Never Outlive Your Money

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Never Outlive Your Money

Author : Sir Contra de Malta
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Page : 116 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2020-01-31
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781478786238

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Never Outlive Your Money by Sir Contra de Malta Pdf

Finally, the foundational lessons for financial success and personal happiness have been identified in simple language. Sir Contra de Malta and his long-time friends, associates, and professional contacts have spent many years teaching individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and retirees in the Americas, Europe, and Asia about the accumulation and preservation of wealth. Their collective teachings, through lectures, books, essays, and newsletters, as well as onsite and online seminars, provide a rational look at the real world and rapidly transitioning social, political, and economic environments. The objective is for you to create and maintain your own sustainable blueprint—your plan—for building a secure and lasting estate, one that you and your family can rely on regardless of economic, political, or cultural uncertainties “Never Outlive Your Money” is the best financial advice book I’ve ever read—and I’ve read them all! Overall, “Never Outlive Your Money” was a fast but informative read that I’ll be referencing for years to come.” — Kathy V., 34, Attorney, Florida

You Can Never Be Too Rich

Author : Alan Haft
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 324 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2007-11-09
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780470139783

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You Can Never Be Too Rich by Alan Haft Pdf

Praise for You Can Never Be Too Rich"Great guy, fantastic book. Ia??ve known Alan for many years, and Ia??m a richer man because of it.

Moving at the Speed of Wealth

Author : Wayde M. McKelvy
Publisher : Speed of Wealth
Page : 314 pages
File Size : 43,6 Mb
Release : 2009-03
Category : Finance, Personal
ISBN : 9780982247501

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Moving at the Speed of Wealth by Wayde M. McKelvy Pdf

LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE SUPER RICH!They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But not anymore!World-renowned financial expert Wayde McKelvy is revealing, for the first time ever, the seventeen closely guarded secrets that the super rich have used for decades to amass wealth. Wayde is your guide into a world of money-making that has been hidden from people for decades.Wayde knows how the wealthy keep getting richer even in an economy on the brink of collapse, and he wants you to know, too. In this book you¿ll learn the seventeen secrets that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, including:-How to use your home equity to explode your wealth-building potential-How to start your own bank-How life insurance can be the most powerful investment tool ever-How to create double-digit returns on your investments no matter what the economy is doingDon¿t miss out on amazing returns and unbelievable strategies to turn yourself into one of America¿s wealthy.

The Savage Truth on Money

Author : Terry Savage
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 257 pages
File Size : 55,7 Mb
Release : 2011-05-12
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781118100479

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The Savage Truth on Money by Terry Savage Pdf

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on money If you are overwhelmed by money decisions?and in today's post-crisis economy, who isn't??Terry Savage can help. In The Savage Truth, Second Edition, she takes the fear out of financial decision-making and makes sound financial decisions something that you simply do, rather than something that you stress about. Most importantly, Savage shows you how to gain control over your financial future, setting you free to truly enjoy the present. Details money basics, such as investing, retirement plans, life insurance, college savings, estate planning, and coping with debt Provides methods to keep you on track to reach your long-term goals of financial independence Describes technology you can use to improve your financial decision-making The truth is if it were easy to make, save, and grow money, everyone would be rich. It isn't easy. But, The Savage Truth on Money, Second Edition makes it a lot easier.

Social Security

Author : Fred Yager,Jan Yager, PhD
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Page : 296 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2015-04-07
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780241887714

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Social Security by Fred Yager,Jan Yager, PhD Pdf

Along with Medicare, Social Security is one of the "rites of passage" as older Americans retire. After contributing funds to this program their entire working life, people are anxious to start getting their monthly checks. Following a brief look at why Social Security was established and what it is intended to provide, this easy-to-understand guide carefully and simply explains all the benefits and circumstances in which one can take advantage of Social Security. Coverage includes enrolling in Social Secuirty for disability and survival benefits, as well benefits from the traditional age-requirement. The book also has a decision tree to make perfectly clear what one's benefits are depending on such factors as how early one benefits are taken, marital status, and what one believes his or her future may hold. The future of Social Security is also explored and with that possible impacts on one's future benefits.

Retire Like a Dairy Farmer

Author : Evan J. Hoobchaak
Publisher : Balboa Press
Page : 149 pages
File Size : 52,7 Mb
Release : 2012-10-01
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781452558172

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Retire Like a Dairy Farmer by Evan J. Hoobchaak Pdf

Enjoying retirement in the face of today’s uncertainty can be a difficult task. Now, investors have a step-by-step guide to help them properly manage their hard-earned retirement assets in and leading up to retirement – Retire Like a Dairy Farmer. Proper retirement income planning and basic investment strategies will help any retiree create a retirement income that can’t be outlived regardless of the market’s ups and downs.

Fear Free Retirement

Author : Richard E. Gearhart
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Page : 114 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 2011-02-07
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781456735739

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Fear Free Retirement by Richard E. Gearhart Pdf

Financial security during retirement is no guarantee. In fact, Outliving Your Money is the #1 fear among retirees. Not far behind are the fears of Losing Principal, High Health Care Costs, and Higher Taxes. Most people, including many financial advisors, do not know that each of these fears can be replaced with guarantees and control. This book shows you how. What would it be worth to eliminate these fears and not have to worry about uncertainty? You can guarantee financial security during retirement.

No More Baglady Fears

Author : Judith A. Martindale,Mary J. Moses
Publisher : iUniverse
Page : 209 pages
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Release : 1999-06
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781583484579

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No More Baglady Fears by Judith A. Martindale,Mary J. Moses Pdf

Here is an easy way for you to plan for your financial freedom in your golden years.Learn: Easy steps to evaluate your present position. What to expect from Social Security. Simple instructions on how to participate in retirement planning with your spouse. Real-life advice from women who have already retired. How to take the mystery out of financial terms and plans.A dynamic, hard-hitting and up-to-the-minute guide to prevent poverty in old age for women. Written in an easy-to-understand style, readers will be motivated to take steps to bring financial security to their futures. Ms. Martindale and Ms. Moses have writtenthecrucial work on women and how they relate to money on all levels: emotional, practical, and psychological. The authors offer practical suggestions for creating a successful retirement plan based on their many seminars and interviews with women of all ages. --Focus On BooksThe authors provide clear, encouraging advice for all women who need to think about their futures. Highly recommended. --David Rouse, Booklist

The Richest Man in China

Author : Louis F. Petrossi
Publisher : Traders Press
Page : 142 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2012-01-30
Category : Finance, Personal
ISBN : 1934354260

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The Richest Man in China by Louis F. Petrossi Pdf

In The Richest Man in China Louis F. Petrossi unlocks ancient wisdom to review how anyone can move from adversity and mediocrity to prosperity and significance. With the 8 Pillars of Wealth, you can develop: *Awareness of Infinite Intelligence *Mantra to Harvest Wealth *Prosperity Mindset *Never-Ending Wealth *The Road to Riches *Holy Grail of Wealth *Multiple Streams of Passive Income *Prosperity to Significance Petrossi's teachings will allow you to take control of your destiny and change your life forever. The wisdom and knowledge in this book is a must-read for all people who want peace of mind, wealth, and financial freedom.

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers

Author : Craig Garber
Publisher : Craig Garber
Page : 366 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2011-05
Category : Marketing
ISBN : 9780984125517

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How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers by Craig Garber Pdf

"If you are passionate about marketing, selling, or making money in business, then this is the most exciting and important book you will ever read? the strategies inside are easy to use, even if you feel "awkward" when it comes to selling and marketing - and everything is delivered in plain and simple English"--Back cover.

Put Time on Your Side

Author : Jack Sutherland
Publisher : iUniverse
Page : 82 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2016-07-28
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781491797891

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Put Time on Your Side by Jack Sutherland Pdf

Everyone knows that to retire comfortably, you need a big pile of money. So many people are intimidated by that fact that they fail to start saving and investing. The numbers seem so large and unattainable that they figure, why bother? As hard as it might seem, its possible to save the money you need to retire comfortably through a combination of planning, hard work, and investing. In this road map to combining those three elements, youll learn how to make conscious decisions to move toward achieving yourfinancial goals, decide what portion of your income to save and how much of it to invest, maintain the fi nancial discipline you need to create a stream of income upon retirement, and measure your progress as you move along in your career. The author writes in plain English and shares how hes been able to achieve financial independenceand how you can too. Success is a choice, and it begins by applying the wealth-building strategies in Put Time on Your Side.

The New Paradigm Investor

Author : Ned Gandevani
Publisher : iUniverse
Page : 242 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 2009-03
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781440123054

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The New Paradigm Investor by Ned Gandevani Pdf

In today's rough-and-tumble economic environment, investing is no longer simply a choice it's a necessity. Longer life spans, a greater imbalance between our incomes and expenses, and diminished purchasing power due to inflation are just a few reasons. The majority of Americans either don't know how to invest or feel they lack the income to do so. In The New-Paradigm Investor, author and professional trader Dr. Ned Gandevani explains why investing is important especially for middle- and working-class Americans. The new investment paradigm is all about achieving higher performance with less risk and in less time. This new model promotes short-term, flexible investment management and decision-making. The New-Paradigm Investor shows you winning strategies you can apply for successful, modern-day investing. Using real-life examples, this guide directs you through the difficult, and sometimes overwhelming, process of investing and discusses Investing for survival Constructing a winning investment portfolio Monitoring your portfolio with a winning-edge system Understanding investment psychology Employing a comprehensive, practical, and systematic approach, The New Paradigm-Investor helps you construct and monitor your investment portfolio to garner maximum returns and achieve your financial goals.

The Elements of Self-Improvement

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Black Point Publishing
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Release : 2012
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9780988035225

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The Elements of Self-Improvement by Anonim Pdf

The Elements of Self-Improvement is a must-have reference guide – one that deserves a place on everyone’s handheld, tablet, e-reader, or bookshelf. Clear, concise, and compelling, this book is an invaluable tool, whether you have just graduated, are building a career or family, are a leader in a company large or small, or are looking to give back to your community. Use just one of the nearly 200 recommendations in this book – whether it’s how to sharpen your communication skills, navigate through an organization, get along better with others, conduct crisp and successful negotiations, or choose the surest route to building wealth – and it will have paid for itself 1,000 times over.

The Last Chance Millionaire

Author : Douglas R. Andrew
Publisher : Hachette UK
Page : 368 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2007-07-30
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780446505208

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The Last Chance Millionaire by Douglas R. Andrew Pdf

Personal finance bestselling author Doug Andrew shows you a remarkable way of how to plan for your retirement that most financial planners aren't even aware of! According to Doug Andrew, the bestselling author of Missed Fortune 101, too many Americans are being led down the wrong financial path. Even worse, many Baby Boomers find themselves panicking --fearful that they've already fallen too far behind to ever catch up. In this indispensable and eye-opening guide, Andrew provides fresh new pathways to reaching financial security -- pathways that all Americans need to consider now. Centering on his Three Miracles of Wealth Accumulation: the Miracle of Compound Interest, the Miracle of Tax-Favored Accumulation, and the Miracle of Positive, Safe Leverage, Andrew explodes many of the commonly-held myths about 401ks, pensions, paying down one's mortgage, and other forms of retirement planning. Along the way, Andrew offers unique strategies that will not only increase your wealth, but also help readers enjoy their best years while securing their future.

Ready For Departure

Author : James Madison Law
Publisher :
Page : 105 pages
File Size : 55,7 Mb
Release : 2023-12-06
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9780557798513

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Ready For Departure by James Madison Law Pdf