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Takayuki Tatsumi

Takayuki Tatsumi

Takayuki Tatsumi, Ph.D. (born in 1955), literary critic and professor of American literature and Literary Theory at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan), is the author of Cyberpunk America (Tokyo: Keiso Publishers, 1988; the 1988 Japan-US Friendship Commissionís American Studies Book Prize) and the co-editor of the Japanese Science Fiction issue of Science-Fiction Studies (29.3, November 2002). He won the 5th Pioneer Award (SFRA) in 1994 with the collaboration essay with Larry McCaffery "Towards the Theoretical Frontiers of 'Fiction:' From Metafiction and Cyberpunk through Avant-Pop"(1993)," and the 21st Japan SF Award (SFWJ) in 2001 with Japanese SF Controversies:1957-1997 (Tokyo: Keiso Publishers, 2000). Having published a variety of essays in SF Eye, Extrapolation, Para*Doxa, American Book Review, Mechademia, PMLA and elsewhere, he published Full Metal Apache: Transactions between Cyberpunk Japan and Avant-Pop America (Durham: Duke UP, 2006; the 2010 IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award). He also co-edited (with Christopher Bolton and Istvan Csicsery-Ronay) Robot Ghosts, Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime(Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 2007).

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