The Way Of Bach

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The Way of Bach

Author : Dan Moller
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Page : 159 pages
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Release : 2020-11-03
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781643135816

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The Way of Bach by Dan Moller Pdf

A tale of passion and obsession from a philosophy professor who learns to play Bach on the piano as an adult. Dan Moller grew up listening to heavy metal in teh Boston suburbs. But one day, something shifted when he dug out his mother's record of The Art of the Fugue, inexplicably wedged between ABBA's greatest hits and Kenny Rogers. Moller was fixated on Bach ever since. In The Way of Bach, he draws us into fresh and often improbably hilarious things about Bach and his music. Did you know the Goldberg Variations contain a song about his mom cooking too much cabbage? Just what is so special about Bach’s music? Why does it continue to resonate even today? What can modern Americans—steeped in pop culture—can learn from European craftsmanship? And, because it is Bach, why do some people see a connection between music and God? By turn witty and though-provoking, Moller infuses The Way of Bach with philosophical considerations about how music and art enable us to contemplate life's biggest questions.

The Little Bach Book

Author : David J Gordon
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 160 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2017-05
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 0692878416

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The Little Bach Book by David J Gordon Pdf

The central subject of this richly illustrated book is the life and career of J. S. Bach, but nearly half the pages are devoted to engaging and detailed descriptions of the everyday world that surrounded him in the early 1700s. Both elements contain the unexpected. Written by a master storyteller and renowned performer of Bach's music.

The Children's Bach

Author : Helen Garner
Publisher : Pantheon
Page : 177 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2023-10-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553387421

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The Children's Bach by Helen Garner Pdf

The New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice • Now in a new edition with a foreword by Rumaan Alam, a modern classic from one of Australia’s greatest writers • "It’s high time American readers knew her generous, category-defying imagination."—New York Times "The Children’s Bach is [Garner’s] masterpiece."—Public Books Set in suburban Melbourne in the early 1980s, The Children’s Bach centers on Dexter and Athena Fox, their two sons, and the insulated world they’ve built together. Despite the routine challenges of domestic life, they are largely happy. But when a friend from Dexter’s past resurfaces and introduces the couple to the city’s bohemian underground—unbound by routine and driven by desire—Athena begins to wonder if life might hold more for her, and the tenuous bonds that tie the Foxes together start to fray. A literary institution in Australia, Helen Garner’s perfectly formed novels embody the tumultuous 1970s and 1980s. Drawn on a small canvas and with a subtle musical backdrop, The Children’s Bach is “a jewel” (Ben Lerner) within Garner’s revered catalogue, a beloved work that solidified her place among the masters of modern letters, a finely etched masterpiece that weighs the burdens of commitment against the costs of liberation.

Reinventing Bach

Author : Paul Elie
Publisher : Union Books
Page : 512 pages
File Size : 43,6 Mb
Release : 2013-04-04
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781908526410

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Reinventing Bach by Paul Elie Pdf

DIV Johann Sebastian Bach – celebrated pipe organist, court composer and master of sacred music – was also a technical pioneer. Working in Germany in the early eighteenth century, he invented new instruments and carried out experiments in tuning, the effects of which are still with us today. Two hundred years later, a number of extraordinary musicians have utilised the music of Bach to thrilling effect through the art of recording, furthering their own virtuosity and reinventing the composer for our time. In Reinventing Bach, Paul Elie brilliantly blends the stories of modern musicians with a polyphonic account of our most celebrated composer’s life to create a spellbinding narrative of the changing place of music in our lives. We see the sainted organist Albert Schweitzer playing to a mobile recording unit set up at London’s Church of All Hallows in order to spread Bach’s organ works to the world beyond the churches, and Pablo Casals’s Abbey Road recordings of Bach’s cello suites transform the middle-class sitting room into a hotbed of existentialism; we watch Leopold Stokowski persuade Walt Disney to feature his own grand orchestrations of Bach in the animated classical-music movie Fantasia – which made Bach the sound of children’s playtime and Hollywood grandeur alike – and we witness how Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations made Bach the byword for postwar cool. Through the Beatles and Switched-on Bach and Gödel, Escher, Bach – through film, rock music, the Walkman, the CD and up to Yo-Yo Ma and the iPod – Elie shows us how dozens of gifted musicians searched, experimented and collaborated with one another in the service of a composer who emerged as the prototype of the spiritualised, technically savvy artist. /div

The Cello Suites

Author : Eric Siblin
Publisher : Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Page : 328 pages
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Release : 2011-01-04
Category : Music
ISBN : 9780802197979

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The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin Pdf

An award-winning journey through Johann Sebastian Bach’s six cello suites and the brilliant musician who revealed their lasting genius. One fateful evening, journalist and pop-music critic Eric Siblin attended a recital of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suites—an experience that set him on an epic quest to uncover the mysterious history of the entrancing compositions and their miraculous reemergence nearly two hundred years later. In pursuit of his musicological obsession, Siblin would unravel three centuries of intrigue, politics, and passion. Winner of the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction and the McAuslan First Book Prize, The Cello Suites weaves together three dramatic narratives: the disappearance of Bach’s manuscript in the eighteenth century, Pablo Casals’s discovery and popularization of the music in Spain in the late nineteenth century, and Siblin’s infatuation with the suites in the present day. The search led Siblin to Barcelona, where Casals, just thirteen and in possession of his first cello, roamed the backstreets with his father in search of sheet music and found Bach’s lost suites tucked in a dark corner of a store. Casals played them every day for twelve years before finally performing them in public. Siblin sheds new light on the mysteries that continue to haunt this music more than 250 years after its composer’s death: Why did Bach compose the suites for the cello, then considered a lowly instrument? What happened to the original manuscript? A seamless blend of biography and music history, The Cello Suites is a true-life journey of discovery, fueled by the power of these musical masterpieces. “The ironies of artistic genius and public taste are subtly explored in this winding, entertaining tale of a musical masterpiece.” —Publishers Weekly “Siblin’s writing is most inspired when describing the life of Casals, showing a genuine affection for the cellist, who . . . used his instrument and the suites as weapons of protest and pleas for peace.” —Booklist, starred review

18 and Life on Skid Row

Author : Sebastian Bach
Publisher : HarperCollins
Page : 458 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2016-12-06
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780062265418

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18 and Life on Skid Row by Sebastian Bach Pdf

18 And Life on Skid Row tells the story of a boy who spent his childhood moving from Freeport, Bahamas to California and finally to Canada and who at the age of eight discovered the gift that would change his life. Throughout his career, Sebastian Bach has sold over twenty million records both as the lead singer of Skid Row and as a solo artist. He is particularly known for the hit singles I Remember You, Youth Gone Wild, & 18 & Life, and the albums Skid Row and Slave To The Grind, which became the first ever hard rock album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and landed him on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Bach then went on to become the first rock star to grace the Broadway stage, with starring roles in Jekyll & Hyde,Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He also appeared for seven seasons on the hit television show The Gilmore Girls. In his memoir, Bach recounts lurid tales of excess and debauchery as he toured the world with Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Soundgarden, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses. Filled with backstage photos from his own personal collection, 18 And Life on Skid Row is the story of hitting it big at a young age, and of a band that broke up in its prime. It is the story of a man who achieved his wildest dreams, only to lose his family, and then his home. It is a story of perseverance, of wine, women and song and a man who has made his life on the road and always will. 18 And Life On Skid Row is not your ordinary rock memoir, because Sebastian Bach is not your ordinary rock star.

Complete Book of Bach Chorales

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 432 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2011-03-04
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781610650663

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Complete Book of Bach Chorales by JERRY SILVERMAN Pdf

This book presents 375 of J.S. Bach's surviving chorale harmonizations with singable English translations of the original German text by choral conductor Henry S. Drinker. Printed in an easy-to-read format, this edition was designed to facilitate both analysis of Bach's musical genius in voice leading and renewed performance of these works by congregations. It is hoped that this user-friendly edition will inspire students and congregations alike to take a fresh look at this priceless musical treasure. Today they remain some of the finest examples of voice leading and harmonic movement, making them appropriate study material for any student of music theory and harmony. Chorales are also the root of traditional hymnody, especially from the Lutheran tradition. the chorales were originally text and melody sung a cappella, and were for congregational singing. Chorales were set in four parts for choir use, and are still appropriate for performance in worship services today. Many of the melodies will be familiar to those who sing traditional hymns. Choirs will love singing these beautifully written settings.

Music in the Castle of Heaven

Author : John Eliot Gardiner
Publisher : Penguin UK
Page : 672 pages
File Size : 40,6 Mb
Release : 2013-10-03
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781846147210

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Music in the Castle of Heaven by John Eliot Gardiner Pdf

Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most unfathomable composers in the history of music. How can such sublime work have been produced by a man who (when we can discern his personality at all) seems so ordinary, so opaque - and occasionally so intemperate? John Eliot Gardiner grew up passing one of the only two authentic portraits of Bach every morning and evening on the stairs of his parents' house, where it hung for safety during the Second World War. He has been studying and performing Bach ever since, and is now regarded as one of the composer's greatest living interpreters. The fruits of this lifetime's immersion are distilled in this remarkable book, grounded in the most recent Bach scholarship but moving far beyond it, which explains in wonderful detail the ideas on which Bach drew, how he worked, how his music is constructed, how it achieves its effects - and what it can tell us about Bach the man. Gardiner's background as a historian has encouraged him to search for ways in which scholarship and performance can cooperate and fruitfully coalesce. This has entailed piecing together the few biographical shards, scrutinising the music, and watching for those instances when Bach's personality seems to penetrate the fabric of his notation. Gardiner's aim is 'to give the reader a sense of inhabiting the same experiences and sensations that Bach might have had in the act of music-making. This, I try to show, can help us arrive at a more human likeness discernible in the closely related processes of composing and performing his music.' It is very rare that such an accomplished performer of music should also be a considerable writer and thinker about it. John Eliot Gardiner takes us as deeply into Bach's works and mind as perhaps words can. The result is a unique book about one of the greatest of all creative artists. SIR JOHN ELIOT GARDINER is one of the world's leading conductors, not only of Baroque music but across the whole repertoire. He founded the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra, the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon, the English Baroque Soloists, and the Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique. He has conducted most of the world's great orchestras and in many of the leading opera houses. He lives and farms in Dorset.

The Well-Tempered Hanon

Author : Cory Hall
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2019-06-15
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 0578523175

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The Well-Tempered Hanon by Cory Hall Pdf

20 Exercises (Part 1) of Charles-Louis Hanon's "The Virtuoso Pianist" transposed into all 24 major and minor keys harmonized in thirds and sixths resulting in invertible counterpoint

Becoming Bach

Author : Tom Leonard
Publisher : Roaring Brook Press
Page : 40 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2017-02-28
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781250154439

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Becoming Bach by Tom Leonard Pdf

For Johann Sebastian there was always music. His family had been musicians, or bachs as they were called in Germany, for 200 years. He always wanted to be a bach. As he grew, he saw patterns in everything. Patterns he would turn into melodies and song, eventually growing into one of the most important and celebrated musical composers of all time. This is the story of Johann Sebastian Bach.

J. S. Bach

Author : Peter Williams
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Page : 13 pages
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Release : 2007-02-15
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781139461191

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J. S. Bach by Peter Williams Pdf

Peter Williams approaches afresh the life and music of arguably the most studied of all composers, interpreting both Bach's life by deconstructing his original obituary in the light of more recent information and his music by evaluating his priorities and irrepressible creative energy. How, even though belonging to musical families on both his parents' sides, did he come to possess so bewitching a sense of rhythm and melody and a mastery of harmony that established nothing less than a norm in Western culture? In considering that the works of a composer are his biography, the book's title A Life in Music means both a life spent making music and one revealed in the music as we know it. A distinguished scholar and performer, Williams re-examines Bach's life as an orphan and family man, as an extraordinarily gifted composer and player and as an ambitious artist who never suffered fools gladly.

Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach

Author : Peter Schickele
Publisher : Random House
Page : 264 pages
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Release : 2014-02-05
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9780307769626

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Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach by Peter Schickele Pdf

What little-known son of a famous genius has been called: "A musical blight" "A one-man plague" "History's most justifiably neglected composer" "The worst musician ever to trod organ pedals" "A pimple on the face of music" In this long-awaited hoax, possibly the most unimportant piece of scholarship in over two thousand years, Professor Peter Schickele has finally succeeded in ripping the veil of obscurity from the most unusual -- to put it kindly -- composer in the history of music: P.D.Q. Bach, the last and unquestionably the least of the great Johann Sebastian Bach's many children.

Bach and the Patterns of Invention

Author : Laurence Dreyfus
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Page : 288 pages
File Size : 53,6 Mb
Release : 2004-03-01
Category : Music
ISBN : 9780674238299

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Bach and the Patterns of Invention by Laurence Dreyfus Pdf

In this major new interpretation of the music of J.S. Bach, we gain a striking picture of the composer as a unique critic of his age. By reading Bach's music "against the grain" of contemporaries, Laurence Dreyfus explains how Bach's approach to musical invention posed a fundamental challenge to Baroque aesthetics.

Gödel, Escher, Bach

Author : Douglas R. Hofstadter
Publisher : Penguin Group(CA)
Page : 832 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 2000
Category : Art and music
ISBN : 0140289208

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Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter Pdf

'What is a self and how can a self come out of inanimate matter?' This is the riddle that drove Douglas Hofstadter to write this extraordinary book. In order to impart his original and personal view on the core mystery of human existence - our intangible sensation of 'I'-ness - Hofstadter defines the playful yet seemingly paradoxical notion of 'strange loop', and explicates this idea using analogies from many disciplines.


Author : Malcolm Boyd
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Page : 362 pages
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Release : 2000
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0195142225

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Bach by Malcolm Boyd Pdf

As the world this year notes the 250th anniversary of the great composer's death, this new edition of a widely acclaimed study alternates biographical chapters with commentary on Bach's works to demonstrate how the circumstances of his life helped shape his music.