Keys From The Golden Vault

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Keys From the Golden Vault (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book)

Author : Wizards, RPG Team
Publisher : Wizards of the Coast
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2023-02-21
Category : Games & Activities
ISBN : 9780786968961

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Keys From the Golden Vault (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book) by Wizards, RPG Team Pdf

An anthology of 13 heist-themed adventures for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Some jobs require more than simply wielding a sword or slinging a spell. Whether it’s procuring a well-guarded item or obtaining crucial information from an imprisoned contact, these tasks require careful planning and flawless execution. The secretive organization called the Golden Vault specializes in hiring crews for such jobs, and for the most daunting assignments—pursuing fabulous treasures and stopping dire threats—that crew is your characters. Keys from the Golden Vault™ is a collection of 13 short, standalone Dungeons & Dragons adventures designed for characters levels 1–11. These adventures can be placed in any setting and you can run them as one-shot games or link them together into a campaign. This book also includes in-world maps to help players plan their heists, plus advice for running nontraditional games with high risks and huge rewards.

Lore & Legends

Author : Michael Witwer,Kyle Newman,Jon Peterson,Sam Witwer,Official Dungeons & Dragons Licensed
Publisher : Ten Speed Press
Page : 417 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2023-10-03
Category : Games & Activities
ISBN : 9781984859693

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Lore & Legends by Michael Witwer,Kyle Newman,Jon Peterson,Sam Witwer,Official Dungeons & Dragons Licensed Pdf

An illustrated guide to Dungeons & Dragons’ beloved fifth edition told through interviews, artwork, and visual ephemera from the designers, storytellers, and artists who bring it to life. When the reimagined fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons debuted in the summer of 2014, tabletop roleplaying games were on the brink of obsolescence. But within a few short years, D&D found greater success than it had ever enjoyed before, even surpassing its 1980s golden age. How did an analog game nearly a half century old become a star in a digital world? For the first time, Lore & Legends reveals the incredible ongoing story of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition from the perspective of the designers, artists, and players who bring it to life. This comprehensive visual guide illuminates contemporary D&D—its development, evolution, cultural relevance, and popularity—through exclusive interviews and more than 900 pieces of artwork, photography, and advertising curated and analyzed by the authors of the bestselling and Hugo Award–nominated Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana.

The Golden Key

Author : Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Page : 158 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 2020-08-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9783752431353

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The Golden Key by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon Pdf

Reproduction of the original: The Golden Key by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

The Golden Key; Or, A Heart's Silent Worship

Author : Georgie Mrs. Sheldon
Publisher : DigiCat
Page : 174 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2022-05-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : EAN:8596547016267

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The Golden Key; Or, A Heart's Silent Worship by Georgie Mrs. Sheldon Pdf

The Golden Key Or A Heart's Silent Worship is a romantic novel by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon, an American novelist, and author of over 70 books. The book's plot develops the themes of lost parentage, forgery, deception, and stolen inheritance. The protagonists get into twisted relations, exciting love adventures, and solve a mystery to restore justice.

Locke & Key: The Golden Age

Author : Joe Hill
Publisher : IDW Publishing
Page : 236 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2022-04-27
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN : 9781649360205

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Locke & Key: The Golden Age by Joe Hill Pdf

Unlock moments from Keyhouse's long history, expanding the saga of the Locke family in this collection of stories, which includes the epic crossover with DC’s The Sandman Universe! For two hundred years, the Locke family has watched over Keyhouse, a New England mansion where reality has come unhinged and shadows are known to walk on their own. Here they have guarded a collection of impossible keys, instruments capable of unlocking both unparalleled wonder and unimaginable evil. Take a glimpse into the lives of Chamberlin Locke and his family in the early 20th century as they use the keys to fight battles big and small. From a giant spider inside Keyhouse to the killing fields of Europe during WWI and the depths of Hell, the Lockes are in a constant struggle to keep the dark forces of their world at bay. Collects three standalone tales, “Small World,” the Eisner-nominated “Open the Moon,” and the never-before-seen “Face the Music,” along with the 3-part “...In Pale Battalions Go…” and the epic 80-page crossover with The Sandman Universe, “Hell & Gone” all from the co-creators of Locke & Key, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez!

The Golden Spaniard

Author : Dennis Wheatley
Publisher : A&C Black
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2013-10-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781448212576

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The Golden Spaniard by Dennis Wheatley Pdf

Spain is writhing in the torment of Civil War. In a Madrid bank lays ten tons of gold: and both sides want it. The lovely Countess Lucretia Coralles, known to the rebels as 'The Golden Spaniard', leads the double life of a secret agent. And she has other secrets too... The Duke de Richleau's mission is to retrieve the gold, hidden somewhere in the war torn country, before the communists. In calling on his usual companions for support he finds that their sympathies lie with his enemy, and very soon the formally indomitable trio are trying to outwit one another in a potentially lethal treasure hunt. "He forcibly abducts the imagination." - The Evening Standard "The word thriller has never been more aptly bestowed." - The News Chronicle

My Crypto Codes

Author : Hasta Revista Hasta Revista Books
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 119 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2021-06-05
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9798515875190

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My Crypto Codes by Hasta Revista Hasta Revista Books Pdf

A notebook in paperback format. Crypto can be confusing or you might loose you precious crypto if you are not organised. Keep your crypto codes, user names seed phrases organised in this notebook however make sure to be keep it stored in the safest place you have. It's safer to keep your seed phrase written down by hand than in your phone or computer. The access to your wallets, exchanges and bank is for your eyes only - never to be shared with anyone.... but please remember them they could be you keys to the golden vault.

The Glass Key

Author : Joanna Marsden
Publisher : Archway Publishing
Page : 210 pages
File Size : 54,6 Mb
Release : 2015-02-27
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781480814257

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The Glass Key by Joanna Marsden Pdf

Toby and Belle, BFF, never forgot that day, and ever after called it “The day everything changed.” Because of a family crisis, the friends dreaded this might be the very last summer they would ever spend together. Trying to shake off and forget their gloom, they decided to find comfort in hiking one of their favorite trails. Then things changed. On the trail where they found the tiny Key, gritty with age, they had no idea it was exceptional in any way. Yet soon enough the little Key revealed its power: magic so potent it freed Mennoc, their grandfatherly friend trapped by a spell. In gratitude Mennoc invited the friends to join him in Story-Travel to a Far- Past-Time. As Mennoc explained, Story-Travel would allow them to see into the Past while not actually entering that world. To help them find the cave where the Story-Travel could begin, Mennoc gave Belle The Glass Key: passed down to him by his ancestors. As Mennoc began their Story Travel, he briefly held The Glass Key for emphasis, but accidentally fumbled and dropped it. In a flash, Toby and Belle found themselves inside the world of the Far-Past which only a moment ago Mennoc had described to them: a place he warned them never to enter, a place full of dangers. Transported now into this Far- Past- Time, the bewildered friends found themselves inside a village controlled by a vile, shape-shifting Wizard. With heart-stopping relief the two friends met and were helped by a lad their own age, Enon. His kind family looked after them and helped hide them from the Wizard. Yet safe as they now were, they felt dangers lurked ahead. Can Toby and Belle help Enon rescue the young boys trapped in the caves by the Wizard? Even more important, how will the two friends find a way to get home again?

A Golden Needle and A Silver Bullet

Author : Marjory Sorrell Rockwell
Publisher :
Page : 205 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2022-03-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781955036351

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A Golden Needle and A Silver Bullet by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell Pdf

"Hard to believe this is the 17th Quilters Club cozy mystery by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell. Following the adventures of the denizens of Caruthers Corners, Indiana, as these amateur sleuths solve puzzlers about quilts and crooks and crazies is as addictive as a slice of watermelon upside down cake." -Hollis George, noted editor and anthologist This time around the Quilters Club — Maddy Madison, along with her friends Lizzie, Cookie, and Bootsie — are on the trail of a fragment of the world's oldest quilt, the Tristan and Isolde Quilt. They are following a tip by the ghost of a Caruthers Corners Town Founder. Does it matter that the ghost is part of a fortune telling scam by a pair of con artists? Maddy's grandchildren — Aggie and N'yen — and their pal Sissy join the hunt. And they get a little help from that long-ago exchange student Leslie Ann Holmes, now married into British royalty. Yes, the gang's all here!

The Golden Dawn

Author : Israel Regardie,Cris Monnastre
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
Page : 848 pages
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Release : 1970
Category : Cabala
ISBN : 0875426638

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The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie,Cris Monnastre Pdf

The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as revealed by Israel Regardie, with further revision, expansion, and additional notes by Israel Regardie, Cris Monnastre, and others. A comprehensive index has been supplied by noted occultist David Godwin for this new edition. Originally published in four volumes of some 1200 pages, this 6th Revised and Enlarged Edition has been reset in half the pages (retaining the original pagination in marginal notation for reference) for greater ease and use. Corrections of errors in the original editions have been made, with further revision and additional text and notes by actual practitioners of the Golden Dawn system of magick, with an introduction by the only student ever accepted for personal training by Regardie. The Golden Dawn, once a secret order, was one of the most prestigious groups flourishing at the turn of the century. Membership included such notables as W. B. Yeats, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, Lady Frieda Harris, Brodie Innes, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, A.E. Waite, Evelyn Underhill and W. Wynn Westcott. Its influence on 20th century spiritual science has been enormous!

Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders

Author : Kevin Sylvester
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 320 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2014-10-28
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781442446052

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Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders by Kevin Sylvester Pdf

When some of the best chefs in town are murdered, fourteen-year-old chef and budding detective Neil Flambâe steps in to help the police and soon learns that their only clues are a mysterious smell and some notes that seem to relate to Marco Polo.

The Golden Rule

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 864 pages
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Release : 1847
Category : Electronic
ISBN : NYPL:33433002975633

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The Golden Rule by Anonim Pdf

A Short History of Art

Author : Francis C. Turner
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 490 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 1886
Category : Art
ISBN : NYPL:33433081858346

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A Short History of Art by Francis C. Turner Pdf


Author : Mark Twain,Edgar Allan Poe,Guy de Maupassant,Thomas Hardy,William Archer,Brander Matthews,Ambrose Bierce,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Wilkie Collins,E. F. Benson,M. R. James,E. T. A. Hoffmann,Anton Chekhov,Anna Katherine Green,W. F. Harvey,Fitz-James O'Brien,Katherine Rickford,Pliny the Younger,Helena Blavatsky,A. Conan Doyle,Villiers Adam,C. Moffett,F. Marryat,Théopile Gautier,L. Hearn,C. B. Fernando,R. L. Stevenson,T. W. Hanshew,Sir R. Anderson,R. A. Cram,Joseph L. French
Publisher : Good Press
Page : 1394 pages
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Release : 2024-01-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : EAN:8596547809548

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THE GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD'S GREATEST MYSTERIES – 60+ Detective Stories by Mark Twain,Edgar Allan Poe,Guy de Maupassant,Thomas Hardy,William Archer,Brander Matthews,Ambrose Bierce,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Wilkie Collins,E. F. Benson,M. R. James,E. T. A. Hoffmann,Anton Chekhov,Anna Katherine Green,W. F. Harvey,Fitz-James O'Brien,Katherine Rickford,Pliny the Younger,Helena Blavatsky,A. Conan Doyle,Villiers Adam,C. Moffett,F. Marryat,Théopile Gautier,L. Hearn,C. B. Fernando,R. L. Stevenson,T. W. Hanshew,Sir R. Anderson,R. A. Cram,Joseph L. French Pdf

This carefully crafted ebook: "THE GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD'S GREATEST MYSTERIES – 60+ Detective Stories, Whodunit Tales, Suspense, Occult & Supernatural Stories in One Premium Volume (Mystery & Crime Anthology)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. This collection brings to you the World's Finest Mysteries by the World's Greatest Authors. A Must Read! Table of Contents: Detective Stories The Purloined Letter (Edgar Allan Poe) A Scandal in Bohemia (A. Conan Doyle) The Safety Match (Anton Chekhov) Missing: Page Thirteen (Anna Katherine Green) . . . Suspense Stories The Birth Mark (Nathaniel Hawthorne) The Oblong Box (Edgar Allan Poe) A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins) The Torture by Hope (Villiers de l'Isle Adam) The Mysterious Card (Cleveland Moffett) . . . Ghost Stories Thrawn Janet (Robert Louis Stevenson) The Horla (Guy de Maupassant) To Sura: A Letter (Pliny the Younger) . . . The Man Who Went Too Far (E.F. Benson) The Phantom Rickshaw (Rudyard Kipling) The Apparition of Mrs. Veal (Daniel Defoe) The Damned Thing (Ambrose Bierce) . . . The Deserted House (E. T. A. Hoffmann) The Withered Arm (Thomas Hardy) The House and the Brain (Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton) The Roll-Call of the Reef (A. T. Quiller-Couch) The Open Door (Mrs. Margaret Oliphant) . . . Paranormal Psychic Stories When the World Was Young (Jack London) Joseph—A Story (Katherine Rickford) Ligeia(Edgar Allan Poe) A Ghost (Lafcadio Hearn) The Eyes of the Panther (Ambrose Bierce) Photographing Invisible Beings (William T. Stead) The Sin-Eater (Fiona Macleod) . . . Humorous Mystery Stories The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange (A. Conan Doyle) Mr. Bloke's Item (Mark Twain) The Man Who Went Too Far (E. F. Benson) The Man With The Pale Eyes (Guy de Maupassant) . . .