family life in Paris with baby Bumby, and their thrilling, adventurous relationship—a literary love story scarred by Hadley’s loss of the only copy of Hemingway’s first novel and ultimately destroyed by a devastating ménage à trois on the French Riviera. Compelling, illuminating, poignant, and deeply insightful, Paris Without End provides a rare, intimate glimpse of the writer who so fully captured the American imagination and the remarkable woman who inspired his passion and his art—the only woman Hemingway never stopped loving.

Hemingway: The Paris Years

Author : Michael Reynolds
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Page : 432 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 1999-05-17
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780393345261

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Hemingway: The Paris Years by Michael Reynolds Pdf

The 1920s in Paris are the pivotal years in Hemingway's apprenticeship as a writer, whether sitting in cafés or at the feet of Gertrude Stein. These are the heady times of the Nick Adams short stories, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, and the writing of The Sun Also Rises. These are also the years of Hemingway's first marriage to Hadley Richardson, the birth of his first son, and his discovery of the bullfights at Pamplona.

Let's Bring Back

Author : Lesley M. M. Blume
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Page : 260 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2013-04-09
Category : Reference
ISBN : 9781452103501

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Let's Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume Pdf

An illustrated A-to-Z tribute to old-fashioned items worth rediscovering: “Wistful . . . charming . . . like a stroll down memory lane.” —Elle Whatever happened to cuckoo clocks? Or bed curtains? Why do we have so many “friends” while doing away with the much more useful word “acquaintance”? All of these things, plus hot toddies, riddles, proverbs, corsets, calling cards, and many more, are due for a revival. Throughout this whimsical, beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of nostalgia, Lesley M.M. Blume breathes new life into the elegant, mysterious, and delightful trappings of bygone eras, honoring the timeless tradition of artful living along the way. Inspired by her much loved Huffington Post column of the same name and featuring entries from famous icons of style and culture, Let’s Bring Back leads readers to rediscover the things that entertained, awed, beautified, satiated, and fascinated in eras past. “Witty . . . recommended reading.” —Country Living “If you’re feeling lousy and you read this book, it awakens you to things that have made you happy in your life. It reminds you of a time when certain things ideas, gestures got you through . . . and revels in an idea of life that’s lived in 3-D, not 2-D.” —Sally Singer, editor, T: The New York Times Magazine

Hemingway and The Sun Set

Author : Bertram D. Sarason
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 306 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 1972
Category : Electronic
ISBN : UOM:39015010393653

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Hemingway and The Sun Set by Bertram D. Sarason Pdf

Hemingway's Boat

Author : Paul Hendrickson
Publisher : Vintage
Page : 528 pages
File Size : 40,6 Mb
Release : 2011-09-20
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780307700537

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Hemingway's Boat by Paul Hendrickson Pdf

From a National Book Critics Circle Award winner, a brilliantly conceived and illuminating reconsideration of a key period in the life of Ernest Hemingway that will forever change the way he is perceived and understood. Focusing on the years 1934 to 1961—from Hemingway’s pinnacle as the reigning monarch of American letters until his suicide—Paul Hendrickson traces the writer’s exultations and despair around the one constant in his life during this time: his beloved boat, Pilar. We follow him from Key West to Paris, to New York, Africa, Cuba, and finally Idaho, as he wrestles with his best angels and worst demons. Whenever he could, he returned to his beloved fishing cruiser, to exult in the sea, to fight the biggest fish he could find, to drink, to entertain celebrities and friends and seduce women, to be with his children. But as he began to succumb to the diseases of fame, we see that Pilar was also where he cursed his critics, saw marriages and friendships dissolve, and tried, in vain, to escape his increasingly diminished capacities. Generally thought of as a great writer and an unappealing human being, Hemingway emerges here in a far more benevolent light. Drawing on previously unpublished material, including interviews with Hemingway’s sons, Hendrickson shows that for all the writer’s boorishness, depression, and alcoholism, and despite his choleric anger, he was capable of remarkable generosity—to struggling writers, to lost souls, to the dying son of a friend. We see most poignantly his relationship with his youngest son, Gigi, a doctor who lived his adult life mostly as a cross-dresser, and died squalidly and alone in a Miami women’s jail. He was the son Hemingway forsook the least, yet the one who disappointed him the most, as Gigi acted out for nearly his whole life so many of the tortured, ambiguous tensions his father felt. Hendrickson’s bold and beautiful book strikingly makes the case that both men were braver than we know, struggling all their lives against the complicated, powerful emotions swirling around them. As Hendrickson writes, “Amid so much ruin, still the beauty.” Hemingway’s Boat is both stunningly original and deeply gripping, an invaluable contribution to our understanding of this great American writer, published fifty years after his death.

One True Sentence

Author : Mark Cirino,Michael Von Cannon
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 200 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2022-07-05
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 1567927130

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One True Sentence by Mark Cirino,Michael Von Cannon Pdf

A selection of the greatest sentences by the master, Ernest Hemingway. Sentences that can take a reader's breath away and are not easily forgotten. Each sentence has been selected and examined by authors such as Elizabeth Strout, Sherman Alexie, Paula McLain, and Russell Banks; filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick; Seán Hemingway, A. Scott Berg, and many others in this celebration and conversation between Hemingway and some of his most perceptive and interesting readers. "All you have to do is write one true sentence," Hemingway wrote in his memoir, A Moveable Feast. "Write the truest sentence that you know." If that is the secret to Hemingway's enduring power, what sentences continue to live in readers' minds? And why do they resonant? The host and producer of the One True Podcast have gathered the best of their program (heard by thousands of listeners) and added entirely new material for this collection of conversations about Hemingway's truest words. From the long, whole-story-in-a-sentence line, "I have seen the one-legged streetwalker who works the Boulevard Madeleine between the Rue Cambon and Bernheim Jeunes' limping along the pavement through the crowd on a rainy night with a beefy red faced episcopal clergyman holding an umbrella over her.", to the short, pithy line that closes The Sun Also Rises, "Isn't it pretty to think so?", this is a collection full of delights, surprises, and insight. "All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened," wrote Hemingway. "And after you're finished reading one, you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards, it all belongs to you." For readers of American literature, One True Sentence is full of remembrances--of words you read and the feelings they gave you. For writers, this is an inspiring view of an element of craft--a single sentence--that can make a good story come alive and become a great story.

The Sense of an Ending

Author : Julian Barnes
Publisher : Vintage
Page : 158 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2011-10-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307957337

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The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes Pdf

BOOKER PRIZE WINNER • NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A novel that follows a middle-aged man as he contends with a past he never much thought about—until his closest childhood friends return with a vengeance: one of them from the grave, another maddeningly present. A novel so compelling that it begs to be read in a single setting, The Sense of an Ending has the psychological and emotional depth and sophistication of Henry James at his best, and is a stunning achievement in Julian Barnes's oeuvre. Tony Webster thought he left his past behind as he built a life for himself, and his career has provided him with a secure retirement and an amicable relationship with his ex-wife and daughter, who now has a family of her own. But when he is presented with a mysterious legacy, he is forced to revise his estimation of his own nature and place in the world.

The Novel and the New Ethics

Author : Dorothy J. Hale
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Page : 466 pages
File Size : 53,5 Mb
Release : 2020-11-24
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9781503614079

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The Novel and the New Ethics by Dorothy J. Hale Pdf

For a generation of contemporary Anglo-American novelists, the question "Why write?" has been answered with a renewed will to believe in the ethical value of literature. Dissatisfied with postmodernist parody and pastiche, a broad array of novelist-critics—including J.M. Coetzee, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Gish Jen, Ian McEwan, and Jonathan Franzen—champion the novel as the literary genre most qualified to illuminate individual ethical action and decision-making within complex and diverse social worlds. Key to this contemporary vision of the novel's ethical power is the task of knowing and being responsible to people different from oneself, and so thoroughly have contemporary novelists devoted themselves to the ethics of otherness, that this ethics frequently sets the terms for plot, characterization, and theme. In The Novel and the New Ethics, literary critic Dorothy J. Hale investigates how the contemporary emphasis on literature's social relevance sparks a new ethical description of the novel's social value that is in fact rooted in the modernist notion of narrative form. This "new" ethics of the contemporary moment has its origin in the "new" idea of novelistic form that Henry James inaugurated and which was consolidated through the modernist narrative experiments and was developed over the course of the twentieth century. In Hale's reading, the art of the novel becomes defined with increasing explicitness as an aesthetics of alterity made visible as a formalist ethics. In fact, it is this commitment to otherness as a narrative act which has conferred on the genre an artistic intensity and richness that extends to the novel's every word.

Miss Nelson is Missing!

Author : Harry Allard,James Marshall
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Page : 36 pages
File Size : 52,9 Mb
Release : 1977
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0395401461

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Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry Allard,James Marshall Pdf

Suggests activities to be used at home to accompany the reading of Miss Nelson is missing by Harry Allard in the classroom.

Hemingway's Widow

Author : Timothy Christian
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 512 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2022-03-01
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781643138800

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Hemingway's Widow by Timothy Christian Pdf

A stunning portrait of the complicated woman who becomes Ernest Hemingway's fourth wife, tracing her adventures before she meets Ernest, exploring the tumultuous years of their marriage, and evoking her merry widowhood as she shapes Hemingway's literary legacy. Mary Welsh, a celebrated wartime journalist during the London Blitz and the liberation of Paris, meets Ernest Hemingway in May 1944. He becomes so infatuated with Mary that he asks her to marry him the third time they meet—although they are married to other people. Eventually, she succumbs to Ernest's campaign, and in the last days of the war joined him at his estate in Cuba. Through Mary's eyes, we see Ernest Hemingway in a fresh light. Their turbulent marriage survives his cruelty and abuse, perhaps because of their sexual compatibility and her essential contribution to his writing. She reads and types his work each day—and makes plot suggestions. She becomes crucial to his work and he depends upon her critical reading of his work to know if he has it right. We watch the Hemingways as they travel to the ski country of the Dolomites, commute to Harry's Bar in Venice; attend bullfights in Pamplona and Madrid; go on safari in Kenya in the thick of the Mau Mau Rebellion; and fish the blue waters of the gulf stream off Cuba in Ernest's beloved boat Pilar. We see Ernest fall in love with a teenaged Italian countess and wonder at Mary's tolerance of the affair. We witness Ernest's sad decline and Mary's efforts to avoid the stigma of suicide by claiming his death was an accident. In the years following Ernest's death, Mary devotes herself to his literary legacy, negotiating with Castro to reclaim Ernest's manuscripts from Cuba, publishing one-third of his work posthumously. She supervises Carlos Baker's biography of Ernest, sues A. E. Hotchner to try and prevent him from telling the story of Ernest's mental decline, and spends years writing her memoir in her penthouse overlooking the New York skyline. Her story is one of an opinionated woman who smokes Camels, drinks gin, swears like a man, sings like Edith Piaf, loves passionately, and experiments with gender fluidity in her extraordinary life with Ernest. This true story reads like a novel—and the reader will be hard pressed not to fall for Mary.