Living In Japan 40th Ed

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Japanese Woodblock Prints. 40th Ed

Author : Andreas Marks
Publisher : Taschen
Page : 512 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2021-06
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 383658753X

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Japanese Woodblock Prints. 40th Ed by Andreas Marks Pdf

The Japanese woodblock print is a phenomenon with no Western equivalent, one where breathtaking landscapes exist alongside blush-inducing erotica; where demons and otherworldly creatures torment the living; and where sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, and courtesans are rock stars. This condensed edition lifts the veil on a much-loved but little-...

Japan Style

Author : Geeta Mehta,Kimie Tada
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 273 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2019-09-24
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781462905959

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Japan Style by Geeta Mehta,Kimie Tada Pdf

Enter the world of the stylish Japanese house, where every object in sight is a work of art. Japan Style introduces 20 special residences. With more than 200 color photographs, this book showcases Japanese design in the stunning beauty of old homes and reveals how they are cared for by their owners. Traditional Japanese homes, with superbly crafted fine wood, great workmanship and seasonal interior arrangements, have an aesthetic of infinite simplicity. Unlike Japanese inns and historical buildings, the Japanese architecture featured in this book is on private property not open to public viewing. Japan Style offers a rare glimpse into the intimate world of everyday Japanese culture and fascinating insight into the traditional architecture of Japan.

The Art of Japanese Architecture

Author : David Young,Michiko Young
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 188 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 2019-03-26
Category : Photography
ISBN : 9781462906574

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The Art of Japanese Architecture by David Young,Michiko Young Pdf

The Art of Japanese Architecture presents a complete overview of Japanese architecture in its historical and cultural context. The book begins with a discussion of early prehistoric dwellings and concludes with a description of works by important modern Japanese architects. Along the way it discusses the iconic buildings and architectural styles for which Japan is so justly famous--from elegant Shinden and Sukiya aristocratic villas like the Kinkakuji "Golden Pavilion" in Kyoto, to imposing Samurai castles like Himeji and Matsumoto, and tranquil Zen Buddhist gardens and tea houses to rural Minka thatched-roof farmhouses and Shinto shrines. Each period in the development of Japan's architecture is described in detail and the most important structures are shown and discussed--including dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The aesthetic trends in each period are presented within the context of Japanese society at the time, providing a unique in-depth understanding of the way Japanese architectural styles and buildings have developed over time and the great variety that is visible today. The book is profusely illustrated with hundreds of hand-drawn 3D watercolor illustrations and color photos as well as prints, maps and diagrams. The new edition features dozens of new photographs and a handy hardcover format that is perfect for travelers.

Visions of Japan

Author : Hasui Kawase,Amy Reigle Newland
Publisher : Hotei Publishing
Page : 156 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2004
Category : Color prints, Japanese
ISBN : UOM:39076002803109

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Visions of Japan by Hasui Kawase,Amy Reigle Newland Pdf

A selection of one hundred masterpieces by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957), one of the most important Japanese landscape artists of the twentieth century. Large full colour illustrations show the enormous variety of snow, moon and rain scenes for which Hasui became famous. Introduction to Kawase Hasui by Ken Brown. (See also our publication 'Kawase Hasui The complete woodblock prints', 2003). Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) is considered one of the most important Japanese landscape artists of the 20th century. His prints, produced under the guidance and stern eye of his publisher, Watanabe Shôzaburô, are the modern continuation of the unforgettable works by Hiroshige and Hokusai, the 19th-century masters of this genre. As none other, he could evoke Japan of the eventful interwar period. Hasui's work enjoyed huge popularity from his very first print of 1918. In contrast to his illustrious 19th-century predecessors, his work was immediately successful in the rest of the world. His publisher, Watanabe Shôzaburô, recognised the enormous potential of the American market, which resulted in Hasui's prints fetching high prices at auctions in New York as early as the 1920s. After the Second World War, his prints were highly desired and sought after collectible items among the American occupying forces in Japan. Hasui's work has always been greatly appreciated in Japan: He was acknowledged as a 'Living National Treasure' in 1956.

Hanok: The Korean House

Author : Nani Park,Robert J. Fouser
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 176 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2015-04-14
Category : Design
ISBN : 9781462915149

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Hanok: The Korean House by Nani Park,Robert J. Fouser Pdf

"A well-presented, detailed view of traditional Korean domestic architecture overlooked until now." — Library Journal In recent decades, few nations have transformed themselves as radically as Korea. Amid Seoul's glass-and-steel skyscrapers and luxury apartments, however, the traditional Korean home or Hanok is experiencing a surprising renaissance. Hanok: The Korean House showcases twelve very special Hanok that reflect today's Korea—a country that's putting a modern twist on traditional values. While the exteriors of these houses are indistinguishable from Hanok built decades ago, the interior designs have been completely updated. Traditional materials of stone, wood, and clay are still the only components used in these houses. They also incorporate natural elements such as wind and sunlight, and baesanimsu—known in Chinese as feng shui—used to position the Hanok in harmony with the natural forces and geographical features of the site. But many of these new Hanok owners are architects who have incorporated open floor plans and cutting-edge architectural elements to create a more functional home.

Traditional Japanese Architecture

Author : Mira Locher
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2012-04-17
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781462906062

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Traditional Japanese Architecture by Mira Locher Pdf

By examining the Japanese history of buildings and building designs from prehistory to modern day, lovers of Japan will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of this island country. Simplicity, sensitivity to the natural environment, and the use of natural materials are the hallmarks of Japanese architecture. The Art of Japanese Architecture provides a broad overview of traditional Japanese architecture in its historical and cultural context. It begins with a discussion of prehistoric dwellings and concludes with a description of modern Japanese buildings. Important historical influences and trends—notably the introduction of Buddhist culture from Korea and China, the development of feudalism, and the influence of modern Western styles of building—are all discussed in detail as facets of Japanese design. Through all of these changes, a restrained architectural tradition developed in marked contrast to an exuberant tradition characterized by monumentality and the use of bold colors. The book provides tremendous insights into the dynamic nature of Japanese architecture and how it reflects an underlying diversity within Japanese culture. The book is profusely illustrated with over 370 color photographs, woodblock prints, maps, diagrams, and specially commissioned watercolors.

Living in Mexico

Author : Barbara Stoeltie,René Stoeltie
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 2011
Category : Architecture, Domestic
ISBN : 3836531720

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Living in Mexico by Barbara Stoeltie,René Stoeltie Pdf

The colors of Mexico: Diverse interiors from Costa Careyes to the Yucatan Peninsula Barbara and René Stoeltie, the dynamic writer and photographer duo, have struck gold again--this time with a truly breathtaking look at Mexico's most remarkable abodes. The Stoelties have traveled far and wide, from Costa Careyes to the Yucatan Peninsula, seeking out homes to surprise, delight, and inspire you. The contrast between Constructivist architect Luis Barragán's home, a restored 16th century hacienda, and traditional Mayan thatched-roof dwellings is telling of the vibrant palette of textures and hues to be found with the pages of this book. This diverse selection of villas, casitas, haciendas, cabanas, and palapas paints a lively and colorful picture of Mexican style. Text in English, French, and German

Another Kyoto

Author : Alex Kerr,Kathy Arlyn Sokol
Publisher : Penguin UK
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 45,5 Mb
Release : 2018-07-05
Category : Travel
ISBN : 9780141988344

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Another Kyoto by Alex Kerr,Kathy Arlyn Sokol Pdf

Another Kyoto is an insider's meditation on the hidden wonders of Japan's most enigmatic city. Drawing on decades living in Kyoto, and on lore gleaned from artists, Zen monks and Shinto priests, Alex Kerr illuminates the simplest things - a temple gate, a wall, a sliding door - in a new way. 'A rich book of intimate proportions ... In Kyoto, facts and meaning are often hidden in plain sight. Kerr's gift is to make us stop and cast our eyes upward to a temple plaque, or to squint into the gloom of an abbot's chamber' Japan Times 'Kerr and Sokol have performed a minor miracle by presenting that which is present in Kyoto as that which we have yet to see. I know that I will never pass a wall, or tread a floor, or sit on tatami the same way again' Kyoto Journal

The Selfish Gene

Author : Richard Dawkins
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Page : 372 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 1989
Category : Medical
ISBN : 0192860925

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The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins Pdf

Science need not be dull and bogged down by jargon, as Richard Dawkins proves in this entertaining look at evolution. The themes he takes up are the concepts of altruistic and selfish behaviour; the genetical definition of selfish interest; the evolution of aggressive behaviour; kinshiptheory; sex ratio theory; reciprocal altruism; deceit; and the natural selection of sex differences. 'Should be read, can be read by almost anyone. It describes with great skill a new face of the theory of evolution.' W.D. Hamilton, Science

Japanese Woodblock Prints

Author : Andreas Marks
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2012-03-13
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781462905997

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Japanese Woodblock Prints by Andreas Marks Pdf

Japanese woodblock prints, or ukiyo-e, are the most recognizable Japanese art form. Their massive popularity has spread from Japan to be embraced by a worldwide audience. Covering the period from the beginning of the Japanese woodblock print in the 1680s until the year 1900, Japanese Woodblock Prints provides a detailed survey of all the famous ukiyo-e artists, along with over 500 full-color prints. Unlike previous examinations of this art form, Japanese Woodblock Prints includes detailed histories of the publishers of woodblock prints—who were often the driving force determining which prints, and therefore which artists, would make it into mass circulation for a chance at critical and popular success. Invaluable as a guide for ukiyo-e enthusiasts looking for detailed information about their favorite Japanese woodblock print artists and prints, it is also an ideal introduction for newcomers to the world of the woodblock print. This lavishly illustrated book will be a valued addition to the libraries of scholars, as well as the general art enthusiast.

Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses Around the World

Author : Philip Jodidio
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 456 pages
File Size : 48,6 Mb
Release : 2019-01-12
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 3836571188

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Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses Around the World by Philip Jodidio Pdf

Across small cottages and lavish villas, beach houses and forest refuges, discover the world's finest crop of new homes. This cutting-edge global digest features such talents as Shigeru Ban, MVRDV, and Marcio Kogan alongside up-and-coming names like Aires Mateus, Xu Fu-Min, Vo Trong Nghia, Desai Chia, and Shunri Nishizawa. Here, there are homes in Australia and New Zealand, from China and Vietnam, in the United States and Mexico, and on to less expected places like Ecuador and Costa Rica. The result is a sweeping survey of the contemporary house and a revelation that homes across the globe may have more in common than expected. Among guava trees and abandoned forts in Western India is a sanctuary designed for and by Kamal Malik of Malik Architecture. The House of Three Streams is a sprawling spectacle with high ceilings, verandas, and pavilions, perched atop a ridge overlooking two ravines. A medley of steel, glass, wood, and stone, the house weaves along the contour of the landscape, almost as an extension of the forest. Encina House by Aranguren & Gallegos, an elegant, sloping structure reminiscent of a gazebo, similarly inhabits its surrounding vista. Ensconced in a pine forest north of Madrid, the lower level is embedded in rock and connected to the upper by a natural stone wall. Shinichi Ogawa's Seaside House is an immaculate two-story minimalist marvel in Kanagawa that overlooks the Pacific. Its living area spills onto a cantilevered terrace and infinity pool, almost dissolving into the ocean as one seamless entity. In Vietnam, Shunri Nishizawa's House in Chau Doc exudes tropical sophistication with exposed timber beams, woven bamboo, plants, concrete panels, and inner balconies and terraces. Its corrugated iron panels act as moveable walls and shutters, ushering in views of surrounding rice fields. These homes--along with more than 50 others--are each remarkably distinct in design. They all, however, toe the line between inside and outside, each one symbiotic with its surroundings.

Contemporary Japanese Architecture

Author : Philip Jodidio
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 448 pages
File Size : 50,5 Mb
Release : 2021
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 3836575116

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Contemporary Japanese Architecture by Philip Jodidio Pdf

Since Osaka World Expo '70 brought contemporary forms center stage, Japan has been a key player in global architecture. Presenting the latest in Japanese building, this book reveals how the likes of Tadao Ando, SANAA, Shigeru Ban, Kengo Kuma, and Junya Ishigami are relinking past, present, and future--building greener and smarter than ever before.

The Japanese House

Author : Alexandra Black
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 216 pages
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Release : 2012-04-10
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 4805312092

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The Japanese House by Alexandra Black Pdf

With over 200 stunning photographs, this Japanese design and architecture book showcases some of the most beautiful homes in Japan. The pure beauty of Japanese architecture and design has inspired many of the world's top architects and designers. The grace and elegance of the Japanese sensibility is reflected in both modern and traditional Japanese homes, from their fluid floor plans to their use of natural materials. In The Japanese House, renowned Japanese photographer Noboru Murata has captured this Eastern spirit with hundreds of vivid color photographs of 15 Japanese homes. As we step behind the lens with Murata, we're witness to the unique Japanese aesthetic, to the simple proportions modeled after the square of the tatami mat; to refined, rustic decor; to earthy materials like wood, paper, straw, ceramics, and textiles. This is a glorious house-tour readers can return to again and again, for ideas, inspiration or simply admiration.

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Author : Manami Okazaki
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Page : 173 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2021-11-09
Category : Antiques & Collectibles
ISBN : 9781462921973

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Japanese Kokeshi Dolls by Manami Okazaki Pdf

An inside look at kokeshi dolls: from the skilled woodworkers behind their design to their important cultural significance. Kokeshi are the simple and charming traditional Japanese dolls characterized by their cylindrical shape and lack of arms and legs. Historically made as children's toys in Japan's northern region of Tohoku, they have now become a popular collector's item and have even inspired famous architects and artists. In this visual guide, readers will find: An overview of the different types of dolls How kokeshi dolls are crafted, including information on tools and woods used Interviews with leading kokeshi craftspeople worldwide Detailed information about both traditional dolls and the modern ones being crafted today An exploration of the cultural significance of kokeshi dolls--both historically and for the areas of northern Japan that rebuilt themselves after their region was decimated by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 A guide to visiting Japan's kokeshi regions Information on how to buy the dolls--either directly from Japanese artisans or stockists worldwide Filled with artist interviews, gorgeous photos and firsthand travel experience, author Manami Okazaki has created a book to be enjoyed by all--from serious collectors to woodcrafters, interior designers, architects, armchair travelers and anyone with an interest in Japanese culture and travel.

The Hotel Book

Author : Shelley-Maree Cassidy
Publisher : Taschen
Page : 414 pages
File Size : 53,6 Mb
Release : 2003
Category : Africa
ISBN : 9783822819111

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The Hotel Book by Shelley-Maree Cassidy Pdf

Who minds sleeping under a mosquito net when it's royally draped over the bed in a lush Kenyan, open-walled hut, fashioned from tree trunks and shielded from the sun by a sumptuous thatched roof? This selection of the most-splendid getaway havens nestled throughout the African continent is sure to please even the most finicky would-be voyagers. Photos.