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Lynn Gold

Lynn Gold Lynn Gold has been involved with west coast fandom for three decades (eeep!). She has run many bid and at-sign parties on a tight budget, she's been on The Net since 1980, and she writes funny music (titles include "I Lost My Baby on the Information Highway," "Iguanas (They're Not Just For Breakfast Any More)," and "California Love Song"). She's a technical writer by day, a broadcast journalist during "off" hours (as opposed to the daytime hours when she's just plain "off"), and she's been known to do standup comedy. She's been Fan GOH at LosCon, Featured Filker at Leprecon, Interfilk guest at Conterpoint, and was Toastmistress at this year's Consonance.

Lynn shares her Mountain View abode with her Bichon Frise, Lady.

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