Pineapple Port Cozy Mystery

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Pineapple Lies: Pineapple Port Romantic Comedy / Mystery: Book One

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Pineapple Port Mysteries
Page : 290 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2015-04-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0983719160


Pineapple Lies: Pineapple Port Romantic Comedy / Mystery: Book One Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A Twisty Puzzler Complete with Dogs, Romance and a Backyard Body...Solve the mystery before you die laughing Book one of the laugh-out-loud mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant. If Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and the Golden Girls had a baby, it would be the Pineapple Port series It's bad enough finding a body in your back yard

Pineapple Land War

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 212 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2019-03-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0998130869


Pineapple Land War Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

When your day starts with a man stuck to the top of a sailboat mast, things have to get better, don't they? When real estate tycoon Bucky Bloom is found stuck to the end of a sailboat mast, a land war erupts in Pineapple Port. From Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant.

Pineapple Mystery Box

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Pineapple Port Mystery
Page : 284 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 2016-05-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 069270700X


Pineapple Mystery Box Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Someone threatens to kill a neighbor who looks like an adorable Pomeranian but has a disturbing talent for revenge. Moments later, a stranger demands the return of a mysterious wooden box... or else. Declan's calculating ex-girlfriend has returned to claim she's the rightful owner of his pawn shop, and a killer is on his way to Pineapple Port!

Pineapple House Hunter

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Independently Published
Page : 304 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2020-11-17
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9798566271859


Pineapple House Hunter Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Pineapple Port Mysteries by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Amy Vansant, is a funny, clean, and gore-free small-town, female amateur sleuth series, but with all the pulse-pounding excitement of a detective thriller.When Declan and his uncle Seamus find a dead woman in the master closet of a house for sale, Seamus hopes that means he'll get a deal...but private detective Charlotte Morgan is more interested in why the body has a note pinned to its chest: Where are you going to keep YOUR clothes?When another body with a second note is found at a listing held by the same real estate agency, Charlotte is hired to find out who's trying to ruin them. The handsome owner of the agency has a way with the ladies... is one of his jilted lovers out to demonstrate just how angry a woman scorned can get?Too bad Charlotte's neighborhood "moms," Mariska and Darla, can't help with this mystery --- they're on a treasure hunt bound to cost them their weekend... and maybe their life!FEATURES BONUS SECRETS FOR YOU TO FIND! Spot the house show clichés!"I do really love a cozy mystery, and Vansant is one of the best!" -- Amazon ReaderIf you love funny mysteries that keep you up at night guessing, you'll love Pineapple Port!

The Girl Who Was Forgotten

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 398 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2021-05-15
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9798504897608


The Girl Who Was Forgotten Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

"If thrills, twists, turns, suspense, fast-paced books, and humor are your cup of tea, this series is for you!" Action-adventure from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant - a novel packed with thrills, fun, romance and heartfelt family intrigue. Life was supposed to start feeling like a permanent vacation. After years on the run from a vengeful killer, Shee McQueen is home at her father's beach hotel. The Loggerhead Inn doubles as a retreat for sunburned tourists and a haven for recovering ex-military --- men and women who help right wrongs for people in need of their particular skills. What could be more relaxing? Unless... ...Shee's estranged boyfriend --- the only man she's ever loved --- has discovered her darkest secret and the reason she left him so many years ago... ...or her first job for her father has ended in a double homicide... ...or that her very presence is driving the hotel's regulars to prove their worth by starting dangerous covert missions of their own... Wait. It couldn't be a botched kidnapping is started looking more like the work of a deranged serial killer? Hm. Maybe hold the tanning lotion. This might take a minute. The Girl Who Was Forgotten is the second explosive mystery-thriller in the Shee McQueen series, but can be read as a standalone. While the book has all the pulse-pounding action of a thriller, language, romance and violence is rated PG. The unique female lead's funny, irreverent and all-too-human asides will have you rooting for her - and her whole pack of wild, wonderful misfit friends - until the breathless end. Fans of Harlan Coban, Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Sue Grafton, Kathy Reichs and Janet Evanovich will love this exhilarating page-turner. Readers love Amy Vansant & Shee McQueen: "Great book. I could not put it down until finished with THE END. Highly recommended!" - Amazon Reader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I find it hard to express how much this book affected me, not only the story line, but the mastery of the writing itself." - Amazon Reader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Well written and a certain must-read for any thriller/suspense lover. I can hardly wait for the next book. Amy Vansant nailed it!" - Amazon Reader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This book was absolutely spellbinding. As a fan of Vansant, I pre-order and read everything she writes." - Goodreads Reader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pineapple Jailbird: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Eight - A Funny, Thrilling & Cozy (Ish) Mystery

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Pineapple Port Mysteries
Page : 338 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2019-03-20
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1091028370


Pineapple Jailbird: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Eight - A Funny, Thrilling & Cozy (Ish) Mystery Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Book EIGHT of the hilarious Pineapple Port mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant has Charlotte awaking to find Mariska and Bob gone, kidnapped from their home. Their disappearance is a message from a familiar killer: Help me or your friends will disappear.To save her loved ones, Charlotte must find a way to clear her boyfriend's crazy ex of a killing. It may be the only crime the woman didn't commit...but things don't get any easier when someone mistakes Charlotte as a traitor and sends a madman with a distinctive "tattoo" and unusual gang of deadly pets to stop her. Fans of comedic mysteries like The Thin Man, Moonlighting, Monk and Elementary will fall in love with the charming, funny and thrilling world of Pineapple Port!

Pineapple Turtles

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 289 pages
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Release : 2020-01-06
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1656538164


Pineapple Turtles Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant - Queen of the Feel-Good Thriller - sends her lead sleuth to the east coast of Florida in this tenth installment of the bestselling Pineapple Port cozy mystery series! Newly-minted detective Charlotte Morgan discovers a mysterious box in her attic, the contents of which lead her to a hotel packed with strange characters and a link to her family's past. Trusting the crafty, Yorkie-toting manager will be as difficult as tracking down the woman who might be her missing aunt.Back in Charity, her boyfriend Declan gets tangled in a local tomato war as the locals band together to stop a corporation from destroying their fallen friend's field. In addition, you'll meet some of the characters of Amy Vansant's much-anticipated NEW mystery series releasing in spring of 2020! Get a sneak peek at another wacky, wonderful world of intrigue and unforgettable characters! Pineapple Turtles is part of the Pineapple Port Series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. It's a do-not-miss novel for fans of Jana DeLeon, Janet Evanovich, Tim Dorsey, Joanna Fluke, Alan Bradley and, of course, Agatha Christie.

The Magicatory

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Release : 2016-09-11
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 0998130842


The Magicatory Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Brian, Anna, Marc and Cecily stumble into a wizard's spell and are swept to the Magicatory, the magical factory / laboratory where everything is made. Too bad they picked a lousy time to visit! A mysterious girl and a horde of goblins is planning an attack, one of the shape-shifting mages has been kidnapped, and a crazed dodo bird is on the loose. Now the lost siblings have to figure out how to use their new superpowers before the multiverse is destroyed and they can never return to Earth!

Sweet Madness

Author : Trisha Leaver,Lindsay Currie
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 2015-08-07
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781440588952


Sweet Madness Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Who was Lizzie Borden? A confused young woman, or a coldhearted killer? For generations, people all over the world have wondered how Andrew Borden and his second wife, Abby, met their gruesome deaths. Lizzie, Andrew's younger daughter, was charged, but a jury took only 90 minutes to find her not guilty. In this retelling, the family maid, Bridget Sullivan, shines a compassionate light on a young woman oppressed by her cheap father and her ambitious stepmother. Was Lizzie mad, or was she driven to madness?

The Ghost Bride

Author : Yangsze Choo
Publisher : Harper Collins
Page : 384 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2013-08-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062227386


The Ghost Bride Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Now a Netflix Mandarin original drama! From the New York Times bestselling author of The Night Tiger, a Reese’s Book Club pick Yangsze Choo’s stunning debut, The Ghost Bride, is a startlingly original novel infused with Chinese folklore, romantic intrigue, and unexpected supernatural twists. Li Lan, the daughter of a respectable Chinese family in colonial Malaysia, hopes for a favorable marriage, but her father has lost his fortune, and she has few suitors. Instead, the wealthy Lim family urges her to become a “ghost bride” for their son, who has recently died under mysterious circumstances. Rarely practiced, a traditional ghost marriage is used to placate a restless spirit. Such a union would guarantee Li Lan a home for the rest of her days, but at what price? Night after night, Li Lan is drawn into the shadowy parallel world of the Chinese afterlife, where she must uncover the Lim family’s darkest secrets—and the truth about her own family. Reminiscent of Lisa See’s Peony in Love and Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter, The Ghost Bride is a wondrous coming-of-age story and from a remarkable new voice in fiction.

Pineapple Lies

Author : Amy Vansant
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 308 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2015-04-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0692653317


Pineapple Lies Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Growing up in a fifty-five plus community, Charlotte never expected life to be wild...until she found the hot pawnbroker's mom buried in her backyard. Armed with nothing but her wits, Pineapple Port's questionable cast of characters and a growing crush, Charlotte is determined to solve the mystery of Declan's mother's murder."

Cats and Catnapping

Author : Julia Koty
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 92 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2021-03-22
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1939309212


Cats and Catnapping Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Mira Michaels finally calls her old life quits. She moves out of her psychic sister's house and is on the road to her new life. Her trip to Pennsylvania starts simply, even if her cat, Arnold, can't stop backseat driving. She refuses to accept that she can hear his kitty voice, until the radio refuses to work. At a rest stop she witnesses a catnapping of the sweet kitty that Arnold has a crush on. Mira promises to chase the catnapper across the northeast and find the cat's owner all before she must meet her realtor at her new house. Antics ensue.

Tragic Magic

Author : Laura Childs
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 282 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2009-10-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781101145166


Tragic Magic Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A New Orleans mansion is being converted into a haunted house for tourists and scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand has been enlisted to help. No sooner does the project begin than someone winds up dead.

Cooking for Geeks

Author : Jeff Potter
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Page : 433 pages
File Size : 41,8 Mb
Release : 2010-07-20
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 9781449396039


Cooking for Geeks Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Presents recipes ranging in difficulty with the science and technology-minded cook in mind, providing the science behind cooking, the physiology of taste, and the techniques of molecular gastronomy.

The Help

Author : Kathryn Stockett
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 544 pages
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Release : 2009-02-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781440697661


The Help Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The #1 New York Times bestselling novel and basis for the Academy Award-winning film—a timeless and universal story about the lines we abide by, and the ones we don’t—nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read. Aibileen is a black maid in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, who’s always taken orders quietly, but lately she’s unable to hold her bitterness back. Her friend Minny has never held her tongue but now must somehow keep secrets about her employer that leave her speechless. White socialite Skeeter just graduated college. She’s full of ambition, but without a husband, she’s considered a failure. Together, these seemingly different women join together to write a tell-all book about work as a black maid in the South, that could forever alter their destinies and the life of a small town...