Murder In The Gardens

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Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Author : Andrea Penrose
Publisher : Kensington Books
Page : 370 pages
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Release : 2021-09-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781496732521


Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The latest novel in bestselling author Andrea Penrose’s popular Regency-set Wrexford & Sloane historical mystery series is a brilliant blend of intrigue and romance, complete with the excitement of an upcoming wedding—and the inconvenience of a murder. Perfect for fans of Amanda Quick, Tasha Alexander, and Deanna Raybourn. One advantage of being caught up in a whirl of dress fittings and decisions about flower arrangements and breakfast menus is that Charlotte Sloane has little time for any pre-wedding qualms. Her love for Wrexford isn’t in question. But will being a wife—and a Countess—make it difficult for her to maintain her independence—not to mention, her secret identity as famed satirical artist A.J. Quill? Despite those concerns, there are soon even more urgent matters to attend to during Charlotte and Wrexford’s first public outing as an engaged couple. At a symposium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, a visiting botanist suffers a fatal collapse. The traces of white powder near his mouth reveal the dark truth—he was murdered. Drawn into the investigation, Charlotte and the Earl learn of the victim’s involvement in a momentous medical discovery. With fame and immense fortune at stake, there’s no shortage of suspects, including some whose ruthlessness is already known. But neither Charlotte nor her husband-to-be can realize how close the danger is about to get—or to what lengths this villain is prepared to go . . . Praise for the Wrexford & Sloane Historical Mysteries “Penrose deftly combines a Regency romance with a tricky mystery that delves into social unrest and the darker side of this storied period.” —Kirkus Reviews “Its complex story line and authentic historical details bring the early days of the Industrial Revolution vividly to life. Bound to fascinate readers of C.S. Harris and even fans of Victorian mysteries.” —Library Journal,Starred Review

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Author : John Berendt
Publisher : Vintage
Page : 400 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 2010-05-12
Category : True Crime
ISBN : 9780307538376


Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • “Elegant and wicked.... [This] might be the first true-crime book that makes the reader want to book a bed and breakfast for an extended weekend at the scene of the crime." —The New York Times Book Review Shots rang out in Savannah's grandest mansion in the misty,early morning hours of May 2, 1981. Was it murder or self-defense? For nearly a decade, the shooting and its aftermath reverberated throughout this hauntingly beautiful city of moss-hung oaks and shaded squares. John Berendt's sharply observed, suspenseful, and witty narrative reads like a thoroughly engrossing novel, and yet it is a work of nonfiction. Berendt skillfully interweaves a hugely entertaining first-person account of life in this isolated remnant of the Old South with the unpredictable twists and turns of a landmark murder case. It is a spellbinding story peopled by a gallery of remarkable characters: the well-bred society ladies of the Married Woman's Card Club; the turbulent young redneck gigolo; the hapless recluse who owns a bottle of poison so powerful it could kill every man, woman, and child in Savannah; the aging and profane Southern belle who is the "soul of pampered self-absorption"; the uproariously funny black drag queen; the acerbic and arrogant antiques dealer; the sweet-talking, piano-playing con artist; young blacks dancing the minuet at the black debutante ball; and Minerva, the voodoo priestess who works her magic in the graveyard at midnight. These and other Savannahians act as a Greek chorus, with Berendt revealing the alliances, hostilities, and intrigues that thrive in a town where everyone knows everyone else. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a sublime and seductive reading experience. Brilliantly conceived and masterfully written, this enormously engaging portrait of a most beguiling Southern city has become a modern classic.

The Body in the Garden

Author : Katharine Schellman
Publisher : Crooked Lane Books
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2020-04-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781643853574


The Body in the Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Perfect for fans of Tasha Alexander and Rhys Bowen, Katharine Schellman's debut novel is sure to delight. London 1815. Though newly-widowed Lily Adler is returning to a society that frowns on independent women, she is determined to create a meaningful life for herself even without a husband. She's no stranger to the glittering world of London's upper crust. At a ball thrown by her oldest friend, Lady Walter, she expects the scandal, gossip, and secrets. What she doesn't expect is the dead body in Lady Walter's garden. Lily overheard the man just minutes before he was shot: young, desperate, and attempting blackmail. But she's willing to leave the matter to the local constables--until Lord Walter bribes the investigating magistrate to drop the case. Stunned and confused, Lily realizes she's the only one with the key to catching the killer. Aided by a roguish navy captain and a mysterious heiress from the West Indies, Lily sets out to discover whether her friend's husband is mixed up in blackmail and murder. The unlikely team tries to conceal their investigation behind the whirl of London's social season, but the dead man knew secrets about people with power. Secrets that they would kill to keep hidden. Now, Lily will have to uncover the truth, before she becomes the murderer's next target.

Death in Kew Gardens

Author : Jennifer Ashley
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 306 pages
File Size : 44,6 Mb
Release : 2019-06-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780399587900


Death in Kew Gardens Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

From the New York Times bestselling author of Scandal Above Stairs Kat Holloway steps out from beneath the stairs and into international intrigue, where murder and stolen treasure lurk among the upper echelons of Victorian London. In return for a random act of kindness, scholar Li Bai Chang presents young cook Kat Holloway with a rare and precious gift—a box of tea. Kat thinks no more of her unusual visitor until two days later when the kitchen erupts with the news that Lady Cynthia's next-door neighbor has been murdered. Known about London as an "Old China Hand," the victim claimed to be an expert in the language and customs of China, acting as intermediary for merchants and government officials. But Sir Jacob's dealings were not what they seemed, and when the authorities accuse Mr. Li of the crime, Kat and Daniel find themselves embroiled in a world of deadly secrets that reach from the gilded homes of Mayfair to the beautiful wonder of Kew Gardens.

Across the Narrow Blue Line

Author : Faith Martin
Publisher : Robert Hale Limited
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2009
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0709088418


Across the Narrow Blue Line Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A shattered DI Hillary Greene returns to work following the death of her friend, Superintendent 'Mellow' Mallow, and is immediately plunged into another murder case. An old man is found dead by his terminally ill daughter. Can DI Greene find the killer?

Death in Cornwall

Author : G.M. Malliet
Publisher : Severn House Publishers Ltd
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2021-12-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781448306305


Death in Cornwall Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A humorous cozy set in the picturesque surroundings of Cornwall starring Cambridge DCI Arthur St. Just and his fiancée Portia De’Ath. To celebrate their engagement, DCI Arthur St. Just and Portia De’Ath visit the quiet village of Maidsfell in Cornwall. Upon arriving they find the villagers in an uproar over plans to redevelop the local seafront. The fishermen want to build a new slipway to aid their business, but many residents worry it will spoil the view for the tourists who help drive the economy. After a heated village meeting on the issue, St. Just overhears an argument involving Lord Bodwally – an unpopular aristocrat staunchly opposed to the plans. Later, Bodwally’s lifeless body is discovered. It’s murder. Although Bodwally was disliked, who’d go so far as to kill him? St. Just, although an outsider from Cambridge, feels compelled to help local authorities investigate. Is Bodwally’s death linked to the seafront, his suspect business dealings, or a secret from the past? One thing is certain, the fallout threatens to change Maidsfell forever . . .

Murder in the Secret Garden

Author : Ellery Adams
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 306 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2016-08-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780425265611


Murder in the Secret Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Things really go to seed in the newest novel in the New York Times bestselling Book Retreat mysteries... There is a hidden garden bordering the grounds of Jane Steward’s book-themed resort—a garden filled with beautiful but deadly plants such as mandrake and nightshade. Tucked away behind ivy-covered walls and accessible only through a single locked door, as described in the pages of Frances Hodges Burnett's classic novel, the garden is of special interest to Jane’s current group of guests, The Medieval Herbalists. But when one of them turns up dead, Jane must discover whether a member of the group has come to Storyton Hall to celebrate their passion for plant lore or to implement a particularly cruel means for murder. With thousands of books at her disposal, Jane believes she has the proper materials to solve this deadly problem. If she’s wrong, however, she may lose something far more precious than the contents of Storyton’s secret library...

Sensational Victoria

Author : Eve Lazarus
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Release : 2012
Category : Victoria (B.C.)
ISBN : 1927380065


Sensational Victoria Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The follow-up to Eve Lazarus's successful 'At Home with History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver's Heritage Homes', 'Sensational Victoria' gives us a glimpse into aspects of Victoria rarely talked about in the tourist brochures or flowery garden guidebooks. 'Sensational Victoria' covers legendary women, including Emily Carr, Nellie McClung, Gwen Cash, Sylvia Holland, and Myfanwy Pavelic; prominent madams and their brothels; murders in the capital-five ranging from 1898 to 1992; and, the homes of limners (painters of ornamental decoration), writers, and entertainers, including Herbert Siebner, Elza Mayhew, Pat Martin Bates, Robin Skelton, Carole Sabiston, Bruce Hutchison, Alice Munro, David Foster, Spoony Sundher, and Nell Shipman. Lavishly illustrated throughout with archival and contemporary photographs, 'Sensational Victoria' is a must-read for both history buffs and regular visitors to The Garden City."This has already been a stellar year for books about localhistory. If you're still looking for a gift, there are more than a dozen top-quality choices on the shelves, from books on Victoria City Hall and the University of Victoria to ones on the Japanese community and Government Street. This late arrival, 'Sensational Victoria', is one of the year's best."- 'Times Colonist (Victoria)'

Murder at St Anne's

Author : J. R. Ellis
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Page : 284 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2021-12-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 154203017X


Murder at St Anne's Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Winter, snow, murder--and a centuries-dead suspect. In the chilly depths of a Yorkshire winter, a well-liked rector is found bludgeoned to death in her own church. With no sign of a murder weapon, local superstition quickly pins the blame on the ghost of a medieval monk believed to haunt the building... Well accustomed to unusual murder investigations, DCI Jim Oldroyd takes on the case, along with his assistant, Sergeant Andy Carter, but they are hampered at every turn by the deepening snow and the threat of the supernatural. Even as possible motives and opportunities begin to reveal themselves, Oldroyd struggles to find a better suspect than the hooded phantom. Has Oldroyd really found himself in the midst of a Gothic ghost story or is there a very real killer at large? Spectre or otherwise, it soon becomes apparent that the murderer is not yet finished. And, for Oldroyd, it's about to become personal...

The Savage Garden

Author : Mark Mills
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Page : 400 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2008-09-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780007285587


The Savage Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The No.1 bestselling novel and Richard & Judy Summer Read: a haunting tale of murder, love and lost innocence for fans of Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Jed Rubenfeld

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Author : Anne Perry
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Page : 320 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2008-03-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780345504845


Buckingham Palace Gardens Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The Prince of Wales has asked four wealthy entrepreneurs and their wives to Buckingham Palace to discuss a fantastic idea: the construction of a six-thousand-mile railroad that would stretch the full length of Africa. But the prince’s gathering proves disastrous when the mutilated body of a prostitute turns up in a linen closet among the queen’s monogrammed sheets. With great haste, Thomas Pitt, the brilliant mainstay of Special Services, is summoned to resolve the crisis. The Pitts’ cockney maid, Gracie, is also recruited to pose as a palace servant and listen in on the guests’ conversations. If Pitt and Gracie fail to find out who brutally murdered the young woman, Pitt’s career will be over, and the scandal may just cause the monarchy to fall.

Torture Garden

Author : Octave Mirbeau
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Page : 156 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 2020-09-28
Category : Torture
ISBN : 9781465606945


Torture Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

One evening some friends were gathered at the home of one of our most celebrated writers. Having dined sumptuously, they were discussing murder—apropos of what, I no longer remember probably apropos of nothing. Only men were present: moralists, poets, philosophers and doctors—thus everyone could speak freely, according to his whim, his hobby or his idiosyncrasies, without fear of suddenly seeing that expression of horror and fear which the least startling idea traces upon the horrified face of a notary. I—say notary, much as I might have said lawyer or porter, not disdainfully, of course, but in order to define the average French mind. With a calmness of spirit as perfect as though he were expressing an opinion upon the merits of the cigar he was smoking, a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences said: “Really—I honestly believe that murder is the greatest human preoccupation, and that all our acts stem from it... “ We awaited the pronouncement of an involved theory, but he remained silent. “Absolutely!” said a Darwinian scientist, “and, my friend, you are voicing one of those eternal truths such as the legendary Monsieur de La Palisse discovered every day: since murder is the very bedrock of our social institutions, and consequently the most imperious necessity of civilized life. If it no longer existed, there would be no governments of any kind, by virtue of the admirable fact that crime in general and murder in particular are not only their excuse, but their only reason for being. We should then live in complete anarchy, which is inconceivable. So, instead of seeking to eliminate murder, it is imperative that it be cultivated with intelligence and perseverance. I know no better culture medium than law.” Someone protested. “Here, here!” asked the savant, “aren't we alone, and speaking frankly?” “Please!” said the host, “let us profit thoroughly by the only occasion when we are free to express our personal ideas, for both I, in my books, and you in your turn, may present only lies to the public.” The scientist settled himself once more among the cushions of his armchair, stretched his legs, which were numb from being crossed too long and, his head thrown back, his arms hanging and his stomach soothed by good digestion, puffed smoke−rings at the ceiling: “Besides,” he continued, “murder is largely self−propagating. Actually, it is not the result of this or that passion, nor is it a pathological form of degeneracy. It is a vital instinct which is in us all—which is in all organized beings and dominates them, just as the genetic instinct. And most of the time it is especially true that these two instincts fuse so well, and are so totally interchangeable, that in some way or other they form a single and identical instinct, so that we no longer may tell which of the two urges us to give life, and which to take it—which is murder, and which love. I have been the confidant of an honorable assassin who killed women, not to rob them, but to ravish them. His trick was to manage things so that his sexual climax coincided exactly with the death−spasm of the woman: 'At those moments,' he told me, 'I imagined I was a God, creating a world!”

Garden of Sins

Author : Laura Joh Rowland
Publisher : Crooked Lane Books
Page : 349 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2022-01-11
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781643857954


Garden of Sins Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Award-winning author Laura Joh Rowland is back with the sixth in her critically acclaimed Victorian Mystery series in which Sarah must search for the killer of a woman she found murdered on a train all the while waiting for the verdict of her father's trial for heinous crimes committed two decades earlier. London, November 1890. Crime scene photographer Sarah Bain Barrett faces a perfect storm of events. She and her husband Detective Sergeant Barrett are riding on a train that crashes. While rescuing other passengers, they find a woman who's been strangled to death. Their search for her identity and her killer lead them to Cremorne Gardens, a seedy riverside pleasure park that's a combination carnival, theater, freak show, and museum of oddities. It's among the most challenging cases that Sarah, Barrett, and her friends Lord Hugh Staunton and Mick O'Reilly have ever undertaken. The suspects include a dwarf, a female acrobat, and a member of the Royal Family. Due to the royal connection, the police commissioner declares the case top-secret. Sarah and company must investigate on the quiet, keeping the suspects, the press, and the public in the dark. That's easier said than done. The investigation is complicated by the injury Hugh sustained during their last case, Mick's romance with a woman who has psychic powers, and Barrett's old flame. Meanwhile, Sarah's father Benjamin Bain goes on trial for a rape and murder that happened more than two decades ago. The victim was a teenage girl named Ellen Casey. Is Benjamin Bain as innocent as he claims? Sarah has serious doubts. The trial is the scandal of the year, a media blitz. The outcome--and the truth about the murder on the train--are beyond Sarah's wildest imaginings. What dangerous secrets are hidden behind the tawdry glamor of Cremorne Gardens? Is Benjamin Bain wrongly accused, or a guilty sinner who deserves to be hanged?

A Body in the Village Hall

Author : Dee MacDonald
Publisher : Bookouture
Page : 222 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2020-06-29
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1838882065


A Body in the Village Hall Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Kate Palmer has relocated to Cornwall for a quiet life. Moving into picturesque Lavender Cottage with her sister Angie, the little village of Lower Tinworthy should be the perfect place for their fresh new start. But within weeks of their arrival, there's a death in the close-knit community... A woman is found dead in the village hall, with her own kitchen knife next to the body, covered in blood. Kate, a practice nurse at the local medical centre, begins to piece together the clues. Fenella was at the centre of village activity, and there seem to be plenty of people who had reason to dislike her. But did any of them hate her enough to kill her? As Kate gets drawn into life in Lower Tinworthy, she begins a close friendship with Detective Inspector 'Woody' Forrest, who is near to retiring - and determined to crack his last case. Together, they set about solving the mysterious crime. But when someone breaks into Kate's home and leaves a warning note on her pillow, it becomes clear the murderer is prepared to do anything to keep their identity hidden... Will Kate work out who's responsible, before she becomes the next victim? If you love murder mysteries by Agatha Christie, Faith Martin or Joy Ellis, then this page-turning novel will have you reading late into the night! Readers are loving A Body in the Village Hall 'With a likeable protagonist in Kate, a colourful cast of supporting characters, a potential love interest and a delightful setting this was thoroughly enjoyable, fully entertaining and exactly what I was craving... I am so looking forward to more in what I hope is a new series for this author.' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars 'My first Dee MacDonald, but definitely not my last! Charming, well written, with excellent character and an intriguing plot, I adored my visit to this charming Cornish village! What a perfect read with some tea/coffee biscuits/cookies... I look forward to more books in this series and can't recommend it enough! I gobbled it up in a day and evening!!' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars 'Brilliant book like Midsomer Murders... Can't wait to read the next in the series.' Netgalley Reviewer, 5 stars 'Lots of sleuthing, suspects, great characters, misdirections, red herrings, and more. LOVED it!' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars 'A very enjoyable read to lose yourself in with many threads to unravel before the murderer is revealed.' Netgalley, 5 stars 'This book was just what the doctor ordered!... it was a real treat to read this sweet, charming and cosy book... It reminded me a bit of all the Agatha Christie books I read as a kid.' Goodreads Reviewer

The Girls in the Garden

Author : Lisa Jewell
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2016-06-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781476792231


The Girls in the Garden Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

“A page-turner for readers who like beach reads on the dark side” (People), this unputdownable domestic thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Then She Was Gone asks the question: just how much do you trust your neighbors? Imagine that you live on a picturesque communal garden square, an oasis in urban London where your children run free, in and out of other people’s houses. You’ve known your neighbors for years and you trust them. Implicitly. You think your children are safe. But are they really? On a midsummer night, as a festive neighborhood party is taking place, preteen Pip discovers her thirteen-year-old sister Grace lying unconscious and bloody in a hidden corner of a lush rose garden. What really happened to her? And who is responsible? Dark secrets, a devastating mystery, and the games both children and adults play twist together in this unforgettable novel, packed with utterly believable characters and page-turning suspense.