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Hammered (with bonus short story)

Author : Kevin Hearne
Publisher : Del Rey
Page : 347 pages
File Size : 45,5 Mb
Release : 2011-07-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780345522542

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Hammered (with bonus short story) by Kevin Hearne Pdf

In the third novel in the New York Times bestselling Iron Druid Chronicles, two-thousand year-old Druid Atticus O’Sullivan must take down the Norse god of thunder himself. “A page-turning and often laugh-out-loud-funny caper through a mix of the modern and the mythic.”—Ari Marmell, author of The Warlord’s Legacy When the naysayers say, “Nay, don’t mess with the man who wields the lightning bolts,” ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan would nod along and agree. But when multiple people convince him that Thor, the Norse god of thunder, needs to get got, he thinks maybe this is the one time he should ignore the advice of the wise—even if those sages include deities who tend not to be wrong about very much. Because Thor has undeniably done somebody wrong—many somebodies, in fact, and Atticus doesn’t think he can simply dismiss it as someone else’s problem. Plus he has made promises that he doesn’t feel he can break, promises that will take him away from Midgard to the planes of the Norse, where his actions will create ripples throughout the nine realms. On top of that there’s a turf war brewing amongst the vampires, a zealous group of mystic hunters called the Hammers of God running rampant, and a pack of werewolves who very much don’t wish to see their leader taken off to Valhalla. In order to avoid being the nail underneath the hammer Mjöllnir, Atticus will need every ounce of Irish luck he can muster, and maybe the help of a few deities in his corner. Don’t miss any of The Iron Druid Chronicles: HOUNDED | HEXED | HAMMERED | TRICKED | TRAPPED | HUNTED | SHATTERED | STAKED | SCOURGED | BESIEGED

Hammered Dulcimer Chords

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 64 pages
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Release : 2010-10-07
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781609741662

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Hammered Dulcimer Chords by JEANNE PAGE Pdf

This book was written to aid the dulcimer player in playing as a backup musician. It provides the tools necessary for musicians who are seeking to go beyond simple melody lines. the majority of chords diagrammed are those most commonly used, and those whose notes are clustered on the instrument in six repeated shapes. Diagrams are shown for the 15/14 dulcimer.

Playing The Hammered Dulcimer In The Irish Tradition

Author : Karen Ashbrook
Publisher : Oak Publications
Page : 90 pages
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Release : 1987-06-01
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781783234233

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Playing The Hammered Dulcimer In The Irish Tradition by Karen Ashbrook Pdf

This book is to encourage dulcimer players at the intermediate-to-advanced level to play the “right” way. If you’re going to play a few Irish tunes, why not play them the way they were intended to be played? Then you can enjoy what other Irish musicians have enjoyed for hundreds of years. This book can teach you several basic, simple techniques that create the feel of traditional Irish music.

The Hammered Dulcimer

Author : Paul M. Gifford
Publisher : Scarecrow Press
Page : 483 pages
File Size : 52,7 Mb
Release : 2001-06-13
Category : History
ISBN : 9781461672906

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The Hammered Dulcimer by Paul M. Gifford Pdf

The last quarter of the twentieth-century saw a renewed interest in the hammered dulcimer in the United States at the grassroots level as well as from elements of the Folk Revival. This book offers the reader a discussion of the medieval origins of the dulcimer and its subsequent spread under many different names to other parts of the world. Drawing on articles the author has written in English as well as articles by specialists in their own languages, Gifford explains the history and evolution of the instrument. Special attention is paid to the North American tradition from the early 18th-century to the 1970s revival. Drawing from local histories, news clippings, photographs, and interviews, the book examines the playing of the dulcimer and its associated social meanings.

Hammered Gold

Author : Rita Coker
Publisher : Tate Publishing
Page : 300 pages
File Size : 47,7 Mb
Release : 2007-06
Category : Bereavement
ISBN : 9781598869231

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Hammered Gold by Rita Coker Pdf

A heart that broke when crushed by the loss of a loved one; a marriage that fell apart; addiction (drugs, alcohol, pornography); a teen age pregnancy that blew your plans for your child to pieces; depression; illness; or was it financial crisis? Rita Coker, author of Hammered Gold, offers help, hope and encouragement from God's word to each reader with a work sure to heal your hurting heart. Hammered Gold shares the true stories of ordinary people who have found victory in the midst of their fiery trials because of the faithfulness of their extraordinary God.

Hammered Dulcimer Classics

Author : Carole Koenig
Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 56 pages
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Release : 2018-04-12
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781619118027

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Hammered Dulcimer Classics by Carole Koenig Pdf

Standard notation and a simple alpha-numerical tablature system are used to present this unusual collection of pre-18th Century tunes for the standard 12/11-course hammered dulcimer. Creating a hybrid of folk and classical elements, Carol Koenig has expanded the repertoire of the hammered dulcimer with melodies from France, Spain, England, and Scotland. The tunes are first presented in a simple melodic statement, then in a more complex harmonized version. The author insists that it is not necessary to be an outstanding sight reader to make beautiful music on the hammered dulcimer, or with this book.

Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer

Author : Dr. Mark Alan Wade
Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 61 pages
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Release : 2015-11-24
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781619114326

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Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer by Dr. Mark Alan Wade Pdf

The title says it all: "Dirt Simple." This book and accompanying online audio are designed for a rank beginner who knows nothing about the hammered dulcimer, providing them the tools to make music right away. Starting with the fundamentals of how to hold hammers and tune the instrument, it delves deeper into mastery with posture, stand height/angle, and replacing strings to set up the beginner for a lifetime of good habits. Every concept introduced is simultaneously presented with illustrations and songs that demonstrate and reinforce. Whether the student reads music or plays by ear, the result is the same - music making right from the beginning! Dr. Mark Alan Wade is an experienced teacher with an undergraduate degree in music education and years of public school teaching experience. Now teaching music theory and dulcimer at Denison University, Dr. Wade offers a unique perspective on teaching hammered dulcimer and has three students who have also won the National Hammered Dulcimer Contest as evidence of his master teaching. It's all about the music! Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer is written so that the carefully selected tunes are the true teacher. Hands-on learning is made easy with the accompanying audio. Each song is played slowly for students to learn by ear in addition to reading notation. This also allows for the students to hear style traits such as swing, that aren't easily conveyed in written notation. With 29 songs, this book and online audio available for download are a year's worth of private lessons in one concise package!

How to Make Hammered Wire Jewellery

Author : Linda Jones
Publisher : SearchPress+ORM
Page : 480 pages
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Release : 2016-03-15
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN : 9781781264720

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How to Make Hammered Wire Jewellery by Linda Jones Pdf

Learn how to make gorgeous jewellery using only basic techniques, including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more in a dazzling array of styles. High-profile author, Linda Jones shows how to make gorgeous jewellery using only basic techniques and very few specialist materials. Hammering wire is easy and creates texture, form and toughness. Linda has launched her own brand of hammer for this technique, the Whammer, with Beadsmith in the US. It has three functions in one hammer, but everything in the book can easily be made with other jewellery hammers. The jewellery making techniques required are very basic, such as making jump rings, bead links, headpins and fish-hook clasps, so beginners can launch straight in. Twenty-five gorgeous projects are grouped under Feathers, Shapes and Scrunched Wire, with the Get Creative chapter combining all the techniques learned. Easy, accessible jewellery making for beginners or more advanced crafters. “Whether you are an experienced wireworker or just starting out in this addictive medium, you will be certain to find some new techniques and ideas amongst the stunning pieces of jewellery in this book.” —The Beading Library

You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer

Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 88 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2016-01-05
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781609740511

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You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer by MADELINE MACNEIL Pdf

Every aspect of the hammered dulcimer and its playing techniques is covered in this comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand text. A masterful teacher, Madeline MacNeil exceeds the expectations of a beginner's book, providing a firm foundation for the development of a total musician while maintaining an engaging, informal tone throughout. with detailed discussions on dulcimer layout, hammers, tuning, and stands plus extensive performance notes on every tune, this book is a valuable asset to the beginning through intermediate player. from Oh Suzanna to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Madeline shows the novice dulcimer player how to map your way through a new piece of music, finding clear, musical directions through what at first must seem like a maze of strings. All tunes are in standard notation. the book's 87 pages are illustrated with photos as well as quaint woodcuts, engravings, and pen and ink drawings.

Middle Eastern Music for Hammered Dulcimer

Author : Deborah Justic
Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 45 pages
File Size : 52,7 Mb
Release : 2012-02-28
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781619110373

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Middle Eastern Music for Hammered Dulcimer by Deborah Justic Pdf

Middle Eastern Music for Hammered Dulcimer goes beyond the stereotypes of genies and Aladdin's lamp to illuminate the entire treasure trove of Middle Eastern music. the collection brings you the full bounty of the region: over 35 classical compositions, well-known folk tunes, and modern popular compositions by 'Abd al-Wahab, the Rahbani brothers, and other stars of the Arab world.In addition to the tunes, the book gives substantial information on traditional performance practices, common musical forms, and the unique qualities that define Middle Eastern music. Rhythmic patterns, semitones, modes, accompaniment, and improvisation in a Middle Eastern style are discussed in detail. There are numerous diagrams that explain Middle Eastern modes, and how to bring them to life on your Western dulcimer. Appropriate for players at any level.

Tools of Engagement

Author : Tessa Bailey
Publisher : HarperCollins
Page : 329 pages
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Release : 2020-09-22
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062872876

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Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey Pdf

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker brings the heat in this rom-com about two enemies who team up to flip a house because their chemistry will either burn the place down or ignite a passion that neither can ignore... Hair, makeup, clothing, decor... everything in Bethany Castle's world is organized, planned, and styled to perfection. Which is why the homes she designs for her family's real estate business are the most coveted in town. The only thing not perfect? Her track record with men. She's on a dating hiatus and after helping her friends achieve their dreams, Bethany finally has time to focus on her own: flip a house, from framework to furnishings, all by herself. Except her older brother runs the company and refuses to take her seriously. When a television producer gets wind of the Castle sibling rivalry, they’re invited on Flip Off, a competition to see who can do the best renovation. Bethany wants bragging rights, but she needs a crew and the only member of her brother's construction team willing to jump ship is Wes Daniels, the new guy in town. His Texas drawl and handsome face got under Bethany's skin on day one, and the last thing she needs is some cocky young cowboy in her way. As the race to renovate heats up, Wes and Bethany are forced into close quarters, trading barbs and biting banter as they remodel the ugliest house on the block. It's a labor of love, hate, and everything in between, and soon sparks are flying. But Bethany's perfectly structured life is one kiss away from going up in smoke and she knows falling for a guy like Wes would be a flipping disaster. “Her voice feels as fresh and contemporary as a Netflix rom-com.” —Entertainment Weekly


Author : Lili Valente,Pippa Grant
Publisher : Self Taught Ninja
Page : 248 pages
File Size : 49,5 Mb
Release : 2024-02-22
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX

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Hammered by Lili Valente,Pippa Grant Pdf

I didn’t mean to kidnap the groom. It was an accident. Mostly... At least I didn't take much time to plan it. It was more of a spur of the moment kidnapping. Does that count? One minute, the town’s bad boy is standing at the altar about to marry the world’s most evil kindergarten teacher. The next, he’s passed out in my Vespa sidecar with his bride hot on our tail. But I didn't have a choice! I couldn't stand by and watch Jace O’Dell be blackmailed into a loveless marriage. And besides, what’s a little kidnapping between friends? Okay, so maybe we’re not just friends… And maybe I can’t quit thinking about that night at his bar when he closed up early and had me on the rocks. And maybe this crazy stunt is going to blow up in both of our faces. If it does, I’m blaming the moonshine. Even though the only thing I’m hammered on when it comes to Jace is love—straight up, no chaser.

Hammering Techniques in Greek and Roman Jewellery and Toreutics

Author : Treister
Publisher : BRILL
Page : 649 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2021-11-29
Category : History
ISBN : 9789004497252

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Hammering Techniques in Greek and Roman Jewellery and Toreutics by Treister Pdf

This reference work which brings together tools of ancient toreuts (matrices, punches) and actual finds of hammered metalwork offers new complex approaches to study a particular technique of Greek, Roman and relaterd toreutics and jewellery manufacture.

Dances and Songs to Play and Sing for Hammered Dulcimer

Author : Peggy Carter
Publisher : Mel Bay Publications
Page : 124 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2020-01-28
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781619119864

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Dances and Songs to Play and Sing for Hammered Dulcimer by Peggy Carter Pdf

This collection of dances and songs comes from Peggy Carter’s repertoire of hammered dulcimer arrangements, drawing from years of playing live string-band music for contra dancing, Irish dancing and Royal Scottish country dancing. If you like to dance and sing, you’ll LOVE this book. Dances and Songs to Play and Sing for Hammered Dulcimer includes pieces from many parts of the world, arranged for solo performance or dance accompaniment. It includes songs for voice and dulcimer, which can also be played as solo arrangements. In addition, you’ll find marches, jigs, reels, polkas, strathspeys, waltzes and slow dances. The truth is, when playing for dance, a hammered dulcimer is all you’ll need!


Author : Elizabeth Bear
Publisher : Spectra
Page : 352 pages
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Release : 2004-12-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553901085

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Hammered by Elizabeth Bear Pdf

She was engineered for combat—in a world that is running out of time. “Very exciting . . . very impressive debut.”—Mike Resnick Once Jenny Casey was somebody’s daughter. Once she was somebody’s enemy. Now the former Canadian special forces warrior lives on the hellish streets of Hartford, Connecticut, in the year 2062. Racked with pain, hiding from the government she served, running with a crime lord so she can save a life or two, Jenny is a month shy of fifty, and her artificially reconstructed body has started to unravel. But she is far from forgotten. A government scientist needs the perfect subject for a high-stakes project and has Jenny in his sights. Suddenly Jenny Casey is a pawn in a furious battle, waged in the corridors of the Internet, on the streets of battered cities, and in the complex wirings of her half-man-made nervous system. And she needs to gain control of the game before a brave new future spins completely out of control. “A gritty and painstakingly well-informed peek at a future we’d all better hope we don’t get . . . Elizabeth Bear builds her future nightmare tale with style and conviction and a constant return to the twists of the human heart.”—Richard Morgan