Recipes For A Better Menopause

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Recipes for a Better Menopause

Author : Dr Federica Amati,Jane Baxter
Publisher : Kyle Books
Page : 309 pages
File Size : 40,5 Mb
Release : 2023-10-05
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781804191446

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Recipes for a Better Menopause by Dr Federica Amati,Jane Baxter Pdf

'Your diet during the menopause is the most important choice you make, so read this book.' Tim Spector 'Nutrition is a hugely important part of menopause. Backed by science, this book has delicious ways of supporting our bodies when we really need it.' Davina McCall 'What an incredible book, full of brilliant recipes from Jane.' Angela Hartnett 'Fabulously informative with exceptionally good recipes. A great addition to the menopause cause.' Liz Earle MBE With ground-breaking scientific research from nutrition expert Dr Federica Amati and super-tasty, nourishing recipes from award-winning chef, Jane Baxter, Recipes for a Better Menopause will help you harness the power of food to optimise your health. Featuring Mediterranean-style dishes, from satisfying dinners to indulgent treats, the recipes are packed with nutrients, protein and essential vitamins to give your body the goodness it needs to thrive. Whether you want to combat sleeplessness, hot flushes and brain fog, or you simply want to feel better, physically and mentally, Recipes for a Better Menopause will give you the tools you need to transform your health.

Deliciously Healthy Menopause

Author : Severine Menem
Publisher : Penguin
Page : 450 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2022-04-05
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780744063257

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Deliciously Healthy Menopause by Severine Menem Pdf

Minimize symptoms of perimenopause and menopause! Optimize your physical, emotional and hormonal health through targeted nutrition and recipes. This healthy cookbook empowers you to take control of your menopause so you can maximize the possibilities of this new phase of life. Inside this menopause diet book, you’ll find food and lifestyle guidance to support a successful transition through “the change.” It also: • Takes you through the entire menopausal journey — before, during and after • Balances the clinical and emotional sides of negotiating menopause • Gives expert insight into the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals at the heart of hormonal health • Includes over 80 everyday foods and recipes that can be enjoyed solo, with a partner or by the whole family • Suggests how to customize recipes to suit your situation: either to target a particular condition or symptom, or to cater to your dietary needs and choices Deliciously Healthy: Menopause is a recipe and nutritional book of two halves. The first section introduces the “food as medicine” approach with a nutrient-rich meal and lifestyle plan to balance hormones, maintain bone and tissue strength, and boost mood. It demonstrates how stress, physical activity, sleep and social connection affect this period of change, and gives you strategies to find balance in all aspects of life. The second part of this natural menopause book “puts the plan into practice” with over 80 flavor-packed recipes that embrace everything good for metabolic and hormonal health. You can customize each recipe to target a specific symptom and suit your preferences. With gluten-free recipes, vegetarian and vegan meal ideas, it’s easy to include balanced nutrition into your life. You’ll instantly feel the benefits!

Eat to Defeat Menopause

Author : Karen Giblin,Mache Seibel
Publisher : Da Capo Lifelong Books
Page : 260 pages
File Size : 55,9 Mb
Release : 2011-07-12
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 9780738215105

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Eat to Defeat Menopause by Karen Giblin,Mache Seibel Pdf

Eat to Defeat Menopause combines easy-to-understand health information to combat the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause with delicious and healthy recipes from both the authors and some of America's top chefs. Along with practical advice, essential information on women's health, and a healthy dose of humor, Eat to Defeat Menopause offers dietary strategies to improve sleep, hot flashes, and other menopausal symptoms; key foods for health and wellness during menopause; information on soy foods--the perfect food for menopause; dietary guidelines and healthy weight tips and more.

The Natural Estrogen Diet

Author : Lana Liew,Linda Ojeda
Publisher : Hunter House
Page : 228 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 1998-09
Category : Estrogen
ISBN : 0897932463

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The Natural Estrogen Diet by Lana Liew,Linda Ojeda Pdf

Both a cookbook with over 55 soy-based recipes and a well-researched guide to women's health during this natural stage of transition, this book shows how to incorporate plant-based estrogens into the diet to reduce menopausal symptoms. 30 illustrations.

100 Best Foods for Menopause

Author : Parragon Books
Publisher : Parragon Books Limited
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Release : 2015-12
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 1474811736

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100 Best Foods for Menopause by Parragon Books Pdf

Advice about foods that will support you and your body during menopause

The Natural Estrogen Diet and Recipe Book

Author : Lana Liew
Publisher : Turner Publishing Company
Page : 361 pages
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Release : 2003-09-19
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781630265410

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The Natural Estrogen Diet and Recipe Book by Lana Liew Pdf

The National Institute of Health interrupted their huge HRT study in July 2002 when they found that the drug Prempro, a combination of estrogen and progestin, had detrimental health effects. The women who took the drug exhibited an increased risk for breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Women can lose up to 20% of their bone mass in the first seven years after menopause. Post-menopausal women are twice as likely as men to die of a heart attack. Natural estrogen is the answer. In this book the authors provide a healthy and natural alternative to HRT. They not only provide nutritious, healthy and delicious recipes; they also explain why phytoestrogens -- plant estrogens -- can alleviate the symptoms of menopause and promote a woman's health. THE NATURAL ESTROGEN DIET AND RECIPE BOOK is the answer to women who are seeking to retain their health through and after menopause in a completely safe, effective and natural way. It also shows women of any age how to make healthy food a permanent part of their lives.

The Menopause Diet

Author : Alissa Noel Grey
Publisher : Independently Published
Page : 152 pages
File Size : 49,6 Mb
Release : 2017-01-21
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1520431732

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The Menopause Diet by Alissa Noel Grey Pdf

INCREASE YOUR ENERGY, LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL AMAZING!Amazing 30 MINUTE recipes that will drastically improve your health and your weight! Although menopause is a time of change that women can't avoid, you can avoid weight gain and reduce the health risks and symptoms that may accompany menopause. From the author of several bestselling cookbooks and fitness enthusiast Alissa Noel Grey, comes a great new collection of delicious diet recipes that will help you survive and manage the Menopause through diet. The Menopause Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss is an invaluable and delicious resource of healthy plant-based recipes that will make a real difference to how you feel during the menopause, will reduce some of the symptoms, and help you avoid weight gain. If you're looking for a natural way to manage menopause symptoms and lose weight, this cookbook is for you.

Menopause Diet Plan for Black Women

Author : Mary Golanna
Publisher : No Fluff Publishing
Page : 64 pages
File Size : 46,9 Mb
Release : 2022-12-24
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : PKEY:6610000428410

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Menopause Diet Plan for Black Women by Mary Golanna Pdf

Did you know that according to research, it is proven that Black women endure more in their menopausal stages compared to women of other races? The symptoms they experience are also usually stronger and last for a longer period in comparison to other women. Menopause is a normal occurrence for women approaching midlife. It is inevitable, along with the changes women are about to experience in their bodies that may also affect how they perceive themselves. It is a stressful period for women because for some, the way they see themselves or their role in their families or society changes because of the physical changes they’re going through. As several studies show, systematic racism plays a major role in why Black women have a harder and longer time dealing with menopause as compared to other races. It is not easy to change the attitude of society, but Black women can do something to help with their symptoms to better their health. One of these is through an effective diet plan, the Menopause Diet, along with a workout program that will help alleviate the symptoms of menopause. In the following guide, you will come across more information about: Menopause Stages and symptoms of menopause Menopause in Black women The Menopause Diet Foods to avoid and eat

The Change of Life Diet and Cookbook

Author : Elaine Magee
Publisher : Avery Publishing Group
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 41,5 Mb
Release : 2004
Category : Menopause
ISBN : 1583331905

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The Change of Life Diet and Cookbook by Elaine Magee Pdf

Food-the "new" secret to natural and lasting good health and happiness. For years hormone replacement therapy and menopause went hand in hand. Recent studies have proven, how-ever, that HRT is not the best option for relief of the symptoms of menopause, leaving millions of women wondering what to do to relieve night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, and more. In The Change of Life Diet & Cookbook, registered dietitian and popular nutrition columnist Elaine Magee provides dozens of healthy and delicious recipes to deliver you, your family, and your friends symptom-free days and nights. From "Hot Flash Mochac-cino" for relief and prevention of hot flashes to "Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad" that will help carry you to hours of sound sleep to "1-2-3 Chocolate Mousse" that is designed to help you discover your lost or lagging libido, this unique cookbook will treat, delight, and feed your body and your soul. With a soupçon of humor, a hearty portion of practical tips and tactics for managing menopause naturally without HRT or other drugs, and more than one hundred life-enhancing-some might say life-saving-recipes, The Change of Life Diet & Cookbookis the final word on cooking, eating, and enjoying yourself on your journey from peri- to postmenopause.

Healthy Eating for the Menopause?

Author : Marilyn Glenville,Lewis Esson
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 160 pages
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Release : 2015-06-11
Category : Cooking (Natural foods)
ISBN : 0857832948

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Healthy Eating for the Menopause? by Marilyn Glenville,Lewis Esson Pdf

Guaranteeing no risk and no unpleasant side-effects, this book will not only help women to reduce and eliminate certain symptoms but also help to guard against osteoporosis, high cholesterol and serious illness by using diet as a natural alternative to HRT.

The Natural Estrogen Diet & Recipe Book

Author : Lana Liew,Linda Ojeda
Publisher : Hunter House Publishers
Page : 240 pages
File Size : 42,6 Mb
Release : 2003-01-01
Category : Estrogen
ISBN : 0897934164

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The Natural Estrogen Diet & Recipe Book by Lana Liew,Linda Ojeda Pdf

The Natural Estrogen Diet and Recipe Book provides an alternative to menopause treatment that avoids hormone replacement therapy. The book not only features helpful charts and over 100 nutritious and tasty recipes, but also explains how plant estrogens can alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

The Natural Menopause Cookbook

Author : Angie Jefferson,Fiona Hunter
Publisher : Hamlyn
Page : 144 pages
File Size : 48,8 Mb
Release : 2004
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 0600610977

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The Natural Menopause Cookbook by Angie Jefferson,Fiona Hunter Pdf

Women who need relief from the symptoms of menopause can find it in an unexpected place: the kitchen. Every one of these 70 tempting, health-giving recipes is rich in phytoestrogens —the naturally occurring form of estrongen that can help reduce hot flashes and other discomforts, and even prevent breast cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Sample menus include vegetarian entrees, desserts, and a special “miracle bread”—all dishes that feature the phytoestrogen “stars”: soya, linseed, beans, and rye. A weight management plan, ideas for entertaining, and lots of practical advice and information culled from the latest research will help women navigate their way through menopause.


Author : Sally Lewis
Publisher : Hamlyn (UK)
Page : 128 pages
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Release : 2001
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 0600602982

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Menopause by Sally Lewis Pdf

All women go through huge changes during menopause; fortunately, diet can alleviate many of the symptoms by balancing your hormones and replacing important vitamins and minerals--including calcium, which can prevent osteoporosis. Three factors are crucial: watching the amount and types of fat you eat; choosing foods (like tofu) that contribute directly to estrogen and progesterone levels; and adding specific nutrients that benefit your body during this time. You'll find food suggestions and fully laid-out menus for implementing them.

The Menopause Diet

Author : Faye James
Publisher : Unknown
Page : 0 pages
File Size : 50,8 Mb
Release : 2023-10-02
Category : Electronic
ISBN : 1760795925

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The Menopause Diet by Faye James Pdf

The Menopause Diet is a comprehensive guide to nourishing your body during menopause, a time when hormonal changes can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and feel your best.This book offers delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that are specifically designed to help reset your body, blast body fat, and improve your overall health and well-being. The recipes are made with nutrient-rich ingredients that support hormonal balance and aid in weight loss.Covering information as well on the tricks for managing menopause symptoms, supplements, calcium, vitamins, gut health, bone health and helps women feel confident, energised, and in control of their weight. The do' s and dont' s on food, intermittent fast, gut and foods to avoid also addressing exercise and stress management as well as sleeping and mental health while going through menopause.Includes great photography, easy to follow recipes that are designed to fit in with meal planning for the family.Simple and practical information.

The Menopause Diet Plan

Author : Hillary Wright, M.Ed., RDN,Elizabeth M. Ward M.S., R.D.
Publisher : Rodale Books
Page : 354 pages
File Size : 54,5 Mb
Release : 2020-09-08
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780593135679

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The Menopause Diet Plan by Hillary Wright, M.Ed., RDN,Elizabeth M. Ward M.S., R.D. Pdf

Minimize the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause naturally through a sustainable, enjoyable eating plan, physical activity, and other beneficial lifestyle habits “My friends and well-respected colleagues have written The Menopause Diet Plan to help you feel healthier, happier, and more confident during this change in your life.”—Maye Musk, MS, RDN, and author of A Woman Makes a Plan Menopause is uncharted territory for women, and it can be difficult to know how to ease the effects of hormonal changes that can often start in your 40s. With honesty and optimism, The Menopause Diet Plan encourages a positive, fad-free approach to managing your physical and emotional health during perimenopause and menopause. It highlights current scientific knowledge about the best diet and lifestyle choices to manage your weight; keep your heart, brain, and bones healthy; and decrease the risk for cancer and other chronic conditions. It also offers natural strategies to help diminish hot flashes, manage sleep difficulties and mood swings, improve energy, and more. The Menopause Diet Plan takes a unique approach to eating before, during, and after menopause. Registered dietitians Hillary Wright and Elizabeth Ward provide a customizable, plant-based eating plan that is rich in protein, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients, moderate in carbohydrates, and low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars. Balancing evidence-based advice with real-life circumstances and personal experience, it combines the best of the world's healthiest diets with the latest nutrition research for women in the menopause transition. Recipes such as Peanut Butter Smoothie, Chicken Italiano, and Chocolate Oatmeal Energy Balls make it easier to eat delicious, satisfying foods that nourish your body. With a comprehensive approach to better health, The Menopause Diet Plan helps women take charge of their well-being and live life to the fullest.