Historic Preservation For Designers

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Historic Preservation for Designers

Author : Peter B. Dedek
Publisher : A&C Black
Page : 385 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 2014-03-27
Category : Design
ISBN : 9781609015091

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Historic Preservation for Designers by Peter B. Dedek Pdf

A comprehensive overview of historic preservation topics relevant to interior designers, architects, and preservationists.

Historic Preservation for Designers

Author : Peter B. Dedek
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Page : 385 pages
File Size : 49,6 Mb
Release : 2015-06-11
Category : Design
ISBN : 9781609019235

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Historic Preservation for Designers by Peter B. Dedek Pdf

Historic Preservation for Designers offers a comprehensive overview of historic preservation with a focus on historic interiors, historic building materials, and the adaptive reuse of interiors. This text includes a brief history of preservation in the United States, criteria to determine whether a building is historic, a discussion of preservation law, and how to document historic buildings with a focus on design and understanding functional and aesthetic requirements. The text explores issues including building restoration and rehabilitation standards, adaptive reuse principles,and codes and accessibility requirements. Designers will discover timely information on inspecting historic buildings to determine their age and condition as well as the growing relationship between historic preservation, green design, and the environment.

Design & Historic Preservation

Author : Richard D. Wagner
Publisher : Associated University Presse
Page : 236 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 2009
Category : House & Home
ISBN : 0874138310

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Design & Historic Preservation by Richard D. Wagner Pdf

This collection of papers addresses two questions central to design and historic preservation: what are the parameters of 'compatibility' in the design of additions to historic buildings and of new infill buildings in historic districts and landscapes. Presented at the 'Third National Forum on Historic Preservation Practice: A Critical Look at Design in Historic Preservation', held at Goucher College, the authors include practicing and academic historic preservationists, architectural historians, architects, landscape architects, and engineers. Organized under the themes of 'Melding Contemporary and Historic Design', 'Design Standards in Changing Environments', 'Modernism and Post modernism in Preservation Design', and 'Engineering and Preservation', issues of compatibility are explored through diverse projects in locations across the United States from historic Charleston, SC to downtown Los Angeles.

Historic Preservation Technology

Author : Robert A. Young
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 448 pages
File Size : 50,5 Mb
Release : 2008-03-21
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780471788362

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Historic Preservation Technology by Robert A. Young Pdf

This introduction to historic preservation goes well beyond the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and shows how wood, stone, masonry, and metal were used in the past and how adaptive re-use can be employed to bring modern amenities to historic structures. The book covers all aspects of the exterior and interior building fabric, including windows, roofing, doors, porches, and electrical and mechanical systems for both residential and small-scale commercial buildings. Richly illustrated with photographs showing typical elements of historic buildings, decay mechanisms, and remediation techniques, the book also contains a variety of useful case studies and features a companion Website that offers dozens of additional images and resources.

The Powers of Preservation

Author : Arthur Cotton Moore
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Companies
Page : 258 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 1998
Category : Architecture
ISBN : UOM:39015047117802

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The Powers of Preservation by Arthur Cotton Moore Pdf

In the world of architecture, his name is as renowned as the buildings which he has helped preserve: The Cairo Hotel, The Library of Congress, and The U.S. Treasury among them. Through a pioneering, award-winning career that has spanned more than three decades, Arthur Cotton Moore is universally acclaimed as one of the guiding lights of historic preservation. Now, in this bellwether book, he uses his prominent voice to go beyond the stodgy boundaries of landmarks alone -- by showing how preservation can spark new directions in design and help us reclaim our cities.Certain to provoke controversy, The Power of Preservation draws on Moore's work on hundreds of successful projects -- from private homes to the recent restoration of New York's Bedford-Stuyvesant Plaza -- and lays out ideas for: -- Preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuses of often-overlooked buildings-- Pitfalls to look out for, and proven strategies for downtowns-- An expanded, more permissive populist approach to preservationSupported by 50 fascinating case studies and eye-opening photographs, this book is a call-to-arms for urban designers and planners, architects, preservationists, and others who care about the future of our urban areas -- and recognize the true potential of their architectural heritage.

Old and New Architecture

Author : National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States,National Trust for Historic Preservation
Publisher : National Trust for Historic Preservation
Page : 280 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 1980
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 0891330976

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Old and New Architecture by National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States,National Trust for Historic Preservation Pdf

Historic Preservation Resources

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 44 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 1994
Category : Historic sites
ISBN : IND:30000090064514

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Historic Preservation Resources by Anonim Pdf

Historic Preservation and the Livable City

Author : Eric W. Allison,Lauren Peters
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 372 pages
File Size : 54,5 Mb
Release : 2010-12-20
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780470900758

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Historic Preservation and the Livable City by Eric W. Allison,Lauren Peters Pdf

For both the preservation professional and urban planner, this book shows how preservation is a key to the creation of livable cities. The author Eric Allison, the founder and coordinated of the graduate historic preservation program at Pratt Institute in New York City, offers tools and case studies that preservationists and planners can learn from in implementing preservation projects or plans in cities large and small. This book is a must read for anyone working in or interested in these fields and the creation and maintenance of livable cities.

Sustainable Heritage

Author : Amalia Leifeste,Barry L. Stiefel
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 230 pages
File Size : 40,6 Mb
Release : 2018-06-14
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781317607588

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Sustainable Heritage by Amalia Leifeste,Barry L. Stiefel Pdf

This book brings together ecological-conservation theory and heritage-preservation theory and shows how these two realms have common purpose. Through theoretical discussion and illustrative examples, Sustainable Heritage reframes the history of multiple movements within preservation and sustainable-design strategies into cross-disciplinary themes. Through topics such as Cultural Relationships with Nature, Ecology, Biodiversity, Energy, and Resource Systems; Integrating Biodiversity into the Built Environment Rehabilitation Practice; Fixing the Shortcomings Within Community Design, Planning, and Policy; Strategies for Adapting Buildings and Structures for Rising Sea Levels; and Vehicles as a Microcosm of Approaching Built Environment Rehabilitation, the book explores contemporary ecological and heritage ethics as a strategy for improving the livability of the built environment. The authors provide a holistic critique of the challenges we face in light of climate and cultural changes occurring from the local to the global level. It synthesizes the best practices offered by separate disciplines as one cohesive way forward toward sustainable design. The authors consider strategies for increasing the physical and cultural longevity of the built environment, why these two are so closely paired, and the potential their overlap offers for sustained and meaningful inhabitation. Sustainable Heritage unites students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines with one common language and more closely aligned sets of objectives for preservation and sustainable design.

Preservation Education

Author : Barry L. Stiefel,Jeremy C. Wells
Publisher : University Press of New England
Page : 264 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 2014-09-02
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781611685978

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Preservation Education by Barry L. Stiefel,Jeremy C. Wells Pdf

Over the past twenty years, there has been a fundamental shift in the institutional organization of historic preservation education. Historic preservation is the most recent arrival in the collection of built environment disciplines and therefore lacks the pedagogical depth and breadth found in allied endeavors such as architecture and planning. As the first degree programs in preservation only date to the 1970s and the first doctoral programs to the 1990s, new faculty are confronted with pedagogical challenges that are unique to this relatively nascent field. Based on a conference that included educators from around the world, Barry L. Stiefel and Jeremy C. Wells now present a collection that seeks to address fundamental issues of preservation pedagogy, outcome-based education and assessment, and global issues of authenticity and significance in historic preservation. The editors argue that the subject of the analysis has shifted from, "What is the best way to fix a historic building?" to, "What are the best ways for teaching people how to preserve historic properties (and why) according to the various standards that have been established?" This important reconsideration of the state of the field in historic preservation education will appeal to a broad audience across numerous disciplines.

Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design

Author : Kingston Heath
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 216 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2009-06-04
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781136433573

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Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design by Kingston Heath Pdf

Sustainable design requires that design practitioners respond to a particular set of social, cultural and environmental conditions. 'Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design' defines a set of strategies for understanding the complexities of a regional setting. Through a series of international case studies, it examines how architects and designers have applied a variety of tactics to achieve culturally and environmentally appropriate design solutions. • Shows that architecture and design are inextricably linked to social and environmental processes, and are not just technical or aesthetic exercises. • Articulates a variety of methods to realise goals of socially responsible and environmentally responsive design. • Calls for a principled approach to design in an effort to preserve fragile environments and forge sustainable best practice. 'Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design' will appeal to educators and professional practitioners in the fields of architecture, heritage conservation and urban design. Dr. Kingston Wm. Heath is Professor and Director of the Historic Preservation Program at the University of Oregon. Previously he was Professor of Architecture at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte where he taught seminars on vernacular architecture and regional design theory. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and Brown University. In addition to numerous articles in scholarly journals, he is the author of Patina of Place, and winner of the Abbott Lowell Cummings Award from The Vernacular Architecture Forum for excellence in a scholarly work. He has earned an international reputation in the field of vernacular architecture and has directed field schools in Italy and Croatia.

Preservation Yellow Pages

Author : National Trust for Historic Preservation,National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 290 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 1997
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 0471191833

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Preservation Yellow Pages by National Trust for Historic Preservation,National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States Pdf

"An indispensable resource tool for first-time homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and anyone who loves old buildings."--Bob Yapp, host of the PBS series About Your House with Bob Yapp. Preservation Yellow Pages is the only national directory of contact data and information on preservation resources--detailed coverage of the procedures, programs, and organizations that can help you make preservation happen. This Revised Edition features a streamlined format, expanded state-by-state listings, preservation Web sites, and updated sources of assistance on rural preservation, low-income housing, and legal and financial services. Eliminate the guesswork with this one-stop reference and save time, energy--and our priceless heritage.

Architectural Regeneration

Author : Aylin Orbasli,Marcel Vellinga
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 400 pages
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Release : 2020-08-03
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781119340324

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Architectural Regeneration by Aylin Orbasli,Marcel Vellinga Pdf

A comprehensive and detailed overview of the active regeneration, rehabilitation and revitalisation of architectural heritage. The combined processes of globalisation, urbanisation, environmental change, population growth and rapid technological development have resulted in an increasingly complex, dynamic and interrelated world, in which concerns about the meaning of cultural heritage and identity continue to grow. As the need for culturally and environmentally sustainable design grows, the challenge for professionals involved in the management of inherited built environments is to respond to this ever-changing context in a critical, dynamic and creative way. Our knowledge and understanding of the principles, approaches and methods to sustainably adapt existing buildings and places is rapidly expanding. Architectural Regeneration contributes to this knowledge-base through a holistic approach that links policy with practice and establishes a theoretical framework within which to understand architectural regeneration. It includes extensive case studies of the regeneration, rehabilitation and revitalisation of architectural heritage from around the world. Different scales and contexts of architectural regeneration are discussed, including urban, suburban, rural and temporary. At a time when regeneration policy has shifted to the recognition that ‘heritage matters’ and that the historic environment and creative industries are a vital driver of regeneration, an increasing workload of architectural practices concerns the refurbishment, adaptive re-use or extension of existing buildings. As a result, this book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students of architecture, historic conservation, urban and environmental design, sustainability, and urban regeneration, as well as for practitioners and decision makers working in those fields.

The Community Design Assessment

Author : Kennedy Smith,Leslie Tucker
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 32 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2006
Category : City planning
ISBN : UOM:39015064690830

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The Community Design Assessment by Kennedy Smith,Leslie Tucker Pdf

Accompanying CD-ROM contains presentation, forms, and images for use in conducting community design assessments.

Directory of Cultural Resource Education Programs at Colleges, Universities, Craft and Trade Schools in the United States

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Department of Interior
Page : 108 pages
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Release : 1994
Category : Anthropology
ISBN : 0160453623

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Directory of Cultural Resource Education Programs at Colleges, Universities, Craft and Trade Schools in the United States by Anonim Pdf

This directory provides information about training programs or education programs that last from six months to several years and promote cultural heritage of U.S. education. There are three sections in this directory. Section 1, "Discipline Definitions and Education Programs or Directories," defines the groups of related terms, identifies the schools or colleges that offer them, and refers the reader to additional directories or resources. Section 2, "State by State Program Descriptions," describes the schools or colleges in more detail and includes a mailing address and the types of programs offered. Section 3, "Additional Education Directories," provides greater detail on the additional directories and resources. This directory is intended for high school and undergraduate level students (and their counselors and advisors) seeking advanced training related to the preservation and management of cultural resources and cultural heritage. (EH)