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Val Ontell

Val Ontell Val Ontell has been a fan for over 35 years. Her many con posts include chairing the 1986 and 1989 Lunacons and the 2010 Conjecture and committee positions at local and regional cons, Westercons, and Worldcons. She is currently Guest Liaison for ConDor and Gaslight Gathering in San Diego and Chair of the 2011 World Fantasy Convention to be held in San Diego on October 27-20, 2011. With her husband Ron, she was 2002 Lunacon Fan GOH. In her other life, her 40 years as a librarian include twelve at Intermediate School 88 and eight at the Bronx High School of Science, both in New York City. She retired as a librarian at San Diego Mesa College on July 1, 2010 after 18 years there, so she now has time to indulge her loves of reading, travel, singing, and chocolate

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