How To Garden Indoors Grow Your Own Food Year Round

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How to Garden Indoors and Grow Your Own Food Year Round

Author : Kim Roman
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 192 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2022-03-15
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1580118674


How to Garden Indoors and Grow Your Own Food Year Round Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A complete guide filled with a host of valuable information and DIY projects, Ultimate Guide to Indoor Gardening details how to grow food in your home. From growing vegetables, microgreens, and herbs to hydroponic gardening, troubleshooting, and more, learn to grow fresh produce all year-round, no matter where you live. With expert tips on composting, container gardening for both root and above ground vegetables, fermentation, and more, this must-have resource is a one-stop shop on everything you need to know about indoor food production and how to maximize your indoor space!

Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

Author : Peter Burke
Publisher : Chelsea Green Publishing
Page : 208 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2015-08-21
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781603586160


Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The Low-Tech, No-Grow-Lights Approach to Abundant Harvest Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening offers good news: with nothing more than a cupboard and a windowsill, you can grow all the fresh salad greens you need for the winter months (or throughout the entire year) with no lights, no pumps, and no greenhouse. Longtime gardener Peter Burke was tired of the growing season ending with the first frost, but due to his busy work schedule and family life, didn’t have the time or interest in high-input grow lights or greenhouses. Most techniques for growing what are commonly referred to as “microgreens” left him feeling overwhelmed and uninterested. There had to be a simpler way to grow greens for his family indoors. After some research and diligent experimenting, Burke discovered he was right—there was a way! And it was even easier than he ever could have hoped, and the greens more nutrient packed. He didn’t even need a south-facing window, and he already had most of the needed supplies just sitting in his pantry. The result: healthy, homegrown salad greens at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the market. The secret: start them in the dark. Growing “Soil Sprouts”—Burke’s own descriptive term for sprouted seeds grown in soil as opposed to in jars—employs a method that encourages a long stem without expansive roots, and provides delicious salad greens in just seven to ten days, way earlier than any other method, with much less work. Indeed, of all the ways to grow immature greens, this is the easiest and most productive technique. Forget about grow lights and heat lamps! This book is a revolutionary and inviting guide for both first-time and experienced gardeners in rural or urban environments. All you need is a windowsill or two. In fact, Burke has grown up to six pounds of greens per day using just the windowsills in his kitchen! Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening offers detailed step-by-step instructions to mastering this method (hint: it’s impossible not to succeed, it’s so easy!), tools and accessories to have on hand, seeds and greens varieties, soil and compost, trays and planters, shelving, harvest and storage, recipes, scaling up to serve local markets, and much more.

How to Garden Indoors & Grow Your Own Food Year Round

Author : Kim Roman
Publisher : Fox Chapel Publishing
Page : 250 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 2022-03-15
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781637410523


How to Garden Indoors & Grow Your Own Food Year Round Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

No room to garden outside? No problem! A complete guide filled with a host of valuable information and DIY projects, Ultimate Guide to Indoor Gardening shares all the knowledge on how to grow a variety of foods inside your home. From growing vegetables, microgreens, and herbs to hydroponic gardening, troubleshooting, and more, learn to grow fresh produce all year-round, no matter where you live. With expert tips on composting, working with grow lights, choosing a growing locale, container gardening for both root and above ground vegetables, the basics of fermentation, and so much more, this must-have resource is a one-stop shop on everything you need to know about successful indoor food production and how to maximize your indoor space!

Gardening Under Lights

Author : Leslie F. Halleck
Publisher : Timber Press
Page : 247 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 2018-06-26
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781604697957


Gardening Under Lights Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

“If you want to grow plants indoors, you need this book.” —Niki Jabbour, author and staff writer at Gardening Under Lights is a highly-detailed, accessible guide for seed starters, plant collectors, houseplant fans, and anyone who wants to successfully garden indoors any time of the year. You’ll learn the basics of photosynthesis, the science of light, how to accurately measure how much light a plant needs, and details about the most up-to-date tools and gear available. Also included are tips and techniques for helping ornamental plants (like orchids, succulents, bonsai, and more) and edible plants (arugula, cannabis, oregano, tomatoes, and more) thrive indoors. Whether you are a vegetable gardener who wants to extend the growing season, a balcony gardener short on outdoor space, or a specialty plant collector, Gardening Under Lights is a must-have.

The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener

Author : Niki Jabbour
Publisher : Storey Publishing, LLC
Page : 256 pages
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Release : 2011-12-14
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781603427852


The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Even in winter’s coldest months you can harvest fresh, delicious produce. Drawing on insights gained from years of growing vegetables in Nova Scotia, Niki Jabbour shares her simple techniques for gardening throughout the year. Learn how to select the best varieties for each season, the art of succession planting, and how to build inexpensive structures to protect your crops from the elements. No matter where you live, you’ll soon enjoy a thriving vegetable garden year-round.

Indoor Edible Garden

Author : Zia Allaway
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 223 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2017-02-07
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781465464545


Indoor Edible Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers in your home that look amazing and taste even better with Indoor Edible Garden. Featuring 28 innovative step-by-step projects, Indoor Edible Garden is a highly visual guide full of practical tips and stylish ideas for how to create edible indoor gardens using whatever space you have available-from balconies and windowsills to countertops, walls, and even ceilings. Inspiring from the start, this book shows off its lush garden projects through beautiful design and full-color photographs. Reference more than 30 profiles of the top herbs, edible flowers, fruiting plants, and vegetables, then, follow DIY project templates to grow your gardens into beautiful home decor. The step-by-step instructions include how to create a hanging garden "globe" with chili and basil plants, how to make the growing area for herbs just right so they will flourish, and more. Plus, Indoor Edible Garden includes straightforward explanations of scientific methods such as artificial lighting and hydroponics and key techniques for planting, drainage, and harvesting. Indoor Edible Garden helps create stunning and edible home decor so your living space will be fruitful-and beautiful-all year round.

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Author : Elizabeth Millard
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 227 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2014-06-15
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781591865933


Indoor Kitchen Gardening Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

If you make good plant choices and create a hospitable indoor environment, you can grow practically any produce you want indoors. Millard shows you how-- with a little patience and the right equipment-- you can grow heartier herbs and produce all year round.

Growing Under Cover

Author : Niki Jabbour
Publisher : Storey Publishing, LLC
Page : 216 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2020-12-25
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781635861327


Growing Under Cover Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Best-selling author Niki Jabbour provides an essential, in-depth guide to creating controlled growing spaces for productive vegetable gardening, using row covers, shade cloth, low tunnels, cold frames, hoophouses, and more.

Countertop Gardens

Author : Shelley Levis
Publisher : Cool Springs Press
Page : 160 pages
File Size : 46,6 Mb
Release : 2018-06-19
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9780760364659


Countertop Gardens Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Become an indoor gardening expert as horticulturalist Shelley Levis walks you through the challenges, benefits, and how-tos of growing inside, including a review of the wide array of methods available. Our indoor environments are ideal for human comfort, but they are not always hospitable to plants, especially vegetables and other edibles. In just the last few years, the technology for creating a better indoor plant environment has expanded. With the new, compact systems and tools available, it has become simple for anyone to grow an indoor kitchen garden and enjoy freshly picked edibles grown right on your own countertop. Countertop Gardens shows you how to set up a cordial growing environment anywhere. In addition to going over the pros and cons of a wide range of ready-made hydroponic, aquaponic, and vertical gardening systems, Shelley shows you how to make your own DIY setups—from simple space-saving container designs to more creative and complex soil-free solutions. Beautiful photographs throughout illustrate methods, growing options, and creative projects. The chapters cover: Countertop garden methods Best edibles for countertop gardens DIY countertop gardening Growing basics Countertop growing devices Troubleshooting No matter the size of your kitchen or your ambition, Countertop Gardens will help you make sure your favorite herbs, greens, fruits, and vegetables are within reach 365 days a year!

The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook

Author : Linda Ly
Publisher : Harvard Common Press
Page : 192 pages
File Size : 40,8 Mb
Release : 2020-04-07
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 9781558329980


The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Isn't it about time to start nose-to-tail cooking with vegetables? Learn how to make the most of the edibles in your garden or the farmer's market bounty! The No Waste Vegetable Cookbook will help you cook your way through greens, beans, roots, and herbs with seasonal recipes that utilize every edible part of the plant. Author Linda Ly shares a wide variety of recipes and techniques from her popular CSA Cookbook, from creative pickling (think watermelon rind) to perfect pestos. Chapters and recipes include: Tomatoes and Peppers: Spicy Minty Tomato Sauce Infused with Tomato Leaves, Spicy Fermented Summer Salsa, Ginger-Spiced Chicken Soup with Wilted Pepper Leaves, Blistered Padron Peppers and White Onions Leafy Greens: Kale Stem Pesto Spring Bulgur Salad with Kale Buds, Stuffed Collard Greens, Potlikker Noodles with Collard Greens, Broccoli Green and Baked Falafel Wrap Peas and Beans: Pea Shoot Salad with Radish and Carrot, Pan-Charred Beans with Bean Leaf Pesto, Yardlong Bean Curry with Wilted Spinach, Fava Leaf Salad with Citrus, Feta, and Walnuts, Charred Fava Pods with Parmesean Bulbs and Stems: Fennel Front and Ginger Pesto, Kohlrabi Home Fries with Thyme Aioli, Leek Green, Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Crostini, Scallion Soup, Green Onion Pancake with Spicy Soy Dipping Sauce Roots and Tubers: Carrot Top Salsa, Beetza Beetza, Quick-Pickled Sweet 'n Spicy Radish Pods, Savory Sweet Potato Hummus, Creamy Sweet Potato Soup with Maple Syrup, Hasselback Potatoes, Vietnamese Carrot and Daikon Pickles Melons and Gourds: Watermelon Rind Kimchi, Stir-Fried Watermelon Rind, Gingered Butternut Bisque, Four Ways to Toast Pumpkin Seeds, Sicilian Squash Shoot Soup, Drunken Pumpkin Chili, Pan-Fried Cucumber in Honey Sesame Sauce Flowers and Herbs: Chive Blossom Vinegar, Nasturtium Pesto, Cilantro Pepita Pesto, Chimichurri, Marinated Feta with a Mess of Herbs, and "All In" Herb Dressing Whether you're excited to make the most of the farmer's market or use every bit of your garden's bounty, this is the book that keeps the food on your table and out of the trash can (or compost bin)!

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook

Author : Elizabeth Millard
Publisher : Cool Springs Press
Page : 195 pages
File Size : 45,7 Mb
Release : 2020-09
Category : Indoor gardening
ISBN : 9780760369029


Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This book is about creating a sense of play and nourishment. It takes just a few dollars and a few days for you to start enjoying fresh, healthy produce grown indoors in your own home.This book is a more compact, giftable edition of the original book and offers tons of great growing information in a smaller package. Imagine serving a home-cooked meal highlighted with beet, arugula, and broccoli microgreens grown right in your kitchen, accompanied by sautéed winecap mushrooms grown in a box of sawdust in your basement. If you have never tasted microgreens, all you really need to do is envision all the flavor of an entire vegetable plant concentrated into a single tantalizing seedling. If you respond to the notion of nourishing your family and guests with amazing, fresh, organic produce that you've grown in your own house, condo, apartment, basement, or sunny downtown office, then you'll love exploring the expansive new world of growing and eating that can be discovered with the help of this book. This book teaches you how to grow microgreens, sprouts, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and more--all inside your own home, where you won't have to worry about seasonal changes or weather conditions. Filled with mouthwatering photography and more than 200 pages of do-it-yourself in-home gardening information and projects, this is your gateway to this exciting new growing method, not just for garnishes or relishes, but for wholesome, nutritious, organic edibles that will satisfy your appetite as much as your palate.

The First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables

Author : Jessica Sowards
Publisher : Cool Springs Press
Page : 178 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2021-03-02
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9780760368725


The First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

You’re excited to plant your first vegetable garden—but where to start? In The First-Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables, you'll find the answers you're looking for. Homesteader Jessica Sowards, the warm and energetic host of YouTube’s Roots and Refuge Farm, is the perfect teacher for new gardeners, offering not just know-how but inspiration and time-management tips for success. Before you sink your hands into the soil, she’ll answer all those questions rolling around inside your head: Where do I put my new garden? How do I prepare the soil? What vegetables should I plant? Is it better to start new plants from seed or should I buy transplants? What about watering, feeding, and taking care of my garden? What do I do if bugs show up? There are no stupid questions here. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all. Not only will you learn how to prepare, plant, and tend your first vegetable garden, you’ll also learn: How to design an eco-friendly layout How to grow with the seasons How to maximize your harvest, even if you only grow in a small space Jessica wants your first food-growing experience to be a positive one, and she’s prepared to go the distance to make sure tending the earth becomes your new favorite hobby. A single growing season is all it takes to fall in love with growing your own healthy, organic, nutrient-dense food. With Jessica as your guide, you’ll soon discover all the satisfactions, challenges, and great joys of growing your own food garden. This book is part of The First-Time Gardener's Guides series from Cool Springs Press, which also includes The First-Time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers. Each book in The First-Time Gardener's Guides series is aimed at beginner gardeners and offers clear, fact-based information that's presented in a friendly and accessible way, including step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations throughout.

Indoor Gardening

Author : Dion Rosser
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 150 pages
File Size : 45,5 Mb
Release : 2021-07-17
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9798539009090


Indoor Gardening Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Do you live in a home without space for gardening? Have you ever wondered if you could grow food in the little space you have? Do you want to stop missing out on the joy of gardening? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this book is for you. With the rising popularity of indoor gardening, more and more people are learning to take advantage of the minimal space around them. The key is to maximize your indoor space to create your very own garden within the confines of your home. Growing foods indoors isn't just for apartment dwellers and people with limited space. Even if you are an outdoor gardener, you can grow your food indoors to extend the growing season and maybe even plant all year round! This book will teach you effective gardening techniques for growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and other crops using containers inside your home. Learn how to set up an effective gardening system without worrying about the need for land Never run out of fresh produce again Learn top techniques to get bountiful yields season after season Identify the differences between soil gardening and hydroponics gardening Master the art of container gardening like a pro And much more! With this book as your guide, you can finally start growing your own food within the comfort of your own home. This book contains methods and techniques proven to work effectively for indoor plants. Get your copy now and never run out of fresh food again!

Indoor Gardening for Beginners

Author : Timothy S. Morris
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Release : 2014-10-14
Category : Indoor gardening
ISBN : 1502809044


Indoor Gardening for Beginners Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

"Learn how anyone can start their own indoor garden using effective techniques that are explained in easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions"

The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book

Author : Catherine Abbott
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 304 pages
File Size : 49,8 Mb
Release : 2010-01-01
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781440500145


The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Vine-ripened tomatoes. Succulent squash. Plump cucumbers. Growing vegetables is a rewarding and cost-effective way to eat better for less. Yet many don't know where to start. Author and farmer Catherine Abbott answers questions like: What is the best way to maximize my garden space? How do I get started growing food to sustain my family? Can I grow vegetables inside my house? How can I tell if my vegetables are primed for eating? Will I really save money by growing my own? You will find affordable tips on how to plant and harvest more than thirty common vegetables, from spinach and eggplant to corn and beans. Abbott's expertise shines on planting, fertilizing, watering, weeding, and troubleshooting. This book has everything you need to grow fresh, delicious veggies in any climate, any time of year!