Seek Him First

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Seek Ye First

Author : Gail Gleaton Bell
Publisher : WestBow Press
Page : 687 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2020-01-22
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781973681953

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Seek Ye First by Gail Gleaton Bell Pdf

How can we seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness in today’s world when all around us are temptations, trials and extreme opposition toward Christian values. Apathy toward the Church and a lack of commitment to spiritual things even among Christians saddens the faithful and those who diligently seek after the things of God. When Jesus spoke these words in Matthew 6:33, the world was no different. If it had been, He would not have had to leave the glory of Heaven to dwell among us. Jesus calls on mankind to seek and know Him because He knows that is where we will find peace and joy for this life and know kingdom living for eternity. We will not understand the full extent of His love until we learn to seek Him first and above all else. His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9), and His love for us is greater than we can imagine. Daily seeking Him is one way we can draw near to our Creator and truly know Him as He wants to be known. Let this devotional book only serve as a helper to point you to His holy Word, the Bible, where you will learn truth as you discover the omnipotence and omniscience in the presence of Holy God.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

Author : Nathaniel Max Rock
Publisher : Team Rock Press
Page : 80 pages
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Release : 2005-08
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780974939278

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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God by Nathaniel Max Rock Pdf

The recurring theme of God emerges in the form of the Kingdom of God. In thispoignant work, Rock delves into this issues which modern-day Christianity hasabandoned. (Christianity)

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2023-12-01
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9781434975102

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Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God by Anonim Pdf

Whom seek ye?

Author : Fr Jonathan Munn OblOSB
Publisher :
Page : 146 pages
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Release : 2019-01-25
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780244153311

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Whom seek ye? by Fr Jonathan Munn OblOSB Pdf

A little guide for those preparing to enter the Anglican Catholic Church, exploring their faith, or perhaps a little curious as to who we are. This book contains exercises to help explain the Catholic Faith as understood by Anglican Catholics.

The Duty of Loving and Seeking Christ Early Recommended. An Address [on Prov. Viii. 17] ... Delivered ... to the Children Attending the Aberdeen Gratis Sabbath Evening Schools

Author : Duncan GRANT (Minister of Alves.)
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 32 pages
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Release : 1818
Category : Electronic
ISBN : BL:A0021680642

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The Duty of Loving and Seeking Christ Early Recommended. An Address [on Prov. Viii. 17] ... Delivered ... to the Children Attending the Aberdeen Gratis Sabbath Evening Schools by Duncan GRANT (Minister of Alves.) Pdf

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

Author : Dr. Julia Floyd Jones
Publisher : WestBowPress
Page : 270 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 2014-01-27
Category : Study Aids
ISBN : 9781490818665

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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God by Dr. Julia Floyd Jones Pdf

This workbook will help you explore covenants, betrayal, deception, blessings, healing, inheritance, forgiveness, and much more.

OK, God, Let's Start From Here

Author : Tricia Draper
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Page : 125 pages
File Size : 55,8 Mb
Release : 2019-04-02
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781644162576

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OK, God, Let's Start From Here by Tricia Draper Pdf

Have you ever wondered what God is saying to you? Do you have questions you would like answered? In this book, God answers such questions about how to trust, praise and listen to Him. God chose you specifically and wants you to have a deep personal relationship with Him. He has a special purpose for your life. You may be at a point in your relationship with God that you feel you have messed up and completely ruined everything you had, or you may feel that you are simply unworthy. When we feel this way, God is right there waiting for us to ask for His help. We need to empty ourselves of all the negative things in our lives and allow Him to fill us up with His love. The great news is that God loves you and He always will! He's there in our darkest hour and He's there when we are rejoicing. He sees our needs and when we turn to Him, He is waiting with open arms to receive us. We can all rest assured that no matter how we mess up or how many times, we can always start fresh by saying, "OK, God, let's start from here."

The Complete Works of C. H. Spurgeon, Volume 35

Author : Spurgeon, Charles
Publisher : Delmarva Publications, Inc.
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 2015-03-26
Category : History
ISBN : 8210379456XXX

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The Complete Works of C. H. Spurgeon, Volume 35 by Spurgeon, Charles Pdf

Volume 35 Sermons 2062-2120 Charles Spurgeon (19 June 1834 – 31 January 1892) is one of the church’s most famous preachers and Christianity’s foremost prolific writers. Called the “Prince of Preachers,” he was one of England's most notable ministers for most of the second half of the nineteenth century, and he still remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations today. His sermons have spread all over the world, and his many printed works have been cherished classics for decades. In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to more than 10 million people, often up to ten times each week. He was the pastor of the congregation of the New Park Street Chapel (later the Metropolitan Tabernacle) in London for 38 years. He was an inexhaustible author of various kinds of works including sermons, commentaries, an autobiography, as well as books on prayer, devotionals, magazines, poetry, hymns and more. Spurgeon was known to produce powerful sermons of penetrating thought and divine inspiration, and his oratory and writing skills held his audiences spellbound. Many Christians have discovered Spurgeon's messages to be among the best in Christian literature. Edward Walford wrote in Old and New London: Volume 6 (1878) quoting an article from the Times regarding one of Spurgeon’s meetings at Surrey: “Fancy a congregation consisting of 10,000 souls, streaming into the hall, mounting the galleries, humming, buzzing, and swarming—a mighty hive of bees—eager to secure at first the best places, and, at last, any place at all. After waiting more than half an hour—for if you wish to have a seat you must be there at least that space of time in advance—Mr. Spurgeon ascended his tribune. To the hum, and rush, and trampling of men, succeeded a low, concentrated thrill and murmur of devotion, which seemed to run at once, like an electric current, through the breast of every one present, and by this magnetic chain the preacher held us fast bound for about two hours. It is not my purpose to give a summary of his discourse. It is enough to say of his voice, that its power and volume are sufficient to reach every one in that vast assembly; of his language, that it is neither high-flown nor homely; of his style, that it is at times familiar, at times declamatory, but always happy, and often eloquent; of his doctrine, that neither the 'Calvinist' nor the 'Baptist' appears in the forefront of the battle which is waged by Mr. Spurgeon with relentless animosity, and with Gospel weapons, against irreligion, cant, hypocrisy, pride, and those secret bosom-sins which so easily beset a man in daily life; and to sum up all in a word, it is enough to say of the man himself, that he impresses you with a perfect conviction of his sincerity.” More than a hundred years after his death, Charles Spurgeon’s legacy continues to effectively inspire the church around the world. For this reason, Delmarva Publications has chosen to publish the complete works of Charles Spurgeon.

Horae Homileticae: Or Discourses (principally in the Form of Skeletons) Now First Digested Into One Continued Series, and Forming a Commentary Upon Every Book of the Old and New Testament; to which is Annexed, an Improved Edition of a Translation of Claude's Essay on the Composition of a Sermon

Author : Charles Simeon
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 652 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 1832
Category : Electronic
ISBN : BSB:BSB10462117

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Horae Homileticae: Or Discourses (principally in the Form of Skeletons) Now First Digested Into One Continued Series, and Forming a Commentary Upon Every Book of the Old and New Testament; to which is Annexed, an Improved Edition of a Translation of Claude's Essay on the Composition of a Sermon by Charles Simeon Pdf

Time In The Garden

Author : Dan And Brenda J. Robinson,Labron And Brooke Cason
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Page : 414 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2010
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9781449056155

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Time In The Garden by Dan And Brenda J. Robinson,Labron And Brooke Cason Pdf

Time in the Garden is a 365 day family devotional. The devotionals involve the entire family. The journal section of this devotional is intended to draw the family together and into a more intimate relationship with God. The unique design of this devotional will allow the family to become co-author as they journal what they gleaned from its contents. It is a tool of righteousness that can leave a legacy for generations to come. Our prayer is that this book will help you in your Christian walk as you journey through this life.

The Scottish Pulpit

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 500 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 1839
Category : Sermons
ISBN : NYPL:33433089981280

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The Scottish Pulpit by Anonim Pdf

Runaway Emotions

Author : Jeff Schreve
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Page : 241 pages
File Size : 46,6 Mb
Release : 2013-07-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781400204830

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Runaway Emotions by Jeff Schreve Pdf

If we pay attention to the alarms in our lives, they could save us. Worry. Anger. Loneliness. Negative emotions are uncomfortable by design. Like any good fire alarm, they alert us to a greater danger. But they won’t help us if we try to cover them up, hide them behind excuses, or assume they will always plague us. The only healthy way to manage negative emotions is to find their source and address the problem that set them off. As pastor Jeff Schreve says, “A specific and compelling message can be found in each of your negative, painful emotions. God Himself is trying to speak to you through those emotions—right now.” So what is God saying? How can we understand our emotions—even change them? Schreve shows how the truth of the Bible can make sense of our confusion. The power of the Holy Spirit can lead us to freedom, and Jesus Christ can give us true peace in the midst of any crisis. You don’t have to let your emotions run away with you, your family, or your future.