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Holly's Heart

Author : Fiona McArthur
Publisher : Tule Publishing
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 41,8 Mb
Release : 2018-07-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781949068542

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Holly's Heart by Fiona McArthur Pdf

Doctor Ben Brieley is keen to settle into life as a small town general practitioner and help his grandmother run Brieley Park. The city life was never for him. He’s finally found the peace he’s longed for, until the arrival of that one woman he’s never been able to forget, threatens to shatter it all. No way is he revisiting that road of unrequited love...except Holly Peterson seems fragile and in need of saving, and Ben’s never stopped being Holly’s white knight. After losing her sister and her faith in the world of medicine, Holly Peterson moves home to Wirralong along with her two nephews. Determined to rebuild her life and create a loving home and sense of belonging, she opens the Outback Brides Coffee Shop as her new vocation. When she learns that Ben Brieley, the man she said no to years ago is home to stay, Holly fears she’ll lose her heart and her focus on her nephews if she lets him in. Will Ben be able to break through Holly’s fears and barriers or will history repeat itself and destroy him once again?

The Holly

Author : Julian Rubinstein
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Page : 400 pages
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Release : 2021-05-11
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 0374168911

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The Holly by Julian Rubinstein Pdf

An award-winning journalist’s dramatic account of a shooting that shook a community to its core, with important implications for the future On the last Friday evening of the summer of 2013, five shots rang out in the parking lot of a new Boys & Girls Club in the northeast Denver neighborhood known as the Holly. Long a destination for African American families fleeing the Jim Crow South, the Holly had become an “invisible city” within a historically white metropolis. While shootings weren’t uncommon, the identity of the shooter that night came as a shock. Terrance Roberts was a revered activist. His attempts to bring peace to his community had won the accolades of both his neighbors and the state’s most important power brokers. Why had he just fired a gun? In The Holly, the award-winning journalist Julian Rubinstein, who grew up in Denver, reconstructs the events leading up to the fateful confrontation that left a local gang member paralyzed and Terrance Roberts on trial, facing a life in prison. Much more than the story of a shooting, The Holly is a sociopolitical saga that explores the porous boundaries between a city’s elites and its most disadvantaged citizens, as well as the fraught interactions of police, confidential informants, activists, gang members, and ex-gang members trying—or not—to put their pasts behind them. It shows how well-intentioned urban renewal may hasten gentrification, and what happens when overzealous policing collides with gang members who conceive of themselves as defenders, however imperfect, of a neighborhood. In the era of Black Lives Matter and urgent debates about the future of policing, Rubinstein offers a nuanced and humane illumination of what’s at stake.

Holly's Fake Date for Christmas

Author : Ann Omasta,Callie Love
Publisher : More Happily Ever Afters
Page : 90 pages
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Release : 2022-09-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX

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Holly's Fake Date for Christmas by Ann Omasta,Callie Love Pdf

Jewelry designer Holly Hennessey’s life never goes quite right. The pink positive sign on the pregnancy test is even more proof of that. Her one night of drunken debauchery is going to change everything. Holly’s family insists that she come home to the Florida Keys for the holidays. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend, Liam, and his beautiful fiancé, Bella, will be there. Unwilling to admit the truth about how she got knocked up, Holly devises a plan to keep from looking like a complete fool in their eyes. Gorgeous Zane Alexander will be the perfect fake date for Christmas. She convinces the handsome, seductive man to pretend to be her boyfriend and baby daddy. Once the holidays are over, they’ll stage a breakup and go their separate ways. There’s only one problem with Holly’s grand scheme… There’s much more to sexy Zane than she imagined. Will Holly be able to let Zane go when the time comes? Will Zane’s surprising secret ruin everything? Find out now in the steamy romantic comedy, Holly’s Fake Date for Christmas.

Holly's Heart

Author : Melinda Sanchez
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press Inc
Page : 113 pages
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Release : 2019-12-11
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781509229246

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Holly's Heart by Melinda Sanchez Pdf

Holly Frost has suffered from unrequited-love since she turned down Elam Holmes in high school. Years later they are still doing the "friend zone" dance. They've seen each other through heartbreaking loss and shared everything--except the truth. Can they break down the walls they've built to find love beyond friendship? The Christmas Frost Series--Finding Joy, Noelle's Kiss, Holly's Heart, and Chrissy's Catch--tells the stories of the four Frost sisters, who overcome heartache, betrayal and ghosts from the past to find true love and bring back the magic of Christmas.

Holly's Heart Collection Two

Author : Beverly Lewis
Publisher : Bethany House
Page : 560 pages
File Size : 46,5 Mb
Release : 2008-10-01
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 1585586676

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Holly's Heart Collection Two by Beverly Lewis Pdf

Thirteen-year-old Holly is dealing with the major concerns of every preteen and teenage girl: boys, family, and school. But with the help of her friends and her faith in God, Holly is able to survive her first boyfriend and her first breakup, a crush on her student teacher, and a new baby sister "invading" her house. Volume Two presents Second-Best Friend; Good-Bye Dressel Hills; Straight-A Teacher; No Guys Pact; and Little White Lies.

Holly’s Godly Adventure

Author : Janae Lepire
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Page : 20 pages
File Size : 45,8 Mb
Release : 2020-03-18
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781725258105

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Holly’s Godly Adventure by Janae Lepire Pdf

Holly's Godly Adventure will inspire children to go outside and enjoy the beautiful world that God gave us to enjoy. Travel along with Holly to find out how many unbelievable and exciting adventures can happen in a day of exploring the outdoors.

Holly's Christmas Countdown

Author : Suzie Tullett
Publisher : Open Road Media
Page : 241 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2020-11-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781504072076

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Holly's Christmas Countdown by Suzie Tullett Pdf

When a sudden breakup ruins the perfect Christmas getaway, a young woman gives herself the gift of new beginnings in this charming holiday romance. Holly can’t wait to spend Christmas in the Caribbean with her boyfriend Jeremy—many miles away from her holiday-obsessed family. But when she catches Jeremy cheating, it seems like her parents will have their Christmas Holly once again. After a late night of drowning her sorrows, Holly wakes up with an aching head . . . and a handsome stranger at her door. Fin was thrilled when his cousin’s friend Holly agreed to let him stay with her. And now it seems that Holly has the perfect excuse for a Christmas staycation. But there’s more to Fin than meets the eye, and as the attraction between them grows, it looks like Holly and Fin might go together like eggnog and gingerbread.

Holly's Not So Plain & Ordinary Day

Author : Rebecca White
Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing
Page : 39 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2011-07-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781612043760

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Holly's Not So Plain & Ordinary Day by Rebecca White Pdf

In the charming Holly's Not So Plain & Ordinary Day, Holly is a young bunny who feels like her life is very average and run of the mill. One day she witnesses something amazing that could change her mind - The Nativity. As Holly comes upon what just might be the greatest happening on Earth, how will she respond? Children and adults alike will delight in the answer.

The Always Team

Author : Holly Preston
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 32 pages
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Release : 2010-09-01
Category : Football stories
ISBN : 1894431510

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The Always Team by Holly Preston Pdf

Brendan loves playing football but he doesn't like losing - and his team is losing more than it's winning. But Gramps has a great idea: he takes them to see the ALWAYS Team in action and learn great lessons from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Melt For Us

Author : Molly Doyle
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 126 pages
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Release : 2021-12-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9798985381917

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Melt For Us by Molly Doyle Pdf

After going to a cabin in the woods, Quinn finds herself stuck in the midst of a blizzard with her three masked men. As they spend the holidays with one another, Quinn is left captivated. Christmas and New Year's Eve will never be the same. Tis the season for giving, and receiving. Holy, not so silent, night... - Reader discretion is advised for sensitive readers.


Author : Holly Black
Publisher : Margaret K. McElderry Books
Page : 272 pages
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Release : 2020-10-20
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781534484504

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Tithe by Holly Black Pdf

Discover the dark and seductive realm of faerie in the first book of New York Times bestseller Holly Black’s critically acclaimed Modern Faerie Tales series, where one girl must save herself from the sinister magic of the fey courts, and protect her heart in the process. Sixteen-year-old Kaye is a modern nomad. Fierce and independent, she drifts from place to place with her mother’s rock band until an ominous attack forces them back to Kaye’s childhood home. But Kaye’s life takes another turn when she stumbles upon an injured faerie knight in the woods. Kaye has always been able to see faeries where others could not, and she chooses to save the strange young man instead of leaving him to die. But this fateful choice will have more dire consequences than she could ever predict, as Kaye soon finds herself the unwilling pawn in an ancient and violent power struggle between two rival faerie kingdoms—a struggle that could very well mean her death.

Holly's Three White Mice

Author : Corinne Fenton
Publisher : Capstone
Page : 20 pages
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Release : 2012-07
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 9781620654040

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Holly's Three White Mice by Corinne Fenton Pdf

Holly has three very special white mice. But while Holly is away, her naughty little mice just want to play!

Triple Nine Sleuths

Author : Maranna Chan
Publisher : Epigram Books
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2016-10-20
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9789810780357

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Triple Nine Sleuths by Maranna Chan Pdf

Shortlisted for Popular Readers' Choice Award 2014, English (Children) Category Get ready for high adventure. The Triple Nine Sleuths are Singapore’s latest amazing teen detective trio, using their creativity and intelligence to solve mysteries, even when the Police are stumped! But there is one mystery that remains unsolved, a puzzle that Stacy, Corey and Colton are desperate to solve—who is Stacy’s real father? As the Triple Nine Sleuths race against time for answers, each mystery brings them closer to answering this ultimate question. In Dangerous Disappearance, Stacy needs answers from Paula, her missing parents’ friend. While confronting her, Stacy suddenly blacks out and wakes to find Paula missing. Stacy is now the prime suspect! Corey and Colton are determined to prove her innocence. Can the sleuths clear Stacy’s name in time?

A Life in Flowers

Author : Holly Heider Chapple
Publisher : Bloom Imprint LLC
Page : 144 pages
File Size : 47,9 Mb
Release : 2022-02-08
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN : 1736848119

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A Life in Flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Pdf

Wedding and event florist and founder of the Chapel Designers floral community, Holly is a creative visionary and a highly recognized and sought-after floral designer whose work has been published in countless prestigious publications and top industry blogs. Learn about Holly's floral journey, the inspiring story of Hope Flower Farm, and the values of hospitality, creativity, and community that embody her life in flowers.

Holly V. Montes

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 124 pages
File Size : 41,7 Mb
Release : 2007
Category : Legal briefs
ISBN : UILAW:0000000083995

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Holly V. Montes by Anonim Pdf