The Project Of Independence

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African Modernism

Author : Manuel Herz,Ingrid Schröder,Hans Focketyn,Julia Jamrozik
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 640 pages
File Size : 44,6 Mb
Release : 2022-10-10
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 3038602949

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African Modernism by Manuel Herz,Ingrid Schröder,Hans Focketyn,Julia Jamrozik Pdf

A new edition of the most comprehensive survey of modern architecture in Africa to date. When the first edition of African Modernism was published in 2015, it was received with international praise and has been sought after constantly ever since it went out of print in 2018. Marking Park Books' 10th anniversary, this landmark book becomes available again in a new edition. In the 1950s and 1960s, most African countries gained independence from their respective colonial power. Architecture became one of the principal means by which the newly formed countries expressed their national identity. African Modernism investigates the close relationship between architecture and nation-building in Ghana, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, and Zambia. It features one hundred buildings with brief descriptive texts, images, site plans, and selected floor plans and sections. The vast majority of images were newly taken by Iwan Baan and Alexia Webster for the book's first edition. Their photographs document the buildings in their present state. Each country is portrayed in an introductory text and a timeline of historic events. Further essays on postcolonial Africa and specific aspects and topics, also illustrated with images and documents, round out this outstanding volume.

The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-1985

Author : Martino Stierli,Sean Anderson,Anoma Pieris,Rahul Mehrotra
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 232 pages
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Release : 2022-02
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 1633451240

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The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-1985 by Martino Stierli,Sean Anderson,Anoma Pieris,Rahul Mehrotra Pdf

South Asia holds a unique place among the many regions of the world where modern architecture was understood as both a tool for social progress and a global lingua franca in the second half of the 20th century. Following the end of British rule in 1947-48, architects in the newly formed nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (East Pakistan until 1971) and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) proposed a novel understanding of modernity, disrupting the colonial hierarchy of center and periphery by challenging modernism's universalist claims. Architecture offered multiple ways to break with the colonial past. Through the establishment of institutions that embodied the societal aspirations of the period, and the creation of new cities and spaces for political representation, South Asian architects produced a body of work in dialogue with global developments while advancing the theory and practice of low-cost, climatically and socially responsive design. Anchored by a newly commissioned portfolio of images from architectural photographer Randhir Singh, this catalog features essays by the curators and scholars in the field on subjects such as the politics of concrete, institution-building, higher education, housing, infrastructure and industry, landscape and design, as well as presentations of 17 projects from around the subcontinent. While several of the architects appearing in these pages have in recent years received monographic exhibitions, The Project of Independence marks the first attempt to consider their work within the ideological frameworks of its creation and the political context of the region as a whole.

Remembering Independence

Author : Carola Lentz,David Lowe
Publisher : Routledge
Page : 244 pages
File Size : 47,9 Mb
Release : 2018-04-19
Category : History
ISBN : 9781351203418

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Remembering Independence by Carola Lentz,David Lowe Pdf

Remembering Independence explores the commemoration and remembrance of independence following the great wave of decolonisation after the Second World War. Drawing on case studies from Africa, Asia, and with reference to the Pacific, the authors find that remembering independence was, and still is, highly dynamic. From flag-raising moments to the present day, the transfer of authority from colonial rule to independent nation-states has served as a powerful mnemonic focal point. Remembering independence, in state as well as non-state constructions, connects to changing contemporary purposes and competing politic visions. Independence is a flexible idea, both a moment in time and a project, a carrier of hopes and ideals of social justice and freedom, but also of disappointments and frustrated futures. This richly illustrated volume draws attention to the broad range of media employed in remembering independence, ranging from museums and monuments to textual, oral and ritual formats of commemorative events, such as national days. Combining insights from history and anthropology, this book will be essential reading for all students of the history of empire, decolonisation, nation-building and post-colonial politics of memory.

The East Turkestan Independence Movement, 1930s to 1940s

Author : Wang Ke
Publisher : The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
Page : 384 pages
File Size : 45,7 Mb
Release : 2020-03-15
Category : History
ISBN : 9789629967697

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The East Turkestan Independence Movement, 1930s to 1940s by Wang Ke Pdf

Based on rare firsthand historical data, Wang Ke presents the analysis of the East Turkestan from the perspective of Islamic social structure, the origin and evolution of thoughts on national revolution, the power structure of the Republic, and international politics. The original Japanese edition of this book has been recognized as the most authoritative research work on the independence movement of East Turkestan. This revised, enriched English edition provides valuable references for the prominent issues of Xinjiang today. "For those intrigued by the modern history of China's Xinjiang region, this detailed study of the 1940s invites the reader to explore a tempestuous decade marked by conflict and turmoil as Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic groups sought to form an independent state, the East Turkestan Republic. Understanding the complex involvement of powerful outside forces, a brutal world war, and an opportunity for groups that saw a chance at independence requires careful examination, and Professor Wang's book does an admirable job in doing so. His exceptionally wellwritten book offers numerous insights, many based on materials that range from diaries and documents to memoirs and personal interviews. Altogether, Wang's recently translated account strengthens our understanding of Xinjiang's mid20th century conundrum.”--Linda Benson, Professor Emerita, Oakland University

The Price of Independence

Author : Sheldon Danziger,Cecilia Elena Rouse
Publisher : Russell Sage Foundation
Page : 328 pages
File Size : 40,7 Mb
Release : 2008-01-07
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781610441483

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The Price of Independence by Sheldon Danziger,Cecilia Elena Rouse Pdf

More and more young men and women today are taking longer and having more difficulty making a successful transition to adulthood. They are staying in school longer, having a harder time finding steady employment at jobs that provide health insurance, and are not marrying and having children until much later in life than their parents did. In The Price of Independence, a roster of distinguished experts diagnose the extent and causes of these trends. Observers of social trends have speculated on the economic changes that may be delaying the transition to adulthood—from worsening job opportunities to mounting student debt and higher housing costs—but few have offered empirical evidence to back up their claims. The Price of Independence represents the first significant analysis of these economic explanations, charting the evolving life circumstances of eighteen to thirty-five year-olds over the last few decades. Lisa Bell, Gary Burtless, Janet Gornick, and Timothy M. Smeeding show that the earnings of young workers in the United States and a number of industrialized countries have declined relative to the cost of supporting a family, which may explain their protracted dependence. In addition, Henry Farber finds that job stability for young male workers has dropped over the last generation. But while economic factors have some influence on young people’s transitions to adulthood, The Price of Independence shows that changes in the economic climate can not account for the magnitude of the societal shift in the timing of independent living, marriage, and childbearing. Aaron Yelowitz debunks the myth that steep housing prices are forcing the young to live at home—housing costs actually fell between 1980 and 2000 once lower interest rates and tax subsidies are taken into account. And Ngina Chiteji reveals that average student loan debt is only $3,500 per household. The trend toward starting careers and families later appears to have more to do with changing social norms, as well as policies that have broadened access to higher education, than with changes in the economy. For better or worse, the current generation is redefining the nature and boundaries of what it means to be a young adult. The Price of Independence documents just how dramatically the modern lifecycle has changed and offers evidence as an antidote to much of the conventional wisdom about these social changes.

Making Thinking Visible

Author : Ron Ritchhart,Mark Church,Karin Morrison
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Page : 320 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2011-03-25
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781118015018

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Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart,Mark Church,Karin Morrison Pdf

A proven program for enhancing students' thinking and comprehension abilities Visible Thinking is a research-based approach to teaching thinking, begun at Harvard's Project Zero, that develops students' thinking dispositions, while at the same time deepening their understanding of the topics they study. Rather than a set of fixed lessons, Visible Thinking is a varied collection of practices, including thinking routines?small sets of questions or a short sequence of steps?as well as the documentation of student thinking. Using this process thinking becomes visible as the students' different viewpoints are expressed, documented, discussed and reflected upon. Helps direct student thinking and structure classroom discussion Can be applied with students at all grade levels and in all content areas Includes easy-to-implement classroom strategies The book also comes with a DVD of video clips featuring Visible Thinking in practice in different classrooms.

Mumbet's Declaration of Independence

Author : Gretchen Woelfle
Publisher : Carolrhoda Books ®
Page : 32 pages
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Release : 2014-02-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781467750035

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Mumbet's Declaration of Independence by Gretchen Woelfle Pdf

"All men are born free and equal." Everybody knows about the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence in 1776. But the founders weren't the only ones who believed that everyone had a right to freedom. Mumbet, a Massachusetts enslaved person, believed it too. She longed to be free, but how? Would anyone help her in her fight for freedom? Could she win against the richest man in town? Mumbet was determined to try. Mumbet's Declaration of Independence tells her story for the first time in a picture book biography, and her brave actions set a milestone on the road toward ending slavery in the United States. "The case is fascinating, emphasizing the destructive irony at the heart of the birth of America and making Mumbet an active and savvy architect of her own release, and this is likely to spur much discussion." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Prison Area, Independence Valley

Author : Rob Kroes
Publisher : UPNE
Page : 209 pages
File Size : 52,8 Mb
Release : 2015
Category : History
ISBN : 9781611687316

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Prison Area, Independence Valley by Rob Kroes Pdf

A major voice in transnational American studies addresses politics and culture in post-9/11 America

Rifle Reports

Author : Mary Margaret Steedly
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Page : 416 pages
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Release : 2013-04-10
Category : History
ISBN : 9780520274877

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Rifle Reports by Mary Margaret Steedly Pdf

"Indonesians declared national independence in 1945, just days after the Japanese surrender that ended the World War II. Over the next five years the population would find itself engaged in a struggle for independence against the Dutch colonialists who sought to retake their former colony. This was a time of military mobilization, diplomatic negotiation, low intensity guerrilla warfare, as well as social turbulence, collective aspiration, and internecine violence. By 1950 the Dutch had been defeated, and the Republic of Indonesia was born, constituting the first successful war of anticolonial liberation in post-World War II Asia. Rifle Reports is a historical ethnography of everyday life during this extraordinary time, recalled in stories of the people who lived it. It is an anthropological study of gender during wartime; it is also an inquiry into storytelling both as memory practice and as ethnographic genre: how stories are told and received, how past events are recalled, how the art of narration constitutes its subject--in short, how stories inhabit social space. Matters of form and style, poetics and politics, genre and storytelling are just as critical to the author's analysis as matters of historical accuracy and authentication"--

A Section of Now

Author : Giovanna Borasi
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 350 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2022-08
Category : Architecture and society
ISBN : 3959055072

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A Section of Now by Giovanna Borasi Pdf

'A Section of Now' aims to re-establish a dialogue between architecture and society that would allow architecture to begin to contend with and address our changed and changing social norms. The publication serves as a meditation on new behaviours, rituals, and values and their spatial implications, and seeks to catalyse urban and architectural interventions that accommodate, influence, and, in some cases, pre-empt our new lived realities. Authors address topics ranging from the safety of digital spaces to how normative life trajectories affect the elderly and the many selves each of us puts forward, while architects present frameworks for, among other things, spaces for blended families, thirty-year-old retirees, and contested monuments. Bringing together analytical essays about the contemporary moment and the direction in which society is moving, projective texts that outline new architectural types to address societal needs, alongside television series, photography, and architecture and design projects, 'A Section of Now' outlines a new relationship between the spaces in which we live and the ways we live within them. Architect, editor, and curator Giovanna Borasi is Director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

The Declaration of Independence

Author : David Armitage
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Page : 300 pages
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Release : 2009-06-30
Category : History
ISBN : 9780674020276

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The Declaration of Independence by David Armitage Pdf

Not only did the Declaration announce the entry of the United States onto the world stage, it became the model for other countries to follow. This unique global perspective demonstrates the singular role of the United States document as a founding statement of our modern world.

The Haitian Declaration of Independence

Author : Julia Gaffield
Publisher : University of Virginia Press
Page : 296 pages
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Release : 2016-01-11
Category : History
ISBN : 9780813937885

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The Haitian Declaration of Independence by Julia Gaffield Pdf

While the Age of Revolution has long been associated with the French and American Revolutions, increasing attention is being paid to the Haitian Revolution as the third great event in the making of the modern world. A product of the only successful slave revolution in history, Haiti’s Declaration of Independence in 1804 stands at a major turning point in the trajectory of social, economic, and political relations in the modern world. This declaration created the second independent country in the Americas and certified a new genre of political writing. Despite Haiti’s global significance, however, scholars are only now beginning to understand the context, content, and implications of the Haitian Declaration of Independence. This collection represents the first in-depth, interdisciplinary, and integrated analysis by American, British, and Haitian scholars of the creation and dissemination of the document, its content and reception, and its legacy. Throughout, the contributors use newly discovered archival materials and innovative research methods to reframe the importance of Haiti within the Age of Revolution and to reinterpret the declaration as a founding document of the nineteenth-century Atlantic World. The authors offer new research about the key figures involved in the writing and styling of the document, its publication and dissemination, the significance of the declaration in the creation of a new nation-state, and its implications for neighboring islands. The contributors also use diverse sources to understand the lasting impact of the declaration on the country more broadly, its annual celebration and importance in the formation of a national identity, and its memory and celebration in Haitian Vodou song and ceremony. Taken together, these essays offer a clearer and more thorough understanding of the intricacies and complexities of the world’s second declaration of independence to create a lasting nation-state.

Legal Developments During 30 Years of Lithuanian Independence

Author : Gintaras Švedas,Donatas Murauskas
Publisher : Springer Nature
Page : 315 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2020-10-17
Category : Law
ISBN : 9783030547837

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Legal Developments During 30 Years of Lithuanian Independence by Gintaras Švedas,Donatas Murauskas Pdf

This volume provides an overview of selected major areas of legal and institutional development in Lithuania since the Restoration of Independence in 1990. The respective chapters discuss changes in fields varying from the constitutional framework to criminal law and procedure. The content highlights four major aspects of the fundamental changes that have affected the entire legal system: the Post-Soviet country’s complex historical heritage; socio-political and other conditions in the process of adopting new (rule of law) standards; international legal influences on the national legal order over the past 30 years; and finally, the search for entirely new national legal models. Over a period of 30 years since gaining its independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania has undergone unique social changes. The state restarted its independent journey burdened by the complicated heritage of the Soviet legal system. Some major reforms have taken place swiftly, while others have required years of thorough analysis of societal needs and the search for optimal examples in other states. The legal system is now substantially different, with some elements being entirely new, and others adapted to present needs.

Project Independence

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 204 pages
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Release : 1975
Category : Energy policy
ISBN : LOC:00143465421

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Project Independence by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs Pdf

Kenya's War of Independence

Author : Shiraz Durrani
Publisher : African Books Collective
Page : 451 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2018-02-08
Category : History
ISBN : 9789966189028

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Kenya's War of Independence by Shiraz Durrani Pdf

Kenya's War of Independence restores Kenyas stolen history to its rightful place, stripped of colonial interpretations. In this expanded and revised version of his 1986 booklet, Kimaathi, Mau Mau's First Prime Minister of Kenya, Durrani covers Mau Maus resistance to colonialism and neo-colonialism and reflects on its ideology, organisation and achievements. He sees Mau Mau in the larger context of Kenyas war of independence and looks at the influence of organised, radical trade unions as the engine of resistance, linking economic with political demands of working people. Additional chapters document the post-independence resistance by the underground December Twelve Movement-Mwakenya. Durrani captures the dynamism of transition from colonialism to neo-colonialism: Imperialism replaced colonialism, African elites replaced White Settlers, neo-colonial government replaced colonial government. Resistance changed from the War of Independence to War of Economic Independence. Worker and peasant resistance is evident once again. History is on the march.