Julia Watson Lotek Design By Radical Indigenism

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Author : Julia Watson
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 420 pages
File Size : 53,6 Mb
Release : 2019
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 3836578182

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Lo-TEK by Julia Watson Pdf

In an era of high-tech and climate extremes, we are drowning in information while starving for wisdom. Enter Lo--TEK, a design movement building on indigenous philosophy and vernacular infrastructure to generate sustainable, resilient, nature-based technology. With a foreword by anthropologist Wade Davis and spanning 18 countries from Peru to...

Post-Traumatic Urbanism

Author : Adrian Lahoud,Charles Rice,Anthony Burke
Publisher : Academy Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Release : 2010-11-01
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 0470744987

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Post-Traumatic Urbanism by Adrian Lahoud,Charles Rice,Anthony Burke Pdf

POST-TRAUMATIC URBANISM Urban trauma describes a condition where conflict or catastrophe has disrupted and damaged not only the physical environment and infrastructure of a city, but also the social and cultural networks. Cities experiencing trauma dominate the daily news. Images of blasted buildings or events such as Hurricane Katrina exemplify the sense of 'immediate impact'. But how is this trauma to be understood in its aftermath, and in urban terms? What is the response of the discipline to the post-traumatic condition? On the one hand, one can try to restore and recover everything that has passed, or otherwise see the post-traumatic city as a resilient space poised on the cusp of new potentialities. While repair and reconstruction are automatic reflexes, the knowledge and practices of the disciplines need to be imbued with a deeper understanding of the effect of trauma on cities and their contingent realities. This issue will pursue this latter approach, using examples of post-traumatic urban conditions to rethink the agency of architecture and urbanism in the contemporary world. Post-traumatic urbanism demands of architects the mobilisation of skills, criticality and creativity in contexts in which they are not familiar. The post-traumatic is no longer the exception; it is the global condition.

Gaudí, 1852-1926

Author : Rainer Zerbst
Publisher : Taschen America Llc
Page : 239 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2005
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 3822840726

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Gaudí, 1852-1926 by Rainer Zerbst Pdf

Gaudí's complete works: The inspiring, visionary buildings by the "Dante of architecture" Anyone who visits Barcelona today will come across the works of Antoni Gaudí--the architect who has attracted art-lovers from all over the world to Spain. It was here, in the capital of Catalonia, that the famous master of architecture produced nearly all of his works, including villas for the well-to-do bourgeoisie, the expansive Güell Park (which today is open to the public), and the famous church designed in honour of the Holy Family--a project which was begun over 100 years ago and has yet to be completed. Antoni Gaudí's life was full of contradictions. As a young man he joined the Catalonian nationalist movement and was critical of the church; toward the end of his life he devoted himself completely to the construction of one single church. As a young man Gaudí had a liking for the glamour of social life and the looks of a dandy; in old age, on the other hand, he lived a spartan life. Gaudí never married and devoted his life entirely to his art: architecture. His works have been acclaimed as "soothing oases in a desert of functional buildings," as "precious gems in the uniform grey of rows of houses," and the master himself was acclaimed as the "Dante of architecture". This book provides a sweeping study of his entire career, presenting his complete works via texts and illustrations.

First Knowledges Design

Author : Alison Page,Paul Memmott
Publisher : Thames & Hudson Australia
Page : 226 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2021-04-27
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781760761851

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First Knowledges Design by Alison Page,Paul Memmott Pdf

Aboriginal design is of a distinctly cultural nature, based in the Dreaming and in ancient practices grounded in Country. It is visible in the aerodynamic boomerang, the ingenious design of fish traps and the precise layouts of community settlements that strengthen social cohesion. Alison Page and Paul Memmott show how these design principles of sophisticated function, sustainability and storytelling, refined over many millennia, are now being applied to contemporary practices. Design: Building on Country issues a challenge for a new Australian design ethos, one that truly responds to the essence of Country and its people. About the series: Each book is a collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and editors; the series is edited by Margo Neale, senior Indigenous curator at the National Museum of Australia. Other titles in the series include: Songlines by Margo Neale & Lynne Kelly (2020); Country by Bill Gammage & Bruce Pascoe (2021); Plants by Zena Cumpston, Michael Fletcher & Lesley Head (2022); Astronomy (2022); Innovation (2023).

Ecologies of Prosperity for the Living City

Author : Margarita Jover,Alex Wall
Publisher : Applied Research and Design Publishing
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2019
Category : City planning
ISBN : 1940743508

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Ecologies of Prosperity for the Living City by Margarita Jover,Alex Wall Pdf

Ecologies of Prosperity for the Living City is a collection of writings, interviews, and projects exploring themes introduced during the 2016 Woltz Symposium: Novel Synergies, the Instrumental Commons, and Dispersed Concentrations. With new material from speakers Philippe Rahm, Nina-Marie Lister, Marina Alberti, Paola Viganò, Niek Hazendonk, Albert Cuchí, and Jedediah Purdy, the dialogue is framed by a series of seminal texts from the 20th century and reimagines existing urban challenges through exemplary design projects of today. Structured as a reader for students and design practitioners, it promotes urban design as a catalyst for cultural, social, and environmental transformation within cities, towns, communities, institutions, and individuals faced with today's most pressing urban challenges.

BIG. Formgiving. an Architectural Future History

Author : Bjarke Ingels
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2020
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 3836577046

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BIG. Formgiving. an Architectural Future History by Bjarke Ingels Pdf

Formgiving. An Architectural Future History, by Bjarke Ingels Group, is the third installment in its TASCHEN trilogy. Ingels looks into the distant future of architecture, addressing the main design trends and the development of AI, sustainability and interplanetary migration, giving form to the world of tomorrow.

Wrong Side of the Court

Author : H.N. Khan
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 275 pages
File Size : 43,6 Mb
Release : 2022-03-15
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780735270886

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Wrong Side of the Court by H.N. Khan Pdf

Fifteen-year-old Fawad has big dreams about being the world's first Pakistani to be drafted into the NBA. A first-generation Pakistani coming-of-age story for fans of David Yoon and Ben Philippe. Fifteen-year-old Fawad Chaudhry loves two things: basketball and his mother's potato and ground beef stuffed parathas. Both are round and both help him forget about things like his father, who died two years ago, his mother’s desire to arrange a marriage to his first cousin, Nusrat, back home in Pakistan, and the tiny apartment in Regent Park he shares with his mom and sister. Not to mention his estranged best friend Yousuf, who's coping with the shooting death of his older brother. But Fawad has plans: like, asking out Ashley, even though she lives on the other, wealthier side of the tracks, and saving his friend Arif from being beaten into a pulp for being the school flirt, and making the school basketball team and dreaming of being the world’s first Pakistani to be drafted into the NBA. All he has to do now is convince his mother to let him try out for the basketball team. And let him date girls from his school. Not to mention somehow get Omar, the neighborhood bully, to leave him alone . . .

Next Nature

Author : K.M. Mensvoort,Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Publisher : Actarbirkhauser
Page : 461 pages
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Release : 2011
Category : Design
ISBN : 8492861533

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Next Nature by K.M. Mensvoort,Hendrik-Jan Grievink Pdf

ING_17 Flap copy

Modern Architecture and Climate

Author : Daniel A. Barber
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Page : 328 pages
File Size : 41,8 Mb
Release : 2023-04-11
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780691248653

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Modern Architecture and Climate by Daniel A. Barber Pdf

How climate influenced the design strategies of modernist architects Modern Architecture and Climate explores how leading architects of the twentieth century incorporated climate-mediating strategies into their designs, and shows how regional approaches to climate adaptability were essential to the development of modern architecture. Focusing on the period surrounding World War II—before fossil-fuel powered air-conditioning became widely available—Daniel Barber brings to light a vibrant and dynamic architectural discussion involving design, materials, and shading systems as means of interior climate control. He looks at projects by well-known architects such as Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Lúcio Costa, Mies van der Rohe, and Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, and the work of climate-focused architects such as MMM Roberto, Olgyay and Olgyay, and Cliff May. Drawing on the editorial projects of James Marston Fitch, Elizabeth Gordon, and others, he demonstrates how images and diagrams produced by architects helped conceptualize climate knowledge, alongside the work of meteorologists, physicists, engineers, and social scientists. Barber describes how this novel type of environmental media catalyzed new ways of thinking about climate and architectural design. Extensively illustrated with archival material, Modern Architecture and Climate provides global perspectives on modern architecture and its evolving relationship with a changing climate, showcasing designs from Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. This timely and important book reconciles the cultural dynamism of architecture with the material realities of ever-increasing carbon emissions from the mechanical cooling systems of buildings and offers a historical foundation for today’s zero-carbon design.

Black Landscapes Matter

Author : Walter Hood,Grace Mitchell Tada
Publisher : University of Virginia Press
Page : 302 pages
File Size : 46,8 Mb
Release : 2020-12-09
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9780813944876

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Black Landscapes Matter by Walter Hood,Grace Mitchell Tada Pdf

The question "Do black landscapes matter?" cuts deep to the core of American history. From the plantations of slavery to contemporary segregated cities, from freedman villages to northern migrations for freedom, the nation’s landscape bears the detritus of diverse origins. Black landscapes matter because they tell the truth. In this vital new collection, acclaimed landscape designer and public artist Walter Hood assembles a group of notable landscape architecture and planning professionals and scholars to probe how race, memory, and meaning intersect in the American landscape. Essayists examine a variety of U.S. places—ranging from New Orleans and Charlotte to Milwaukee and Detroit—exposing racism endemic in the built environment and acknowledging the widespread erasure of black geographies and cultural landscapes. Through a combination of case studies, critiques, and calls to action, contributors reveal the deficient, normative portrayals of landscape that affect communities of color and question how public design and preservation efforts can support people in these places. In a culture in which historical omissions and specious narratives routinely provoke disinvestment in minority communities, creative solutions by designers, planners, artists, and residents are necessary to activate them in novel ways. Black people have built and shaped the American landscape in ways that can never be fully known. Black Landscapes Matter is a timely and necessary reminder that without recognizing and reconciling these histories and spaces, America’s past and future cannot be understood.

Water Urbanisms

Author : Kelly Shannon,Bruno de Meulder
Publisher : Park Publishing (WI)
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2013
Category : City planning
ISBN : 3906027252

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Water Urbanisms by Kelly Shannon,Bruno de Meulder Pdf

'Waters Urbanisms - East' gathers a number of leading practitioners and academics from around the world to reflect on the growing challenges of water in cities, infrastructural landscapes and the re-unification of engineered and natural processes in Asia

The Art of Earth Architecture

Author : Jean Dethier
Publisher : Princeton Architectural Press
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2020-03-03
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 1616898895

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The Art of Earth Architecture by Jean Dethier Pdf

For almost ten thousand years, unbaked earth has been used to build remarkable structures, from simple dwellings to palaces, temples, and fortresses both grand and durable. Jean Dethier spent fifty years researching this landmark global survey, which spans five continents and 250 sites. The Art of Earth Architecture demonstrates the wide-ranging applications and sustainability of this building material, while presenting a manifesto for its ecological significance. Featuring raw-earth masterpieces, monumental structures, and little known works, the book includes the temples and palaces of Mesopotamia, the Great Wall of China, large-scale urban developments in Tenochtitlan in Mexico, the medinas of Morocco, and housing in Marrakech and Bogota. This definitive reference features many UNESCO World Heritage sites and contains essays on the historical, technical, and cultural aspects of raw-earth construction from twenty experts in the field, as well as hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and architectural drawings.

Lessons from Vernacular Architecture

Author : Willi Weber,Simos Yannas
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 351 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2013-08-15
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781135015541

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Lessons from Vernacular Architecture by Willi Weber,Simos Yannas Pdf

The architectural community has had a strong and continuing interest in traditional and vernacular architecture. Lessons from Vernacular Architecture takes lessons directly from traditional and vernacular architecture and offers them to the reader as guidance and inspiration for new buildings. The appropriate technical and social solutions provided by vernacular and traditional architecture are analysed in detail. International case studies focus on environmental design aspects of traditional architecture in a broad range of climatic conditions and building types.

Design with Nature Now

Author : Frederick R. Steiner,Richard Weller,Billy Fleming,Karen M'Closkey
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 368 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2019-10-15
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1558443932

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Design with Nature Now by Frederick R. Steiner,Richard Weller,Billy Fleming,Karen M'Closkey Pdf

In 1969, Ian McHarg's seminal book, Design with Nature, set forth a new vision for regional planning using natural systems. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, a team of landscape architects and planners from PennDesign have showcased some of the most advanced ecological design projects in the world today. Written in clear language and featuring vivid color images, Design with Nature Now demonstrates McHarg's enduring influence on contemporary practitioners as they contend with climate change and other 21st-century challenges.

Invisible Empire

Author : Pranay Lal
Publisher : Penguin Random House India Private Limited
Page : 308 pages
File Size : 55,9 Mb
Release : 2021-10-30
Category : Science
ISBN : 9789354922893

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Invisible Empire by Pranay Lal Pdf

Viruses are the world's most abundant life form, and now, when humanity is in the midst of a close encounter with their immense power, perhaps the most feared. But do we understand viruses? Possibly the most enigmatic of living things, they are sometimes not considered a life form at all. Everything about them is extreme, including the reactions they evoke. However, for every truism about viruses, the opposite is also often true. So complex and diverse is the world of viruses that it merits being labelled an empire unto itself. And whether we see them as alive or dead, as life-threatening or life-affirming, there is an ineluctable beauty, even a certain elegance, in the way viruses go about their lives-or so Pranay Lal tells us in Invisible Empire: The Natural History of Viruses. This is a book that defies categorisation. It brings together science, history and great storytelling to paint a fascinating picture of viruses as a major actor, not just in human civilisation but also in the human body. With rare photographs, paintings, illustrations and anecdotes, it is a magnificent and an extremely relevant book for our times, when we are attempting to understand viruses and examining their role in the lives of humans.