The Waymakers

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The Waymakers

Author : T.R. Faronii
Publisher : Gatekeeper Press
Page : 97 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2022-11-17
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781662928055

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The Waymakers by T.R. Faronii Pdf

The 5 book episodic Way Makers series Overground, Underground, On the Water: a Journey to Freedom tells the story of three 21st century African American siblings: Eleven-year old Rheena Mackey, who is recognized by her tenacity and her thick mane of dark curly locks, and her little brother Zachary, who needs medication to help him focus his energy, and their willful older brother, 17-year-old Hoban Cruz, who has a Puerto Rican father. The three siblings are being raised by their single mom and have lived and played in Brooklyn, NY all their young lives. That is, until they are uprooted from their familiar urban life and moved by their mother, to the relatively safer rural Upstate NY Catskills Mountain home of their grandfather. Papa, as they have come to call this proud old Black man, loves his African American heritage. He alternately entertains, then bores his young family when he shares his accumulation of knowledge and his vast collection old photographs, crinkled newspaper clippings, small carvings, African drum and other artifacts, buttons, beads, stones and the like that clutter his bedroom. Among his treasures is ewe, the talking drum. Papa tells outlandish tales about Africa, of the Middle Passage, American slavery, the Underground Railroad and America’s Black people’s struggle for freedom and civil rights, insisting in his singsong Gullah accent: “It be a magical ting!” and “It be for troot!’ At one point, Hoban, who has fair skin (because he’s part Puerto Rican and part Black,) teases his little sister when he notices that some of the individuals in Papa’s collection of photographs of dirt-poor Blacks bear an uncanny resemblance to her and her their little brother. I came to this story because as a teacher in the inner city I have noticed it is often difficult for 21st Century African American children, or mixed-race children to appreciate what our ancestors have endured for us to exist in the relative comfort of modernity. One Saturday morning, in Over Ground, Underground, On the Water: a Journey to Freedom, during what seems like a typical Catskill Mountain storm …. there is rain, thunder, and lightning • Rheena and Zachary are home by themselves, • Papa has passed away, • Mom has gone to work, • Hoban has spent his Friday evening with new friends, and regrettably has not yet come home, the two MacKey children toy with ewe, the talking drum and are abruptly transported back in time and space to 1847 American, deep into life on a rice Plantation in swampy South Carolina. Not long after they arrive, their older brother Hoban follows them. The Way Makers series is historical fiction; therefore, we are introduced to actual places, events and people who indeed are America’s history. For example, we discover it is Civil War photographer, Matthew Brady who took the photograph that Hoban teased his sister about. We learn of The Pearl, a schooner that secreted runaway slaves from DC to Baltimore, and of the vibrant community of Black Horsemen and women of Philadelphia that still exists to this day. In this past, the trio discover firsthand the harsh realities of plantation life. They learn of the cruel humiliation of slavery and the auction block. The children become separated, • sold off the plantation, • reunited, • they escape from dangers seen and unseen. • they learn what to eat, what not to eat. • They have unexpected friendships and betrayals that follow runaways on the Underground Railroad. • They meet Native Americans and Quakers who become allies. • They discover the salvation of maps in the form of hand-sewn quilts hidden in plain sight. • They walk, travel by sea, pass through tunnels dug under houses, cellars and church basements in Maryland, Ohio, and New York. • They meet the Black cowboys of Philadelphia and attend a Pinksters celebration. • They live in free Black communities in Brooklyn and what is now Central Park in NYC. All on a Journey to Freedom. Is their 21st-century urban wit

The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence

Author : Tara Jaye Frank
Publisher : Amplify Publishing
Page : 200 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2021-12-10
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1637551800

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The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence by Tara Jaye Frank Pdf

Beyond strategies and systems, what really drives workplace equity and inclusion? The truth is that all historically excluded professionals who have broken through to greater levels of belonging and achievement have succeeded not by systems change alone, but because influential leaders chose to remove barriers, open doors, and guide them toward their goals. The bottom line? Someone made a way for them. Using case studies, data, and evocative storytelling, Frank outlines how leaders with power and position can clear the path to workplace equity by - discovering where you are on your equity journey today; - embracing the steps required to achieve true equity; - understanding what your employees really want from you; - developing a lens for the big barriers and intervention opportunities; - connecting the dots between meeting talent needs and unlocking company value; - recognizing when Waymaking matters most; and - showing up--every day--as a leader who makes a way. The Waymakers not only makes a compelling case for change. It also teaches you how to facilitate that change. Once you've read it, you'll understand why the question is not what drives equity and inclusion, but who. And the answer is you.


Author : Ann Voskamp
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Page : 366 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2022-03-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310352204

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WayMaker by Ann Voskamp Pdf

Are you facing repeated roadblocks or feeling life shift in ways you never expected? Bestselling author Ann Voskamp offers the hope-giving message that God always makes a path through the impossible—no matter the obstacle. Encounter the WayMaker in surprising places and watch him pen poetry out of pain. It's true: heartache, grief, suffering, and obstacles—they all come in waves. There is no controlling life's storms; there is only learning the way to walk through the waves. In WayMaker, bestselling author Ann Voskamp hands us a map that makes meaning of life and shows the way through to the places we've only dreamed of reaching. In the face of suffering through seemingly unbearable situations, we can rest in the fact that we are not alone. In her signature captivating poetic style, Ann reveals how God is present in the totality of our lives, making a way for the: Marriage that seems impossible Woman who longs for a child of her own Parents who ache for the return of their prodigal Sojourner caught between a rock and a hard place Wayfarer who feels as though there is no way through to her dreams Deeply personal, Ann shares the moments of her life where the WayMaker transformed brokenness into beauty. Learn to encounter the WayMaker in surprising ways in your own life and begin to see Him working in every miraculous detail. Even now, the Way is making the way to walk through waves and into a life more deeply fulfilling than your wildest dreams.

A Star-Wheeled Sky

Author : Brad R. Torgersen
Publisher : Baen Books
Page : 384 pages
File Size : 48,8 Mb
Release : 2018-12-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781625796738

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A Star-Wheeled Sky by Brad R. Torgersen Pdf

ORIGINAL TRADE PAPERBACK THE WAYPOINT TO ULTIMATE POWER! Over a millennium in the past, humans fleeing Earth in slower-than-light vessels discovered the Waywork, an abandoned alien superhighway system that allows instantaneous travel from star to star. The problem: there are a finite number of Waypoint nodes—and the burgeoning population of humans is hemmed in as a result. Furthermore, humanity is divided into contending Starstates. One of the strongest is based on an oligarchy ruling families, but still mostly democratic. The other is a totalitarian nightmare. War seems inevitable. Now a new Waypoint appears. Might it lead to the long-lost creators of the Waywork? If so, there may be knowledge and technology that will tip the balance in the coming war. Three people race to make it to the new Waypoint—and beyond. These include Wyodreth Antagean, the reluctant son of an interstellar shipping magnate, Lady Garsina Oswight, the daring daughter of a royal family, and Zuri Mikton, a disgraced flag officer seeking redemption. They are facing an implacable foe in Golsubril Vex, a merciless, but highly effective, autocrat from the Waywork’s most brutal regime. Vex is determined to control the new Waypoint and whatever revelation or power lies on the other side. Now humanity’s fate—to live in freedom or endless dictatorship—depends on just what that revelation might be. And who gets there first. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). About Chaplain's War: "Torgersen mixes the spiritual aspects of the book with subtlety, integrating questions about God and faith into the story organically. The result is thought provoking questions arising as part of an entertaining story . . . Torgersen [also] doesn't shy away from conflict, violence, or space battles."—Futures Past and Present "Solid hard SF with the frisson of well thought through action. Much to enjoy!"—Gregory Benford, multiple Nebula award-winning creator of the Galactic Center saga About Brad R. Torgersen: "Brad Torgersen can write something technical and complex, yet still give it real emotional depth. He's one of the most talented authors I've ever read."—Larry Correia "Brad R. Torgersen shows why he's going to be a power in this field for years to come."—Mike Resnick "Brad Torgersen is a writer who's done a lot and come up the hard way... and the depth of his writing shows it, especially in understanding the nuts and bolts of technology and the souls of those who use it." —L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction

Author : Mike Ashley
Publisher : Robinson
Page : 481 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2010-07-31
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781849015356

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The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction by Mike Ashley Pdf

Here are 25 stories of science fiction that push the envelope, by the biggest names in an emerging new crop of high-tech futuristic SF - including Charles Stross, Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton and Neal Asher. High-tech SF has made a significant comeback in the last decade, as bestselling authors successfully blend the super-science of 'hard science fiction' with real characters in an understandable scenario. It is perhaps a reflection of how technologically controlled our world is that readers increasingly look for science fiction that considers the fates of mankind as a result of increasing scientific domination. This anthology brings together the most extreme examples of the new high-tech, far-future science fiction, pushing the limits way beyond normal boundaries. The stories include: "A Perpetual War Fought Within a Cosmic String", "A Weapon That Could Destroy the Universe", "A Machine That Detects Alternate Worlds and Creates a Choice of Christs", "An Immortal Dead Man Sent To The End of the Universe", "Murder in Virtual Reality", "A Spaceship So Large That There is An Entire Planetary System Within It", and "An Analytical Engine At The End of Time", and "Encountering the Untouchable."

Mammoth Books presents Merlin's Gun

Author : Alastair Reynolds
Publisher : Robinson
Page : 160 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2012-07-26
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781472103468

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Mammoth Books presents Merlin's Gun by Alastair Reynolds Pdf

When Sora's swallowship is taken out by a swarm during the war she is rescued by Merlin, a legendary man who has allegedly discovered a super-weapon built by the Way creators; a gun so powerful it I said to have stopped the previous war. Sora is sceptical, though, for Merlin has been missing for ten thousand years, yet he has not aged a day. As the current war between aliens and humans intensifies, the need to find this weapon becomes unquestionably urgent. They must find the gun before the enemy does and incinerates them. Can their quest to save humanity and end the war be achieved with Merlin's gun?

Beyond the Aquila Rift

Author : Alastair Reynolds
Publisher : Gollancz
Page : 784 pages
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Release : 2016-07-21
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781473216372

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Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds Pdf

This is an amazing collection of some of the best short fiction ever written in the SF genre, by an author acclaimed as 'the mastersinger of space opera' THE TIMES. With an introduction by noted SF critic Johnathan Strahan, this collection of twenty short stories, novellettes and novellas includes MINLA'S FLOWERS, SIGNAL TO NOISE, TROIKA, and seven previous uncollected stories, including TRAUMA POD, THE WATER THIEF and IN BABELSBERG. Alastair Reynolds has won the Sidewise Award and been nominated for The Hugo Awards for his short fiction. One of the most thought-provoking and accomplished short-fiction writers of our time, this collection is a delight for all SF readers


Author : David Farland
Publisher : Tor Books
Page : 516 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2007-04-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781429911979

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Wizardborn by David Farland Pdf

Book Three of The Runelords Certain works of fantasy are immediately recognizable as monuments, towering above the rest of the category. Authors of those works, such as Stephen R. Donaldson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, come immediately to mind. Now add David Farland to that list, whose epic fantasy series began with The Runelords. Wizardborn continues the story of the struggle of Gaborn, now the Earth King, who has lost his powers but continues to lead his people. He must contend with the threat of the huge, inhuman Reavers, whose myriads Gaborn and his forces must now pursue across the nation. It has become Gaborn's fate to follow, even into the depths. Raj Ahten, the great warlord endowed with the strength and qualities of thousands of men, once the primary threat to Gaborn, now struggles to retain his own empire. His war of conquest thwarted, his very life is now threatened by the Reaver thousands. And a young girl, Averan, who has eaten a Reaver and absorbed some of its memories, becomes a keystone in the search for the dark Reaver lair. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Zima Blue

Author : Alastair Reynolds
Publisher : Gollancz
Page : 488 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2009-04-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780575086104

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Zima Blue by Alastair Reynolds Pdf

A fabulous collection spanning the galaxies and career of SF superstar Alastair Reynolds Reynolds' pursuit of truth is not limited to wide-angle star smashing - not that stars don't get pulverised when one character is gifted (or cursed) with an awful weapon by the legendary Merlin. Reynolds' protagonists find themselves in situations of betrayal, whether by a loved one's accidental death, as in 'Signal to Noise', or by a trusted wartime authority, in 'Spirey and the Queen'. His fertile imagination can resurrect Elton John on Mars in 'Understanding Space and Time' or make prophets of the human condition out of pool-cleaning robots in the title story. But overall, the stories in ZIMA BLUE represent a more optimistic take on humanity's future, a view that says there may be wars, there may be catastrophes and cosmic errors, but something human will still survive.

The Curators

Author : Guy Steven Needler
Publisher : Ozark Mountain Publishing
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Release : 2019-09-06
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 8210379456XXX

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The Curators by Guy Steven Needler Pdf

Ever wondered what made the Universe? - Was it the big bang? - Why is it not expanding or contracting? Why does it appear to have an orderly level of functionality? Are there more universes within a much larger multiversal environment? If so, where are they? Are theoretical physicists correct? In The Curators the reader is exposed to the mechanics of the multiversal environment we exist within and those entities that maintain it. In The Curators you will learn:- · That there is a hierarchy of entities that maintain the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse · The roles and responsibilities of these entities · What nature spirits or elementals are · That we exist in many “Event Spaces” and the Realities within them · That there are different classifications of Event Space and Realities · That these entities can change our Event Spaces and/or Realities at will · That evolutionary efficiency is the primary reason for change in the multiverse · That there are different levels of structure to support the maintenance and functionality of the multiverse.

Waymakers in Manchuria

Author : Robert Higginson Boyd
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 252 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 1940
Category : Missionaries
ISBN : UOM:39015056082020

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Waymakers in Manchuria by Robert Higginson Boyd Pdf

Fields of Wheat, Rolling on Forever

Author : Lisa Walsh
Publisher : Author House
Page : 183 pages
File Size : 54,8 Mb
Release : 2014-11-26
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9781496954480

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Fields of Wheat, Rolling on Forever by Lisa Walsh Pdf

Family didn't seem to be important when I was a child. It was something we took for granted. When children played, there would be two parents watching, throwing a ball around and joking or sitting around the picnic table. Well, when I was a little child toddling around, what I remember most is my time with my family in Florida: my mom; my dad; my sister, Chris; and my brother, Mike. Family to me, at that time, meant having both parents around. I believe one of our favorite places to go was Clearwater, Florida. My Aunt Fran and Uncle Al lived on an outlet of Clearwater Bay, a few blocks away from the Gulf of Mexico. My dad would often take us fishing off my uncle's dock. Uncle Al had a boat that we would ride around in as well, and he would let us drive it?but under adult supervision, of course! Mom and Aunt Fran would stay back and either clean the fish that we caught (a dirty job nobody wanted) or just watch us having fun. Mom always liked being outdoors near the water. Along with boating and fishing, we loved looking at the barnacles that attached to the walls around the bay area and around the posts holding up the dock. Mom seemed to be the one most fascinated with these small and disfigured little creatures. She and the rest of us seemed to enjoy watching these creatures just to pass the time of day.

Southern Sounds From The North

Author : Richard L. Doran
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Page : 504 pages
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Release : 2008-11-06
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781469103778

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Southern Sounds From The North by Richard L. Doran Pdf

Historically the state of Ohio has maintained an active role in the promotion of southern gospel music. Many gospel artists, including some of the Nation’s finest, were either born, or lived a portion of their life, in Ohio. Development of these ministries and the events that have taken place along the way has become a valuable part of Ohio’s history. Over the past two years, desiring to preserve a portion of this history, I have completed extensive research interviewing gospel artists throughout the state. I then compiled this information into a unique collection of history to be shared with everyone. To help the reader more fully appreciate “life on the road” the stories of these gospel artists are presented within the context of eight road tours covering the entire state of Ohio. Travelling along on each tour we will experience a variety of emotions from laughter to frustration. At each stop we will learn some fascinating facts about the town and while in town we’ll stop by and visit with a few of those southern gospel artists and/or groups who claim the town as part of their heritage. Each tour will end with a short walk down memory lane as we view photos of those gospel artists whom we have just visited. So come on! Open the book, climb on board and prepare yourself for eight exciting tours across the great state of Ohio where we’ll meet some truly inspiring people. Hope you enjoy the book!


Author : Dr. Cindy Trimm
Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 54,5 Mb
Release : 2015-07-21
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780768406740

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Prevail by Dr. Cindy Trimm Pdf

Your problems dont define you; they refine you. Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster ride filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, and unexpected sudden drops. Instead of moving forward with peace and purpose, our lives spin out of control. When chaos and uncertainty threaten to make you feel helpless . . . what do you do? Dont let lifes detours take you for a ride. Get back in the drivers seat! In Prevail, life strategist, Dr. Cindy Trimm, reveals how you can turn problems into opportunities so no pitfall will throw you off course. Discover how you can: See your current challenges asdoorways to new levels of success Break through barriers that keep you from enjoying life and loving the real you Develop a winning perspective that positions you to prosper Wake up every morning with a sense of meaning, purpose, dignity, and hope Your success, fulfillment, satisfaction, and destiny await you on the other side of your struggles, fears, setbacks, and disappointments. In the same way that a diamond is brought to beauty through immense stress, your true strength of character, worth, and value are found by embracing the prospering power inherent in your problems. You are tougher than your tough times.