In His Image

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In His Image

Author : Jen Wilkin
Publisher : Crossway
Page : 166 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2018-04-16
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781433549908

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In His Image by Jen Wilkin Pdf

Sometimes we ask What is God’s will for my life? when we should really be asking Who should I be? The Bible has an answer: Be like the very image of God. By exploring ten characteristics of who God is—holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise—this book helps us understand who God intends for us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of the image of God, we will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow his will and are conformed to his image.

Not in His Image (15th Anniversary Edition)

Author : John Lamb Lash
Publisher : Chelsea Green Publishing
Page : 471 pages
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Release : 2021-09-18
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781645021360

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Not in His Image (15th Anniversary Edition) by John Lamb Lash Pdf

“Lash is capable of explaining the mind-bending concepts of Gnosticism and pagan mystery cults with bracing clarity and startling insight. . . . [His] arguments are often lively and entertaining.”—Los Angeles Times Fully revised and with a new preface by the author, this timely update is perfect for readers of The Immortality Key. Since its initial release to wide acclaim in 2006, Not in His Image has transformed the lives of readers around the world by presenting the living presence of the Wisdom Goddess as never before revealed, illustrating that the truth of an impactful Gnostic message cannot be hidden or destroyed. With clarity, author John Lamb Lash explains how a little-known messianic sect propelled itself into a dominant world power, systematically wiping out the great Gnostic spiritual teachers, the Druid priests, and the shamanistic healers of Europe and North Africa. Early Christians burned libraries and destroyed temples in an attempt to silence the ancient truth-tellers and keep their own secrets. Not in His Image delves deeply into ancient Gnostic writings to reconstruct the story early Christians tried to scrub from the pages of history, exploring the richness of the ancient European Pagan spirituality—the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia. In the 15th Anniversary Edition, Lash doubles down on his original argument against redemptive ideology and authoritarian deceit. He shows how the Gnostics clearly foresaw the current program of salvation by syringe, and places the Sophianic vision of life centrally in the battle to expose and oppose the evil agenda of transhumanism, making this well-timed update more relevant than ever. “Sometimes a book changes the world. Not in His Image is such a book. It is clear, stimulating, well-researched, and sure to outrage the experts. . . . Get it. Improve not just your own life, but civilization’s chances for survival.”—Roger Payne, author of Among Whales

None Like Him

Author : Jen Wilkin
Publisher : Crossway
Page : 141 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2016-04-14
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781433549861

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None Like Him by Jen Wilkin Pdf

Human beings were created to reflect the image of God—but only to a limited extent. Although we share important attributes with God (love, mercy, compassion, etc.), there are other qualities that only God possesses, such as unlimited power, knowledge, and authority. At the root of all sin is our rebellious desire to be like God in such ways—a desire that first manifested itself in the garden of Eden. In None Like Him, Jen Wilkin leads us on a journey to discover ten ways God is different from us—and why that’s a good thing. In the process, she highlights the joy of seeing our limited selves in relation to a limitless God, and how such a realization frees us from striving to be more than we were created to be.

In His Image

Author : James BeauSeigneur
Publisher : Warner Books (NY)
Page : 384 pages
File Size : 54,6 Mb
Release : 1997
Category : Christian fiction
ISBN : 0965694852

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In His Image by James BeauSeigneur Pdf

Based on events surrounding efforts to authenticate the Shroud of Turin, BeauSeigneur takes readers on a brilliantly researched and vividly imagined journey to find whether a forbidden experiment will lead to the Triumph of Man--or the Wrath of God.

In His Image

Author : William Jennings Bryan
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Page : 158 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2019-09-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9783734094552

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In His Image by William Jennings Bryan Pdf

Reproduction of the original: In His Image by William Jennings Bryan

In His Image

Author : Philip Yancey,Paul Brand
Publisher : Zondervan
Page : 338 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2010-05-11
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310862598

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In His Image by Philip Yancey,Paul Brand Pdf

THE VOICE OF GOD IS A HEARTBEAT AWAYIn Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, Philip Yancey and Dr. Paul Brand revealed how God’s voice is encoded in the very structure of our bodies. In His Image takes up where its predecessor left off, beckoning us once again inward and onward to fresh exploration and discovery.Yancey and Brand show how accurately and intricately the human body portrays the Body of Christ. In five sections—Image, Blood, Head, Spirit, and Pain—the acclaimed surgeon and the award-winning writer unlock the remarkable, living lessons contained in our physical makeup. This Gold Medallion Award-winning book will open your eyes to the complex miracle of the human body, and the even more compelling spiritual truths that it reflects.

Into His Likeness

Author : Edward Sri
Publisher : Ignatius Press
Page : 160 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2018-08-22
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781681497976

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Into His Likeness by Edward Sri Pdf

In the ancient disciple-rabbi relationship, the disciple would follow the rabbi so closely that he would be covered in the dust kicked up from his rabbi's feet. Thousands of years later, though we walk on roads of pavement and not dust, we are still called to be disciples—to follow our Rabbi, Jesus Christ, so closely that we are covered with his life, changed, and made new. Into His Likeness provides an approachable but in-depth exploration of how to live as a disciple and experience the transformation Jesus wants to work in our lives. We might desire to live more like Christ, but we know we fall short. This book simply helps us follow those initial promptings of the Holy Spirit, so that we may more intentionally encounter Jesus anew each day and be more disposed to his grace changing us ever more into his likeness.

Conformed to His Image

Author : Kenneth D. Boa
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Page : 546 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2009-12-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310861461

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Conformed to His Image by Kenneth D. Boa Pdf

What does a relationship with God look like and how do we obtain it? It is vital for church leaders to grapple seriously with this question, for pat answers no longer suffice. Lives well-lived, not just words eloquently spoken, must become our response. The quality of our relationship with God is what will influence the health, potency, and witness of the church in an increasingly complex and hostile world. Designed for use as a college or seminary course, Conformed to His Image helps us build our lives on a fully biblical perspective. Exploring twelve approaches to Christian spirituality in depth, Dr. Kenneth Boa corrects our tendency to pick and compartmentalize. Pointing the way instead to an integrative, whole-life approach, Dr. Boa shows how each spiritual paradigm discussed is just one important facet in the gem of authentic and powerful New Testament living. With chapter overviews and objectives, questions for personal application, a glossary, and a list of key terms, Conformed to His Image will prove a defining text for the student, pastor, and church leader of today . . . and tomorrow. 12 Facets of the Complete Christian Life Relational Spirituality: Loving God Completely, Ourselves Correctly, and Others Compassionately Paradigm Spirituality: Cultivating an Eternal versus a Temporal Perspective Disciplined Spirituality: Engaging in the Historical Differences Exchanged Life Spirituality: Grasping Our True Identity in Christ Motivated Spirituality: A Set of Biblical Incentives Devotional Spirituality: Falling in Love with God Holistic Spirituality: Every Component of Life under the Lordship of Christ Process Spirituality: Being versus Doing, Process versus Product Spirit-Filled Spirituality: Walking in the Power of the Spirit Warfare Spirituality: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil Nurturing Spirituality: A Lifestyle of Discipleship and Evangelism Corporate Spirituality: Encouragement, Accountability, and Worship

God and His Image

Author : Jean-Dominique Barthelemy
Publisher : Ignatius Press
Page : 332 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2007
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1586170821

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God and His Image by Jean-Dominique Barthelemy Pdf

Fr. Barthelemy was an internationally recognized expert on Old Testament studies, and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. In this work he dispenses with the technical language of exegesis and linguistics, and speaks theologically as a priest, a teacher, a believer. This work is an introduction to the spiritual teaching of the Old Testament, and can greatly help believers to hear that renewing and rejuvenating Word of God with deepened understanding. This is a book about God and man. It is also about the long history of God's search for man and the difficulty man had in keeping intact the divine image in which he was created. The purpose of this book is to present what God says about Himself and about His image (man) in the inspired texts of Scripture. This powerful work by an acclaimed Biblical and spiritual writer can enkindle the heart and enlighten the mind of modern man to see who we truly are in God's eyes, and help us to understand the full extent of our deep need for God to become his faithful followers and images once again.

Created in God's Image

Author : Anthony A. Hoekema
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Page : 282 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 1994-09-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0802808506

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Created in God's Image by Anthony A. Hoekema Pdf

ccording to Scripture, humankind was created in the image of God. Hoekema discusses the implications of this theme, devoting several chapters to the biblical teaching on God's image, the teaching of philosophers and theologians through the ages, and his own theological analysis. Suitable for seminary-level anthropology courses, yet accessible to educated laypeople. Extensive bibliography, fully indexed.

God in His Own Image

Author : Syd Brestel
Publisher : Moody Publishers
Page : 176 pages
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Release : 2019-05-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780802497710

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God in His Own Image by Syd Brestel Pdf

"Someone once noted that God made us in His image, and ever since we have tried to do God a favor by making Him in our image." It’s easy to speak to others about the Jesus who cared for the poor, healed the sick, and preached love and justice for the least of these. But what about the God who tells the Israelites to wage war and kill entire people groups? Or threatens exile and then delivers? Or sends people to hell? Can these really be the same God? The simple answer is, yes. God in His Own Image takes you on a journey through the Bible exploring God’s true nature. You’ll study instances of great mercy and great severity, and by the end, you’ll begin to see why both God’s compassion and his wrath are necessary, important, and even beautiful. Get to know the God who is both Lion and Lamb, both Judge and Father, both kind and severe, and perfect in every way.

Changed Into His Image

Author : Jim Berg
Publisher : BJU Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2000
Category : Christian life
ISBN : 1579242057

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Changed Into His Image by Jim Berg Pdf

Trying to grow spiritually without understanding God's plan for transforming your life is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. Does Christian growth seem confusing and elusive to you? Have you ever wondered whether you will ever be able to get off the ground spiritually? Changed into His Image by Jim Berg offers clear biblical teaching and practical advice for understanding biblical change in the Christian life. Believers can build an intimate and completely satisfying relationship with God by experiencing God's plan for transforming their lives. Through clear biblical teaching and practical examples, Jim Berg teaches you how to build an intimate and satisfying relationship with God -- the "missing piece" in the experience of many believers. - Publisher

Ten Words to Live By

Author : Jen Wilkin
Publisher : Crossway
Page : 156 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2021-03-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781433566370

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Ten Words to Live By by Jen Wilkin Pdf

New from the Best-Selling Author of Women of the Word Christianity isn’t about following rules, it’s about a relationship. The rise in popularity of this phrase coincides with a growing disinterest and misunderstanding regarding the role of God’s life-giving, perfect law in the Christian life. Rather than the source of joy it was intended to be, the law is viewed as an angry god’s restrictions for a rebellious people. In Ten Words to Live By, Jen Wilkin presents a fresh biblical look at the Ten Commandments, showing how they come to bear on our lives today as we seek to love God and others, to live in joyful freedom, and to long for that future day when God will be rightly worshiped for eternity. Learn to see the law of God as a feast for your famished soul, open to anyone who calls on the name of the Lord.

The Liberating Image

Author : J. Richard Middleton
Publisher : Brazos Press
Page : 304 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 2005-03-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781441242785

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The Liberating Image by J. Richard Middleton Pdf

For two thousand years, Christians have been intrigued by the somewhat enigmatic Imago Dei references in the book of Genesis. Much theological ink has been spilled mulling over the significance and meaning of these words: "Let us make humanity in our image, according to our likeness . . . " In The Liberating Image, J. Richard Middleton takes on anew the challenge of interpreting the Imago Dei. Reflecting on the potential of the Imago Dei texts for developing an ethics of power rooted in compassion, he relates its significance to the Christian community's distinct calling in an increasingly violent world. The Liberating Image introduces a relevant, scholarly take on an important Christian doctrine. It will appeal to all Christians seeking to better understand what it means to be made in God's image.

In the Likeness of God

Author : Philip Yancey,Paul Brand
Publisher : Zondervan
Page : 563 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2010-10-05
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310862604

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In the Likeness of God by Philip Yancey,Paul Brand Pdf

The human body is a likeness of God, its design revealing insights into the church, the “body of Christ” For bestselling author Philip Yancey, the late Dr. Paul Brand—the brilliant hand surgeon who devoted his life to the poorest people of India and Louisiana—was also a likeness of God, living the kind of Christian life that exemplified what God must have had in mind. In the Likeness of God combines the complete texts of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image—both Gold Medallion Award–winners which together have sold more than half a million copies—into one volume. Also included for the first time are eight beautiful litanies of praise on the human body by Dr. Brand. In Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Dr. Paul Brand and bestselling writer Philip Yancey explore the wonder of the human body and uncover the eternal statements that God has made in the very structure of our bodies. Their remarkable journey through inner space—the world of cells, systems, and chemistry—points to a still deeper unseen reality of God’s work in our lives. In His Image takes up where the first book leaves off. In five sections—Image, Blood, Head, Spirit, and Pain—the authors unlock the remarkable living lessons contained in our physical makeup.