Egypts Golden Couple

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Egypt's Golden Couple

Author : John Darnell,Colleen Darnell
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Page : 314 pages
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Release : 2022-11-01
Category : History
ISBN : 9781250272881

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Egypt's Golden Couple by John Darnell,Colleen Darnell Pdf

Two celebrated Egyptologists bring to vivid life the intriguing and controversial reign of King Tut's parents. Akhenaten has been the subject of radically different, even contradictory, biographies. The king has achieved fame as the world's first individual and the first monotheist, but others have seen him as an incestuous tyrant who nearly ruined the kingdom he ruled. The gold funerary mask of his son Tutankhamun and the painted bust of his wife Nefertiti are the most recognizable artifacts from all of ancient Egypt. But who are Akhenaten and Nefertiti? And what can we actually say about rulers who lived more than three thousand years ago? November 2022 marks the centennial of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun and although "King Tut" is a household name, his nine-year rule pales in comparison to the revolutionary reign of his parents. Akhenaten and Nefertiti became gods on earth by transforming Egyptian solar worship, innovating in art and urban design, and merging religion and politics in ways never attempted before. Combining fascinating scholarship, detective suspense, and adventurous thrills, Egypt's Golden Couple is a journey through excavations, museums, hieroglyphic texts, and stunning artifacts. From clue to clue, renowned Egyptologists John and Colleen Darnell reconstruct an otherwise untold story of the magnificent reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Ancient Egypt's Most Famous Royal Family

Author : Charles River Editors
Publisher : Independently Published
Page : 84 pages
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Release : 2019-04-29
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1096281511

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Ancient Egypt's Most Famous Royal Family by Charles River Editors Pdf

*Includes pictures *Includes ancient accounts *Includes a bibliography for further reading Africa may have given rise to the first human beings, and Egypt probably gave rise to the first great civilizations, which continue to fascinate modern societies across the globe nearly 5,000 years later. From the Library and Lighthouse of Alexandria to the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Ancient Egyptians produced several wonders of the world, revolutionized architecture and construction, created some of the world's first systems of mathematics and medicine, and established language and art that spread across the known world. With world-famous leaders like King Tut and Cleopatra, it's no wonder that today's world has so many Egyptologists. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of ancient Egyptian civilization was its inception from the ground up, as the ancient Egyptians had no prior civilization which they could use as a template. In fact, ancient Egypt itself became a template for the civilizations that followed. The Greeks and the Romans were so impressed with Egyptian culture that they often attributed many attributes of their own culture‒usually erroneously‒to the Egyptians. With that said, some minor elements of ancient Egyptian culture were, indeed, passed on to later civilizations. Egyptian statuary appears to have had an initial influence on the Greek version, and the ancient Egyptian language continued long after the pharaonic period in the form of the Coptic language. Although the Egyptians may not have passed their civilization directly on to later peoples, the key elements that comprised Egyptian civilization, including their religion, early ideas of state, and art and architecture, can be seen in other pre-modern civilizations. Indeed, since Egyptian civilization represented some fundamental human concepts, a study of their culture can be useful when trying to understand many other pre-modern cultures. Part of the reason Egyptian history is so intriguing is because it is so enigmatic - even today, despite the wealth of written materials and countless monuments, Egyptologists constantly uncover more mysteries about ancient Egypt, even if many of those mysteries are somewhat mundane and appeal more to academics. For example, historians still debate precise chronologies of dynasties, theological nuances, and architectural details. One such mystery that shows no signs of going away is the history of the archeological site known as Amarna, which is actually the name of the modern village that is closest to the ancient Egyptian city of Akhet-Aten. Akhet-Aten was built during the reign of one of Egypt's most enigmatic pharaohs, Akhenaten (ruled ca. 1364-1347 BCE), and modern archaeological studies have shown it was hastily built and almost as quickly abandoned. Although the city had a brief lifespan, it was vitally important at the time, so much so that the late Eighteenth Dynasty has been named the Amarna Period by modern scholars. The importance is reflected in the changes that Akhenaten attempted to make to Egyptian religion, art, architecture, and society, all of which can be found among the ruins of Amarna, from texts that described the Aten as the one true god to the depictions of the royal family that were like nothing seen before or after in ancient Egyptian art. An examination of Akhenaten's rule and the life of the city of Akhet-Aten has helped modern scholars unravel some of the mysteries of the Amarna Period, but many still remain. Akhenaten and Amarna: The History of Ancient Egypt's Most Mysterious Pharaoh and His Capital City chronicles what's known and unknown about the Egyptian city and the pharaoh who was responsible for it. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Amarna like never before.


Author : Joyce Tyldesley
Publisher : Penguin UK
Page : 307 pages
File Size : 42,5 Mb
Release : 2005-04-28
Category : History
ISBN : 9780141949796

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Nefertiti by Joyce Tyldesley Pdf

For over a decade Nefertiti, wife of the heretic king Akhenaten, was the most influential woman in the Bronze Age world; a beautiful queen blessed by the sun-god, adored by her family and worshipped by her people. Her image and her name were celebrated throughout Egypt and her future seemed golden. Suddenly Nefertiti disappeared from the royal family, vanishing so completely that it was as if she had never been. No record survives to detail her death, no monument serves to mourn her passing and to this day her end remains an enigma - her body has never been found. Joyce Tyldesley here provides a detailed discussion of the life and times of Nefertiti, Egypt's sun queen, set against the background of the ephemeral Amarna court.

Book of the Dead

Author : Foy Scalf
Publisher : Oriental Institute Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2017
Category : Book of the dead
ISBN : 1614910383

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Book of the Dead by Foy Scalf Pdf

Discover how the ancient Egyptians controlled their immortal destiny! This book, edited by Foy Scalf, explores what the Book of the Dead was believed to do, how it worked, how it was made, and what happened to it.

Akhenaten: Egypt's False Prophet

Author : Nicholas Reeves
Publisher : Thames & Hudson
Page : 369 pages
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Release : 2019-08-20
Category : History
ISBN : 9780500774595

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Akhenaten: Egypt's False Prophet by Nicholas Reeves Pdf

Nicholas Reeves’s radical interpretation of a revolutionary king—now available in paperback. One of the most compelling and controversial figures in ancient Egyptian history, Akhenaten has captured the imagination like no other Egyptian pharaoh. Much has been written about this strange, persecuted figure, whose depiction in effigies is totally at odds with the traditional depiction of the Egyptian ruler-hero. Akhenaten sought to impose upon Egypt and its people the worship of a single god—the sun god—and in so doing changed the country in every way. In Akhenaten, Nicholas Reeves presents an entirely new perspective on the turbulent events of Akhenaten’s seventeen-year reign. Reeves argues that, far from being the idealistic founder of a new faith, the Egyptian ruler cynically used religion for political gain in a calculated attempt to reassert the authority of the king and concentrate all power in his hands. Backed by abundant archaeological and documentary evidence, Reeves’s narrative also provides many new insights into questions that have baffled scholars for generations—the puzzle of the body in Tomb 55 in the Valley of the Kings; the fate of Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s beautiful wife; the identity of his mysterious successor, Smenkhkare; and the theory that Tutankhamun, Akhenaten’s son and heir to the throne, was murdered.


Author : Dominic Montserrat
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 234 pages
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Release : 2014-05-01
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781134690343

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Akhenaten by Dominic Montserrat Pdf

The pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled Egypt in the mid-fourteenth century BCE, has been the subject of more speculation than any other character in Egyptian history. This provocative new biography examines both the real Akhenaten and the myths that have been created around him. It scrutinises the history of the pharaoh and his reign, which has been continually written in Eurocentric terms inapplicable to ancient Egypt, and the archaeology of Akhenaten's capital city, Amarna. It goes on to explore the pharaoh's extraordinary cultural afterlife, and the way he has been invoked to validate everything from psychoanalysis to racial equality to Fascism.

The Ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books

Author : John Coleman Darnell,Colleen Manassa Darnell
Publisher : SBL Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Release : 2018-11-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1628371277

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The Ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books by John Coleman Darnell,Colleen Manassa Darnell Pdf

The first, complete English translation of the ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books The ancient Egyptian Netherworld Books, important compositions that decorated the New Kingdom royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, present humanity's oldest surviving attempts to provide a scientific map of the unseen realms beyond the visible cosmos and contain imagery and annotations that represent ancient Egyptian speculation (essentially philosophical and theological) about the events of the solar journey through the twelve hours of the night. The Netherworld Books describe one of the central mysteries of Egyptian religious belief—the union of the solar god Re with the underworldly god Osiris—and provide information on aspects of Egyptian theology and cosmography not present in the now more widely read Book of the Dead. Numerous illustrations provide overview images and individual scenes from each Netherworld Book, emphasizing the unity of text and image within the compositions. The major texts translated include the Book of Adoring Re in the West (the Litany of Re), the Book of the Hidden Chamber (Amduat), the Book of Gates, the Book of Caverns, the Books of the Creation of the Solar Disk, and the Books of the Solar-Osirian Unity. Features: Accessible presentations of the main concepts of the Netherworld Books and the chief features of each text Notes and commentary address major theological themes within the texts as well as lexicographic and/or grammatical issues An overview of later uses of these compositions during the first millennium BCE

Nefertiti, Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt

Author : Aidan Dodson
Publisher : American University in Cairo Press
Page : 185 pages
File Size : 43,8 Mb
Release : 2020-10-06
Category : History
ISBN : 9781649031686

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Nefertiti, Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt by Aidan Dodson Pdf

Egypt's sun queen magnificently revealed in a new book by renowned Egyptologist, Aidan Dodson During the last half of the fourteenth century BC, Egypt was perhaps at the height of its prosperity. It was against this background that the “Amarna Revolution” occurred. Throughout, its instigator, King Akhenaten, had at his side his Great Wife, Nefertiti. When a painted bust of the queen found at Amarna in 1912 was first revealed to the public in the 1920s, it soon became one of the great artistic icons of the world. Nefertiti's name and face are perhaps the best known of any royal woman of ancient Egypt and one of the best recognized figures of antiquity, but her image has come in many ways to overshadow the woman herself. Nefertiti’s current world dominion as a cultural and artistic icon presents an interesting contrast with the way in which she was actively written out of history soon after her own death. This book explores what we can reconstruct of the life of the queen, tracing the way in which she and her image emerged in the wake of the first tentative decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs during the 1820s–1840s, and then took on the world over the next century and beyond. All indications are that her final fate was a tragic one, but although every effort was made to wipe out Nefertiti's memory after her death, modern archaeology has rescued the queen-pharaoh from obscurity and set her on the road to today’s international status.

Pharaohs of the Sun

Author : Rita E. Freed,Sue H. D'Auria,Yvonne J. Markowitz
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 316 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 1999
Category : Architecture, Egyptian
ISBN : 0500050996

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Pharaohs of the Sun by Rita E. Freed,Sue H. D'Auria,Yvonne J. Markowitz Pdf

This catalogue brings to life the extraordinary world of ancient Egypt through more than 250 beautiful works of art, while essays by leading Egyptologists describe the Amarna period, a time of unprecedented changes - in art and architecture, technology, the role of women in religion and government - and the dramatic break with polytheism. Sculpture, architectural elements, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, tools and furniture illustrate the culture of this period. More than 400 illustrations of these objects from renowned collections - such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin, the British Museum and the Louvre are reproduced in this handsome volume.

Tutankhamun's Armies

Author : John Coleman Darnell,Colleen Manassa
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 324 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 2007-08-03
Category : History
ISBN : 9780471743583

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Tutankhamun's Armies by John Coleman Darnell,Colleen Manassa Pdf

The force that forged an empire. The furious thunder of thousands of hooves, the clatter and sheen of bronze armor sparkling in the desert sun, the crunch of wooden wheels racing across a rock-strewn battlefield-and leading this terrifying chariot charge, the gallant Pharaoh, the ribbons of his blue war crown streaming behind him as he launches yet another arrow into the panicking mass of his soon-to-be-routed enemies. While scenes like the one depicted above did occur in ancient Egypt, they represent only one small aspect of the vast, complex, and sophisticated military machine that secured, defended, and expanded the borders of the empire during the late Eighteenth Dynasty. In Tutankhamun's Armies, you'll discover the harsh reality behind the imperial splendor of the New Kingdom and gain a new appreciation for the formidable Egyptian army-from pharaoh to foot soldier. You'll follow "the heretic king" Akhenaten, his son Tutankhamun, and their three Amana-Period successors as they employ double-edge diplomacy and military might to defeat competing powers, quell internal insurrections, and keep reluctant subject states in line. This vivid and absorbing chronicle will forever change the way you think about the glories and riches of ancient Egypt.

Imperial Lives

Author : Dennis C. Forbes
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 2005
Category : Electronic
ISBN : OCLC:1073366079

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Imperial Lives by Dennis C. Forbes Pdf

Nefertiti’s Face

Author : Joyce Tyldesley
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Page : 249 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2018-04-09
Category : Art
ISBN : 9780674983755

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Nefertiti’s Face by Joyce Tyldesley Pdf

Little is known about Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen whose name means “a beautiful woman has come.” She was the wife of Akhenaten, the pharaoh who ushered in the dramatic Amarna Age, and she bore him at least six children. She played a prominent role in political and religious affairs, but after Akhenaten’s death she apparently vanished and was soon forgotten. Yet Nefertiti remains one of the most famous and enigmatic women who ever lived. Her instantly recognizable face adorns a variety of modern artifacts, from expensive jewelry to cheap postcards, t-shirts, and bags, all over the world. She has appeared on page, stage, screen, and opera. In Britain, one woman has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on plastic surgery in hope of resembling the long-dead royal. This enduring obsession is the result of just one object: the lovely and mysterious Nefertiti bust, created by the sculptor Thutmose and housed in Berlin’s Neues Museum since before World War II. In Nefertiti’s Face, Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley tells the story of the bust, from its origins in a busy workshop of the late Bronze Age to its rediscovery and controversial removal to Europe in 1912 and its present status as one of the world’s most treasured artifacts. This wide-ranging history takes us from the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt to wartime Berlin and engages the latest in Pharaonic scholarship. Tyldesley sheds light on both Nefertiti’s life and her improbable afterlife, in which she became famous simply for being famous.

Egypt and the Desert

Author : John Coleman Darnell
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Page : 75 pages
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Release : 2021-04-30
Category : History
ISBN : 1108820530

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Egypt and the Desert by John Coleman Darnell Pdf

Deserts, the Red Land, bracket the narrow strip of alluvial Black Land that borders the Nile. Networks of desert roads ascended to the high desert from the Nile Valley, providing access to the mineral wealth and Red Sea ports of the Eastern Desert, the oasis depressions and trade networks of the Western Desert. A historical perspective from the Predynastic through the Roman Periods highlights how developments in the Nile Valley altered the Egyptian administration and exploitation of the deserts. For the ancient Egyptians, the deserts were a living landscape, and at numerous points along the desert roads, the ancient Egyptians employed rock art and rock inscriptions to create and mark places. Such sites provide considerable evidence for the origin of writing in northeast Africa, the religious significance of the desert and expressions of personal piety, and the development of the early alphabet.

Echoes of Egypt

Author : Colleen Manassa
Publisher : Yale Egyptology
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2013
Category : Civilization
ISBN : 193378900X

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Echoes of Egypt by Colleen Manassa Pdf

For thousands of years, ancient Egypt has echoed around the world. This full colour paperback is the catalogue of a current exhibition at the Yale Peabody Museum. "The exhibition takes you on a journey through two thousand years of fascination with ancient Egypt, the land of the pharaohs. Visitors will discover how a culture that flourished thousands of years ago has impacted on our own world. Echoes of ancient Egypt appear in art, architecture, and literature around the world from ancient Africa to medieval Europe and the Middle East, to modern North America." 0Exhibition: Yale Peabody Museum, New Haven, USA (13.4.2013-4.1.2014).0.


Author : Ronald T. Ridley
Publisher : American University in Cairo Press
Page : 483 pages
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Release : 2019-03-12
Category : History
ISBN : 9781617979446

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Akhenaten by Ronald T. Ridley Pdf

A groundbreaking historiography of the reign of Akhenaten More ink has probably been spilled on Akhenaten and his times (‘the Amarna Period’) than any other figure from ancient Egypt, with a vast range of interpretations and theories that can leave the uninitiated utterly bewildered. Against this background, Akhenaten: A Historian’s View examines what scholars have said over the years regarding key aspects of the period, to produce a ‘history of histories,’ exploring exactly how various chains of arguments were arrived at—and how houses of cards thus erected have subsequently come tumbling down. In particular, it teases out ideas based on solid documentation from those based on theory and fancy, and tracks ways in which new evidence became available, how it was interpreted, and how it fed—or didn't—into the big picture. This book thus fills a major gap in the literature of the Amarna Period and also contributes to the wider, and much neglected, field of the historiography of ancient Egypt.