Preserving Los Angeles

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Preserving Los Angeles

Publisher : Unknown
Page : 224 pages
File Size : 51,9 Mb
Release : 2020-09-15
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 162640075X

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Preserving Los Angeles by KEN. BERNSTEIN Pdf

Ken Bernstein, the City Planner for the City of Los Angeles and a national advocate for historic preservation shares how Los Angeles has led the nation in historic preservation and shares how other cities can do the same. Los Angeles has an image as the "City of the Future"--a city always at the cutting edge of change--but also as a "throwaway metropolis" that cares little about its history or architectural legacy. Yet thereality is quite different. Over the past decade, the City of Los Angeles has developed one of the most successful historic preservation programs in the nation, culminating with the completion of the nation's most ambitious citywide survey of historic resources. All across the city, historic preservation is now transforming Los Angeles, while also pointing the way to how other cities can use preservation to revitalize their neighborhoods and build community. Preserving Los Angeles:How Historic Places Can Transform America's Cities, authored by Ken Bernstein, who oversees Los Angeles' Office of Historic Resources, tells this under-appreciated L.A. story: how historic preservation has been transforming neighborhoods, creating a Downtown renaissance, and guiding the future of the city. While it is younger than many East Coast cities, Los Angeles has a remarkable collection of architectural resources in all styles, reflecting the legacy of notable architects from the past 150 years. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Los Angeles is also breaking new ground in its approach to historic preservation, extending beyond the preservation of significant architecture, to also identify and protect the places of social and cultural meaning to all of Los Angeles's communities. Preserving Los Angelesilluminates a Los Angeles that will surprise even longtime Angelenos--highlighting dozens of lesser-known buildings, neighborhoods, and places in every corner of the city that have been "found" by SurveyLA, the first-ever city-wide survey of Los Angeles' historic resources. The text is richly illustrated through images by a prominent architectural photographer, Stephen Schafer. Preserving Los Angelesis an authoritative chronicle of Los Angeles' urban transformation-- and a useful guide for citizens and urban practitioners nationally seeking to draw lessons fortheir own cities.

Graffiti Palace

Author : A. G. Lombardo
Publisher : MCD
Page : 336 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2018-03-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780374716714

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Graffiti Palace by A. G. Lombardo Pdf

A brilliant, exhilarating debut novel that retells The Odyssey during the 1965 Watts Riots—like nothing you’ve ever read before It’s August 1965 and Los Angeles is scorching. Americo Monk, a street-haunting aficionado of graffiti, is frantically trying to return home to the makeshift harbor community (assembled from old shipping containers) where he lives with his girlfriend, Karmann. But this is during the Watts Riots, and although his status as a chronicler of all things underground garners him free passage through the territories fiercely controlled by gangs, his trek is nevertheless diverted. Embarking on an exhilarating, dangerous, and at times paranormal journey, Monk crosses paths with a dizzying array of representatives from Los Angeles subcultures, including Chinese gangsters, graffiti bombers, witches, the Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad, and others. Graffiti Palace is the story of a city transmogrified by the upsurge of its citizens, and Monk is our tour guide, cataloging and preserving the communities that, though surreptitious and unseen, nevertheless formed the backbone of 1960s Los Angeles. With an astounding generosity of imagery and imagination, Graffiti Palace heralds the birth of a major voice in fiction. A. G. Lombardo sees the writings on our walls, and with Graffiti Palace he has provided an allegorical paean to a city in revolt.

Bunker Hill Los Angeles

Author : Nathan Marsak
Publisher : Gibbs Smith
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2020
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781626400672

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Bunker Hill Los Angeles by Nathan Marsak Pdf

In 'Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir', historian Nathan Marsak tells the story of the Hill, from the district's inception in the mid-nineteenth century to its present day. Marsak commemorates the poets and writers, artists and activists, little guys and big guys, and of course, the many architects who built and rebuilt the community on the Hill - time after historic time. Any fan of American architecture will treasure Marsak's analysis of buildings that have crowned the Hill: the exuberance of Victorian shingle and spindlework, from Mission to Modern, from Queen Anne to Frank Gehry, Bunker Hill has been home to it all, the ever-changing built environment.

Preserving the Desert

Author : Lary M. Dilsaver
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 48,5 Mb
Release : 2016
Category : Desert conservation
ISBN : 1938086465

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Preserving the Desert by Lary M. Dilsaver Pdf

National parks are different from other federal lands in the United States. Beginning in 1872 with the establishment of Yellowstone, they were largely set aside to preserve for future generations the most spectacular and inspirational features of the country, seeking the best representative examples of major ecosystems such as Yosemite, geologic forms such as the Grand Canyon, archaeological sites such as Mesa Verde, and scenes of human events such as Gettysburg. But one type of habitat--the desert--fell short of that goal in American eyes until travel writers and the Automobile Age began to change that perception. As the Park Service began to explore the better-known Mojave and Colorado deserts of southern California during the 1920s for a possible desert park, many agency leaders still carried the same negative image of arid lands shared by many Americans--that they are hostile and largely useless. But one wealthy woman--Minerva Hamilton Hoyt, from Pasadena--came forward, believing in the value of the desert, and convinced President Franklin D. Roosevelt to establish a national monument that would protect the unique and iconic Joshua trees and other desert flora and fauna. Thus was Joshua Tree National Monument officially established in 1936, with the area later expanded in 1994 when it became Joshua Tree National Park. Since 1936, the National Park Service and a growing cadre of environmentalists and recreationalists have fought to block ongoing proposals from miners, ranchers, private landowners, and real estate developers who historically have refused to accept the idea that any desert is suitable for anything other than their consumptive activities. To their dismay, Joshua Tree National Park, even with its often-conflicting land uses, is more popular today than ever, serving more than one million visitors per year who find the desert to be a place worthy of respect and preservation. Distributed for George Thompson Publishing

On Canvas

Author : Stephen Hackney
Publisher : Getty Publications
Page : 258 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2020-02-11
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781606066263

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On Canvas by Stephen Hackney Pdf

The first truly comprehensive analysis of the history, practice, and conservation of painting on canvas. Throughout its long history in Western art, canvas has played an influential role in the creative process. From the Renaissance development of oil painting on canvas to the present day—through Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and other art historical movements—the use of canvas has enhanced the scale of painting, freedom of brushwork, and spontaneity in technique. This book recounts some of that rich history in relation to corresponding developments in conservation practice. Rather than concentrating on the familiar concerns of cleaning and varnish removal, this volume considers the preservation of a painting’s structure. By focusing on recent studies on the fundamental nature of canvas and its mechanisms of deterioration, the book explains new approaches to the conservation of both contemporary and historical art—including reversible, passive, and preventive treatments, particularly with respect to lining. Written by Stephen Hackney, a conservation practitioner and leader in conservation research, On Canvas is the first book to take a comprehensive look at this important subject and is destined to become an invaluable resource for the field.

City of Segregation

Author : Andrea Gibbons
Publisher : Verso Books
Page : 257 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2018-09-18
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781786632708

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City of Segregation by Andrea Gibbons Pdf

A majestic one-hundred-year study of segregation in Los Angeles City of Segregation documents one hundred years of struggle against the enforced separation of racial groups through property markets, constructions of community, and the growth of neoliberalism. This movement history covers the decades of work to end legal support for segregation in 1948; the 1960s Civil Rights movement and CORE’s efforts to integrate LA’s white suburbs; and the 2006 victory preserving 10,000 downtown residential hotel units from gentrification enfolded within ongoing resistance to the criminalization and displacement of the homeless. Andrea Gibbons reveals the shape and nature of the racist ideology that must be fought, in Los Angeles and across the United States, if we hope to found just cities.

Heritage Values in Site Management

Author : Marta De la Torre
Publisher : Getty Publications
Page : 242 pages
File Size : 54,5 Mb
Release : 2005
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780892367979

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Heritage Values in Site Management by Marta De la Torre Pdf

The analysis of the four historic sites featured in this publication-Grosse Ile and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site in Canada, Chaco Culture National Historical Park in the United States, Port Arthur Historic Site in Australia, and Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site in the United Kingdom-provides valuable insight into the creation and management of heritage values. Each case study articulates how values are identified and assessed by the governing bodies; where (and with whom) the values reside; how the values are implemented into management policies and objectives; and the impact that these decisions have on the sites themselves. This book will be a vital tool for institutions and individuals engaged in the study or practice of site management, conservation planning, and/or historic preservation. Also included is a CD-ROM that contains supplemental management and planning documents created and used by the site-management authorities."

Preserving Privilege

Author : Jewelle Taylor Gibbs,Teiahsha Bankhead
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Page : 248 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 2001-03-30
Category : Education
ISBN : 9780313074288

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Preserving Privilege by Jewelle Taylor Gibbs,Teiahsha Bankhead Pdf

Gibbs and Bankhead examine the history and current situation in California as it struggles to deal with the ethnic and racial change that will make it the first American state to have a non-white majority in the first decade of the 21st century. From shock and denial, to bargaining to change the outcome, they analyze the impact in California and what this may mean for the rest of the country. They begin by tracing the major historical, social, economic and political events of the past 50 years that laid the foundation for the impetus of such ethnically and racially divisive initiatives as the efforts to strengthen anti-crime measures, remove illegal immigrants, limit affirmative action measures, and eliminate bilingual education. Each of these ballot propositions is examined, detailing the pro and con arguments of their advocates and opponents, their major financial contributors, campaign strategies, ethnic voting patterns, implications of implementation, and their impact on people of color. Gibbs and Bankhead then look at parallels from a national and international perspective. They conclude with a discussion of the values that should guide public policy debates in a multiethnic, multicultural society, and they propose specific policy alternatives to address the issues of crime prevention and control, illegal immigration, affirmative action, and bilingual education. A thoughtful analysis that will be of value to concerned citizens as well as policy makers, scholars, and students of contemporary American issues.

City Hall

Author : Debbie Bertram,Susan Lynn Bloom
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 45,7 Mb
Release : 2003
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1931290245

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City Hall by Debbie Bertram,Susan Lynn Bloom Pdf

The full story of the birth, growth and restoration of Los Angeles City Hall.

The Power of Place

Author : Dolores Hayden
Publisher : MIT Press
Page : 321 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 1997-02-24
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780262581523

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The Power of Place by Dolores Hayden Pdf

Based on her extensive experience in the urban communities of Los Angeles, historian and architect Dolores Hayden proposes new perspectives on gender, race, and ethnicity to broaden the practice of public history and public art, enlarge urban preservation, and reorient the writing of urban history to spatial struggles. In the first part of The Power of Place, Hayden outlines the elements of a social history of urban space to connect people's lives and livelihoods to the urban landscape as it changes over time. She then explores how communities and professionals can tap the power of historic urban landscapes to nurture public memory. The second part documents a decade of research and practice by The Power of Place, a nonprofit organization Hayden founded in downtown Los Angeles. Through public meetings, walking tours, artists's books, and permanent public sculpture, as well as architectural preservation, teams of historians, designers, planners, and artists worked together to understand, preserve, and commemorate urban landscape history as African American, Latina, and Asian American families have experienced it. One project celebrates the urban homestead of Biddy Mason, an African American ex-slave and midwife active betwen 1856 and 1891. Another reinterprets the Embassy Theater where Rose Pesotta, Luisa Moreno, and Josefina Fierro de Bright organized Latina dressmakers and cannery workers in the 1930s and 1940s. A third chapter tells the story of a historic district where Japanese American family businesses flourished from the 1890s to the 1940s. Each project deals with bitter memories—slavery, repatriation, internment—but shows how citizens survived and persevered to build an urban life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Drawing on many similar efforts around the United States, from New York to Charleston, Seattle to Cincinnati, Hayden finds a broad new movement across urban preservation, public history, and public art to accept American diversity at the heart of the vernacular urban landscape. She provides dozens of models for creative urban history projects in cities and towns across the country.

Preserving and Expanding Minority Banks

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Financial Services. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 332 pages
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Release : 2008
Category : Banks and banking
ISBN : PSU:000063514438

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Preserving and Expanding Minority Banks by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Financial Services. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Pdf

Violations of Free Speech and Rights of Labor

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 794 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 1936
Category : Civil rights
ISBN : UCLA:31158002355237

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Violations of Free Speech and Rights of Labor by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor Pdf


Author : United States. Congress Senate
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 2814 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 1940
Category : Electronic
ISBN : UOM:35112104251899

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Hearings by United States. Congress Senate Pdf

Photographs of the Past

Author : Bertrand Lavédrine,Jean-Paul Gandolfo
Publisher : Getty Publications
Page : 367 pages
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Release : 2009
Category : Photography
ISBN : 9780892369577

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Photographs of the Past by Bertrand Lavédrine,Jean-Paul Gandolfo Pdf

In recent years, interest in old photographs has grown significantly among a broad public, from collectors, conservators, and archivists to amateurs seeking to preserve precious family albums. Although the medium of photography is barely 150 years old, its relatively brief history has witnessed the birth of a wide range of photographic processes, each of which poses unique conservation challenges. Photographs of the Past: Processes and Preservation provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice of photograph preservation, bringing together more information on photographic processes than any other single source. Introductory chapters cover issues of terminology; the rest of the book is divided into three parts: positives, negatives, and conservation. Each chapter focuses on a single process--daguerreotypes, albumen negatives, black-and-white prints, and so on--providing an overview of its history and materials and tracing the evolution of its technology. This book will serve as an irreplaceable reference work for conservators, curators, collectors, dealers, conservation students, and photographers, as well as those in the general public seeking information on preserving this ubiquitous form of cultural heritage.

The Preservation Management Handbook

Author : Ross Harvey,Martha R. Mahard
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Page : 391 pages
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Release : 2020-02-06
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781538109021

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The Preservation Management Handbook by Ross Harvey,Martha R. Mahard Pdf

Preservation how-to for every medium. Cultural heritage professionals—museum curators, museum professionals, archivists, and librarians— use their specialized knowledge to prioritize the needs of their collections. Preservation managers and collections care specialists draw from experts in climate control, fire safety, pest management, and more in assessing a collection and its needs. And all the special materials within the collections have their experts too. This revised second edition contains a wide range of topic-specific expertise that comprises both an enduring text for preservation and collections care students, as well as an essential one-stop reference for cultural heritage professionals—particularly those in small- to medium sized organizations where resources are limited and professional help, is not always accessible. Chapter coverage includes: PART I: FUNDAMENTALS Chapter 1: Mapping the Preservation Landscape for the Twenty-first Century Chapter 2: Preservation Principles Chapter 3: Managing Preservation: Policy, Assessment, Planning Chapter 4: Security and Disaster Planning PART II: COLLECTIONS Chapter 5: Artifacts and Information Chapter 6: The Environment Chapter 7: Creating Preservation-friendly Objects PART III: MEDIA AND MATERIAL Chapter 8: Putting it all together – environment and storage quick reference guides Chapter 9: Paper Objects and Books Chapter 10: Photographic Materials Chapter 11: Digital Prints (A. Carver-Kubik) Chapter 12: Sound Materials Chapter 13: Moving Image Materials Chapter 14: Digital Storage Media and Files Chapter 15: Textiles Chapter 16: Paintings In addition to updated and expanded existing content, a new chapter on digital prints has been added to the Media and Material. Also new is Expanded information on disaster planning; A quick guide to good, better, and best preservation practices to help institutions strive to improve their own activities; A comparative terminology guide to assist in greater understanding between LAMs; and two quick references for temperature and relative humidity preferences for a wide range of collection materials. This comprehensive handbook is an invaluable reference.