The Fallacy Detective

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The Fallacy Detective

Author : Nathaniel Bluedorn,Hans Bluedorn
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 260 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2015-04-04
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 0974531596

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The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn,Hans Bluedorn Pdf

The Fallacy Detective has been the best selling text for teaching logical fallacies and introduction to logic for over 15 years. "Can learning logic be fun? With The Fallacy Detective it appears that it can be. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his reasoning skills."--Tim Challies, curriculum reviewer "Cartoon and comic illustrations, humorous examples, and a very reader-friendly writing style make this the sort of course students will enjoy."--Cathy Duffy, homeschool curriculum reviewer "I really like The Fallacy Detective because it has funny cartoons, silly stories, and teaches you a lot!"--11 Year Old What is a fallacy? A fallacy is an error in logic a place where someone has made a mistake in his thinking. This is a handy book for learning to spot common errors in reasoning. - For ages twelve through adult. - Fun to use -- learn skills you can use right away. - Peanuts, Dilbert, and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. - Includes The Fallacy Detective Game. - Exercises with answer key.

The Fallacy Detective

Author : Nathaniel Bluedorn,Hans Bluedorn
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 262 pages
File Size : 52,8 Mb
Release : 2015
Category : Fallacies (Logic)
ISBN : 097453157X

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The Fallacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn,Hans Bluedorn Pdf

Logically Fallacious

Author : Bo Bennett
Publisher :
Page : 360 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 2012-02-19
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781456607371

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Logically Fallacious by Bo Bennett Pdf

This book is a crash course in effective reasoning, meant to catapult you into a world where you start to see things how they really are, not how you think they are. The focus of this book is on logical fallacies, which loosely defined, are simply errors in reasoning. With the reading of each page, you can make significant improvements in the way you reason and make decisions. Logically Fallacious is one of the most comprehensive collections of logical fallacies with all original examples and easy to understand descriptions, perfect for educators, debaters, or anyone who wants to improve his or her reasoning skills. "Expose an irrational belief, keep a person rational for a day. Expose irrational thinking, keep a person rational for a lifetime." - Bo Bennett This 2021 Edition includes dozens of more logical fallacies with many updated examples.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Author : Ali Almossawi
Publisher : The Experiment
Page : 66 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2014-09-23
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781615192250

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An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi Pdf

“A flawless compendium of flaws.” —Alice Roberts, PhD, anatomist, writer, and presenter of The Incredible Human Journey The antidote to fuzzy thinking, with furry animals! Have you read (or stumbled into) one too many irrational online debates? Ali Almossawi certainly had, so he wrote An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments! This handy guide is here to bring the internet age a much-needed dose of old-school logic (really old-school, a la Aristotle). Here are cogent explanations of the straw man fallacy, the slippery slope argument, the ad hominem attack, and other common attempts at reasoning that actually fall short—plus a beautifully drawn menagerie of animals who (adorably) commit every logical faux pas. Rabbit thinks a strange light in the sky must be a UFO because no one can prove otherwise (the appeal to ignorance). And Lion doesn’t believe that gas emissions harm the planet because, if that were true, he wouldn’t like the result (the argument from consequences). Once you learn to recognize these abuses of reason, they start to crop up everywhere from congressional debate to YouTube comments—which makes this geek-chic book a must for anyone in the habit of holding opinions.

Mastering Logical Fallacies

Author : Michael Withey
Publisher : Zephyros Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Release : 2016-06-21
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 1623157102

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Mastering Logical Fallacies by Michael Withey Pdf

“If I have learned anything in ten years of formal debating, it is that arguments are no different: without a good understanding of the rules and tactics, you are likely to do poorly and be beaten.”—HENRY ZHANG, President of the Yale Debate Association Your argument is valid and you know it; yet once again you find yourself leaving a debate feeling defeated and embarrassed. The matter is only made worse when you realize that your defeat came at the hands of someone’s abuse of logic—and that with the right skills you could have won the argument. The ability to recognize logical fallacies when they occur is an essential life skill. Mastering Logical Fallacies is the clearest, boldest, and most systematic guide to dominating the rules and tactics of successful arguments. This book offers methodical breakdowns of the logical fallacies behind exceedingly common, yet detrimental, argumentative mistakes, and explores them through real life examples of logic-gone-wrong. Designed for those who are ready to gain the upper hand over their opponents, this master class teaches the necessary skills to identify your opponents’ misuse of logic and construct effective, arguments that win. With the empowering strategies offered in Mastering Logical Fallacies you’ll be able to reveal the slight-of-hand flaws in your challengers’ rhetoric, and seize control of the argument with bulletproof logic.

Archer and Zowie

Author : Hans Bluedorn
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 278 pages
File Size : 53,5 Mb
Release : 2018-08-24
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1732883319

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Archer and Zowie by Hans Bluedorn Pdf

A sci-fi adventure for kids, written by an author of The Fallacy Detective. Use your imagination to travel into space with an evil microwave and learn the importance of Trash Day.This is a small, but feisty, story about Archer and Zowie: two friends who build a spaceship and travel into deep space on purpose but crash on an alien planet by accident. Then, get into a big argument about it.It is also about the mysterious Teleportee. A device so strange it can crumple up and chew on the whole universe in one googlebillionth of a second.In this book Archer and Zowie will battle dark matter, babysitters, teleporting microwave ovens, big penguin aliens, and even the author of this book to come out on the other side . . . very dirty.

The Art of Argument

Author : Aaron Larsen,Joelle Hodge,Chris Perrin
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 49,6 Mb
Release : 2010
Category : Fallacies (Logic)
ISBN : 1600510183

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The Art of Argument by Aaron Larsen,Joelle Hodge,Chris Perrin Pdf

Junior high aged students will argue (and sometimes quarrel), but they won't argue well without good training. Young teens are also targeted by advertisers with a vengeance. From billboards to commercials to a walk down the mall, fallacious arguments are everywhere you look. The Art of Argument was designed to teach the argumentative adolescent how to reason with clarity, relevance and purpose at a time when he has a penchant for the why and how. It is designed to equip and sharpen young minds as they live, play, and grow in this highly commercial culture. This course teaches students to recognize and identify twenty-eight informal fallacies, and the eye-catching text includes over sixty slick and clever, ?phony advertisements? for items from blue jeans to pick-up trucks, which apply the fallacies to a myriad of real life situations.

81 Fresh & Fun Critical-thinking Activities

Author : Laurie Rozakis
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Page : 124 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 1998
Category : Critical thinking
ISBN : 0590375261

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81 Fresh & Fun Critical-thinking Activities by Laurie Rozakis Pdf

Help children of all learning styles and strengths improve their critical thinking skills with these creative, cross-curricular activities. Each engaging activity focuses on skills such as recognizing and recalling, evaluating, and analyzing.

Bad Arguments

Author : Robert Arp,Steven Barbone,Michael Bruce
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 449 pages
File Size : 53,5 Mb
Release : 2018-10-29
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781119167907

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Bad Arguments by Robert Arp,Steven Barbone,Michael Bruce Pdf

A timely and accessible guide to 100 of the most infamous logical fallacies in Western philosophy, helping readers avoid and detect false assumptions and faulty reasoning You’ll love this book or you’ll hate it. So, you’re either with us or against us. And if you’re against us then you hate books. No true intellectual would hate this book. Ever decide to avoid a restaurant because of one bad meal? Choose a product because a celebrity endorsed it? Or ignore what a politician says because she’s not a member of your party? For as long as people have been discussing, conversing, persuading, advocating, proselytizing, pontificating, or otherwise stating their case, their arguments have been vulnerable to false assumptions and faulty reasoning. Drawing upon a long history of logical falsehoods and philosophical flubs, Bad Arguments demonstrates how misguided arguments come to be, and what we can do to detect them in the rhetoric of others and avoid using them ourselves. Fallacies—or conclusions that don’t follow from their premise—are at the root of most bad arguments, but it can be easy to stumble into a fallacy without realizing it. In this clear and concise guide to good arguments gone bad, Robert Arp, Steven Barbone, and Michael Bruce take readers through 100 of the most infamous fallacies in Western philosophy, identifying the most common missteps, pitfalls, and dead-ends of arguments gone awry. Whether an instance of sunk costs, is ought, affirming the consequent, moving the goal post, begging the question, or the ever-popular slippery slope, each fallacy engages with examples drawn from contemporary politics, economics, media, and popular culture. Further diagrams and tables supplement entries and contextualize common errors in logical reasoning. At a time in our world when it is crucial to be able to identify and challenge rhetorical half-truths, this bookhelps readers to better understand flawed argumentation and develop logical literacy. Unrivaled in its breadth of coverage and a worthy companion to its sister volume Just the Arguments (2011), Bad Arguments is an essential tool for undergraduate students and general readers looking to hone their critical thinking and rhetorical skills.

Logical Fallacy Monsters

Author : Blique
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Page : 124 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2017-07-23
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1973885484

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Logical Fallacy Monsters by Blique Pdf

Logic seems like a simple thing. And yet, somehow, mistakes in logic happen all the time. But how do these mistakes, these "fallacies," happen? Maybe they are caused by a lack of knowledge. Maybe they are caused by a lack of critical thinking. Maybe they are caused by small monsters that live in people's heads, encouraging them to believe someone's lies, or maybe pick the easy, deceitful way to win a difficult argument. This book is about those monsters.

The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies

Author : Douglas J. Wilson,Nathan D. Wilson
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 320 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2015-07-21
Category : Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN : 1591281873

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The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies by Douglas J. Wilson,Nathan D. Wilson Pdf

"This book makes discovering informal fallacies (fallacies of content, rather than form) fairly is modeled after medieval bestiaries. Each fallacy is drawn as a caricature of a mythical beast.The beast is described, as well as its appeal. Then, the authors use anecdotes to show how each beast behaves "in the wild." Each "adorable fallacy" is discussed in a matter of just a few pages....Each fallacy is followed up with a few short discussion questions, and an opportunity to identify these beasts in the field"--Web review.

Come, Let Us Reason

Author : Norman L. Geisler,Ronald M. Brooks
Publisher : Baker Academic
Page : 232 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 1990-08-01
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 0801038367

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Come, Let Us Reason by Norman L. Geisler,Ronald M. Brooks Pdf

The perfect introductory textbook, this simplified study of logic prepares readers to reason thoughtfully and to spot illogic in an argument.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Author : Douglas Adams
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 272 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2014-10-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781476782997

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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams Pdf

From Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, comes a wildly inventive novel—in trade paperback for the first time—of ghosts, time travel, and one detective's mission to save humanity from extinction. Quirky and bumbling private investigator Dirk Gently stumbles upon a ghost, millions of years old, wandering the earth and disturbing its people. Dirk soon discovers this phantom yearns for more than a good haunting: it is desperately trying to go back in time to prevent its own death. But this ghost was no ordinary person, and helping it save itself just might change the modern world as we know it. And not in a good way… Endlessly entertaining, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency proves that, indeed, “few writers have had such an infectious prose style as Adams” (The Observer). As Dirk Gently tries to solve the mysteries of the universe and the human soul, readers will have their own mystery to solve: Where did the time go?

Art of Reasoning: An Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

Author : David Kelley
Publisher : W. W. Norton
Page : 626 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 2013-10
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 0393740080

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Art of Reasoning: An Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking by David Kelley Pdf

Students learn logic by practicing it by working through problems, analyzing existing arguments, and constructing their own arguments in plain language and symbolic notation. The Art of Reasoning not only introduces the principles of critical thinking and logic in a clear, accessible, and logical manner thus practicing what it preaches but it also provides ample opportunity for students to hone their skills and master course content.