The Shell Builders

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The Shell Builders

Author : Colin Brooker
Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press
Page : 320 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2020-08-25
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781643360720

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The Shell Builders by Colin Brooker Pdf

Beaufort, South Carolina, is well known for its historical architecture, but perhaps none is quite as remarkable as those edifices formed by tabby, sometimes called coastal concrete, comprising a mixture of lime, sand, water, and oyster shells. Tabby itself has a storied history stretching back to Iberian, Caribbean, Spanish American, and even African roots—brought to the United States by adventurers, merchants, military engineers, planters, and the enslaved. Tabby has been preserved most abundantly in the Beaufort area and its outlying islands, (and along the Sea Islands all the way to Florida as well) with Fort Frederick in 1734 having the earliest example of a diverse group of structures, which included town houses, seawalls, planters' homes, barns, agricultural buildings, and slave quarters. Tabby's insulating properties are excellent protection from long, hot, humid, and sometimes deadly summers; and on the islands, particularly, wealthy plantation owners built grand houses for themselves and improved dwellings for enslaved workers that after two hundred-plus years still stand today. An extraordinarily hardy material, tabby has a history akin to some of the world's oldest building techniques and is referred to as "rammed earth," as well as " tapia" in Spanish, "pisé de terre" in French, and "hangtu" in Chinese. The form that tabby construction took along the Sea Islands, however, was born of necessity. Here stone and brick were rare and expensive, but the oyster shells that were used as the source for the tabby's lime base were plentiful. Today these bits of shell, often visible in the walls and forms constructed long ago, give tabby its unique and iconic appearance. Colin Brooker, architect and expert on historic restoration, has not only made an exhaustive foray into local tabby architecture and heritage; he also has made a multinational tour as well in search of tabby origins, evolution, and diffusion from the Bahamas to Morocco to Andalusia, which can be traced back as far as the tenth century. Brooker has spent more than thirty years investigating the origins of tabby, its chemistry, its engineering, and its limitations. The Shell Builders lays out a sweeping, in-depth, and fascinating investigative journey—at once archaeological, sociological, and historical—into the ways prior inhabitants used and shaped their environment in order to house and protect themselves, leaving behind an architectural legacy that is both mysterious and beautiful. Lawrence S. Rowland, a distinguished professor emeritus of history at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and past president of the South Carolina Historical Society, provides a foreword.

Marine Engineer and Motorship Builder

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 586 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 1894
Category : Marine engineering
ISBN : NYPL:33433069076127

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Marine Engineer and Motorship Builder by Anonim Pdf

The Manufacturer and Builder

Author : Peter Henri Vander Weyde,William Henry Wahl
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 316 pages
File Size : 52,8 Mb
Release : 1871
Category : Building
ISBN : UOM:39015011938076

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The Manufacturer and Builder by Peter Henri Vander Weyde,William Henry Wahl Pdf

Billed in early issues as "a practical journal of industrial progress", this monthly covers a broad range of topics in engineering, manufacturing, mechanics, architecture, building, etc. Later issues say it is "devoted to the advancement and diffusion of practical knowledge."

The Builder

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 842 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 1881
Category : Architecture
ISBN : UOM:39015080309936

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The Builder by Anonim Pdf

The Mississippian Culture: The Mound Builders

Author : Louise Spilsbury
Publisher : Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP
Page : 50 pages
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Release : 2018-07-15
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781538225677

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The Mississippian Culture: The Mound Builders by Louise Spilsbury Pdf

The Mound Builders were some of the most advanced Native peoples to be encountered by European explorers. They made their homes in the part of North America along what is now known as the Mississippi River. Their complex, ancient culture is very impressive: the Mound Builders are credited with being the first group of people to rely on farming as a major source of food. This book features photographs of cool artifacts and critical thinking questions to engage readers as they draw their own conclusions while learning about the Mound Builders.

The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-builder

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 998 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 1929
Category : Marine engines
ISBN : UOM:39015024239496

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The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-builder by Anonim Pdf

History of Construction Cultures Volume 1

Author : João Mascarenhas-Mateus,Ana Paula Pires
Publisher : CRC Press
Page : 1535 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2021-08-01
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9781000468786

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History of Construction Cultures Volume 1 by João Mascarenhas-Mateus,Ana Paula Pires Pdf

History of Construction Cultures Volume 1 contains papers presented at the 7ICCH – Seventh International Congress on Construction History, held at the Lisbon School of Architecture, Portugal, from 12 to 16 July, 2021. The conference has been organized by the Lisbon School of Architecture (FAUL), NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Portuguese Society for Construction History Studies and the University of the Azores. The contributions cover the wide interdisciplinary spectrum of Construction History and consist on the most recent advances in theory and practical case studies analysis, following themes such as: - epistemological issues; - building actors; - building materials; - building machines, tools and equipment; - construction processes; - building services and techniques ; -structural theory and analysis ; - political, social and economic aspects; - knowledge transfer and cultural translation of construction cultures. Furthermore, papers presented at thematic sessions aim at covering important problematics, historical periods and different regions of the globe, opening new directions for Construction History research. We are what we build and how we build; thus, the study of Construction History is now more than ever at the centre of current debates as to the shape of a sustainable future for humankind. Therefore, History of Construction Cultures is a critical and indispensable work to expand our understanding of the ways in which everyday building activities have been perceived and experienced in different cultures, from ancient times to our century and all over the world.

Felix Candela, Shell-builder

Author : Sara Richardson
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 12 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 1989
Category : Architects
ISBN : UCSD:31822003900081

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Felix Candela, Shell-builder by Sara Richardson Pdf

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics

Author : K.L. Kosanke,Barry T. Sturman,Robert M. Winokur,B.J. Kosanke
Publisher : Journal of Pyrotechnics
Page : 1208 pages
File Size : 48,9 Mb
Release : 2012-10
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9781889526218

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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics by K.L. Kosanke,Barry T. Sturman,Robert M. Winokur,B.J. Kosanke Pdf

Archaeology in America [4 volumes]

Author : Linda S. Cordell,Kent Lightfoot,Francis McManamon,George Milner
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Page : 1477 pages
File Size : 48,6 Mb
Release : 2008-12-30
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780313021893

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Archaeology in America [4 volumes] by Linda S. Cordell,Kent Lightfoot,Francis McManamon,George Milner Pdf

The greatness of America is right under our feet. The American past—the people, battles, industry and homes—can be found not only in libraries and museums, but also in hundreds of archaeological sites that scientists investigate with great care. These sites are not in distant lands, accessible only by research scientists, but nearby—almost every locale possesses a parcel of land worthy of archaeological exploration. Archaeology in America is the first resource that provides students, researchers, and anyone interested in their local history with a survey of the most important archaeological discoveries in North America. Leading scholars, most with an intimate knowledge of the area, have written in-depth essays on over 300 of the most important archaeological sites that explain the importance of the site, the history of the people who left the artifacts, and the nature of the ongoing research. Archaeology in America divides it coverage into 8 regions: the Arctic and Subarctic, the Great Basin and Plateau, the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, the Northeast, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the West Coast. Each entry provides readers with an accessible overview of the archaeological site as well as books and articles for further research.

Our Fathers' Fields

Author : Kibler, James Everett
Publisher : Pelican Publishing
Page : 476 pages
File Size : 45,7 Mb
Release : 2023-12-05
Category : Newberry County (S.C.)
ISBN : 1455610003

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Our Fathers' Fields by Kibler, James Everett Pdf

Originally published: Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 1998.

The Evolutionary World

Author : Geerat J. Vermeij
Publisher : Macmillan
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2010-11-23
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781429925778

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The Evolutionary World by Geerat J. Vermeij Pdf

"One of the master naturalists of our time" (American Scientist) reveals how evolutionary theory explains and affects not just the natural world but our society---and its future. Evolution has outgrown its original home in biology and geology. The Evolutionary World shows how evolution---descent with modification---is a concept that organizes, explains, and predicts a multitude of unconnected facts and phenomena. Adaptation plays a role not only in the development of new species but the development of human civilization. By understanding how evolutionary theory has played out in areas such as our economic system, our preparation for catastrophes, and even the development of communities, we can learn not just how these systems work but also what challenges lie ahead. Blind since the age of three, Dr. Geerat J. Vermeij has become renowned for his unique abilities to recognize details in the natural world that other scientists would never have noticed. In this book, he presents a new argument for evolution's broader importance. He explores similarities between genomes and languages, the contrasting natural economies of islands and continents, the emergence and importance of human values, the long-range consequences of global warming, and the perils of monopoly. He also shows that the lessons of evolution have implications for education, our system of laws, and economic growth. The Evolutionary World makes a fascinating argument about the broad-reaching impact and importance of evolution. It offers a way for us to understand and work with evolution's principles so that we can devise better solutions for our own lives, society, and the environment around us.

Material Matters

Author : Katie Lloyd Thomas
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 396 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 2006-12-05
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781134228232

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Material Matters by Katie Lloyd Thomas Pdf

Bringing together texts and work by theorists and practitioners who are making material central to their work, this book reflects the diverse areas of inquiry which are expanding current material discourse. Focusing on the cultural, political, economic, technological and intellectual forces which shape material practices in architecture, the contributors draw on disciplines ranging from philosophy, history and pedagogy to art practice and digital and low-tech fabrication. By paying critical attention to material, a wide range of issues emerge which are otherwise excluded from architectural discourse, issues that shape and determine the buildings we make, the processes we use and the ways we understand them. Beautifully illustrated and designed, this book is a unique collection which will be of great interest to architectural practitioners and theorists who want to consider the wider implications of material practice, and to students who are developing their own approach to making buildings.